When Muyou woke up, the plane had to land soon, and the flight attendant was reminding everyone to organize items in three languages.

Fu Xiuyuan sat next to her, pair on her eyes, and the eyes were deep.

Mu Yao hurriedly climbed up, went to the bathroom to clean up, after coming, Fu Xiuyuan has helped her a breakfast.

Colorful fruit salad, and alcoholic coffee.

Mu Yao slowly eaten, and the heart felt simplicity, always feel that this night is not true.

After the plane landed, a large group of people walked out of the airport, and the f country had a wet air, and the Mu Yao took a few mouthfuls of breath, and could not be protected from the hands.

Fu Xiuyuan is behind her, watching her open arm, the body is a bit awkward, and she will reach out.

Miyao half a body fell into Fu Xiuyuan, and felt the opponent's generic chest, wrapped his own package, and we all became a fresh breath, she suddenly became red.

Hu Ruomin dragged his luggage, seeing this scene, hate tooth itching, but it can't do anything.

She is now a lot of Liangzi, and the relationship is very bad, and there is no qualification to do any guidance to the behavior of people.

Chen Hongguang hides the corner of the corner, and the face is laughing at this scene. I only hate these two people for a while!

This is the male and female protagonist he wants! It is completely the plum shallar and Luo Fei turn over the movie!

This time, this time came to the F country, the crew is all Chinese face, and many foreigners around him finger point, naturally, some people have noticed these two most outstanding people.

Although everyone is a yellow, the beauty of these two people is basically surpassing skin tone. Fu Xiuhong is very handsome and comes with a delicate sense of chic. Mu Yao is like a cream doll, and it is very delicious. A man and a woman have Features, extremely eye-catching.

In this way, between the two beautiful people, there is an extremely fascinating atmosphere, so that the foreigners who come back and forth will not be stopped.

The two people have a fast thirty bodyguard, and when this scene, two people have emerged, instantly enter the work state, and look at the people next to him.

Foreign people are unclear, so seeing this kind of snoring, there have been their own guess.

"Is there so many bodyguards? Is it Hua Guo's rich? Is the rich family to vacation?"

"Is Huazhi's rich look good? I want to travel to Hua Guo!"

"Is these two people are brothers and sisters, the old man wearing a big hat is their father?"

Of course, the crew of course also has a translation. This translation heard the conversation around several foreigners, and smiled and wounded.

They actually put Chen Hongguang as Dad of Fu Xiuyuan Mu Yao! If this is to listen to Chen Hongguang, he will not directly get angry!

The departments under the hand of Chen Hongguang quickly arranged routes and car rental, pulling all the equipment and people of the crew to the previously planned sub-shooting base.

On the car, Fu Xiuyuan reached out on the seat behind Mu Yao, let her lean, take a break.

Although Mu Yao is very sleepy, it is still not too dare to say that the sight swept around the staff, and it feels very shy.

Fu Xiuyuan did not force her, waiting for her to be sleepy, gently dial, let her sleep on his shoulders.

The vehicle shakes, and the Mu Yao is half a dream and is awake.

The mind is surprised and happy, like fireworks, I want to play, but the body is really tired.

Finally, she keeps such a posture, lying on Fu Xiuyuan, and sleeping.

Mu Yao took a movie in the dream of Fantasy F, the other side of Hua Guo, her career was in full swing.

Although she is not here, she has accumulated resources before, just in this time, arranged to play one after another.

The most concerned is that the CK new advertisement of her starring.

This kind of advertisement generally invites a new star to enter, it is to see the reaction of her first advertisement test. If an advertisement goes, the purchase is relatively high, and then I can negotiate the series of advertisements until the spokesperson .

This advertisement of Mu Yao is relatively simple, but the foundation and special effects are very luxurious, plus the Thomas director shooting, this time after the Weibo is open, headlines, major video sites and other places, ignite instantly People's discussion.

A simple list of open, Miyao saw the CK new skin care product placed on the table, holding the product on the cheeks, the eyes of the eyes, as if looking forward to using this skin care product, and the first love Field date.

The atmosphere is very gorgeous, countless mountain tea flowers full of screens, in a smile and complex colors, the skin care products are concurrently dropped.

In contrast to complex background, it is the face close-up of Mu Yaohua, and her final, showing the light body shape when reading the product Slogan.

"CK small blue can, your dreams of youth night."

After saying this Slogan, Mu Yao smiled, but the eyes were warm but also shy.

That kind of Weibo is open, only the lens shorts in just a few seconds, and then she is the final smile.

The advertisement has just been put, the entire Weibo is blown, countless fans and melon passers people are talking about this.

"My mom, I never thought that Mu Yao was so suitable for making makeup! How is she painted with the lips?"

"Ah, her smoky makeup is simply playing the bullets in my heart! My sister loves me! My sister is so embarrassed! My sister is blinking, I will give you a life!"

"Mousse cake is sleeping tonight, tonight is a giant funeral post, I love the first beauty on the bean, but I feel that my sister is not like those general artists. This advertisement gives me the intuitive feeling is not sexy and charming, but A feeling that can't say ... "

The content that netizens can't say, naturally, people who can say it for them, some special comment on the marketing number, and some famous big V, starting with this ad.

"Mu Yao really showed a different charm in this advertisement. In fact, she is very young, she has brought a young feeling, even if they change the thick makeup, there is still a sense of violation.

However, her smart place is that she turned this violation into a story-filled self-consciousness, with transparent, a little shy and uneasy teasing, to seduce the eye of the viewer, which is more straightforward than the general tile Sexy is more advanced.

She is like, putting a pure yourself to dress up with adults, but she just wants to use this way, eager to get your pity ... To be honest, I am a woman, but I was killed, so awake It is purely dedicated to this! It's not a person! "

This big V speaking caused a sound of praise, everyone rushed over to pay tribute, and now commented to laugh, hahaha.

"Bring Wenhao, want to go to the north or Harvard? If you think, which school you want to build!"

"It's you, say that I feel that I can't say it. I will nod when I look at it! It is this feeling right! Mu Yao is super beautiful, but the beauty is not kitcale, although it is very beautiful Makeup, but she still is still so pure, ah, I am dead! "

"Why didn't I have a culture, a trough!"

"How to do sisters, I just sent my video of Mu Yao to my boyfriend, he said, Mu Yao didn't look good, do you say that he is not a? I am not a breakup?"

Under the next comment, a crazy hahaha:

"Is it so strong for the life of the male, laughing at me, hahahaha!"

"Sisters don't be angry, I want to think, maybe he just doesn't like women? The best of Mu Yao's woman doesn't like it, then you really want to tighten his sexual orientation."

"I don't know if I don't know, but I know that he must love you very much, actually will lying so much for you, hahahahaha !!!!"

Netizens discussed very enthusiastic, hardening this advertisements and said, # ck advertising # hanging on hot words first, can't come down for a long time.

At the point of the CK brand, very satisfied, immediately called Yao Haobo about the next time, prepared a series of advertisements, and regarded live interviews and other different publicity means.

In the suburban villa in Beijing, Kong is only watching Weibo hot search, and also looked at the sales data of CK. The more it is, the more the pupil is shocked.

But it is a second line of stars ... How can she take the goods so? Sales data instantly increased by 78%!

Of course, there is also this product. This product is originally to young people, the price is not very high, but the brand word of mouth is particularly good.

However, it is undeniable that the advertisement of Mu Yao has played a decisive role, so that this product is expected to rise.

Kong was in the heart, looked at the empty villa, suddenly felt sincerely, belonging to his own era?

This era is a young man, always a young young person, always belongs to Mu Yao, young and more powerful people ...

And her Kong is, perhaps early has been eliminated by the times without self-knowledge.

At this moment, the broker called call, and the sound was panicked:

"Kong Wei! CK said there is to tell you in advance! Ningkee will pay for a default, and you are not willing to let you continue to do a total endorsement! This is too deceived, see you are not good now, all parties fall down the stone. ! "

Kong Wei Yellow Eye is slowly dropping and tears, followed by low voice, said to the agent:

"Ok, this is God."

I hang up the phone, she buried her face in her hand, crying.

Muyao in the F country is really sincere. What is hard.

In the past, when the TV series was taken, because the drama stalls were relatively large, there were fewer probabilies to rush, and every time Mu Yao is the center of the crew, the general field will adjust her play in advance to ensure that she has sufficient Rest in restore.

So when I took the show, although there will be all night, the scenes such as night play, the whole of Mu Yao is indeed calm, and it is not tired.

But now, in the "Rain Forest" crew, everything is completely different from the TV drama model she is familiar.

Chen Hongguang director works very hard, and pays special attention to the rules of the play. It is basically fixed today, then he must take it out, even if you must be taken until halftlever.

Mu Yao can also understand, abroad, every minute is money in burning, of course, we must have been filled.

More grinder is that this drama is still suspense, reasoning and action play, very high in the spirit of the actor, and some spirit is not concentrated, and it does not take the effect of the director.

Their shooting venue is in the area of ​​the local rainforest, a piece of small film that is scheduted as a photographing base.

This forest is hot and humid is normal. Don't mention the animals, plants, insect microorganisms that have never seen anything, are simply in the original forest, feel the suffocating atmosphere.

Although exploring the forest is also very interesting, but wearing rain boots on the shaped mushrooms, wearing a rain boots, and playing in the depths of the forest, such a play is really not very happy.

Muyao legs played in the hands because of the costumes, and the environmental reasons, the big piece of red rash is long, and the face is constantly acne. Every day makeup, makeup people need to cover the concealer.

These external problems can be solved, but the hot environment near the rainforest, so that everyone feels dizziness, almost difficult to keep awake, but it is difficult to concentrate.

When you shoot, you need a special concentration in the spirit. Mu Yao always has some performance, so that it is anxious, the more anxiety is not good.

In this way, the loop has been recovered, just ten days in the rain forest, Mu Yao is ill.

She burned high to 38 degrees, accompanied by gastrointestinal symptoms, and sometimes they were going to vomit from time to time.

Chen Hongguang began to shoot other people's play in the film. There were many foreign people's play, playing a terrorist organization, and their play is more, taken due to translation issues and understanding problems, more time, temporary in time I will take a break in a few days to rest.

Mu Yao is lying in bed, it is highly fever, between halflighting, always remembers that he wants to play movies. Every time I wake up, I wanted to pack things out, I was stopped by Zhu Huan every time.

Mu Yao was crying, but it was asleep at all.

When she fell asleep, the dreams of the monsters will always appear.

She is really pondering that this figure is too many times, and I always think about how to express her, so that the person she thought was in her dreams.

In the dream, plum shallow is a short hair, wearing a white coat, always back to everyone, holding a beaker flask in his hand, as if it is immersed in his own research.

Mu Yao walked over and took her back:

"Where is this?"

Mei shaking sound is exactly the same as she, but she has never had a firm and just strong, although the sound quality is very similar, but the symptoms have made her feel unfamiliar.

"Here is your dream, I am the role you want to play."

Mu Yao looked at her in surprise, and the brain was confused.

Mei Jiang suddenly turned it, the face, long as the Mu Yao himself!

"Do you think I can't touch it? Is it not true that I am not true, can I have someone like me in the world?"

Mu Yao looked at it, she completely said the idea in the bottom of Mu Yao.

The plums in this script are simply like a superhero, a silent hero that has not been mutated, no abilities, no helper.

Who knows, the lone hero does not exist in reality.

Mu Yao's heart is turning sharply, and I have a cold smile in front of the face.

She has never thought that his voice can make this kind of laughter, too strange, but it seems to have thousands of silk.

Mei Jiang:

"Mortal, you are also a class, if you want to play me, please remember, let go, go to chase. You can rest assured!"

After saying this, Mei shang suddenly became scattered in the spot and disappeared.

Mu Yao suddenly, but I didn't understand anything, and I saw a black fog around, I couldn't find anything.

She struggled for a long time, waking up from this dream, and found that she has already sweat.

The bedroom did not turn on the light, but there was a light tilt in the outside.

At the door, I stood a lot of figure. Mu Yao was still thought that Fu Xiuyuan, looking up and looking at half a day, it is actually Li Le Han.

Li Le Cold turned his head to talk to the person behind himself:

"... three times ... After angeredity ..."

It seems to be related to drugs.

Zhu Huan slammed from the outside, saw her wake up, and quickly press the open bed.

Li Le Han hesitated in the back and went into.

"What do you think? Just listening to you, I have been shouting in my dreams, dreaming?"

Li Le Han silently looked at her bedside.

Mu Yao first answered Zhu Huan's question:

"I feel much now, because I dream, I dreamed of Mei shaking, she told me ..."

Li Le Han's eyes flashed, and asked:

"What did she tell you?"

Mu Yao saw his expression and recalled the scene in his dream, hesitated and said:

"She said, let go, take it, let me rest assured."

I flash shocked in Li Le Hao, silenced half, and finally said:

"She said so before."

Mu Yao:


Li Le Han closed, turned around, and the back is very straight.

I used his teacher, and I have also advised him:

"To do this, it is to study your love, it is very romantic, your young people let go, let go, don't think more, rest assured!"

These memories have just been in an instant, flooding into Li Le Han, if he doesn't hurry, maybe it will be lost on the spot.

Mu Yao didn't think too much. Now the mind is finally awake, the first thing I want to care is:

"Fu Xiuyuan is coming?"

Zhu Huan:

"Well, he came again at 6 o'clock in the morning, and came over at noon to send you milk. The afternoon will come over, and the costumes are not taken off."

Mu Yao also had a future and speaking, and he was heeded to knock on the door.

Zhu Huan:

"Affirmation is also he came."

She went to open the door, and she was Fu Xiuyuan and took a box of fruit.

Mu Yao saw him, the heart was sweet, and immediately began to nervously, a mess, put his quilt and pillows, and quickly combed a few sweat hair.

If you don't have a mirror around, she wants to take it, see if I am so embarrassed now, I can see people, especially, see this person in front of it ...

However, the other party did not give her time, and the biggest meteor walked to the bed, put the fruit on the bedside table, sitting on the side of the bed.

Mu Yao showed a smile, just greeted, seeing the other party reached over, holding the hand back on his forehead.

She is stiff, my mind is thinking, just sweating has not yet rubbed, is he not a hand?

Fu Xiuyuan took her back to her forehead, and posted her own, this only revealed the expression of ignition:

"Fortunately, I have a fever."

Mu Yao was half a pillow, nodded:

"Don't worry, my body has always been very good, I will definitely take over."

Fu Xiuhong shook his head smiles:

"Don't worry, you can't do it ... Do you know how many times today?"

Mu Yao:

"Chen Guo will not be reluctant to have you! What happened today?"

Fu Xiuyuan looked down:

"You are not in the scene, everyone has no main bone, when you talk, when you talk, you are like a fire. Today, I have a play, I have taken five times, Hu Ruomin is even more miserable, card is fast ten A few times, I still take it now. So, you have to hurry up, everyone is waiting for you. "

Fu Xixu said that it is soft and soft:

"I am waiting for you."

Mu Yao's heart moment is sweet and sweet, and Fu Xiuyuan said, I feel that I can stand up and stand up!

Two people are like this, there is a fun thing to talk about the film, and talk about their respective dramas.

Fu Xiuyuan is now shooting this role. It is particularly high for his body. A lot of play needs to be in the rainforest.

Of course, most of the plays have a move guide, but Fu Xiuyuan insisted that it is no longer used, and it has been trained with the teachers for a long time. Now every time I'mdo itself.

In addition to fighting, there are more mud water to touch the row, the Mercedes-Benz play in the forest, Fu Xiuyuan has always been personally, these days, in addition to foreign actors, the most tired is him.

When Mu Yao saw Fu Xiuyuan raised his hand, the shirt on the arm slided to the shoulder, revealing a green purple arm.

Seeing her eyes, Fu Xiuyuan is ready to put the shirt down.

Mu Yao was very distressed, I didn't know what the courage, reached out, grabbed the wrist of Fu Xiuyuan, avoiding his green and violent observation.

"You can't do this now ... Zhu Huan! Brother gives me Yunnan white medicine? And there is a loss of damage to the special medicine, you can help me find it!"

Zhu Huan promised outside and quickly came to the rumor.

Mu Yao returned again, and the squirrel, Fu Xiuyuan:

"Let you don't want to be so desperate, some movements can be made, you are not a star, how to practice your body, you will ... fans will be distressed!"

Fu Xiuyuan looked extremely gently, whispered:

"Say it again."

Mu Yao looked up:

"Ah? I am saying that your fan will worry about you ..."

Fu Xiuyuan suddenly used the scarred hand and took the Mu Yao into his arms.

Mu Yao:


She didn't dare to move, the atmosphere did not dare, the face was red, I feel that myself suddenly broke the table, just retired, I have to come back ...

Fu Xiuhong whispered in Mu Yao's ear:

"You also hurt me, right?"

Mu Yao did not dare to respond, I feel that Fu Xiuyuan's big hand pressed in her neck, and even some rude power, let her be weak, do not want to open it.

Fu Xiuyuan is like sigh, with gas flow, whispered in her ear:

"Miss pineapple, you are sweet, I want to bite you."

Mu Yao:

"... can't, I have a fever ..."

Fu Xiuyuan:

"That is good, you owe me once."

Mu Yao:


Fu Xiuyuan let go, but only keeps a few centimeters of distance, and the nose is facing her nose.

He is in a quiet, such as a flame, and burns jumping in the eyes.

"Waiting for you, I just bite you, say it."

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