Mu Yao still read hard every day until Yao Haobo came to her home, she knew that this is.

After reading the video with Yao Haobo, the Mu Yao is serious, and the lips is quiet.

Yao Haobo is also afraid that she is sad, look at her expression, but I have no change in her full expression.

After the program was played, Mu Yao still looked with his lips, sitting quietly, and moved.

Yao Haobo didn't know what to ask.

A gentle sound came from outside the door:

"Yaoyao? Haobo, what are you doing here?"

Yao Haobo turned, see is the second brother and shest, and suddenly loose a big tone, and quickly put the second brother.

For the three brothers of the shepherd, Yao Haobo is very familiar. Big brother herbs is good at various business and financial problems, and the character is calm. Three brothers and animal husbandry are full of temper, but there are all kinds of fashion circles.

Only two brothers and shelters, I am generous, gentle and sensitive, in this time, it is the best choice.

Yao Haobo said whispers with the second brother, and she she watched her brow, grabbed her mobile phone, quickly browsed the video.

During this process, Mu Yao sat quietly, and I don't know what I'm thinking, so there is no crying like Yao Haobo.

Her eyes are clear, and the expression is sorry, but it is quiet, as if there is a role in oil painting.

Two brothers and shelters, now they know this, they do not mix the powder ring, and they don't pay much attention to the entertainment news, it will be slow.

Shepherd, she took a long time, she sat in Mu Yao:

"That person, is it your blueme bamboo horse, a former boyfriend?"

Mu Yao shakes his head, and the voice is a bit hoarse:

"No, though we have grown together, but have not been in the same grade, not too familiar, and there is no love."

Shepherd nodded and asked:

"The so-called , is it good to tell you? Do you take care of you?"

Mu Yao shook his head:

"They always have a good relationship with my parents, because my parents owe some of the money, although I have already been clear, I have to ask me to ask for money, say that it is to give him a pension money, say I don't have a parent, I should be filial into them ... "

Mu Yao said, mentioning his parents, the voice gradually sinks, and the eyes are also red.

Mikiyi changed the topic:

"This program also wants to invite you to the next time, do you want to go? If you don't want to go, I will help you back?"

Yao Yao did not speak, and the animal husbandry is going to reject the board, but listened to Mu Yao firmly came:

"I go."


"If you are uncomfortable, don't force yourself, we will miss other ways ..."

Mu Yao is firmly seen:

"I want to ask, why they have to harm me. Zhang Jianhua, I have always used him to be my big brother, I have been silently thanking him for many years, who knows that he is like this? My , I Also keep politeness, when you hit the money earned by the money, is it in exchange for this result? "

Shechang knows that Mu Yao speaks like this, is really angry.

Mu Yao usually gently gentle and gentle, and there is not much way to say a large crosstalk every time, it is very angry.

Shepherd, she looked at my dear sister, and I gave birth to a sense of shame.

"My sorry is sorry, it is not good, if we take you back soon, there is no such thing, let you suffer there, but also surrounded by these uncomfortable people ..."

In the brain, there is still a hidden words.

They have been hindering by others last life, and they have not found Mu Yao in their lives. I don't know what the last life, what kind of days will be, will not be born to death ...

This matter does not dare to think, as long as I think, they will hate themselves deeper.

But listening to Miyao shakes his head, lifting his head, smiling:

"Second brother, don't say this, this life can reunite with you, is my honor, I am very grateful to you. As for the environment I live in a small life, I think that is that I have become now, some, I will If you can't blame yourself, since things have already appeared, I will actively solve it. "

Mu Yao took the nose and touched the tip, and then laughed:

"I have used them as a relative friend, but now I am different, I know what kind of talent is a real relative friend, so I know that they are fake. I will not be sad because they are not worthy. "

Shepherd, looked at the sister, gratifying her hair:

"Yaoyao is awesome, you don't like crying for hours, then we all say that you grow up is a strong person, really."

Mu Yawa smiled and wiped his face, standing up, said to Yao Haobo:

"Let's discuss with me a few brothers, how to make this battle next."

Yao Haobang stood very serious and said very seriously:

"This battle may be more difficult, you are really ready, do you want to face the public on the show, unveiling their conspiracy?"

Mu Yao nodded:

"I think now I should have enough courage to do this, because I have a lot of relatives and friends who are supporting me, I will not retreat."

Yao Haobo is gratified.

Shepherd, walked to the big brother, let them catch back as soon as possible, and a family will open a family meeting.

The brother of the big brother quickly returned, and Miyao sat in the study. He talked with Yao Haoba. He suddenly received a call from Fu Xiuyuan.

Her heart jumped, picked up the phone to the window, heard the opposite person's voice gentle:

"Yaoyao, you are fine? I saw that video ..."

Muyao interrupted him anxiously:

"You, you don't believe what they say, they are lying, I, I don't have children, I have not talked with him!"

She also said why, I want to explain the first time and Fu Xiuyuan explained clear, I don't want Fu Xiuyuan misunderstood.

Fu Xiuyuan is slightly smiling:

"Don't worry, those people say, I don't believe in a word. What kind of baby is you, isn't I still unclear?"

Mu Yao is a sweet, and it has been shrouded in the heart of the heart.

Fu Xiuyuan said:

"I know that you are definitely discussed with your brothers, I just want to ask, do you need to help me? I have a lot of resources in my hand, there are many resources in public opinion control and marketing. I have a lot of resources. Ability, if you need it, be sure to open, know? "

Mu Yao stressed:

"Well, I know, thank you."

Fu Xiuyuan and she took her for a long time, let her relax her mentality, take a good rest, and pay attention to strength, don't pay too much about public opinion on the Internet, and say that I will clean a part of the rhythm with the studio, give her next Counterattack to make a pad.

Hanging up the phone, Mu Yao said with Yao Haobo and Shepherd, Yao Haobo is happy to clam the hand:

"Fu Xiuyuan is really good predecessors in the vectors! He is really good to you, you must see the potential of your play, you must cheer!"

Although Miyao has some little nineteen, he heard Yao Haobo said that he said that he said, and people Fu Xiuyuan, but as a predecessor care, it is not what she imagined ...

So she nodded firmly:

"Okay, I will continue to work hard!"

Only one side of the shepherd, seeing these two people speechlessly, it is a stupid silly, one is a little, and it is still the best.

Soon, hermien Jie Jie Hao is coming back, and everyone has opened a detailed family meeting for this matter.

After the basic solution, Yao Haobo will be greeted to all major public relations companies, and Mu Yao is responsible for sending some new entertainment circles, and the three brothers are responsible for logistical protection and related verification investigations.

Everyone is busy for several days, and finally reached the time recorded by the next program.

The person in charge of the program group was very polite to Mu Yao called, invited her to participate in the program, and the Mu Yao promised, but some conditions were put forward.

The program group also agreed after consideration, anyway, their programs were just the topic, and they were not in the past side. Who losed who won.

The program group immediately published this news:

"The next phase of" Family Mediation Face ", has already called the actress, the actress promised to go to the stage, start recording tonight, so stay tuned!"

The review under the official blog broke out, and countless passers-by the passers-by:

"Ah, ah, I didn't expect this program to be able to come over! This Mu Yao is also very dare, this kind of thing can go to the right!"

"Lying in the trough, is she began to recognize the relative on the stage? I want to know that I will not be together ... Is the result of the husband and wife brought a child?"

"I feel that it should be, Mu Yao is so concerned about women, definitely want to put evidence, deny my relationship with Zhang Jianhua!"

"It's like a actress like her, now I am going to rose during the cause, who will bring a tuning bottle husband child! I don't care, I will not believe in anyway!"

That night, outside the program recorded the building, it has been filled with private powder and various media dogs, and the water surrounded by the entire lane is unreasonable.

When the luxury ride of Miyao took it in, countless media and dogs rushed up, even more than a dozen bodyguards, please ask for a group of more than a dozen bodyguards.

"Mu Yao! Do you want to reunite with your family this time?"

"Mu Yao do you want to don't want your child? What is going to do, can you reveal in advance?"

"If you reunite with your family, what do they do in the entertainment industry?"

The face of the five flowers of the papass, and the huge SLR, they all went to the car, and the animal husbandry gates did not dare to open, or the three brothers behind him were still behind, with Yao Haobo, and she took her to take her.

Muyao has no expression, and did not answer anyone's question.

But suddenly heard, there was a big name next to:

"Yaoyao, you have to take care of your body!"

This sound seems to open a switch, always waiting in the rear, fans who can't close, start yelling:

"Yaoyao, we will always believe in you!"

"We know that you are best, those bad things will pass!"

"Yaoyao cheers, we will always accompany you, come on!"

"Hey, Yaoyao, I want to cry, they don't believe you, but I believe!"

Mu Yao looked up and crossed the media dogs that came, and saw them behind them, a large group of girls.

These are her fans, they have waited for several hours in the middle of the night, just want to say to her, faithful fans.

Just because of her, with love, these people are willing to believe in her unconditionally.

Miyao gradually flowed out of tears, she didn't cry when she was black, she didn't cry by the previous friends and relaxation, but at this time, in the face of the love and trust of unfamiliar people, she cried.

In the warm wind in the summer night, she cried and waved:

"Thank you, thank you. For you, I will come back!"