In an anonymous explosive forum, a tall building has been brushed at this moment, and it is clear that the name of Mu Yao is hung.

"Is there a concern? I heard that people who went this time can be unable to have Kong Wei! She didn't have this red carpet in China, but this time Other stars, just took a branch brand's endorsement of Mu Yao, I have melons here! Look at people who want to eat melon, probably under the bottom of 1, and I will say more. "

The landlord is anonymous, and it is rapidly covered a dozen layers, and waits for the landlord to eat.

The gossip of this entertainment circle is related to Kong Wei, and there is still a lot of small flowers, almost no one is willing to listen.

"I know this Mu Yao, she realized recently, hanging in hot every day! Really ambulous! I feel that the background is very powerful!"

"But even if she is so powerful, I will not be able to do with Kong Wei's window, I don't want to play a shot, I specialize in cockroach?"

"Don't you know, this Mu Yao is now playing a movie! It is not someone else's movie. It is Chen Hongguang's movie. A small star that just arrived in less than two years can tear into this kind of cake. People are amazed, this is very good behind this. "

"I don't know who is her Golden Lord, it is really very petting her. But what is the relationship between this?"

"Although the landlord is gone, I can answer you, Kong Wei has had a rumor with Chen Hongguang, and these two people seem to talk about love in 10 years ago, and it is divided into two years ago. It is said to be a man. The woman. Contact this I think about it! "

"Wow, the original two people have passed, 5 years ago, this kind of incident is the old yellow calendar, I can't think of the age, but I can still be so romantic, even somewhat envious!"

Everyone has a lively discussion, the landlord quickly came back to break the news:

"Haha, everyone wants to have no mistakes, but if the specific details, I will come to me! Kong Wei is not going back to China, and I heard Chen Hongguang to take a new movie, pass the broker to Chen Hongguang news I want to show his movie. What do you guess? Hahahaha, I really want to laugh, this Chen Hongguang is really good skin! "

The landlord sells a long selling, and it is a lot of people. Various replications want to let the landlord so clear.

"Chen Hongguang director usually looks stable in TV, what else can you say? The landlord is definitely compiled ... You have seen more, the real fake fake mixed together, there are some Really, but most of them are fake. Everyone is not a place to date whether it is. Or cautious look at the post! "

"Whoever wants to truthfully fake, I just came to see gossip, eat melon, don't be true!"

"In the entertainment circle, these passers-by look very mysterious. In fact, there are people in the circle that the landlord must be a circle."

Waiting for everyone to continue to cover the building, after a lot of layers, the landlord has taken it:

"I am telling you, you believe you. Anyway, Chen Hongguang replied to Kong Wei, said: For my choice criteria, your age is beyond the scope, I am sorry. You look His words, it is simply that he is too old! Kong Wei listened to the sky, it is said that the site is over the spot. "

"Ha ha ha ha ha, Chen Hongguang did not say anything wrong, Kong Wei is still 40 this year!"

"Chen Hongguang is indeed a little bit no respect for women ... No matter when, you can't use the age of this reason to reject people, and you are particularly sensitive to the female star."

"Hahaha, I am very funny, Kong Wei should know that people Chen Hongguang's new movie women are very young? Oh, when this happens, Chen Hongguang did not choose Mu Yao?"

"Yes, from April this year, I said that I want to Mu Yao's player's lead, Chen Hongguang has waited for a few months, so is this in the New Year?"

Soon the landlord came out and Q & A:

"Yes, when the year is in February, Kongyi began to enter the domestic movie market. She must think that it is from the front boyfriend to open up, but unfortunately, the former boyfriend does not pay at all.

I don't know what they were because of what broke up. Anyway, the public information was Chen Hongguang, she still seek composite, but in fact, no one knows, after all, the circle is ... and she I have been staying abroad for so many years. Now I am now looking at the domestic market, more than more, but also back, which is so good, let you come back and return to the wool? How much money is so good. "

A bursin in the underground floor, followed by the movies that Kong was only a foreign film, the conclusion is not good, she is always a vase, obviously not paying attention.

The landlord quickly returned and guided the topic to Mu Yao.

"However, I heard that Kong Wei is in the Mu Yao college entrance examination. I have been with my people. I have a lot of time, saying that she is gently thinking about picking shortcuts. The acting skills are general, and they will do what live every day.

However, she is still very good on her surface, because these two people have no intersection, and there is no contradiction, in fact, the water can be deep. I am too expensive for the two days of CK red carpet! "

Everyone turns to discuss those advertisements before Mu Yao, what dairy, daily necessities, and a variety of fast items.

"So she is really red, this time I haven't been two years old, the advertiser can't sit, now CK actually falls to this level? Find a previous picture of only a quick advice."

"Yeah, this burst of red star is very short, there is no real good advertisement. She doesn't have a brand spokesperson, obviously the advertiser thinks she still needs to practice!"

On the other hand, CK advertising studio, Mu Yao has not come yet.

Several staff members are holding mobile phones, brushing this anonymous building, looking at the gossip inside.

These advertising staff, usually see a lot of stars, and the relationship between the stars is also more proficient, in fact, the landlord of this building is one of the groups of people.

They want to help Mu Yao to shoot advertisements today, and they will have a first floor of the building, earn some to reply to everyone to discuss play.

More and more people discuss now, and several people are also laughed together.

"I thought CK is what big luxury brands, it seems that the masses are not very good, now fall to this disposable star to endorse."

"I used to read this Mu Yao's refinement, and her advertisements before, this is a cute pure, this time, our shooting theme is elegant, don't you do it?"

"She still motion in that active program, most of them are this short play, just don't know if this time I can shoot it, you also know, Thomas is more strict."

"Hey, I think she may have to take her skin this time. If it is not to shoot a day? Then we will work overtime tomorrow?"

Several people say that the high foreign man who is checking the instrument next to it.

This man is a very typical Nordic face, but the golden hair, the sky, the color is very light, and people feel that people feel that people feel like being strictly examined.

He is a very talented advertising photographer, named Thomas, this time it is specially carried out by CK, take this advertisement.

Thomas is very strict, and the temper is particularly violent. It is said that many people who have cooperated with him have been crying, among which there are many international big stars.

Thomas is all the effect, you have taken a good effect, he will give you and Yan Yue, but you have to have some bias, he will immediately let you feel what is the Winter's Winter.

Therefore, these staff who have worked with him, I saw him, I saw him.

There are still about half an hour from the scheduled time, Mu Yao is coming in advance.

Her costumes are here to do, so when they come, they are the most common home clothes, soft half-sleeved compassion.

Her hair turned into a high horsetail, the eyes were bright and clear, with a soft smile on his face, see you.

She followed Zhu Huan and Yao Haobo, Zhu Huan took a big bag, which is full of colorful little things.

Mu Yao came in, first seriously he greet everyone, and then let Zhu Huan send something in his hand:

"This is my own beef dried, everyone will have to work hard, this is chewful and hungry, I feel very good, I also recommend it to everyone."

Many staff members have laughed, even if they are in anonymous building, those people who have gossip, and they have a smile.

In fact, the star took things very normal. After all, the photo video taken today, it is necessary to spread through the streets, so many stars will bring a snack breakfast in advance, regardless of a hintted bribe.

But Mu Yao talking to other stars is not too the same ...

Other stars bring snacks to say, this is 0 calories, not fat, and the Mu Yao belt snacks is, anti-hungry, chewy ...

There is a feeling of painting, let everyone can't help but laugh.

Mu Yao still can't touch the mind. I only feel that everyone looks at her eyes, and I have inexplicable ... pity?

The staff here is so good ... Mu Yao sighed while going to Thomas.

Thomas speaks Chinese, and it is very fluent. He learned about the information in advance, knowing this female star education, so she asked in Chinese:

"Can you bubble water?"

Mu Yao nodded:

"Of course, no problem."

Thomas gave birth to her, and the eyes were very accurate, as if a knife was detailed, explored every part of her body.

This is the habit of Thomas. Before shooting, you will first understand this star full body data, and use it.

The general female star faces such a look, will be a little defeated, and will want to unite the body.

Yao Yao did not, especially calmly welcomed his eyes, and at her sight, it will still be stretched, so that he can see more clearly.

After Thomas nodded, let her go to makeup artist prepare.

Mu Yao went to the advertising group makeup artist, and looked at the clothes to her clothes. I didn't say anything to sit down, and make makeup.

In addition to the makeup, many staff members are busy, build a scene, place the props.

However, at this time, someone suddenly stopped the work in his hand, looked at the door, and made a marvelous voice:

"Wow ... how come she comes?"

Yao Haobo and Zhu Huan look at the door, and it is surprised to cover up.

With more and more people look at the door, Thomas also looked over, and then frowned.

The door is a hole with two assistants. She is wearing a red dress, and the model is coming in, and the imperiincidence hit a greeting:


Thomas did not pick up her, continue to ask her in Chinese:

"What are you doing?"

Kong Wei's laughter, she is really bright, just so casually, it seems to light the entire studio.

Beautiful Ming hooks, it is dazzling.

He hook his mouth:

"Nothing, I can't come, see if you work?"

Thomas slammed his mouth and wanted to say anything but did not say, referred to the stool next to:

"Sitting on it, don't move, don't affect me."

Kong Wei listed on the chair, took a glass of vegetable juice from the assistant, sipping with the pipette small mouth, looking at the makeup.

Thomas Whether she will continue to debug their own equipment, loudly with English Chinese mixed statement, command the people who move on the spot.

Other staff, all kinds of mind, constantly launching the hole.

Previously, the landlord posted in anonymous gossip station, quickly took out the mobile phone, and updated a large paragraph:

"The sky is awkward, I didn't expect the year, I can also see the Run Rong! Today is not Mi Yao to shoot advertisements, the results, Kong Wei actually took it in the town, ah, now people sit in the camera, a pair Waiting for it, wow is full! "

At the end, I immediately brushed a lot of reply. Everyone had a melon to eat it.

"Ha ha ha, this Mu Yao is not finished, she will be can't look at it!"

"It's not that I said, is you a little stupid? Kong Wei is what people, how many resources are held in her hands, if today, he caught a little handle today, don't want to be in the circle. Is it mixed? "

"The landlord is coming, I have to look after! Kong Wei is not to be told by her! But this is just an advertisement, it should be nothing to fight?"

"Kong Wei is the total spokesperson of the brand. If she feels that Mu Yao is not good, it is possible to mention!"

In the studio, Mu Yuming made a good dress and walked out.

She shine, just standing outside the door, smiling at everyone, everyone stayed.

I haven't seen such a clear and clean person.

Muyao worn by a silk skirt in the knees, positively red, on the side of the upper leg roots, long hair was scattered, only the shape of the microcontrol, the whole person fluttered, it is a sexy and charming meaning.

She usually makes light makeup or Su Yan, today's makeup is extraordinarily, flame red lips, with a large land, deepening brown eye shadow, with a little smoked feel, more, more, the whole person's bright.

"Ah ... I don't know if she is so good, I am quite a momentum ..."

"She is not always light makeup, this is true that she is very good, it is really beautiful, I will not open my eyes."

"Actually ... she is still young, I think she is more beautiful than the same, she is better than she ..."

Some of the whispering language of the staff, passed into the hole.

She looked at Mu Yao, who came out of the makeup, did not say anything, just smiling and nodded to her.

Mu Yao nodded and came over, and took the initiative to reach with the hole.

Kong Wei did not shake her hand with her, but said:

"I heard you, I saw it today, I haven't impressed it in the past, and I found you so much."

Mu Yao smiled down:

"Thank you Kong teacher praises, Mr. Kong is better than me, this point I still don't dare to compare with you."

Kong Wei:


Carefully dressed smiles have some cracks.

The onlookers on the side are almost smile, one of them quickly turned out anonymous building, typing in the fingers quickly:

"Do you know? I really want to laugh! Kong Wei and Mu Yao say hello to Mu Yao, it is not impressed when watching the drama, and now I find that Mu Yao is so good, I have no problem, but she is ironic. Mu Yao, the long appearance is good, but the acting is very powerful!

The result is really what I want to laugh. Where is the strange person from Mu Yao? I don't know if she is deliberate, she replied, you better than me! Hahahahahaha! And I look at her expression, it seems that she is so thoughtful, hahahahahaha! "

At the bottom floor, it is a hahaha. Many people eat melon in it, and some people don't understand what others have analyzed.

"Entertainment caucasian female star, is actually more taboo people say that they look good, of course, the passers-by say no problem, but it is best to say this, this Mu Yao really doesn't understand or false ...... "

"With a hammer in the hole, she likes Chen Hongguang, can she have an aggressive to Mu Yao!"

"These two people are strange, Mu Yao can't get up! However, this is the feeling of this unprocessed, and it is even more apprential. Hahahahaha."

After the soul of the Mu Yao, he heard the instructions from Thomas and started shooting.

This advertisement is also quite simple, skin care products, basically rely on the future to make a variety of special effects, as spokesperson only need to reveal a face.

Muyao wears a red dress, the body is light, curved, and then a good black shooting site, slowly step.

With a ribbon as auxiliary, she made a sexy chaat and charming expression. Like the lens, like a lazy cat, put the skin care product on the cheek and lightly clamping.

"Card - What is your action? Out of the camera!"

Thomas suddenly screamed and scared his assistants next to him.

Mu Yao immediately suspended, very serious apologies, and observed various acts and reconciled.

The result is just such a simple expression. Thomas let her turn five!

Mu Yao really does not have sexual movements and expressions, which have been repeatedly frustrated in this regard, and Thomas simply took her five minutes.

Side face, Ji Kong, Thomas suddenly said:

"Kong, you will teach her."

Kong Wei has always taken a touch of smile, and listened to this at this time, some slightly, but still got down.

Mu Yao came over in accordance with Thomas, nodded with Kong Wei, and looked at the lounge next to the lounge.

Zhu Huan and Yao Haobo saw this scene, they were worried, but they couldn't go to Kong Wei's personal lounge, only anxiously waiting outside.

After 5 minutes, Kong Wei took the lead in the leadership, followed by Mu Yao, who was dignified.

Yao Haobo rushed over and asked:

"She is not difficult for you?"

Mu Yao shook his head:

"No ... she just asked me that I was very strange."

Yao Haobo asked:

"what is the problem?"

Mu Yao:

"If I want to seduce the man I like ... what should I do ..."

Yao Haobo:


This touches his knowledge blind area! However, it seems that this hole is, it seems really in the education of her mother?

How did I think about it? Her she can't see Mu Yao ugly?

Yao Haobo didn't understand, and then, Mu Yao has started shooting before the camera.

She first browed slightly wrinkled, and then his lips were light, and her eyes were half-eyed. The long eyelashot is generally trembled.

She is no longer as before, just a fertilizer performance, and more like a girl who is falling into a first love, although she paints a thick makeup, she can't cover her heart belong to a girl.

Like a living, a beautiful girl with a girl, is being shameful but bold invitation to the lovers you imagine.

But this kind of look, more seductive than the previous type, stylized sexy, more attractive, more heartbeat.

Several staff members, I can't help but lift your hands and cover your mouth.

This kind of girl is pure and wants, it is really hard to resist!

Thomas did not say anything, quickly shoot, soon raised thumbs up:


Mu Yao immediately pulled out from the state, the cheeks were quickly red, and the hands were in trouble.

The staff next to those who have been powered by electricity are relieved.

Just as the expression like Mu Yao, if you have, you can't hold it!

Thomas said, while the assistant, the assistant around him, said in English.

He said it is too fast, it also clips a few photographers, and that helper has not heard it clearly, whispered the sentence:


Thomas is going to talk, suddenly heard that Mu Yao is translated by Mu Yao:

"Please give this group of video plus 38 filter, waiting for subsequent processing."

Thomas looked at Mu Yao and nodded.

Assistant is surprised:

"You will also English?"

Mu Yao nodded and didn't say more.

Next to those staff, I don't know what to say about this scene.

Kong Wei also deeply looked at Mu Yao, and he didn't say hello to people, and he left himself.

Mu Yao handed over the things, turned and wanted to find a lot of talk, but found that people have gone, and some.

She really felt that Kong was very acting, I still want to ask ...

But seeing, Kong Wei is not small for his own points. Although this shooting will guide yourself, but also look at the face of Thomas.

How can I become a friend with such goddess?