"Rainforest Treasure" passed this exhibition, completely in foreign fire.

There are also many people in China, and I have seen this news, and I have taken the review on foreign film review websites. I am happy to expect guess.

"Waiting for the release, etc.! Ah, look forward to it! That tomato freshness is more than 90%, the word of mouth is so good, Huazhong has never been so fire before!"

"I really want to see, I am so embarrassed that the film reviews that have already seen it! Have you seen something like?"

"I know that these two matching are definitely no problem! Mu Yao's aura and Fu Xiuyuan experience, double happy doubles!"

However, at the same time, there are some netizens who don't know what objects, running to yin and yang.

There are always some people on the Internet, you can't see our country, you can't see the development of my country's cultural industry, think that as long as my country's film is evaluated abroad, it is bought a water army, or ran out of gold plating.

So these people ran to yin and yang strangely:

"You don't have to blow it, you will be able to show your face, the tendency of the media film commentator, and the preferences of the ordinary audience are completely different."

"Isn't it a film that is kind to fame? I am rushing to go abroad, come back to make our people's money?"

"The water army, please too much, I will wait for the release of the box office to face, I don't believe that Hua Guo's director shoots the film that is universal value, there is a mature film industry system on the West, we have the boldly Director can learn. "

"Just, now some director in China, I haven't learned it yet, I want to go out to run the competition with others, don't say good words, don't you look for a joke by foreign media?"

These remarks are mixed in various fan control reviews, but they are really discomfort.

The official Bo of the crew continued to promote publicity, including some functions during shooting, foreign interviews, all kinds of related highlighters, etc., there are such similar comments below.

Chen Hongguang also issued Weibo to expounder the inspiration of this movie, which mentioned the women of Hua Guo's well-known intellectuals Mei Weipei, saying that this movie is to prototype, and thank you for the disciples Li Le. cold.

Who knows that this is a honeycomb, and those who have quite a micro-words on this movie, they are unbelievable:

"Hua Guo's female doctor, how can this story? Isn't a female research scholar? How do you also have a relationship with terrorist organizations?"

"This is really open to the eye, no, is it a female researcher in our country, is it super hero?"

"Only I think that Li Le Han is lying? His teacher is really so cow, I have been popular all over the country, how can I always know, I am afraid it is his own story, or the story of his teacher? "

Looking at the question, the sound of changing, Chen Hongguang quickly continued to respond, explained in depth, when he chatted with Li Le Han, heard the original story.

It is indeed that the original story is not so thrilling, Mei teacher has not found a child in the rain forest, but this story is the main line, it is absolutely true after being kidnapped into the terrorist organization. It is absolutely true, and the movie will work for this.

Because the relevant details can't be said too much, it is a sudden spoiler, so he will explain, but the more like it is concealing, causing various challenges.

Chen Hongguang doesn't know what to do, I have to respond yet, concentrate on preparing the movie to release.

The group of yin and yang strange people feel that they have found the truth, they are happy, and the whole network is going to brush the relevant content, and the toes are highly guilty.

"I still can't stand up! A group of lick dogs! Your country has no real big director, there is no tiger monkey in the mountains, the monkey is also your small monkey fans, really laughs!"

People like this are actually very complicated. They think that the cultural industry of Hua Guo has developed very slowly, while envious of the excellent cultural industrial system of Western countries, but any attempt to achieve any attempts of Hua Guo, as if not like this, it will not be able to reflect out They don't have one appreciation and superiority.

In essence, it is still inferior, and they grow in the environment of advocating Western culture, in the face of emerging things, there is always a sense of self-contraction, so they refuse to accept any growth, stay in their own self-healing area, but also prefers to the point country.

However, at this time, suddenly, very unexpected object, directly.

It turned out to be that the Weibo almost updated Fu Xiuyuan, sent a long text - "The netizen who caused brain criticism [rain forest treasure]"

"Some friends who criticize the movie:

With anything forever, Hua Guo culture is a low culture of Western culture? With anything you think, how is the praise of the overseas media to Hua Guo's movie is a fake? Why do you have a ridicule for the Chinese people who carefully moving a movie, but also turn back to disappoint the way, Hua Guo does not have a good movie?

The behavior and language of the contradictions before andother, only exposes your biggest character, that is, living in the Western context, the eyes are full of ears, I don't even understand the side, live in the past shadow, live in fear Inherently struggling.

You will spray this, and you must have a bitter life.

Seriously suggest that everyone should not learn these bowls of intellectual defects, do not pay attention to the speech of their feet, how to watch movies to watch movies, see overseas pieces are not superior, see domestic new films do not have to be inferior. "Rainforest Treasure" is particularly good, go see it, absolute value return price. "

Weibo's entire explosion, all people of the whole network ran to the crowd, and the server was brushing for five minutes.

Fu Xiuyuan rarely published a view directly on Weibo, which is probably his first time to send such a long view.

Now that the public opinion environment is really bad, many of the official Weibo number is like a robot, and the time to punch online is performed, there is no a little taste.

Such a comparison, Fu Xiuyuan is just ... too real too sharp, all the audience of all the audience is shocked!

Where have you seen the stars directly in Weibo, this momentum is, you can scare people!

However, after a lot of people wake up, I suddenly realized that I realized:

"Others may not work, but he can really! He could not take a movie to eat!"

"I heard that he is a mysterious business giant, I didn't believe it before, now I trust it, if he rely on the movie to eat, it is impossible to send this kind of thing!"

"But no matter what to say, I think he said, good! I have long seen those whispered people who are not pleasing, and the evidence is not every day, saying that people's film is marketing. Some people are brainwashing, a person is drunk, he is a wake up ... disgusting! "

"Say it is also, I haven't feeled yet. Now I think they are really strange. It is particularly high for domestic movies. The business character effects plot have to be close to the full score. On the contrary, they said that it is not a business piece. Need logic, oh yeah, this is a literary film to see, don't understand normal, do you want to be so obvious? "

"Admire Fu Xiuyuan, there are not many people who dare to tell the truth this year, especially the stars that are still sensitive. It is really very powerful."

Fu Xiuyuan's Weibo, aroused the full network of stormy waves, followed by various media, all netizens discussed the topics of cultural confidence in different occasions, and all kinds of self-media boiling and raised more than 100,000 plus ... ... The whole topic has become a big popular, and it is not enough for three days.

Regardless of how everyone discusses, the netizens who hate Yin Yang strange biazi dog are still most, this group of people are dare to say the truth, Fu Xiuyuan powder.

Further, "Rainforest Treasures" is also known for the people who have been promoted.

Fu Xiuyuan sent the microblogging and followed the Mu Yao, talking about this, and the Mu Yao worried:

"Why do you suddenly send such ... This ... It is easy to cause controversial things, which is not like your usual style."

Fu Xiuyuan asked her:

"Then what do you think of my usual style?"

Mu Yao thought, I went over and turned over the microblog home page, I found it really hard to define ... because he usually does not send Weibo!

In addition to some particularly necessary propaganda, there is also an except for themselves, he does not send Weibo at all.

"Your style is probably ... noble grathere?"

"Hahaha ... How can I not be very beautiful? In fact, I am tempering, you go online to search online, I used to interview with the media in front of the media, the video is everywhere."

"But you are always gentle in front of me ..."

"Because it is you. This time I will be so angry, because this is your first movie, and the first partnership of our two, I don't allow someone to attack it."

Mu Yao listened, my heart was slightly fried, very sweet.

I didn't expect Fu Xiuyuan as I herself, and I cherish two people's cooperative works.

They do propaganda everywhere around the world, every time, the field is full of seats.

The promotion work is very hard, but Fu Xiuyuan will still try to make romance, and give Mu Yao from time to time.

For example, go back to the room before going to bed, suddenly found that the whole house is full of roses, beautiful in the fairyland.

For example, go shopping together, a few minutes, Fu Xiuyuan is holding a bouquet of the blooming.

For example, when you eat, the Mu Yao bowl is a food that is coming in. It is all her love to eat, peel off the shell, and the fish, the fish, is all basic operations.

Muyao is more than the day before, and Fu Xiuyuan is more love for himself.

Similarly, she can also find that she loves Fu Xiuyuan, which is more than the day before.

When two people were together, the whole world was really pink, and they saw the other party in the field of view, and the pink bubble will be raised.

When I fell in love with each other, I love this thing, it is true that the more it goes, such as alcohol, exudes only two people who can smell mellow.

When I returned to domestic publicity, there were several big cities. After all, the film was finally premiered.

In the morning of the morning, many people bought tickets in the early morning, just waiting to see this movie that causing huge controversial, how is it.

Mu Yao and Fu Xiuyuan are also the same, and the two have been dressed up. I went to the most prosperous cinema to find the most corner of position.

It is not purely to see the response of the audience ... but a couple dating, there is always an indispensable midnight movie.

In the dark cinema, everything will don't have a atmosphere, I want to do something, it is very convenient.

Fu Xiuyuan thought so much, but he found that Mu Yao's reaction is not as expected.

"The big screen is put on me ... Is it so thick?"

"Oh, this show is a little in place, but also the director uses photography to make up, thank you for gratitude!"

"When I paint in my face ... I really like a monkey ..."

Mu Yao has been snuggling in Fu Xiuyuan, a very small fragmented, and the atmosphere is like a viewing conference, which is not as dating.

Fu Xiuyuan couldn't bear it, and the fingers took her chin and kissed it down.

At this moment, the movie audience on the spot issued a huge cheer, scared Mu Yao's shake, thought it was found, quickly escaping Fu Xiuyuan's palm.

Fu Xiuyuan saw her shocked, the bunny looks like a police officer, or he is angry, I can't help but laugh.