Lu Meng is in less than half a month, really a bad breath, the whole person's mental state is good, and you will start to dress yourself every day, no longer like the previous depression.

She arranged this good show, it is too exciting. She rely on brushing people to get happiness, still constantly adding, let the second uncle help buy a variety of hot search marketing tops, vowing to Yao is odor.

In now, online public opinion is basically similar to her expectations, and the development is in full swing, and the passers-by of Mu Yao is more and more, and it is condemning how can't you come out, it is default.

Lu Meng still has a reincarnation. In order to do this, her hair is coming soon, almost thinks about the ways of the counterparts, now waiting for Mu Yao to come over.

She thought that Mu Yao will use Weibo to release public relations articles like a microblog, so that she will arrange a big marketing number and all kinds of self-media, come out to talk to her, disclose more yourself forgery Evidence, mixing water more.

However, Mu Yao did not follow her expectations, but directly contacted the program group, requiring the show, so it is very positive.

This is a bit surprising, I feel that this is not as she knows the Mu Yao, but she thinks that she is ready, even if she is confronted on the show, she is not afraid.

The scene recorded on the evening, and the audience was hard to seek. In order to improve the feature of the program, the program group is temporarily decided to broadcast live on the platform, so many people are watching in the middle of the night.

Lu Meng smashed his face with sunglasses, scarves and masks, and found a place where he was sitting down, and occasionally came to the people around him.

On her mobile phone, Second Uncle has brought him a bodyguard and a smart team to give her a real-time news, and reported the whereabouts of Mu Yao.

"Mu Yao has arrived at the scene, it is being present."

"Mu Yao with three brothers and a lot of bodyguards, great."

"Mu Yao also greeted the fan and stopped to sign the fans."

"She looks not very good, her face is pale, but also crying."

Lu Meng looked at the mobile phone on the mobile phone, showing a smooth smile.

The program records will soon start, the director group, in the background and Zhang Jianhua, and do the final communication.

"Waiting at the stage, we will roughly remind you of the time nodes, but how to see the other's performance, you are also better not to pay for compensation on the stage, try to do it."

Zhang Jianhua nodded, and he was a smile next to him:

"Director, we are also a person who has passed a program, knowing, knowing, you have to do the effect, I will try to enhance the effect!"

The director is very good to cry, you can cry, you can cry, and you can call it very well. They are such guests.

The more you can cry, the more you can transfer the atmosphere of the audience and the audience, the more emotional excitement, so that the program group can make money!

For many years, these TV programs for middle-aged and elderly people have always been such aim, even if they are young people in this program, they have never thought about changing.

Zhang Jianhua touched his own horns and said with careless words:

"You help me see, how is this style? Is it ok?"


"How do you still expect to drive her on your long? People are entertainment circles, what kind of handsome guys have never seen, you can't do it now, still think about how to say it!"

Zhang Jianhua did not talk, his little girl who has been pulling in his hand, then curiously said:


Zhang Jianhua nodded:

"Waiting for the beautiful woman, I will hug her mother, and I shouted, the better, it is best to cry, know?"

Two-year-old little girl, nodding. She just learned to talk, only a few basic words such as Mom and Dad, and I don't understand anything.

Several people are huge, and the host begins debugging equipment, hovering, plus interacting with the audience, age, and half an hour.

On the audience, Hu Yue Yue and her two friends, sitting in the middle of the back row, looking at the stage nervously.

"How do they do it? I am so nervous! Yao Jingyi did not say what strategy? Can you ask questions, have a mental preparation?"

"I asked when I sent an email. He said that the specific thing we know at the scene, it may be inconvenient!"

"Anyway, I believe that our Yaoyao is innocent!"

Hu Yue Yue clenched the fist.

The live broadcast of the program group has begun, but the picture is black screen.

However, there are countless people in black screens in discussing, Mu Yao fans and all kinds of black and subcutaneous passion, all waiting for the scene after the start of the show.

"Your family must be a star to be lived tonight, huh, huh! I want to see the scene of her and her daughter crying together, it is best to go back to my hometown!"

"She will choose to come to the show, definitely there is her reason, I believe that she must clarify the fact! Who is not necessarily it!"

Among the black screens, the viewing book of the program lives continues to rise, and has approached the record of the program group, and the director is eyebrows.

Among the attention, the program officially started recording.

The moderator first introduced the main content of the previous period, and again and Zhang Jianhua communication.

"You just want the female star to turn back, is everyone a group?"

"Yes, children can't don't have mothers, I also want to ask her why she is so unfolding ..."

Zhang Jianhua destroys the eyes of the eye dripped in advance according to the dramatic script.

A big man is very attractive on the stage, and there are some middle-aged audiences, and the atmosphere will come up.

The bracket is both young people, don't eat this:

"So a big man hangs tears every day, really see me is so tired!"

"Now I even believe in Mu Yao, I feel that her eyes cannot be so bad."

"I am so fast, I want to watch the female star!"

The host is talking to the expert in the same person to talk about it, saying any nonsense, and finally moved to the lens:

"After the unremitting efforts of our program group staff, we finally found the people's protagonist. Today, please ask her to the scene, let us applause!"

The audience under the stage is very fit, and Hu Yueyue has a few people, and the hands must be filled, and it is desperately applauded.

In the gorgeous live sound effect, Miyao wearing a simple casual dress, the hair is tied into a horsetail, and the makeup is refreshing.

And after her followed three people, they are all suit, high, handsome young people, are surrounded by Mu Yao, and the petite has formed a distinct contrast.

The spending of the audience stopped in half, and it is very unexpected. Who is it?

The host quickly solves:

"This time, we invited the scene, except for the women's star Mu Yao, there is still her three brothers, the Ms. Mingjie, Mi Shei, Mijiarong, let us welcome them! "

The audience applause is thunderous.

Various fantasy fans on the bracket quickly dispatched:

"Ah, let me die! What is the three brothers who are handsome! I announced that I am the most sophisticated tonight!"

"The country owes me a brother! It is too handsome! You still need a nephew, which I can!"

"I have said that she is bad, now I will recovery, after all, I will be the scorpion of Mu Yao, a family does not say two words, good sister, I am coming!"

Sitting in the middle of the audience, Lu Meng frowned and cheered the pattern on the stage.

Originally, Zhang Jianhua said here, there is an old man with a child, and it is an advantage of occupying the number.

But now, Mu Yao took three big handsome guys, all took place all the attention, and it could say that it was a debut, which has made the audience full of good feelings.

After all, the old lady, a wretched middle-aged man, and the little child who is unsatisfactory, no one loves to watch the handsome girl, and the emotions will naturally bismime to the handsome girl.

Lu Meng put the sexy child and continue to see.

Before the Mu Yao took the stage, and his brothers took the couch opposite Zhang Jianhua in accordance with the demand of the host.

Zhang Jianhua looked at the glamorous and beautiful Mu Yao, and the nervous swallowed water, the weak yellow face girl in memory was completely different.

Not only the dress is different, the temperament and gas field is completely subversive change, and Mu Yao only looked at a few eyes, let Zhang Jianhua did not dare to move, there is a sense of embarrassment of leadership.

Zhang Jianhua hurriedly smashed a little girl's back, so that the little girl was crying.

While Xiao Jianhua, the little girl was swaying, turned to the face of Mu Yao, crying with tears, and yelling in the milk:

"Mom, Mom ... I want, mother ..."

A little girl with only two years old is crying on the stage, and such a picture is a bit shocking, even a lot of spectators have made a breath.

There is a chaotic in the bar, some people are in the shammous, Yao iron stone heart, some people are saying that the investigation is clear to swear, some people are distressed little girls, saying that the little girl is innocent, and it is simply in a time.

The host did not stop it at all, but he was ignited to Mu Yao:

"Miss Mu, your child is calling you ... Do you have to hug her in the past?"

Muyao stood up naturally, while walking towards the little girl, while calm answer:

"This is not my child, I never talked about love, I didn't have children."

She lied this sentence to the sound, she walked to the child, and the child shakes the unstable child in his arms and patted his child's head.

The child's sobbies were small, and the mouth was still sticky in the mouth:

"Well ... Mom ..."

Mu Yao touched the head of the child and looked up, and he looked like Zhang Jianhua, like a face.

"Zhang Jianhua, my parents are still alive, they will definitely pay with you. Why do you want me like this?"

The scene has turned sharply, just immersed in the warm picture, all sent a shocked shout:

"What? What is going on?"

"Isn't it her child?"

"But the child is called her mother ..."

On the barrage, many people were surprised. Some people are distressed children. Some people are in the shammous, Yao iron stone heart. Some people say that they don't have to investigate and don't have a pot of porridge.

Zhang Jianhua gradually evaches cold sweat.

Mu Yao did not care, put the child, bring her sofa sitting here.

The child is very mysterious, smashing the eyes, look at this, and look at that.

The host is a bit of impressive plot, and I repeatedly asked:

"You said ... Isn't this your child? That ... do you have any evidence?"

Mu Yao was teased, did not speak.

Instead, shepherd, took a piece of paper seriously:

"This is what we find, this child's birth certificate."

The host was surprised.

Suddenly, Zhang Jianhua, the face of the face, screaming:

"This is also there! Born proved that we also have, what is the top of his mother's column is Mu Yao!"

As I said, I took out a crumpled paper from my arms and sent it to the host.

When I passed from Mu Yao, I was still deliberately crying two times:

"Yaoyao, you are a worried child, I am so old, I have to find you on the show ... My old face is lost ..."

I only listen to the Mu Jiarong and a little laugh:

"Your old face is in your time, I have already lost my sister, I have already lost it. When he raised his parents, what you did, would you say it here?"



The audience also pinched the fist. Hu Yue Yue was excited to stand up, and I gave the Mu Jiarong to call Call.

Mu Jiarong really said:

"After the death of my sister's parents, you will be able to make money, ask my sister to give you and your husband, how did you feel lost?"

Hey, the face is rushing, rushing to the mouth of , but it is at all about people.

She screated with her breath:

"You said! What are you talking, I am her! I raise her!"

Mu Jiarong's eyes were fired, and the face was red, and continued:

"My sister is getting zero everywhere, earning your debt, I can finish my debts, you still don't let her, just pick him up the morning, you still have to block her door, you have to raise her mother The jade bracelet left to her is taken to buy money, the neighbors of the neighborhood, you still say that you raise her, you raise a fart! "

Mujiarong Thunder said, the corners of the eyes were tears, and they wiped out.

From the beginning of the anger, I finally arrived, and my face was pale. Drag and turned back to the other, and I didn't want to talk.

Mu Yao came over and gently patted his back, let him sit down:

"Three brothers, you have a break."

The barrage is shocked:

"The brother of the trough is so handsome, the people are still so good, so the love is heavy, I love!"

"Wait a minute, I will see the face of the face, don't be like a good person, is it true?"

"But what happened to them, even if you are not good to her, you can ..."

The host was stunned to finish this farce, and he lowered his two sheets of paper, and the left and right contrast, I don't know what to do, just look at the emotional experts under the stage:

"So, please ask you experts, how do you see this situation?"

Emotional experts have only wanted Mu Yao to be moved by the other party, crying on the stage and crying, the last friendly hug ends everything, who knows that will walk such a hardcore.

Luminous homeless brother began to make people, quickly broke the warm mask, even the birth certificate is two, a warm family script, instantly become suspended to solve the case script?

They have been doing this kind of program, and I have seen it since I have seen it, but I feel that this scene is still can't control, I have to give a big, say:

"Since there are two birth proves, there must be a fake, we can only find someone to identify."

Under the stage, Deer Mengchunned the mobile phone, and his fingers quickly played a few words, and the people took the relevant evidence prepared in advance.

Soon, Shi Jianhua's requirements, the director group puts a lot of things on the small cart and pushed to the stage.

"Let's see, this is a child's birth blanket, it is Zhang Jianhua and Mu Yao to buy together; this is a small handset when the child is in the hospital, and the big hand printed next to Zhang Jianhua is Zhang Jianhua. This is the child's blood type certificate, she is O-type blood, like Mu Yao. "

On the audience, many spectators have issued "oh".

These evidence seems quite a lot, especially such a small cart, which seems to have a visual impact.

Many spectators' thinking came with this scene, even if someone in the bar, there is also a taste:

"There are so many evidence, it seems really not to lying, this is all fake, then this person who has an evidence is quite talented, this is enough to edit a emotional TV drama!"

"A lot of details, it seems to be reasonable, so this child is really Mu Yao and Zhang Jianhua?"

After waiting for the host and Zhang Jianhua, the things on these small carts have been looked forward to the audience, Zhang Jianhua looked at Mu Yao and hidden:

"What evidence is there?"

Mu Yao laughed.

Just listen to the sound of the Movement, the sound of the sound:

"Please let us find the profession, and make an identification for the two birth prove."

Zhang Jianhua's smile was stiff on his face.

The deer sitting under the stage jumped, and the birth proven proved in their hands is fake, but the birth certificate of Mu Yao is not really true!

Because this child, there is no birth certificate from birth!

She was discovered by the doctor in the hospital toilet. At that time, after two months, she had been spent in the hospital, and they sent it to the orphanage. No one will give her birth certificate!

Stable, be sure to stabilize ... Just because of knowing this situation, Lu Meng took this child out, she ran a lot of orphanage, specializing in the five senses of this and Mu Yao, and this girl is not born Proof, this is certain!

Since it is God, it will not be so easy to be seen!

Shepherd looks to the background, a young policeman wearing a police uniform, embarked on the stage.

The female police introduced themselves, and Zhangkou is:

"I am a policeman of the XX police station, my alarm is ..."

Deer Meng's corner is dried down to sweat, how did this move the police directly? A good emotional program, suddenly turned into a law?

The policewoman went up, I took two birth proves, and the two sides were compared, and the knowledge of the birth of the birth of birth:

"my country's birth certificate, since 1996, the national network is started, you need to distinguish true and false, you have to distinguish from two aspects, one side is to view the appearance, check the number of birth certificates, this is the unique, never There will be repeated, equivalent to the child ID card. The second is to check the issuance of birth certificates, the two proves that the issuing agency is the same hospital, then we only need to compare with the hospital's stay. "

As a policewoman said, I was ready to take out a thick hospital case clip.

On-site audience and barcings:


"Hard core, hard core!"

The identification results came out, Lu Meng's face was white, and Hu Yueyue was ecstatic.

The policewoman lifted her husbandje:

"This birth certificate is true, and the other is forged."

Finishing the policewoman turning to Zhang Jianhua:

"You are suspected of forgery civilian civilians, please come to me later."

Zhang Jianhua:




Deer Meng:


What should I say? Why is her conspiration, every time I have been? Do you really report a law-off?

Zhang Jianhua has already scared his legs, and the show will not be on, and it is cold sweat.

The host said: Zhang Jianhua:

"I really can't think of it. Why do you want to make a certificate of birth? Is this girl not your child?"

Zhang Jianhua shook his head, and the long sigh was sitting on a chair. However, when his brain flew, he thought of an excuse:

"Although the child is not mine, the Mu Yao has been married with me! She, she hit the tire, yes! I just want her to come back, so I went to the orphanage to find this child!"

He suddenly rushed to Mu Yao:

"Yaoyao, I don't mind your previous behavior, you come back, let's have a good life, we adopt a child?"

This has once again alarmed the scene of the audience, and the scene came from the scene.

There are countless people who are exciting:

"I didn't expect that I saw the best suspense drama this year, it turned out to be a family emotional variety show!"

"My mother, how is this story ups and downs, is it true that Mu Yao really tires? Because the sadness is over from this man?"

"To tell the truth, what did the Muyao have been done before the blank period, no one knows! Can you really play a tire? How do you prove this?"

"Yes, I can't pull someone to the hospital now, do one check to tell the audience, see if she has to play a baby?"

Mu Yao Face Icy Cold:

"Zhang Jianhua, I really didn't think you would be like this. I really used you to be a big brother. Since you don't care about our friendship, then I don't have to be in hand."

She headed her head.

Mikiyi took a record pen and handed it to the host:

"Please play the content in this."

The host took the recording pen, after a toss, even got a microphone.

It is the voice of two people talking, one of the women said:

"... Just let Mu Yao is completely smelling, she can return to you ... Don't be soft, try to give her body, as long as she can't mix in the entertainment industry, will definitely come back to find you, will give it You yell, you will have hundreds of thousands of millions. "

Zhang Jianhua's voice hesitated:

"But, if our plan is not successful? After all, the child is really not her, in case it is detected ..."

Women's voice:

"Then you said that she touted the tire, anyway, it couldn't prove it, and a female star would not turn over, hehe, hehe ..."


"... lying in the trough!"