The live broadcast website is in an instant, countless audience floods, Weibo also has an explosion rise hot search.

# is framed #

# # #

# Please group #

A variety of hot search detonation topics, countless passes, because they are curious, directly leading to the live broadcast software selected by this program to completely crash, a black screen.

The passers-by just came in curious:

"What happened, what is going on now? I beg for the course!"

"I heard that it is very exciting, what kind of stimulation is it!"

There are friends who have been watching live broadcast to explain:

"The emotional show suddenly misses suspense drama, the policewoman personally came to the stage, and after identifying the birth certificate, this Zhang Jianhua program ended to be taken away!"

The new people come in are amazed:

"Wow, this Zhang Jianhua has already been caught, but also continue to record the show? What is this? The body is strong!"

Hurry on a slider.

It's hard to recover, but I have a card on the scene on the scene, just in the center of this picture, it is a shepherd who stands up and handed out the record pen.

The new audience is shocked:

"What is this, isn't it said that the protagonist of this issue is Mu Yao? Who is this best handsome guy? Is it a male group or an actor!"

"I have fallen at first sight, within three minutes, if I didn't see his Baidu page, I killed all the games!"

"Wait a minute, he is still like it with Mu Yao? It is good to like this Wen Wen's handsome guy!"

Finally, someone can't see the popularity:

"This person is the second brother of Mu Yao, and you don't think too much. The most handsome people on the stage are the brother of Mu Yao."

"I am dead, the country owes me three brothers!"

The live broadcast is finally returned to normal, and it is played with a big speaker. The sharp speech said that people shocked.

"Don't worry, try to give her body ..."

"Then you said that she hit the child ..."

These vicious words flow out from the screen, and all the audiences have some happiness at a time.

The people on the barrage also shocked.

"How can someone say this?"

"I listened to this sound ... I saw her TV series before I saw it ..."

"Is it really a female star in the circle? This is how much hated Mu Yao can refer to this kind of thing?"

Netizens are always the most powerful, this paragraph is issued, and in two minutes, some people put this audio and prior to Lu Meng's audio, perfectly confirmed this is Lu Meng said!

Of course, the current audience doesn't know who this is said, it is still immersed in shocking.

Since the content of this recorded pen, the host has been full of face, and the brain is thinking about what to do.

The show is of course an important heat, but he as a host, this is completely controlled, it is to be a sign!

Moderator and the launch of the small voice, wait until the content of the recorded pen, the whole scene is quiet, he turned to Zhang Jianhua, and the tactics:

"Is this recording true?"

Zhang Jianhua's face is white, the legs are shaking, the station is unstable, the whole person is weak, hugging the sofa armrest.

In the face of the host's question, he is half-embarrassing, and a sentence can't say it. Finally, from the throat, squeeze out a "um".

The audience is in an instant!

"Lying in the trough, so you have been framed here?"

"Are you still a man! Every day, on the show, I defraud someone else, but not only the daughter is fake, but the whole thing is fake!"

"I really got the eye and I will feel you pitiful! You give me a step!"

"As soon as you have such a soft egg, I wish you infertility, and the children and grandchildren!"

The audience stood up and stood up, and some people threw things on the stage, and they didn't know who they were thrown out of an egg, and the pants of Zhang Jianhua was precise.

The audience curse and the angeation are too big, and the staff next to them must not jump, but it is in order, but there is no one cares about him.

A few audience just a little bit, started to throw things on the stage, throwing a book, throwing a pen, and throwing a variety of wonderful items.

Zhang Jianhua stood in the same place, completely stunned, like the dead, just like the dead, looked at the eggs on the legs, and there was also a wipes on the head.

This picture is really too impact, the barrage can't be exploded, the whole screen is secretly Ma Ma, all the barrage, and the content is not seen.

"My mom, the audience is too fierce, and why do someone take birth to eggs!"

"Some people have throw a sanitary napkin, have you seen it? Although it has never used it, I have been shocked!"

"If I am on the scene, I have to give him something, this is what the stuff, people have a fantastic woman like a flower, almost by his mouth, it is a future."

"Waiting for you to forget this behind the scene behind the scenes? Lu Meng! Now I just want to know what Lu Meng is mood, so I want to let the show group please come up!"

On the stage, a wolf is borrowed, and all kinds of messy things are flying. Everyone's anger is overflowing, and even people want to rush to the stage.

The program group has emergency a lot of security guards, and the director said that "hurry up, it is not good." Did not hear, continue to broadcast live.

The moderator has already said it several times on the stage, so that everyone is calm, but no one listened to him, he attacted him.

I have already sat in the sofa on the side of the past, scared by this crazy scene, and the eyes are in the tears group.

When she was going to cry, Mi Yao suddenly reached out, and the softly touched her head and put her head in her arms.

The little girl feels a warm sweet breath. I don't cry in an instant. The milk whisper muttered is tied:


On the other side, the animal husbandry is going to the stage, reach out of the opposite hand to the next pressure:

"Please quiet, this matter is not finished."

The audience came to talk about the excitement, the host and the director group, did not persuade, but in front of this stabilized man, quickly and quiet.

The animal husbandry is cold and cold, and his views, the viewers he saw, suddenly there is a feeling of being stared at the leaders, sitting down.


"Wow, this is a great graduate of the magic school! Hogwart Grass I can!"

"This brother is really handsome, I pick this!"

"I beg you, hurry to set it out, my sister's wallet has been hungry!"

Mingjie waited until the audience is restored, and the line of sight is going to the back door, saying a shocked the name:

Lu Meng! "

The slim black back fierce, and then some vague trembling, but did not look back at all.

The audience just quietly, and it was a burst of stunning. I only felt too much tonight!

The scene of the audience still doesn't know that Lu Meng is behind the scenes, only thinking that she is coming to see Mu Yao joke.

The audience in the laclar, but I have already eaten from other channels. I know that the woman behind the scene is Deer Meng.

"Shocking my whole campus! Who can think of a real behind-the-scenes, just sit down under the stage? Is this a legendary lamp? The most dangerous place is the safest?"

Minghajong continues, use the tone that can frozen into a slag:

"Lu Meng, don't you come to the stage to explain?"

On the spot, the audience listened to this, and hundreds of eyes all looked at the back of the suspected deer.

For a time, the large studio, the quiet landing needs.

The slim back of the people who was watching was slowly turned.

The audience has a person who knows her, and it has sent a speech:

"It's really her!"

In order to quickly escape, Deer Meng took the sunglasses on his face, showing half of his face, as long as you know her, you can see it.

Mumeria waved.

I walked over the corridor and walked over the two people, the big shepherd bodyguards, the two left and right, put the deer gerbera, all the way half of the stage.

Deer Meng did not resist, and the whole pleasure is so beautiful, it seems that it is free to be in the world, I don't know what happened.

All the sights are staring on her, can't wait to find evidence from her face, to explain why she is so vicious.

The netizens on the bar, gradually recovered from the shock:

"It is also a small and famous female star ... how is it not enough? Is this level of persistence?"

"She is also too horrible. I hate a person to chase this to the end of the world? It is really a mad dog without her horror."

"Look at her expression, I feel that she doesn't have any repentance ... I am terrible, is this person is a natural anti-social personality?"

Lu Meng was standing on the stage, and Zhang Jianhua, who had emitted egg smelled, and two people were facing the audience.

There was no big role before the mouth, and it has been pulled down by the director.

At this time, the host didn't want to talk, he returned to the shadow silently, did not know what he had made, would you host such a program?

Mu Yao also sat on the sofa, holding the child in his arms, gently comforting the little girl, and did not look at the deer and Zhang Jianhua.

The animal husbandry is plain, but it seems to be pressureless, and the anger is generally asked:

"Lu Meng, our Yaoyao is not a hatred with you, why do you use this toxic to fall in a time?"

Lu Meng didn't talk, and a side of it refused to work, it's high to look at it, it still has a pride.

Memphoprien bruises:

"I guess, nothing more than the entertainment circle female star to grab the resources."

Lu Meng still does not talk, just cool it in a glance.

Mu Jiarong is angry:

"What is the big brother with this kind of garbage, this kind of person should let her enter the prison, don't come out for a lifetime!"

Mu Mingjie stopped the Mao Mao, I'm going to play the three brothers, calm and asked:

"I am asking you, if you don't answer, then I can only join Yusai, do something for the Longhui Group of you Second Uncle."

Lu Meng was shaking, until at this time, there was a good breath in the line of sight. She trembled and said:

"No, this is nothing to do with my family ..."

Mingjie continued:

"You have to know that we can record those words when you don't know the ghosts, you can master more evidence, I hope you can cooperate, otherwise what will happen, maybe you can't imagine."

Lu Meng hit like a screen, and grabbed the sofa next to it, supporting himself, and said trembled:

"What do you want to know?"

The animal husbandry is sorted out, and asked quietly:

"Why do you have to target my sister."

Lu Meng looked up at the Yao Yao on the wall, just in the eyes of Mu Yao looking up.

Mu Yao's eyes were clean and pure, even on a wolf stage, she surrounded the Shengguang, as long as she is there, is like a pure earth.

Just look at her eyes, you can feel calm.

But ... Deer Meng hates her is this.

Deer Meng finally opened, tone cold and machinery:

"We are the same type of female star, the positioning is similar, the position of various resources and film drama protagonists, in fact, I hate her, not just hate her and I grab resources, I hate her people When you don't even have you put it in, you don't have a little bit of a lot of life all day.

Last time in the show, she was so popular, obviously only a new person who was a little more than me. Why did she be so popular? At that time, I was also a magical machine, I found a medicine, sprinkled in that chicken.

I didn't expect her to be lucky. The medicine did not be eaten by her, yes, this is a reason I hate her, her luck is too good, who can not hate a very good person? "

As Lu Meng slowly told, the inside of these entertainment circles, the audience is quiet, and even if there is a lot of the crash.

Occasionally there are several barrage floating:

"Really cattle, I think she is telling the truth."

"She is really too easy to embrace ... I have been distorted by my mind."

Shepherd and Miki, standing next to her, have been looking at her.

I heard this, my shepherd is a brightening:

"Others see good luck, will only think about doing friends with her, maybe it can get a good luck. You will have a mentality twisted without self-knowledge."

Deer Meng hooked the mouth:

"Yes? I don't think so. After the dispute is detained from the police, I don't live in hatred. I hate everything I got, I hate ... What is her champion? What is her TV drama? Reporting is higher than me? It is clear that I am from birth. She, a garbage struggled from the slum! "

Shepherd rushed to reluctively, and she was very angry:

"You TMD is garbage! You should die in the garbage!"

Lu Meng actually nodded:

"Yes, I am garbage, I have to pull you into the garbage. So I found Zhang Jianhua, I gave the drama to Mu Yao, and even forged various proofs, and there are also evidence on the details ... I have never discovered that I still have talent in the screenwriter. Are you all condictable? "

In the last sentence, she is talking to the audience, and her face is even smiling.

She lifted a hand and pressed on the chest, squat.

In the event of a self-directed self-playing drama, the director and starring the audience of the appearance.

The audience was shocked by her unusual move, I don't know what to say.

In a silent, Hu Yue's voice sharply scored dark:

"Improving a fart! Your plot is a dog and sorghum, only the dirty talents will come out! You are sick!"

She said that the audience reminded the audience in an instant, and the audience called:

"Just! Who wants to see such a customary garbage drama!"

"Don't respect women, don't respect the man, you are a waste of my time!"

The reverse flame in the Lu Meng is instantly extinguished.

The only love in her life is to perform, but now, these audiences have made her unbearable and walked out her enthusiasm.

This is not legged to declare her death.

Mingjie also said:

"OK, we know that you are because of embarrassment, then we will use the legal weapons to defend our rights, I hope we will never meet later."

Mu Jiarong has a lot of temper, and the sofa will kick out a big hole in one foot.

The atmosphere was heavy, until the police came to the stage, directly copy Zhang Jianhua and Lu Meng together, and everyone did not slow.

When Lu Meng was copied, the eyes came down on tears. At this time, it seems that it is finally like an ordinary girl.

Netizen talks in the barrage:

"To be honest, I have never seen such a stimulus show, the police directly attacked people ..."

"Lu Meng This is already a second into the palace? The average person really can't reach her level, it is a female star, it is really good ..."

"In fact, she just talking, I actually sorry, I was a bit touched by her ... Don't marry me, I also know that she has a sin, but why I think it is sad ..."

"I will tell you in front of it. It is a very good flower season girl, the future is unlimited, but because it is unbelievable, it is a psychological distorted monster. This is indeed regretful, but all this It is also she is looking for. "

"It's really terrible, I also have the experience of others, the taste is very difficult ... Later I decided to focus myself, encourage yourself growing, others can't affect me, I think this is better!"

"Have a good one, why do you want to be a good person? Do you have your own advantage? Today, this is really a lesson."

Live is finally ended, but the discussion in the barrage and comments have more and more, and there is no signs to end at all.

The director team finally reacted, and the police station has taken the police station to take the suspect away, and it will take the parties and witnesses, the show director, and must also take a trip.

The deputy director and other staff tired, told the audience that today's programs are here, please leave.

Yao stopped the staff and went to the center of the stage and said to all the audience:

"Tonight, thank you very much, unveiled this truth with me, and I have worked hard, I hope everyone will go back to break early, be a good dream."

After that, she sincerely bowed deeply to the audience, with sincere gratitude.

Hu Yueyue's tears took a night, and finally couldn't help but called:

"Mu Yao Come on!"

The friends next to her also said with the sound of the swallow:

"We love you, come on!"

Mu Yao waved her hand and smiled and said:

"Want to sign a photo? Come up!"

Hu Yueyue, a few people screamed, rushing to the stage after rushing, followed by a young audience behind him.

Among the audiences today, there was a large part of the fans of Mu Yao, and experienced such a record of ups and downs, and now they want to comfort their idols.

"Mu Yao you suffer!"

"A lot of people in these days are black, I am so sad, you are not good, I have worked hard."

"Fortunately, I am very clear today, you have to rest!"

Mu Yao was surrounded by a group of fans, smiling, has always signed a photo, and it is also a signs of stunning with fans.

There are also some periphery fans, and the darkness of the past is next to the three brothers:

"Excuse me, can you sign?"

Mu Mingjie pushed the shepherd to front, whispered:

"You are more good at this kind of thing."

Shepherd is really good, and he often needs to sign it after his painting auction, so he smiles and picks up the pen and sign everyone.

Soon, the fans on the animal husbandry are divided into two batches, a group of Mu Yao, another batch of three brothers around the pastor, very excited.

"Do you have any discipline? If you argore, I must buy albums!"

"Yes, I want your surroundings. Is there any surrounding? I want your family 4 full family!"

Miki smiled, and the temper explained well:

"In fact, there are some surroundings for sale."

The fans are wide-minded:

"Really, where?"

Shepherd laugh:

"Sufui auction, the cheapest painting, the starting price is 1 million."


"... Sorry, I am bothering."

After finalizing this group of fans, the host and director have surrounded the audience.

"Today's things are really sorry for you, and finally, we don't know well in advance, arrange ..."

Mu Yao smiled:

"It's not just you, we have not yet told in advance, mainly wanting to make a loss of your show, but also cause loss to you, sorry."

Director is low, trying to cover a smile of his mouth.

loss? What is lost? The online play number of the program group is several hundred times that has been in history. It has been a good job, which is a good thing to spend money.

The host took a little girl in his hand:

"This little girl ... What should I do?"

The little girl hangs tears, Sithers shakes, watching Mu Yao, shouting mom.

Mu Yao is intermittent:

"Let her go with us? I have lived in our family."

The herd of a few people look serious:

"You can borrow you, but you can't really adopt, you are still so young!"

Mu Yao:


Everyone returned to the villa with Yao Haobo. Several men went to the study. She was going to take a little girl, and rest in the back bedroom.

Didn't wait for her to sleep, suddenly received a call from Fu Xixi.

"I have seen your live broadcast at night, I have a beautiful, I arranged the studio to help you buy hot search and list headlines, which will be completely clarified."

Mu Yao nodded, and next to the little girl, the sound of milk in the milk:

"Mom ... Yes, Dad ...?"

Mu Yao has not been to talk, and I suddenly listened to the phone and laughed. Fu Xiuyuan Hua Li's sound line:

"Yeah, baby."

Mu Yao was shocked:

"Not ... Waiting, she is not my daughter ..."

Fu Xiuyuan said softly:

"I didn't call her."

And this room, only two people.

It's not called her, then ... Is it called me!

Muyao Heart leaks a shot.

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