After the first forefield, the domestic public opinion was quickly burst, and the topics on the hot search were hanging down the next morning, there were still few more.

# "Rainforest Treasure" Super Good Look #

# # #

# #

# Luo Fei never separate #

These hot search is basically the masses yourself. The film premiere is full, the word of mouth is very good, and the next few are all full, and the popular to one ticket is hard to find.

The theater continues to add, almost uninterrupted early morning, still have the audience to reflect the ticket, and even the audience directly after reading this game, turning the head and bought the next ticket!

The real national boom is hot, everywhere, many viewers are touched by scenes in the film, excited for unexpected storyline, also touched by the love of men and women.

"Mei shast is so beautiful, she is really human, even if the horrible environment is still calm, there have been people who have never killed people, but they also dare to kill people, but she kills people The eyes make me so sad ... like her girl, should hold the reagent bottle in the laboratory, why do you have to take a gun? It's hard, it's a great success! "

"Mei shax with the terrorist organization, I was shocked when I was full, every sentence is a classic line of playing pigs! This paragraph is particularly magical, the audience knows that she is put it out. However, she is full of tears in her eyes, not only the leader can see the heart, I have seen it, I'm moving! The ball like the ball is going to set up! "

"Mei Xi and Luo Fei are young, the young story is too fresh. It's so nice, it's very good, with the brutal plot of the next, strong contrast, let me see Luo Fei after I want to cry! He Between the two, there is really chemical reaction! "

"I don't care! I am more convinced by watching the movie. It is true that the CP is true. I look at the eyes of the other side. It is simply the sea and the stone!"

"The rhythm and picture of the movie is particularly good. It is all the feast of visual, hearing, spirit and mind! This movie is enjoyed! It's so good to go to the five brush! It's so good, who said we said our Hua Guo No good movie! "

Dear fans are excited, they are running to the official website to express their opinions, and all kinds of encourage officials to refuel efforts, hoping that the box office can break the record.

This movie theme is between the business card and the literary film, and it is even in the country to create this type of primary river. The spectators can't stop, the box office is rising.

But two days, I have finished over a weekend, and the movie box office will break!

Official Board Night Celebrates the poster, and the crew members will forward the poster.

All the stars also row the team to the Amway, the first thing is the first very popular, Xu Xi Xuan:

@ : "Rainforest Treasures" is very good, my master Mu Yao's acting is very good, everyone will go to see!

@ : This film is like a name, it is a treasure movie. Everyone must go see it, otherwise it will be behind the trend. Others can't chat with you! Mu Yao, what is it?

@ : @ , I have seen movies, very good. Congratulations, you have completed your dreams.

@ : ah, ah, ah, ah, "Rainforest Treasure" is what is good to see the movie, I will buy a dry food now in the cinema! Brush the third time, I'm so good, everyone will go to see it!

@ : Everyone knows that I will not mess with Amway, so I have to treat my Amway this time, I have to give me a "rain forest treasure"! ! ! ! Super good-looking, don't look at the wrong!

The movie quickly became a phenomenon film, because it stamped in the minds of the Chinese people, a long-lasting concept:

We don't believe that there is a savior of the Salvation, will not expect the heavens to reduce the ability, we can break through the head of the head and hardworking, and become the dominance of your own destiny!

This film makes everyone all over the blood, there are many viewers to see, come to Guanbo, Chen Hongguang, Mu Yao and Fu Xiyuan and other respective personnel private messages, telling their own stories.

"Thank you for shooting this movie ... I have already supported it before, I bought a lot of pills, but I thought in the end, I want to see Fu Xiuyuan's new film ... After reading, I cried, put the medicine Throw, I want to stick to it again. "

This private letter was hang up by the official Bao, and there were countless people comforted, crying, and sharing their own stories. The glory of human nature was constantly flashing, because a movie, everyone gathered together to encourage each other.

It's a very magical feeling, the relationship between people and people is gradually being stained, but everyone has not met, but it seems to be a close friend, saying that his inner secret is released, and the pressure is released.

Mu Yao looked at my private letter and comments in Weibo. I saw a different story of many people, and I was very emotionally, I sent a Weibo to comfort everyone.

"Playing the plum, I am very unconfident, I think he is so powerful, so calm and strength and moving, ordinary, I will definitely play ... but later, I found her and we are the same. People, like love, hate, as joys and sorrow, sometimes the same weakness.

I have sent a high fever when I was in the crew, I dreamed of Mei shaking. She told me that she was going to do it, and I took it. I think these 8 words are

No one is born is a hero. It is the day we struggled to your dreams and gradually gain us into the hero of ordinary life. Every effort is worthy of respect! "

Her Weibo sent out and was a wave of circle powder, and the group of Mousse cake expanded.

And at this time, I don't know who is the idea, and I have exploded an explosion in the heat:

"" Rainforest Treasure "men and women lead theater kiss! Suspected to be in love!"

When you look at it, it is a series of comparative charts and the painting animation taken by the theater monitoring system ...

It turned out that before I had a passion, I started to track them before I entered the theater into theater. I found a moving from the theater monitoring, I found that the two were sitting in the final row of corners, and two people kissed Subsequently, Miyu jumped.

"This !!!!! I am shocked, my mother asked me why I squatted to Weibo !!!"

"Lying in the trough, is this true? Who is coming with me? Isn't I dreaming?"

"My CP is true?"

"It won't be a rumor, or the moving is fake? What is the two long people to play?"

"I don't think, think carefully, this is a sign! Fu Xiuyuan has been put on the mat, this sinister man! Stole my heart now, but I fell in love with others, I shackled!"

"Yes, no wonder before Fu Xiuyuan always praises CP powder remarks, I thought he was only expressing the respect for the same female actor ... Now I think I am really funny, people are in love, and my mother's tire Solo is not come out!"

"Blessing blessings, they are really super-equipped, plucking Luo Fei is always together, Drama Forever!"

"Hey, if it is Mei Zhi and Luo Fei, it is really too good, they have experienced so much, I should be together! Sweet, sweet, I want to go to the CP I'm returning! "

"It's true fake, I look forward to the prostitute to respond!"

"If it is fake, I hope that all the bloggers don't rumors, and I hope that the two work is to be held accountable! Can not let these bloggers in the sky are always active in the circle, completely destroyed in the circle!"

"How do I just picked Fu Xixuanyuan, I have passed the news he wants to have an object. It seems that I am lucky, I'm gone."

Some of the flour of fans, some are saddened, but some are very happy, all kinds of blessings, come and go.

Yao Yao was in the first time of the content of the marketing number, I contacted Fu Xiuyuan, I would like to ask him what to do now.

"Do you want to open?"

Fu Xiuyuan is directly asking.

"Ah? Can you disclose it directly? Is there any impact on your career?"

Mu Yao did not feel in the heart. She didn't know what the fans of the two people were now. In the end, there are many enemies in the circle. If the announcement will be held?

"Mainly, will you mind?"


"It's my words, I want to open as soon as possible, so no one can grab you."

Mu Yao face is red, and then thinks about a tight thing:

"Wait, I have to discuss my brother!"

She hurriedly hung up the phone and ran out to find my brother.

Now I have only two brothers now, she swallowed the vomiting to call the second brother to the study:

"Two brothers ... I want to frank with you ... that ..."

Shepherd's eyes watched her softly, listened to her swallowed, simply interrupted, asked:

"Do you want to say, you and Fu Xiuyuan love things?"

Mu Yao:

"Ah! How do you know!"

Shepherd laugh:

"After you determine the relationship, Fu Xiuyuan told us."

Mu Yao:


She didn't know that this guy did so thieves, I got my family early!

It's too bad, I don't talk to myself, my brothers will fall back to him!


Mu Yao Bo thought the biggest obstacle, a little water did not solve it, and she didn't reason to stop Fu Xiuyuan, and said directly:

"Then let's send a statement together."

Fu Xiuyuan also said:

"Wait for me, 20 minutes, I am on the road."

Mu Yao:

"Are you rushing to my house? Why?"

Fu Xiu smiled in low sinking:

"Because so big, I want to complete with you."

Weibo is still a lot of money, countless fans, and many passers-by doing melon.

"It's not that I said, what is the news that this kind of marketing number, really can't be failed, even if he is really together, how can it be kissing in the cinema, is this not waiting to be found?"

"I look at the movie marketing means, the feelings of Mei Zhu and Luo Fei are really precious, and the two genius is in the middle of the genius, but if this thing is moving to the reality, it is a bit awkward?"

"General this is a studio first, and the star himself forwarded to say a few words, sit and wait for it."

However, they didn't wait for the rumors, but they were, Fu Xixuan and Mu Yao doubled Weibo.

@ : I am honored, the rest of your life is accompanied. @

@ forward microblogging: Very lucky, the rest of your life should advise.

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