Mu Yao with the little girl at night, sleeping very stable, Fu Xiuyuan's phone has not hanged.

Now two people have formed a tacit understanding, often on the phone all night, is a silent companion.

They are very stable here, the wind is calm, but it has been ahead of the Internet.

The live broadcast of the night has been going to nine o'clock. When you speak live to the middle, you can rush on the list until the live broadcast is over, these hot search is not only, but also five or six hot hooks. Go up.

National carnival.

Lu Meng was made by the police from the picture taken away from the stage, has been made in all kinds of expression packages:

"The chicken is too loud to take away"

"You are a suspect? Let's take a trip!"

"I captured on the spot! 8 hours of work, 7 hours, squatting for an hour"

The spread of the expression package is the greatest, and as these wonderful expression packs spread, now the whole network knows, there is a female star called Lu Meng, and is rushed to the variety site.

What is even more, this average person can't experience things in a lifetime, she is already the second time!

"She is simply another child in another sense!"

"This is simply the highest realm of death. I feel that she can blow a bull in the prison. This is forced to be a prison big sister!"

"No, what is the deep hatred with the female star? Is that the female star kills her family? She can't fall, but also to fall?"

"Really, if I have her so persistent, I have already become a millionaire!"

"The framed is also framed, and the script she thinks is also a little too blood. A lot of vulnerabilities, I also want to confront to others, where is the confrontation?"

"I heard that she has a relative is the chairman of the Longhui Group. The three brothers in the show also said this group. I have to search, you guess how? This group is now mad, have fallen to retreat City! "

"This level of stock diving, I feel that there is someone behind others, it seems that this deer is really sinned to the iron board!"

Netizens have a black hand deer behind the confusing scene. After all, she has been taken away by the police, and there is a movement behind it will be announced. Everyone is waiting. It is.

More discussions are around the pastor, or around the three brothers around the shepherd.

"Yesterday, my parents looked up with me. When they saw them, my mother told me that my husband came to find this standard, I said what one, my mother said these three Just anyone can, I really want to cry without tears, please take a good look at your daughter's face, match the brothers of the handsome woman, let's have a little AC number! "

"All in all, begging for three brothers together! Now there are those who are in the TV, what are you doing together, and you will come out and absolutely crushing!"

"I saw the moment of Mikiyi's face, I first love, I saw him big brother, I first love! I saw three brothers, I was first in love!"

"I will go to the bodhisattva now, let them take a quick shot, this is what the fairy face, long is so handsome, this is the waste of national resources!"

Many people are in this night, and the information on the three brothers in the past, soon, they will take the three people's identity, and it is a wave of madness!

"Mu Mingjie ... Is this not the chairman of the technology company of my classmates? I heard that there is no long working, and this company has become a leader, the growth rate is the same!"

"Is him! My idol president! The elite in the industry is proud of entering his company! Squeezing the head! Even if an ordinary engineer, the annual salary is 1 million is not a dream!"

"This two brothers and shelhers, this name listened to a familiar? Before my dad participated in a big wine party, I heard that the boss of the wine will grab a piece of art treasures, as if the wine will be used as the author of the art. The name is called Miki ... "

"Yes, you didn't see it wrong, that is, the artistic animal husbandry, his words hang in the Sufei auction, there are many artworks, sculptures, large exhibition planning, etc., which has been in recent years. One of the artists, very talented! "

"Ah, I cried in the beautiful hospital, and our teacher gave us a explanation!"

"I found a picture of Mu Yao 3 Brother Mujiarong on the cover of the racing magazine! Cover big picture photo! Annual racer! Speed ​​and passion! I am dead!"

"Three I can, how is the racer such a fashionable industry, this hormone feeling, I can really!"

One night, everyone took the three brothers' sideways, endless marvel, and at this moment, the whole body is physically academic acid lemon.

"Ah, ah, I am really sour, lemon tree on the lemon tree, the lemon tree is me! The country owes me three good brothers!"

"What is Mu Yao, what is the fairy luck, you will grow so beautiful, and you will play it. Even my brothers are per capita elites. Is the whole family beauty championship?"

"But to tell the truth, Mu Yao has been really a very bad 20 years, I don't want to see her, to go through the mother to die, drop out of school, go into the society, being sourced, and the Qingmei bamboo horse brother sell back ... she used to be so pitiful I can't see it, I sent her three brothers! "

"Hey, after Zhang Jianhua's farce, I hope that she will have a good relationship with her brothers, and there will never have this kind of thing, and it will live a good day."

In the early hours of the morning, Mu Yao had already slept, but many netizens were still crazy.

Even some people have heard three brothers are single, mind is active.

"The social account of the pastor brothers is found! Sisters, I will go to the road for everyone now!"

Positioned Weibo V. Released this news on your own Weibo, and then started to broadcast yourself with the three brothers in Weibo, and thousands of netizens followed.

This big V is called pudous jam, she converts the avatar into a Selfie of the gentleness, go to the vocational social application of Big Brother, give him a message:

"Hey ~ Hello, can you know?"

The past night, hermiel did not reply.

Early the next morning, Pudding jam sent him a message:

"Good morning, look forward to your reply!"

In the microblog of Pudding Jam, many people waited for follow-up, waiting for one night, this melon can't eat, many people with anxious message:

"Blogger, can you find some channels, he is a workplace social software, if you don't mention work, he may not return!"

Pudding juvenies want to cry without tears:

"I also know that it is not good here! It is the problem that he doesn't have an account in other places. Don't worry about the micro-booth knowing the bean flap, all don't, this person seems to be a ruthless work machine!"

Waiting for another morning, there is still no echo, the pudding jam goes again, I want to get a noon greeting message, but I find that I have been pulled black.

Pudding jam:


Focus on her fans:

"Why is it so bad, but I still want to laugh?"

"Hahahahaha, such a personal handsome guy, I like it!"

"Okay, touch jam, no two brothers, let's come one!"

Pudding jam bite tooth handles to lay Weibo:

"I don't believe it, three handsome guys, I will be able to get one!"

So she rushed, replaced her avatar, a vision of the art, and turned to a social software of an art exchange class, giving the animal husbandry hair.

This time she also put it, I know some art common sense to chat, and the information he greets will say that I have some art questions, I want to communicate with him.

Pudding jam is full of confidence in Weibo:

"This time, I have a very good attitude, some of the words, and the shepherous people are the gentle people. It is said that the fans of Mu Yao are also very good, definitely play!"

It didn't have a message in the news, and the animal husbandry really replied to her:

"What is your problem?"

Pudding jams jumped excitedly, hurry up and sighed this, send Weibo:

"I finally succeeded! At least he replied to me, this is a big progress! Sisters are waiting to see me a strike!"

Pudrui sauce self-reliance reply:

"I am an artistic enthusiast, I prefer an impressionist painting style, I have a unique clock on Mo Ni, I also pay attention to you have painted a painful painting, I think we may have a common language in this regard. ...... "

She said a lot, herbs, she only replied:

"Sorry, if you want to know and buy my painting, you can turn to the official website, click on my avatar. If you have other purposes, please don't send a message, thank you!"

Pudding jam:


She sent this screenshot to Weibo.

I have been watching the netizens of Weibo, I am going to smile in an instant:

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha, so he means that you can buy something, you can't talk!"

"Isn't it saying that the artist is regarded as the money such as dung? Do you want to find a book chat? Is there a misunderstanding of artists, or this animal husbandry really does not take us?"

"Maybe he is just a good skill, which is a bull ... In fact, the jam is a pure female student to hook a male artist, generally hook a quasi! However, people don't hook, think about it, so handsome People must have many girls like him, experienced! "

The pudding jam two frustrated, but it is not willing to end this, did not see her since the start of this live broadcast? These fans and concerns are all money! Advertise in later, you can add 0 directly!

So she will continue to open the microblog of Shepherr.

Mu Jiarong is a Weibo, named "Lightning Chase", it seems to play tall, Weibo is a list of sisters, as if there is no emotional robot.

The pudding jam is carefully decorated with his own homepage, and the avatar is replaced into a vibrant sports wind Selfie, go to the Mujiarong private letter.

Pudding Jam Selection Directly:

"Mu Jiarong, hello, I want to ask your brothers to deal out? Or you can do it separately!"

Shepherd is a long time to reply for a long time:

"Benevitated? We will be divided into zero, I don't want to be evident."

Pudding jam:



"Hahahahaha! This is really stupid or stupid!"

"I didn't expect him to be one of the biggest blocks in three, is it the stupid one! Heaven, this is a delicious person, I can!"

In any case, Pudding Jam has ended this for the three brothers' exploration, and the information did not explore, onlookers, megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload.

After this big thing, Yao Haobo helped Mu Yao, pushed a lot of interviews and talks, and he knew that Mu Yao did not want to talk about this in front of the media, so there were many in advance.

Even if it is a top flow magazine and a variety, it is generally a chance that will hear the water, Yao Haobo is also pushed.

No way, Mu Yao, which is not lack of money, is the freedom of choosing work.

Mu Yao did not have too much impact, still recurred in the house at home.

She carried out a live broadcast supervision, her energy under the live shot is more concentrated, and the problem is more efficient, so I keep this habit for a long time.

However, I don't know why, even her style is low, there is no fan of interest, and some people have begun to discuss related topics.

"Does anyone want to say that, that is, that ..."

"Do you say that Mu Yao or her brother? Don't tell you, I have dreamed that I have dreamed that I love me in love with me, and I can't decide which one is in one piece. Child, just put three harmonies ... "

Mu Yao looked up with this barcation:


The mood is complicated, I didn't expect my brothers so popular ...

The topic can't play together. It was originally watching Mu Yao, live broadcast, and there is also a work party. Everyone is difficult to talk together.

It can be said that the three excellent brothers of the pastor come, everyone has endless words, what I want to marry, I can, it's everyday operation.

Not only is a girl, even boys have something to say.

"I am a boys, but I also like three brothers, the three achievements are really difficult to make a general boy."

"I am also male, but I am just simply shackle!"

"Mom is watching, there is a chicken here!"

Hot is hot, all discuss three brothers, reaching a rare harmony.

Mu Yao lowered his head and wrote, and suddenly couldn't help but smile.

These netizens are too fun, I want to know that my brothers see the expression of these barrage ... must be very funny.

On the other hand, there are many people from all walks of life in this matter, and the arguments between the respective words, the views and views are now all dumb.

Previously, some people thought that Mu Yao should go back to the child, and some people think that Mu Yao should not do this, and some people think that Mu Yao should take the child's parent-child programs, a variety of perspectives, become a social phenomenon.

But these bloggers, they all stood on this is the position of the real thing. I didn't expect the live broadcast of that day, I completely played all the faces of everyone.

What is the point of view, everyone is a difficult brother who is turned to a group, or is quiet as a chicken, and to withstand the ridicule of netizens.

"Hahahaha, before you said, after the event comes out, must write a long text to summarize, text?"

"It's really a face to swollen. You are in this assumption countless round, the results prove that everything is fake, people Mu Yao clear white, only you are like the mouse in the ditch ... ... ! "

A variety of so-called self-media people have become a short-headed turtle, let the netizens fight, and some people have apologized, but the quantity is not much.

More people are looking forward to this crazy storm, hurry, after you kill yourself, you don't touch the news related to Mu Yao!

Who can think of this Mu Yao, always can become a danger, what is negative news to her, will it become a positive? This makes yourself in this kind of trafficking in the manufacture of anxiety you can live!

Muyao has forwarded the relevant news in Weibo, and it is a "entertainment group building", and the fans are hot, a harmonious scene.

As a representative of the scene, Hu Yue Yue is now eyebrows every day, and it will not wait to raise his legs. The whole person is written, the right face is written, and the sense is not good.

He is now on Weibo every day, you can see the true feelings of the true feelings written, and there are many comments and forwardings.

Many fans didn't go to the scene, while crying, I missed the wonderful reversal, while running to Hu Yue Yue Weibo under:

"Read more other people's Repo self-comfort, pretending to be on the scene, thank you for your sisters so detailed feedback."

After this wave, the fan group was once again greatly shocked, and some eyes were short of people, but after the end of the incident, there were 10 times the person who poured into her overtime, becoming her New fans.

Some people wish to make a wish:

"I hope I can also be like us, but I can meet what I have fierce, Ji Xingzhao, reverse attack!"

This Weibo has been placed on top of many people, and all Miyao fans are proudly, at the bottom of the post:

"Xin Yao Yao is good luck, the sister is a new powder, hurry to send us a gift!"

"According to incomplete statistics, give Mu Yao's fans of gifts, 60% of them will have different degrees of good luck!"

"In fact, I found that I can't send gifts, spending money to play a list, even said that I spend money to buy a video website, and I have a certain effect of chasing her starring!"

"No matter how good luck, at least chase, you will never have to worry about negative news, because you will find that she is really like this person, it is really true, I will love her. lifetime!"

After a week, the police came out about Lu Meng's announcement, temporarily administrative detention, the current parties have filed a lawsuit, and Lu Meng will be detained to the Tribunal.

There are a lot of understanding of the Popular Science, all say this time, Lu Meng must be planted, and the disaster in prison in five years cannot be removed, and the loss of good reputation and money.


"Oh, live."

Dragon Hui Group's brilliant office building, Lu Meng Second Uncle He turned over the work desk in front of him, and scared the senior assistant to the side and continued to retreat.

Second, uncle, the thunder:

"Who is in our group share price! Who is it! Haven't found it yet? I have to support this group of waste what is done!"

"Now no one is behind the scene, I only know that 10 cases may have our dozens of times. Let's play with him, that is, the egg touchs the stone, or still retreat ..."

Several bald executives are advised, but the deer is very happy, the neurotic is called:

"You can't deliver! Go back, I put this old face!"

The executives face each other, and the determination to resign. The boss is not reliable at all, and there is a horrible niece. Now the company's grassroots employees are in the same time, and the recruits can't recruit, it's too difficult!

Obviously, the building will be tilted, you still have another way.

After all people rushed out, second uncle sat in a wolf room and looked at the fire-red sunset, some remarkable remembered deer.

Is it true that I have always been a mistake to her education, let her commit such a big mistake, provoke a person who should not provoke, even tired of his entire group ...

So everything is reason, and a person starts to do it, and finally will return to himself.

"She and her star" TV drama journey climbed, and it has become the annual phenomenon drama of the year, causing numerous hot discussions.

In the finale, Li Xue and Gu Xing have come together, Lu Shen is far away, and Fang Jing has become the company's president, and it is a child.

At the wedding of Li Xue, Fang Qu Yi is a bride, and also grabs the flowers and smiles and sincere.

The TV series is over, but it can be in the end, and there is no deep analysis of the parallelism of the parallelism. It has always used the way to write, but let this role be more mysterious, causing a lot of discussion.

"The more you see the last, the more painful is quiet. This role ... I don't know why, I feel that she is the most complex person inside, and the one who is finally unable to ..."

"I feel that there is no absolute good person in this TV series, and there is no absolute counterpart, and I am talking about the director. Although the whole drama seeming to be the protagonist is Li Yue, it is actually a double-owner, and the square is too strong. "

"There is no way, there are still many people hate her. I remember that there were many people went to Mu Yao Weibo. Now I don't know where those people go, I don't know if they apologize to Miyao. "

"Fang Jingliang, I think it is very successful. On the one hand, it is the credit and director's credit. On the other hand, it is still the practice of Mu Yao acting. She is really acting!"

"The second episode of the countdown has a cry. At that time, I looked at Mu Yao Liu, my tears, I can't stop. This role is really going to be in Mu Yao."

When everyone was hot, they suddenly had a contemporary person, joined the discussion of the army.

@ Director Chen Hongguang:

"After reading" She and her star ", I will further identify, my lower movie work, I hope to invite Miss Mu Yao to starring, can you consider it? @ ."

The whole network was shocked, and they ran to Mu Yao Weibo under the bottom of her and quickly promised.

Just joke, that is Chen Hongguang! Top-level director, called Hua Guo, top-level director!

He actually on Weibo, there was unprecedented to a newcomer, extended an olive branch! Is this the truth that does not agree!

However, the response of Mu Yao, unexpectedly.