Mu Yao took an advertisement. From the studio, they will go home directly. I am ready at home, and Fu Xiuyuan tells my minus muscles.

Her one walks, another, Thomas's staff, still busy, to completely consolidate the material just now.

Several staff members who have also been quite micro-words before, now, I still think is a bit shock.

"She and Kong Wei stand together, two people are red skirts, they are so beautiful, how did I find her so good?"

The landlord who continued to update in anonymous building, finger flying quickly, and he can't lift his head to listen to the colleague.

The landlord updated in anonymous building:

"I am wrong, Mu Yao's performance is perfect, I will never say her in the future, she is really a good person to play!

Just now, she couldn't be able to feel it. Kongily led her into the lounge, educating for a few minutes, out that the kind of feeling of horses changed her whole people became so tempting, look good! This advertisement is definitely the order! "

At the end, the concerns of the masses have been ignant:

"The landlord is saying? Your information is wrong, before, don't say Kong Wei hate Mu Yao, how can I still help her?"

"Yes, how can I do this? Don't Kong I hate her? It actually teach her? If I think so, Kong Wei people are still very good."

"Yes, after all, after all, after all, I took a lot of prizes, I won't be more than this small role! The true heart is very broad."

In an anonymous building, there are many words, there are many people who want to see the new advertisements of Mu Yao, asked the landlord to come to a picture, the landlord will of course give it.

"There is also a brand red carpet tomorrow. It is estimated that the style will not be too much. You can look at the red carpet live, and there is something wrong. I will slip!"

"Ah, how can you like this, hanging appetite!"

"I am still so curious, Kong Wei is between this Mu Yao, what is the situation? It seems that I have to kneel down tomorrow!"


Just this evening, a topic is empty and hot.

# # #

I will see the vague picture sent by the marketing number, saying that it is based on the industry, today's CK advertising shooting scene, CK Asia Pacific General Achievers Kong Wei, specializing in the newcomer Mu Yao, pointing to her advertising, Mr. Muyao, many times, have a passage after being guided and appreciated by advertising director.

"Ah, ah, it is worthy of my goddess! She is awesome, take care of her generations and intimate, so good!"

"Wow ... Isn't M. Yao always walking is a good actor? How do I take a small advertisement? Do you need a guidance? Is she not active?"

"You wait, CK's new product line endorsement, this is also a small advertisement? Yao Yao did not shoot such an advertisement, the first shot this kind of sexual feeling, not allowed her to be nervous? "

"Oh, let your fans blow what active skills every day, now turn the car! I see that she is not acting! I will take an advertisement to the goddess guidance, it is really a big face! Do you see which one has a hole? The honor of goddess guidance? "

"That is, I read this time is the scene, the Mu Yao acting is really very general, it is often not a person? At least a favor of the goddess, she is a garbage."

"Mu Yao did not want to be a vase, the speculation will definitely be ambiguous!"

Under the marketing number, a few of the contents of a few blacks have been topped to the top, and I don't know what is going on.

Yao Haobo saw this hot search, suddenly suddenly realized, specializing in with Mu Yao:

"It turns out that this hole is to use this way. If you find the water army online, you will grab your acting. Let the water army in black. I saw it, the comments were bought, I bought it. Like, I organize fans to brush normal speech, I can't help it! This hole is only very deep, you must be careful. "

Mu Yao listened to very disappointment, and asked the next consciousness:

"Is it true? Kong Wei she really wants to damage me? But he is really gentle when he talks to me ... how can it be this?"

Yao Hao sighed:

"She has experienced for a long time after all, and it is very experienced, you still rub your eyes."

Remind the completion of the Human Yao, Yao Haobo will give her a rumor to give her a public relations.

Now Mu Yao's exclusive studio is a small office built inside the herds, more than a dozen people go to work every day, Yao Haobo will also work there, and Mu Yao will also pass.

Yao Haobo will organize studios to help anti-black control reviews, contact various marketing numbers and public relations water troops, etc., let everyone, save the hot,

The result is that the other party has been adding money. He is withdrawn here, and the other side is not allowed to pay, plus money, let this hot search, stay in the third.

Yao Haobo is a bit no way, and I don't want to say to Mujia's brothers. I feel that this belongs to myself, and my thinking is too straight.

Since I have long, I have a problem, I saw her to guide Mu Yao at the time, I should stop it ... or I would like to send this one in advance, in short, I should not be like this.

Mu Yao also cares about this thing. I heard Yao Haobo said that now is hot, she wanted to think about it, she frowned:

"That is not pressed, so waving money."

Yao Haobo:


As a result, this hot search is really like a well, and it has been hanging in the third, and there is no fall until the heat is completely.

The next night, the red carpet, but I have been prepared at noon, and Mu Yao led his assistant Zhu Huan, as well as makeup artist, prop mutters, etc., go to the red carpet, set.

Here, she has to see the needle, pick a few interviews, take a few beautiful pictures, so she took the props and took a few clothes.

Once a person burst into red, it is very busy in the circle, basically there is no time to rest, and have to do a good job. All parties must arrange clearly.

In this regard, Yao Haobo is very strong. It does not need to be worried about Mu Yao at all. Zhu Huan is also very good, and it has been taken care of her food and clothing.

However, in both costumes and makeup, Mu Yao did not have a great assistant, which is also not paying attention to this.

She still thinks that the most important thing to do actors is to hone the acting skills, red carpets, the beauty, these are secondary, not very upset.

However, she is not in the heart, there is always someone in the heart, and the animal husbandry has sent all things needed to her red carpet early, full of full stacks belonging to her room.

Makeup artists brought by Mu Yao are also external. At this moment, these clothes are surprised:

"It's a designer's work. I have seen in the magazine. Isn't the conceptual dress not sold? Now the fashion industry has also begun to learn the science and technology circles, what conceptual clothing, a set of nouns For a set, things are more expensive! "

"Is this very expensive?"

Mu Yao asked with his head, asked the exit, her heart already knows the answer.

The hobby of Mu Jiarong, it is not the same!

Moreover, this is the clothes that I wear, and the animal husbandry will definitely find the most expensive best ...

Hey, he wants to talk to the second brother in the past, don't waste this! Although there is no shortage at home, there must be some thrift awareness!

Diligence is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation!

At the beginning of the red carpet, Miyao as a newcomer in the brand side, the position on the red carpet is quite ahead, and it is more early.

What she wears today is a set of light pink satin, still painted simple makeup, and did not use the flame red lips and big red skirts like advertisements.

Because she knew that today's protagonist is not ourselves, but has just become a hole in the Asia Pacific General Agent.

Kong Wei today is the pressure axis appearance, she is wearing a black evening dress, dragging the fishkirt, like a dark river, putting her like an artistic body shape.

On the red carpet, Kong Weiwei is like a fish, she is decent smile, when the time around it, the fans waved hands, or standing in the same place, just like a scenery.

On the red carpet, there will be a reporter asking everyone.

After a walk, there is a very eye-catching reporter, and I asked:

"Kong Goddess looks here! I heard that you and Chen Hongguang director discuss the candidate of the new drama women's owner?"

Kong Wei was asked such a problem with this offense. She laughed, and the long fingers dialed the long hair of the deduction, and the style said:

"Of course, I and Lao Chen can have been friends for many years. His new movie has also found me, but I think, still give new people a little chance. Now, this woman, he is also determined by my consent of."

The reporters were awkward, and this sounds did not sound, but the Mu Yao standing next to it, this is a big news!

Before Chen Hongguang wanted to make the heroine of his new movie, the result is not his decision?

In other words, Kong is only a simple sentence to pass three-layer information:

On the 1st floor, Chen Hongguang is breaking up with himself, but it is still very listening to her;

On the second floor, Kong Wei is not the heroine of Chen Hongguang's new movie, not something else, but she is not willing;

On the 3rd floor, Kong Wei is the real Bole of Mu Yao!

Comprehensively, Kong Wei has already died of Mu Yao to death.

The reporters all excited, I want to hear the bloody wolf, the microphone flocked, some of the pilgrims continued to ask details, and some people handed over the microphone toward Mu Yao and asked her:

"Excuse me, I heard the girl's girl recommended you, is there any idea?"

Mu Yao slowly blinked, smiling and said:

"Thank you, the goddess recommended, I think this movie is a new challenge, I will work hard, don't live up to the goddess and the guidance and trust!"

She is only a scene, there is no information, the media suggests that I can't ask from her, and turn back to Kong and continue to talk.

Yao Yao, Yao Haobo, worried:

"Is this not let that hole, completely out of the limelight?"

Mu Yao looked at Kong Weiwei was surrounded by the media group, smiled slightly, did not say anything.

But Yao Haobo, who saw the meaning of peace from her eyes, and she suddenly felt that Mu Yao may have a little idea.

After the red carpet is over, it is the live broadcast of the brand. This live broadcast is particularly troublesome. It is to let many stars sit down. The brand is found to find some experts, the host, the people's fan, etc. Product features are filled with scientific nouns.

But it is such a boring live broadcast. Every star can't even bend the back, but also maintain a good instrument, and it is suddenly turned to myself.

Especially a female star, it is really a second, you can't relax, you have to pay attention to the placement of light and on-site props, etc., strive to expose your best in front of the camera.

After listening to these bored and long live broadcasts, Mu Yao has already got away from the sky, and suddenly heard the name of his own:

"So, then, please ask our new spokesperson Miss Yao, playing a song for us!"

Mu Yao:


She stood up and referred to himself, and the host on the stage was widened, and made a mouth shape:


The host smiled very brilliant, but the smile did not reach the bottom:

"Yes, please Miss Miss!"

Mu Yao must be, the machine is going to stand, always reminding himself, this is still a live broadcast, absolutely can't lose, can't fall off the chain!

When I walked over the host, she took the microphone, keenly notes that the host gave a central location under the stage.

At that point in the direction of the host, Kong Wei is sitting in the luxurious seat, a face smiles.

Mu Yao, I understand what is going on.

This is the hole to make her ugly on the stage!

So I arranged a host, I came so inexplicable!

Many people who have been lived in front of the computer at this moment have been switched to other pages.

This live broadcast is really boring. After the end, look at the idol lens collection of fans, it is not necessary to keep staring.

But suddenly they received a variety of friends, they were excited:

"Cut back, look! Mu Yao wants to sing! One hundred years! She never sang songs!"

"I didn't see it wrong, is the female star that has been a good man who has been speculating?" Is it necessary to sing? "

"To be honest, she acts very well, if this sing did not sing well, I can forgive it, at least she sang saved this boring live broadcast."

"Before she didn't sing in the show, I still remember that in the 24-hour variety, the bonfire party is singing, she tells you a joke, or a cold joke! I always thought she didn't sing. Yeah! "

"Yaoyao cheers! Conquer more audience with songs!"

"Oh, what are you thinking about, but the goddess of people, but the film songs are three times. Although not singing, people are very powerful. If the animal husbandry is not good, it is really a shame in front of the goddess! "

"Ha haha, I have already lost a person before the goddess, is it the second time, she is too funny, be lost in front of a person?"

"In fact, she can't sing, I can forgive ..."

Mu Yao stood on the stage and looked at it. In addition to Kong Wei, there are several stars are CK brand spokesperson, sitting below to look at her.

CK is a big brand, please also have the kind of heritage, unlike she is sudden, these stars have also seen this kind of person, always feel that her work is not much, the traffic is attracted. less.

Mu Yao can see unfriendly review from the eyes of everyone. At this moment, her mind is still in my mind, I don't know what to sing.

How to do? I have been standing on the stage today. If you can't sing, you will be despised by the audience and all live audiences ...

Others don't know, this is not a project in advance, only thinking that she is not ready at all.

But at this time, her mind has gradually emerged from Fu Xiuyuan's gaze, gentle tone.

Once, Fu Xiuyuan sang her a song ... The song is always in her depths, afterwards, she often takes out the aftertaste.

However, listening to the original singer of the song, Mu Yao always thinks that there is no good listening to the gorgeous sound line in the downtime.

Until later, Mu Yao discovered his own mind, once again, Fu Xiuyuan gave her a song in the middle of the night, quietly recorded the sound.

Since then, as long as she does not call, she uses this song as a hypnotic song before going to bed, the melody of this song, I have long printed in her mind ...

The stage is very tight, rush, and Mu Yao can't remember more. I took the microphone directly and started to sing:

"Someday ..."

She opened, the expression of all people in the scene was shocked!

Those who have never opened singing songs have sang such a sound. Is this true?

Mu Yao usually spoke, very young girl, the sound line is relatively light and good, give people a positive sunshine feeling, which is also in line with her.

Can be magically, her voice is actually changing when singing!

Uncoise, elegant, like the stream in the mountain, and after the melting of the snow, the small river that gathers, there is a feeling of flowing, listening to a big age than her actual age.

When she sang, the sound was like a musical instrument: viola.

Unlike the violin, it is light and melodious, and it is not like the cello.

Everyone shocked on the stage, on the simple stage, wearing a pale pink long skirt, long hair is on the shoulder, the eyes are slightly, hands holding the pose of the microphone is very unprofessional.

But her face revealed a moving immersion, the sound is also so good, so he heard the impression of pronunciation and singing, so he heard enough to leave a deep impression.

Mu Yao heard this song too many times, just singing, can sing English lyrics, and sang probably two minutes, as a show that exceeded the expected performance.

After she sang, her eyes smiled slightly, with light smiles, took the microphone to the stage, said:

"Thank you."

Until this moment, the underground people were waking up, and the applause of the thinlaratus quickly gathered into huge and deafening.

Whether it is a star or a staff member, it is desperately applauding, dull a while, and quickly become happy!

There is even a star saying:

"Mu Yao, you are so good! Is it special practice?"

Mu Yao shook his head. She really didn't seriously practicing singing, but I usually use the kung fu in the line, and sing and lines, some parts are common, she also rely on her own understanding, just sang. sing.

There is also a star standing and telling her:

"I think you have a good feelings! Is this song of this song?"

Mu Yao wants to say:

"It is my friend singing me, I like it very much, I just said that I have to sing, my first reaction is this song."

Everyone listened to this, all surprised:

"What? Do you go up to sing?"

Mu Yao shook his head and loudly added:

"I didn't inform this activity process before, it is obvious that the brand is not ready? Otherwise, how will it be accompanied?"

The host standing in the background position is soaked.

The person in charge of today's brand is full of darkness, first goes with the event, and also grasp the host and take a clutter.

On this side, on the stage, Mu Yao will go on a while, and I still have to go to Kong Wei, and the doctor said something.

Kong Wei originally smiled, instantly stiff, the applause didn't know how to let it, the look is very late.

Mu Yao is still sitting back to his position, watching the stage quietly.

I have been waiting for a long time, the host still didn't come up. Everyone whispered, I was discussing this unexpected thing.

No one likes in this event, there is such an accident, which means that the organizer has dereliction of duty, but also explains this accident, it is very likely to come to them.

Instead of everyone, like Mu Yao, can sing a good song at the scene.

These spokesperson, most of them still play TV movies, can only say that singing is not too difficult to listen to singing.

Can you ask yourself to show your audience if it is necessary?

At this time they didn't know, the launch of the latitude outside is already fried:

"Ah, ah? Just so good sings are unexpected? Is she not prepared? What is this brand?"

"This is too funny. You come on a stage, just let people go to sing on the star? I am smile, what is the brand like this? Is it a tool?"

"It's really a long time, the more you can see the wonderful ... Now these commercial brands, in order to make money this is what the bottom line is not, even the inquiry notice is not, it is to let the sister to dry in the stage?"

The brackets have been discussion, suddenly, a harsh sound spread through the scene, and also passed into the audience before broadcast.

"Ah - my ear is blown, what is the sound, the sound is broken?"

The bad sound does not know where the sound is captured, it is just that someone is angry:

"What is this accident? Why do you specifically sing?"

Then that everyone listened to an hour, the voice of the slide and noise:

"Boss, it is really not my self-propelled! It is a hole to call me so! She said that this is the meaning of it, but I have to guarantee not to be accompanied, don't let Mu Yao know!"

The people in the scene, quiet to the needle.

Kong Weiyi faces instantly rising red, becomes a pig liver, stand up and yes:

"What is it!"

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"Group Pet Dragon Tail on Kindergarten" BY Song Hanghang

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After gaining the nine majestic affordable proud children, the tenth dragon broke the shell, and finally ushered in the shame of soft and soft.

Big Brother Cell Down ordered: Pets, Pets!

Long Xiaobi: "I accidentally break the strings to break the QAQ"

Top Guqin Collector · Big Brother · Cello: "It's not good, the big brother will change you better."

- The quality of the august value is too bad! This time I changed a worth 10 million!

Long Xiaoyou: "There are students in kindergarten bully me QAQ"

The popular martial arts champion · Second sister · : "Who? My sister will never let the small peppers are bullied!"

- Everyone who bullied the cub, she immediately hired ten people to bully, time limit for one hundred years!

Long Xiaobi: "West Lake's music fountain repair for several days, I want to see QAQ"

Floodi Hero Water Conservancy Specialist · Sixth Sister · Hege: "It has been repaired, my brother's sisters will take you now!"

- Long Xiaoyi accidentally bowed, clearly seeing the six sister's legs sitting in the bottom of the lake, mouth, a vomiting, one suck, a vomiting, the fountain is low, a high, a low, a high ...

Dragon Pepper: ... ? !

Also known as "Dragon Jiuzi is my brother's sister" "Sommet, the dead children, the growth of the small pepper chart"