Soon, the things in the Huazuki scene were over, the Mu Yao and the crew were prepared to go to the F country.

Yao Haobo didn't follow, Zhu Huan has brought a visa to follow, and the nine people who came in the pastor's brothers did not hold the nine people who came in.

My brothers are beautiful, their names:

"You can protect your entire crew! That place, more people should also."

Mu Yao helplessly, I am afraid that I am saying that it is a big brand, I am worried about Fu Repaid:

"You said that I have so many bodyguards, will it be strange?"

Fu Xiuhong shook his head:

"It's not surprising, it should be taken."

The next day, Mu Yao's bodyguard team appeared in a strange way.

From the hotel, Mu Yao came out of the hotel, he saw a row of high black people, blocked at the door, and she was not very good.

She is standing in the hall, and the number of people will be found, and they have found the black people in front of them, and they will be more than the brothers!

Mu Yao is some panic, is this brother that is hollowed out an security company? Is it a lot of money?

Next to the Zhu Huan who came down with her, it was also a shocking eyes, and sent out:

"Wow, there is more than 20 big handsome guys in one time? Then my spring is here!"

Mu Yao:

"... you cheer."

Zhu Huan was originally like that kind of muscular man, and now I saw the muscular male standing downstairs, and the face was a spring.

She smiled and thumbs up to Mu Yao:

"Thank you for your brothers for me, it seems that I have been here!"

Mu Yao saw that she walked up with the group of bodyguards and sighed himself.

I heard Zhu Huan asked a head of the most handsome and highest bodyguard:

"You are all made of pastures? It is to protect our big lady, just meet, I am the assistant of Miss, my name is Zhu Huan, the current single!"

Zhu Huan revealed the standard eight tooth smiles, and the face laughed with the face, and put it out and waited for handshake.

The high and handsome bodyguard, took off the sunglasses, it is indeed more handsome, handsome Zhu Huan is angry!

However, this handsome guy, first reached out with Zhu Huan, and then said someone to say:

"What do you say? What big lady?"

Zhu Huan thought that this is a more trendy called, and the other party does not understand, immediately refers to Mu Yao, who wears a mask:

"It's her."

However, the bodyguard looked at Mu Yao and still face doubts.

Mu Yao:

"Are you not my brother?"

The bodyguards are ignorant, and they shake their heads again:

"Is it ... Have he still have a sister?"

Mu Yao's foggy water, with Zhu Huan, I can't understand what he is saying.

Zhu Huan quietly uses the mouth, with the animal husbandry spit: so many bodyguards, how do you have a little bad? it's a pity!

Mu Yao also didn't know what it was, just received a phone call from the pastor:

"Shantou, the bodyguard sent to the past is not?"

Mu Yao's doubtful looks at it, I have to say her husbandry to the phone:

"It's arrived, but they still don't know me ..."

The two are talking about the phone, and the elevator is loud, Hu Ruomin is down.

Hu Ruomin looked at the hotel in front of the hotel, just laughed out, and some sorrows laughed to Mu Yao:

"It's a midah, it's really important to look at it, Carry! No matter how no this point, please ask twenty bodyguards here, this airfield,,, really can't, first-line The stars don't have such a big draft! "

This will be particularly early, no one around, Hu Ruomin speaks some exposure, and it doesn't matter.

She had already seen it, this Mu Yao, can be said to be a soft bag of a person, I can't feel it every time, I can't feel it, I will not just right with myself.

Then I occasionally say two sentences, I am still very cool, the other party is either stupid, either soft, I don't dare to return to my mouth, this is not very good.

Hu Ruomin Xi Zi, looked at Mu Yao's side face, I just want to say two words, stimulate her.

But see Mu Yao suddenly said to the mobile phone:

"Ah? ... have you heard? Have something? Oh, oh, oh."

Then she raised her mobile phone and handed it to Hu Ruomin.

Yao Yao is a soft and humid black eye, gently blinking, but the butterfly wings-like rolling eyelashes, with her movement, more lined in the eyes like children, there is no haze.

Hu Ruomin looked at her eyes, there was a moment of loss, and then realized what the other party said, very confused.

A solemn and magnetic man sounded across the phone:

"This friend, please pay attention, my sister is not a first-line star, will be a super-line, you can't afford your bodyguard, it is your own problem, please shut your mouth in front of my sister. If I let me I know this kind of thing, I believe in me, I will take you from this crew, from the whole entertainment. You don't understand? "

Hu Ruomin:

"... ??? !!!"

She shocked for a long time, finally holding her mobile phone:

"Excuse me, who you are?"

The phone's dignified and good voice continues to ring, not too slow:

"I am from Mu Yao's big brother, the current chairman and CEO, one of the investors of this movie, hermiel."

Hu Ruomin:


Mu Yao, Mu Yao, why don't you say, your brother is actually our investors in this film! Then you don't have to be careful!

Hu Ruomin glanced to Mi Yao, and then quickly converge, and smiled at the phone and said:

"Oh, you said this, just now I am joking! I am with our Yaoyao, I have to open this joke with us, how can you hear it, I am sorry, I'm sorry! My mouth is a little love, sometimes I haven't said it, I will cause misunderstanding, I apologize, I apologize! Never commit! "

Hu Ruimin's attitude is particularly good, and it is poor to nod to the mobile phone. I heard the phone said that "I also give it to Yaoyao", and immediately hold my mobile phone, send it to Mu Yao, full face.

Mu Yao took a mobile phone. It was originally foggy, which saw Hu Ruomin and his own brother call response, and a mist has evolved into a misty water.

She felt that the fogwater floated out from her head, turned into another question mark? Floating on the brain, this scene can become a real picture, it is estimated that it will be particularly funny.

She thought about it, he heard hermie:

"The woman in your crew, you are far from her, not a good person, usually, you will have some point, do you know?"

Mu Yao:

"Ah? How do you say the same thing with Fu Xixu!"

The herd of herbs stopped, and then replied:

"That's because we are in fact. You have arrived in the F country, life is not familiar, there must be something to call us, if you need help, let's find Fu Xiuyuan, don't find someone, know? Of course? Of course? Of course? Of course , The first one is sure to be me. I am ready to solve the problem for you here! "

Mu Yao was touched by her brother, and I said the nose:

"Well, thank you brother."

After hanging up the phone, Hu Ruomin waited for her, I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for myself.

"Yaoyao, just now I just woke up in the morning, my mind was confused, and the words in the mouth were quadruped, maybe you didn't touch it, but I didn't think you mean, you don't think too much!"

Mu Yao didn't want to tell her, this person is obviously not a good person, talking too much hot, either greasy.

She nodded coldly, turned and walked, and then asked the bodyguard.

"Who are you coming? My brother said, the person he invited is waiting in the troupe in the troupe. How do you get to the hotel?"

The bodyguard said very calmly:

"It is Fujia asking us."

Hu Ruomin:

"... I have been a long time, are you not the bodyguard of Mu Yao?"

The bodyguard is watching her, no answer.

Mu Yao suddenly realized that even the Zhu Huan next to her, he exposed a surprised expression.

"The man who is like Fu Xiuyuan also needs bodyguards? Why didn't I think it ..."

Zhu Huan's annoyed expression, but also glanced at the bodyguards, always think that it is also looking at yourself.

It's really true that it is very conforming to her aesthetics, but unfortunately people who are here ...

While Zhu Huan slap in the belly, he quickly followed the footsteps of Mu Yao, and the two went to the crew.

Hu Ruomin was placed in the original place, and more than 20 pair of bodyguards looked at her. She felt that she was as if she was exhibited, she was not comfortable.

"How isn't it ... Fu Xiuyuan is a man, he finds so many bodyguards ... Just now, the words are really white, but also sinned investors ... Hey, the year is unfavorable!"

Hu Ruomin quickly opened his legs and went to the crew.

Mu Yao went to the door of the hotel and suddenly heard the elegant sound after seeing the elegance:

"Yaoyao and other people."

She turned back, Fu Xiuzhong is coming out of the hotel.

The corner of her mouth is not coming up, and I feel that this movie is really pleasing, every day is full of expectations.

As long as I saw Fu Xiuyuan, she felt very happy.

Fu Xiuyuan paused for a while before a group of bodyguards, and the bodyguards negotiated, it seems to reach an agreement, and these bodyguards have all followed by him, and a big string of hunch is followed.

Mu Yao shockedly looked at this venue. I remembered what I just said, I couldn't help but whispered:

"Is this the first-line star's season ..."

Next to it, I have just told her Hu Ruomin, and my face is embarrassed.

Obviously, it was ironic, and the words he said became the truth, and he was surprised.

What is a terrible thing, I have to huddle with her toes.

Hu Ruo Min can't stay, quickly led his two assistants to escape the scene.

Fu Xiuhong took a group of bodyguards, and the Mu Yao walks side by side.

Zhu Huan is very popular with the body of the body, and it is incorporated into the bodyguard group, not bothering his artist and Fu Xiuyuan chatting.

Mu Yao repeatedly had a long time to ask:

"How do you please do so many bodyguards?"

There is also a subtext, she did not ask, she wants to ask Fu Xiuyuan, is it because I have found so many bodyguards?

I am afraid that one person has a bodyguard, and he simply finds the bodyguard to accompany himself, so that you will not be too conspicuous?

But if you ask, if you ask an export, it will seem to be in exaggerating your own existence. It is really some of themselves.

Sure enough, Fu Xiuyuan smiled and said:

"It is to protect the security of the whole drama group, that is, the F country, has always been a place where public security is chaotic."

Mu Yao nodded, more questions can only be hidden in the heart, and at the same time, Fu Xiu is really too warm, you will pay for the whole drama.

At the entrance of the crew, the brothers were waiting for the nine-person bodyguards, waiting at the door.

These bodyguards certainly knew Mu Yao, but they looked at Fu Xiuhong's crowd in Wuyi, and felt doubts about their value.

Ask the bodyguard to ask Mu Yao:

"Do you still need us?"

Mu Yao quickly replied:

"Of course, you are very important!"

Just joke, if she dares to say it here, the home brother can give her ten calls, telling their own grievances!

She has long understood that the three brothers of their own are like three big hipsse, although they have a character, but they can't change the essence of Husky. When they will require appealing, if they don't accept their kindness, That is really a bunch of explosions, not like three mature men.

But just like this brother, I let Mu Yao always feel that I have been needed, I'm being loved, my heart is also ironing.

This time I have to leave Hua Guo two months, if there is any problem there in the rainforest, the time has to be dragged.

After coming back from the brothers, Miyao has not left for such a long time, plus this go abroad, or she is going abroad, my brother is nervous.

In addition to these bodyguards, they also sent Zhu Huan a huge luggage bag, which were all them prepared to Mu Yao.

These gifts covers various categories, from injuries, the flavor, the flavor, the flashlight, the flashlight, the flashlight, and a variety of fast food products ... It's just that you can't think of, no in the package I can't turn it.

Zhu Xuan took the bag to turn it over again, and then exclaimed:

"Take this treasure chest! This is too considerate, even the girl's unique things!"

Mu Yao looked at the top high luxury sanitary napkin set in Zhu Huan, and even oral contraceptives:


My brother did her in the end!

Yao Yao thought about these, and I got together with the crew.

There are many people in the crew, simply package a special plane, anyway, Chen Hongguang is rough, and it doesn't matter if it is convenient for it.

The first class is naturally giving male or female, and several other stars.

Mu Yao and Fu Xiuyuan sat together, and the two lifted their hands and they can encounter each other, but they have the rules of regulations.

The plane across the Pacific, sea sky, the people who look at the people.

Mu Yao has been migting out the window, not she particularly likes the scenery outside, but she doesn't dare to see Fu Xiuyuan.

Fu Xiuhong took this book in his hand, which seems to be calm, and it seems that there is no meaning with Mu Yao.

But his elbow, but gently brought to the arm of Mu Yao, the arms of the two collides with each other, and the force is extraordinary, and people can't ignore.

Mu Yao really keeps a posture, watching the window, there are some acids, the neck is some acid, but the feelings from the arm are still distinct.

She returned, I feel that there is some pain in the neck, I can't help but twist, reach the neck.

Suddenly, there is a generous big hand on the neck.

"Is it a bit stiff? Here? Is it here?"

Mu Yao took the head of the past, Fu Xiuzhong was standing, helping himself massage.

His hand is very slender, but it is not very smooth, this time the assault training, even let him bring the old cockroaches, and feel Shasha when you touch your neck.

More like a polar, a tip, a series of slippery, each cell on the neck, started to activate, start screaming.

Mu Yao has been completely stayed, it seems that one of the cats that have been pinched the back neck, which is stunned.

Fu Xiu's mouth with a hidden smile, and the hand is not very hard to give her a position of the neck.

Everyone is an actor, often has a physical pain, Fu Xiuyuan has never pressed someone, but it often massages it, so the technology that exercise is also good.

However, Mu Yao has no time to distinguish his technology. From the place where he is touched from the neck, the flame is burned, until he massage it, it has gradually disappeared.

How long is Fu Xiuyuan, how long is her heart hanging in the eyes, and it is light, and Fu Xiuhong's fingers will be dramatically passed through the blood vessel position. They will let her consciously swallow.

Fu Xiuyuan asked her after pressing:

"Is there a lot of comfort?"

Mu Yao was stiff, I couldn't node, I had to go out, I have to pull the corner like a puppet, revealing a standard stylized smile:

"Well, some, thank you."

Fu Xiuyuan launched a splendid smile and his eyes as stars.

Looking at Mu Yao is complaining, just hope that this journey is over, two people are sealed in a narrow closed space, this feeling ... I really make her uncomfortable!

Unfortunately, the entire plane will fly a long time, and it will be overnight in the middle.

When everyone's sleeping time, the seat of the first class was put down by the flight attendant and became a double bed in the middle of the two.

Mu Yao:


She wants to jump.

However, Fu Xiuyuan has already taken off the coat, half lying on the bed, and covered the blanket given by the flight attendant.

He opened half of the blanket and took the bed of the following, and laughed some evil:

"The bed is very comfortable."

Mu Yao:


She is sitting in the position, said that she said:

"I will not sleep tonight ... I may not sleep."

Fu Xiuyuan stood up and sat back his position and smiled and said:

"I can't sleep, I will take the horse after the past, I have no difference in time. You must sleep well. I just made a joke, this bed gave you sleep, I am in a chair Sleep in. "

He is so modest, Mu Yao is more embarrassed, and it is a few times. In the end, it is really not to say, this is lying in bed and pirate into a group.

She drums huge courage, and she took a deep breath and finally said to Fu Xiuyuan:

"That, you are ... also lie down and sleep, this bed is quite big."

Fu Xiuyuan smiled low, the sound was particularly magnetic, just like the heavy and low-low cannon in the ear.

Mu Yao is particularly waiting, finally waiting for:

"it is good."

Then she felt that the other side of the bed came to the weight, and the sound of , has a rubbing, and also picked up the sound of the blanket.

Finally, a huge shadow fell.

Mu Yao is tight, and the shrinkage of the next consciousness is smaller.

I heard that the ear came from laughing, Fu Xiuyuan said softly:

"Good night, lady, pineapple."

Mu Yao in the light of the entire cabin, the use of the mouth-by-mouth-type: Good night, Mr. My Pineapple.

The whole night is such a quiet past, the plane brushed from the sea, I didn't know how many whale's dreams slipped.

In the dark time, Mu Yao fascinated, you can feel your own side, and you will have a heavy and familiar breathing.

This is what she has always heard of sleeping, gentle gentleness and light.

When I woke up occasionally, she would felt that the other party gave her blanket and prevent cold air.

Mu Yao felt that this is a dream, but still can't control the mouth, just want to put this sweet moment, forever in his own mind, never forget.

That is a dear pineapple, he is covering himself!

One night, the plane is about to arrive at the destination.

Fu Xiuyuan sat next to the office, opened a tablet, Mu Yao still asleep in bed, and the small nose is light.

Mu Yao arrived until the second half of the night, he did not sleep, Fu Xixu went to wake her, and he went quietly to watch her sleep.

It's really a look, the better, I can't ignore it.

A girl like her will always make men have a feeling that cannot be resistant, even if it is just lying there, people have a desire to care.

Fu Xiuyuan looks at the blue sky outside the window, the line of sight is gradually emptied.

In fact, he did not have a particularly deep feelings against Mu Yao, and the two were just seen in the pineapple bark, but there was a wonderful encounter.

Fu Xiuyuan returned home after the meeting, he was always a repetitive dream.

In a dream, he is a reputation in a book. He killed the two people who were doing a male and herde. He was only because of this male and herde, persecuted her favorite girl.

The girl he liked in the dream is the spring.

However, every time I do this, he feels very confused. The animal husbandry in the clear book is very high, and it has not attracted his place. Why will he like her?

Why do you like so good to see so good Mu Yao? Instead, you will go to the woman like the spring?

It is because of this question, Fu Xiuyuan has been in the dream every time this dream is awake.

He knows that he will never do it like himself. Just because, he already likes the heroine of the heroine that is very cute, the outer appearance is very sunshine.

The heroine in the book, it should also become the heroine in his life.

Mu Yao, it should be his.

He will protect Mu Yao, let her live in a lifetime, stay away from people and things that make her pain, give her their best things.