Chen Hongguang's film, most of the plots are taken near the rainforest, so basically, the rainforest is finished, the crew works almost completed.

When everyone took the last play, they all cheered, and several staff excitedly jumped directly.

During this time, it is really very hard. In the foreign country, it is necessary to deal with a lot of psychological and physical problems. The state of the police is high, the shooting rhythm is fast, many people feel that if they can't finish it, they must be tired. Depressed.

Fortunately, Mu Yao will give you some support for encouragement, buy some snacks, gather together to play for a while, take the initiative to reduce the workers' burden.

She did this, the other actors of the crew naturally could not fall behind, and everyone worked together for the crew of the crew, so many staff members have soothing, everyone's friendly atmosphere, can let everyone support.

So at the end of the end, everyone is like unloading a big burden, and the corner of the mouth is coming to the ear.

There are also tears, including the play-in photography, several deputy directions, and teamwork, etc. These people are crying because they participate in the creation of the entire movie, their children are finally almost perfect, how can I not excite?

Mu Yao was also infected with a atmosphere, fell a few gold beans, but quickly wiped away from Fu Xiuyuan.

Fu Xiuyuan also deliberately put his hand on the lips, gently licked her tears, and looked at the Mu Yao crying while crying.

"What to do so let my colleagues saw ..."

"It is necessary to see them."

Mu Yao has nothing to say, why didn't you find that this man is so love to show?

Everyone will go to the restaurant to eat, and the seats have been interlaced, the atmosphere gradually picked up.

Mu Yao and Fu Xiuyuan went to Chen Hongguang to give Chen Hongguang, thanks to the directors so many days of cultivation.

Chen Hongguang smiled and kindness, and the serious expression is completely different from usual filming. At this time, I looked at the two starring, just like a child pulled out in one hand.

"You, I will have a little better to my Yaoyao! I don't know? You have to dare to be good for him, don't blame me!"

Chen Hongguang pulled Fu Xiuyuan's hand, and the two were in the hinterland like a father and son.

Mu Yao was very embarrassed in the side, and I didn't know when the director found ...

Chen Hongguang then said:

"You two, I first saw you for the first time, I knew that there was this day ... but I really didn't expect that you dragged so long, or the repair is more powerful! I saw it. You are coming over, I am in my heart, I am happy! Hey, this is good! "

Mu Yao listened to the impulse and a little blush, Fu Xiuyuan is smiling, nodded to the director:

"It's really wind blowing, you can't have your old man ... nor I have a fixed force, mainly this little girl is small, I am afraid to scare her, only from the long report."

Chen Hongguang looked at the two people, and she was put on him.

Mu Yao small question:

"It turned out that you were all installed ... I thought that you didn't mean to me before ... Hey!"

Her nasal sound is small, put the head and smoke it, and the beauty is super cute.

Fu Xiu far almost took people directly Raise, but also kept back, just put it on her back:

"You are a little stupid ... I have already fallen, I have been waiting for you, really afraid to scare you, I want you to come to me."

Mu Yao couldn't help but laugh.

The two returned to the location, did not have a while, elite scientist Li Le Han suddenly came over the tea cup.

Li Le Han does not drink, so drinking tea, there are some confused people around, his eyes will always be so awake and sharp.

"Mu Yao! I take a tea wine, respect you."

Li Le Han said seriously, Mu Yao also hurriedly ended the wine glass.

Fu Xiuyuan is interested in smilling out Li Lean, standing next to it.

Li Le Han and Mu Yao have finished drinking a cup, but active to Fu Xiuyuan Road:

"I heard that you are all together?"

Fu Xiuyuan is very gentleman smile:

"Your source is very accurate."

Li Le Han nodded, and there was no different, and the line of sight was not complicated than just, and looked at Fu Xiuyuan, as if it was estimated that he was not enough.

The final result is that it is barely satisfied.

"You are very good, please take care of her, don't let her get any injury."

Li Le Han lost this sentence without his head, the line of sight was removed, and he looked at Mu Yao.

When I looked at Mu Yao, my eyes were different from others, with respect, and finally said to Mu Yao:

"There is any uncomfortable in the future, you can call me directly. Whether it is a body or emotional, you can always remember me."

Mu Yao quickly picked up, thank you again.

To know that elite scientists Li Lehan's number, basically can't be hung, the patient is not a big official, is a difficult disease.

Willing to use this kind of thing to commit to himself, explaining that he really value this friend.

However, in fact, Mu Yao did not feel what he did, will let Li Le Han's impression ... He is just a serious play.

Li Le Han quietly, finally said:

"You can ... Do you do it again, is there a dream of plum?"

Mu Yao:

"??? Dream? I can't control it?"

Li Lei is obviously disappointed, then shook his head, whispered:

"Maybe ... you have already done."

After saying this sentence, he actually turned around, and the back looks still some loneliness.

Mu Yao:


Until later, she saw that Chen Hongguang's magazine article saw that he would like to understand Li Lehan.

When the reporter asked his movie creative source, Chen Hongguang said that he talked his teacher with a scientist and he was inspired.

Chen Hongguang said: In his eyes, his teacher is the most wisdom, most effortful person in the world. When you talk a teacher, his eyes are shining.

Muyao understood that maybe because he performs his teacher's charm, he got Li Lehan so glare ...

She has to sigh, many people who engage in scientific research, emotions are always loyal and enthusiastic, maybe in the outsiders, some are inexplicably, can be in their own heart, it is valuable wealth in their lives, with ideals.

When the crew returned to the country, the three brothers of the pastors rushed to pick up.

They were mixed into a large group of pick-up fans, and Happy other fans recognized all kinds of signatures, so they finally mixed together with the crew, as if a large group of stars, a piece of walking out drilled into the car.

My brothers first got a lot of Mu Yao, and the long question of the tears were short, and the people were pulled into their own car. I plan to send back to my home, and there is still any arrangement in the art.

Mu Yawa meticulous to say that there were some ending, the brothers were hard to say:

"Tain? What is the end, there is Fu Xiuhong with the expansion, how can you have a little girl! Give us a good rest!"

Mu Yao was so mandatory to be resting at home, and I went to sleep every day. After three days.

Soon her college is also coming, and when I discussed the school for a few days, I have to look at the situation of this drama, and I have completed it in advance, just caught up with the time for consultation.

She thinks the low-key pass, special intentions, Yao Haobo, don't inform the media, I didn't expect to sit in the car on the past, and I saw the school gate of the school. The school is all the camera.

This year, these reporters all news, it seems that she doesn't have to say anything at all ... she can only get off at the head.

All the problems on all the way, the answered questions of Mu Yao, were hocked quickly from the team, and quickly escaped.

However, I will enter the school, enter the principal's office, Mu Yao found that Fu Xiuhong standed here!

Fu Xiuyuan is not a graduation of this school. Although it has been in repair here, however, it should not stand at the principal's office!

The first reaction of Mu Yao is that the reporters outside the door will not be rushing on him?

She respectd the principal and the principal, finished the business, and finally couldn't help but ask Fu Xiuyuan:

"Do you have anything here?"

"As a boyfriend, accompanying the girlfriend admission report is not very normal?"

Fu Xiuyuan quickly smiled.

The laugh of the principal, obviously, I have long known, it is estimated that Fu Xiuyuan just told him.

Mu Yao was shy and full of shame, busy turning around the principal, and said, please help confidential, the principal agreed.

Fu Xiuyuan laughed at the side.

Today, Miyao went to the report very quickly, countless fan pain, cry:

"Ah, ah, ah!!! I haven't seen me for forgetting. I have forgotten that I have a long time !!! The color is not damaged, I first love!"

"This is a peerless beauty, it seems to be a bit tanned? But some wheat skin is good, look, lick!"

"I feel that she took this movie, the whole personality is not the same, much better than it looks strong!"

"Congratulations on my baby's college! Complete another life dream, baby will soon be breakthrough in the performance, we will come with you!"

At the same time, some pagoders have passed a small news, saying that this day, Fu Xiuyuan also went to school early, because not public itinery, so no one knows, no one takes his photo.

Most people don't believe that even the photos that have no wind catching information, when they look, they are lie, quickly slip through the news, and some fans go to swear:

"Every day I know catching the wind to catch, I can do it, at least HD photos and videos have it, do you do this is lying?"

"Just, can you have a little professional ethics."

Soon, Fu Xiuzhong sent a microblog, shooting a desktop of a suspected school desk, with the enrollment document of Mu Yao.

Fu Xiuyuan with text:

"New beginning, come on! @ "

This microblog came out, just in the marketing number, the fans under the marketing number, quickly stunned, cut back to the master microblogging, put the picture, smashed, finally discovered that it is the past Yao's enrollment registration! There is also a refreshing and lovely inch! Never admire!

So ... the marketing number is true? Fu Xiuyuan ran to school, register with Mu Yao to study?

The fans have envied to deformed:

"I know that my brother will be registered with people, I will stay for a year! I hate I have already learned it early!"

"Brother is warm ... It is probably related. He just goes to school to have a matter of business, just have a day!"

"I don't care, the CP is too real !!! I screamed and shouted to jump, fry into the best fireworks in the sky! Ah, ah, ah!"

"CP powder does not dance to the prostitute, be careful to be faced, they are just partnership!" Begging your brother coming out! "

The author has something to say: Distance is completed ... about five or six chapters? You can pay a collection of preparational text in my column!

"Burden is heavy and rich"

After the shadow, Yue Bai has just been married for a year, Zheng Yuchuan, the divorce agreement, and has been confession by four big men, and death will die.

After death, she found that she actually was a dog's blood, and that morning died, giving the female main forest Qiuqiu's sad reminder of the white moonlight!

After she was reborn five years, Lin Qiuqiu was red, and she was black.

I used to laugh and not reveal the teeth, and the elegant and generous Yue Bai

"Hey, I will climb!"

She turned back, she inherited huge heritage.

The entertainment circle has a lot of acting explosions, takes money, but also giant look ... .

Later, Lin Qiuqiu went out of the entertainment circle, and Yue Bai burst into the world.

Four big memoritors: I am wrong, ask for forgive!

Zheng Yuchuan: Is the kind of rushing, the stars give you?