These two microblogs have been transferred to 100,000, and the number of praises and comments are also crazy. Weibo servers are overwhelming for a few minutes.

After two minutes, I hotly rushed to the first place. This is the hottest person in the whole network, just in their movie, the news of the newspaper, and the news of the male and female lord in love, it is too amazing. !

Fu Xiuyuan and Mu Yao, all kinds of news and corrections for a long time, finally together! Official official!

The mainstream blessings have an overwhelming situation, and the blacks are not able to jade, and the fans and passers-by are full of goodwill, and there are countless cP's fans congratulations, it is enough to cover all the relevant news.

Everything is too beautiful, Mu Yao can't believe that she thought that she had just entered the entertainment circle, she announced that her love will be bounced with a part of the fans. I didn't expect it at all!

Not only did she imagine a group of people's removal pictures, and her fan group quickly expanded, even Fu Xiuyuan's fans also followed her, and guests arrived in the following message, called the scorpion, called Mrs. It is very gentle.

Until this, Mu Yao really found that the team management capability of the top shadow is indeed different. Fu Xiuyuan's fans are probably in today's entertainment circles, the highest quality fans.

Now the movie is hot. In order to cooperate with promotion, she also has to accept a variety of different interviews with Fu Xiuyuan, and participate in various notices.

After they released these two Weibo, the mailboxes and phones on the broker were exploding, and more interviews and notices were squeezed.

"Which is more interested?"

In the wide villa of Fu Xiuyuan, Mu Yao sat in the sofa, half of the body was hugged by the other party, and the two people watched the notice from the broker.

Mi Yao twisted his head, and pushed the courage to gently knew the side face of Fu Xiuyuan. Subsequently turned back, as if nothing happened:

"Just ... can you not participate? I think ... I am a little shy."

Fu Xiuyuan picked his eyebrows:

"Why is it shy? Will you have a pressure with me?"

Mu Yao hurriedly shook his head and explained carefully:

"Because you are such a great person, but I am a regular actor. I can be with you, I originally hit the Universiade, so I don't dare to stay in front of the camera ... Say our love history. "

Fu Xiuyuan is away, and it is gently smashed on the Yangmao head and gently gently.

"You ... my little baby, can be with you, I have hit the big luck."

Fu Xiuyuan heads low, covering the lips of Mu Yao, in the warm sun, lazy day.

He was stimulated by these news, "Rainforest Treasure" movie box office has new high.

Even those who are not interested in this theme, also means that the legend is generally the same, and ran and looked at their final movie.

"Rainforest Treasure" itself is a very good film, the real outstanding movie, will reflect the idea of ​​everyone's heart from different angles, like a multi-prism, there is always a moment, the audience will experience the huge test of the soul together .

Some people have seen a refreshing storyline from the movie. Some people see the beautiful pictures and mysterious tropical rainforest landscapes. Some people see the confrontation of terrorist organizations and Justice. Some people see women's individual is tenacious and brave.

So watching movies is sometimes understanding your own inner, through the idea, let yourself and the protagonist in the same world, facing the same choice, and feel the true idea.

Once there has been such an experience, the audience will completely different emotions of this movie, and the film will be part of its own.

The movie box office doubled several days, and later, it was simply an exponential level, and the posters did not catch up with night. Instead, many enthusiastic audiences have made a lot of posters for their movies.

However, due to the very positive energy of the movie itself, it has also been supported by the state organs. The cinema is also very satisfied, a few parties, the movie has been extended by two months, and three months.

Finally, the movie box office has reached 4.1 billion yuan this year! It is already the highest movie in the domestic box office this year! Within five in the top five of the national movie total, we defeated countless Hollywood business blockbuster!

In such a bright grade, almost all the actors who participated in the movie have got a bonus. The movie itself also became a benchmark movie, a word-of-mouth box office double harvest, and countless film festival also invited him to participate in the exhibition.

Mu Yao and Fu Xiuyuan's coffin were jumped at the same time, and Hu Ruomin, who participated in the supporting role, was divided into a piece of variety and programs in various types of variety and programs recently.

Now all programs are like hungry, I want to find Mamao, Fu Xiuyuan, I can't find them, I will find people related to them, so Hu Ruomin participates in the program, but also asked these two people many times.

On the surface, she wants to let her say the interesting things in the crew, but it is actually trying to listen to the journey of these two love.

Hu Ruitin also understood, holding Mu Yao and Fu Xiuyuan said that the story of the story of love in the film, a screw-opening scene was rendered numerous times, saying that it was even more floating, and it is intended to be interested. In order to fall in love, Mu Yao and Fu Xiuyuan influenced the degree of investment in shooting.

Yao Haobo finds Mu Yao discussion, and it is necessary to deal with Hu Ruomin's remarks.

She is not aware of Hu Ruomin's mind, nothing to see how they are too red, thinking about saying something special, reverse the heat.

If she is with this person, she is a low-grade.

Mu Yao didn't talk, but he is now not happy now, running to Hu Ruomin, including many Fu Xiuyuan's fans, Hu Ruomin's focus.

"I doubt that you are impossing to shoot it is not good? But people who have eyes can see, they are more than 10,000 times in the big screen!"

"The empty mouth spray is to take evidence. If you want to have a heat, it is not so embarrassing. I have been very good for you, but I sincerely hope that you will shut up!"

"Yes, I said that they have neglected their duties and negative work workers, come up with evidence?"

Hu Ruomin quickly sent Weibo to explain, saying that he didn't mean, but there was a little yin and yang, but apologized, but also said that so many fan friends pay attention to this matter, let her stress, spirit I feel unbearable.

The fans are more inconsistent, but it feels some tricky, can't you really think about the crime of depression? I have to accept the apology.

I thought that this is so touched, but I haven't long been long. Chen Hongguang's new phase interviewed, including the reporter to ask, how to see Mu Yao and Fu Xiuyuan in love during the show, Chen Hongguang is this answer:

"I originally looked at the chemical reactions between them, I chose them to play. This road is in the crew, I looked at two people in my own eyes, and the love gradually grew up, this is almost consistent with the rhythm in my movie, so I am very happy. It can be said that only what they have really fall in love, in order to show the part of the feelings in the movie, show what I need. "

The reporter also said that a member of a group said that the two are not professional enough for love, is it true?

Chen Hongguang is denied:

"There is nothing! It can even be said that their love, inspiring the vitality of their glow, let each of them contribute 200% of performance!"

Chen Hongguang interviewed, Hu Ruomin's face was swollen, and quickly sold, and never dared to appear in the public.

The fans will go to the interview record of Hu Ruomin, and they will thank Chen Hongguang, and then ran to Mu Yao and Fu Xiuyuan and other microblogs. The respective notice is made. One, I have to worry about the work team of the two.

This year's autumn and early winter, in the past, the soldiers were in the past, and the soldiers were in the past. In the deep winter season, Fu Xiuyuan officially got off the door, and the identity of the boyfriend accepted the strict review and context.

In the end, he got the approval of his brother, and he was able to travel alone with Mu Yao.

They went to the R country.

This country has a world-famous cherry blossom, temple and hot springs, and Fu Xiu has a whole hot spring resort industry. They can spend the whole winter. North

Fu Xixi took the entire resort, emptied, and two people.

Just on the first night, Mu Yao wearing a hot spring under the swimming suit with a lace, shy, did not dare to look at it, and his sight did not dare to meet Fu Xiuyuan.

Two people bubble together with different temperatures, natural sulfur smell is very comfortable, let her start fever, like drinking wine.

More decent, in the water drifting on the water, Fu Xiu fell down the cup of wine.

Mu Yao was originally a cup of poured physique, but I still want to taste this wine, just got up a bite.

The taste is too light, she drunk a cup unconsciously, and the consciousness fell into the state.

I don't know when I was hugged out of the hot spring, waiting for her to wake up, it is already the next morning.

Fu Xiuyuan was lying next to her, smiled, and greeted.

After the Miyao reaction, he immediately opened his face and checked himself, and it was a strange feeling with careful feelings.

Fu Xiuyuan laughs:

"I didn't happen last night. You don't worry. This matter, I will wait for you to promise, give you the best memories, never let you not know, you will take you cheap. "

Mu Yao, this is big and relieved, and I can't help but stand at the glance, I buried myself to the arms:

"I blame you, what wine is given to me last night ... I will not allow this next time."

"it is good."

"Well ... still have, wear a swimwear yesterday, soaked, I am very uncomfortable."

"That is not wearing it today."


The windows are cold, the hot springs are steaming, as if fantasy in the fairyland.

In the second time, Mu Yao really drums and courage, according to the local customs, do not wear swimsuits into the pool.

On the evening, the two were tightly embracing in the warm bed, and Fu Xiuyuan strongly pressed the magnetic hoarse voice, very solemnly asked her:

"Do you want to?"

Mu Yao wants to dodge, but force yourself not to turn off, especially shy and especially excited, staring at each other's eyes:

"I am willing."

A night is ridiculous.

In another year, on the well-known movie festival overseas, Muyao won the best female starring nomination with "Rainforest Treasures".

Everyone didn't expect that she had a movie that was in the first movie, who had been in the first film, got the world's largest film festival!

Mu Yao wore a golden dress, the gas field was extremely powerful, and the face was calm when sitting under the stage.

She holds her hands to repair the future, and fell generous before the camera.

More than half a year, two people are beautiful, and everyone is not blamed.

Fantastic fans in the live broadcast is mostly discussing the problem of movie nomination, guess who will spend anyone in the end.

"In fact, this Mu Yao has a nomination. It is already unexpected. I didn't see Fu Xiuyuan didn't get nominated? But I didn't think that his acting is not good, mainly his drama is too small."

"Mu Yao, if you can call the shadow, how good it is, the actress in our country is going to Hollywood movie, and after touching, I really hope that our domestic movies can also take a movie. "

"It's unlikely, this competition is so fierce, and the relationship between the two countries is a little nervous. The film festival is not as good as it."

"Don't say anything, I just want to let Mu Yao hurry out, tell me how to have a boyfriend like Fu Xiuyuan, feeling so good!"

"It is necessary to announce it! Too nervous!"

"Who is it ah ah ah ah ah ah ah !!!! I am anxious to die !!!!"

"The host doesn't sell the Guan Zi, hurry to read the name! You must be our Yao Yao! The pride of Hua Guo!"

In the flow of flowers on the stage, the host read the words with less skilled Chinese:

"Winners are - Yao, Mu, from" Rainforest Treasure "!"

The whole audience thunder, the ribbon shocked explosion in the air, the edge of the stage even spurting the fire, countless media lenses to Zi Mu Yao, next to light and beautiful foreign stars, stand up and congratulate Mu Yao.

Mu Yao himself has already stayed, and the consciousness clears the hands of Fu Xiuyuan.

Fu Xiuyuan came to her ear, whispered said:

"Congratulations, my baby."

Mu Yao finally woke up, walked to the stage, follow the process of process trophy, and the host kissed the cheek.

When speaking, she started a blank, because she didn't think of my winning prize, but did not prepare a giving speech at all.

Until the line of sight, she suddenly came to the courage, and the trophy appear next to the next finger:

"Fu Xiuyuan, now I am also shadow, match you, let's get married, ok?"

The whole foreign star figured the words that she said, all mad, usually jumped up, and some people went to push Fu Xiangyuan, told him to go.

Fu Xiuzhen looked at the eyes, immediately stood up, as if it was a second, I went straight from the aisle to go to the stage, and I took the award-winning prosthetic girl, tightly in his arms.

He stared at the little girl in his regards, whispered:

"Well, we get married, I protect you for a lifetime."

Mu Yao looks his face, and his face is excited. It is all the dreams of dreams and happiness.

Fu Xiuyuan bowed his head kissed, and it was a live broadcast of the world, and he kissed fierce, and it was like a child.

Mu Yao narrowed his eyes on his side, and he couldn't think about the margin:

It seems that before going out this morning, I bought the extremely expensive gift with my own money, and really had an effect.

She has brought her unexpected good luck to her own money.

Perhaps ... her life, it is really a book in the book, and has a unique golden finger.


The author has something to say: the text is over! Thank you for so long, this article I wrote very happy, I hope everyone can also see very happiness, and our Yao Yao Baby and Mr. Yao, will have been happy and happy, and continue to enter the road!

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Goodbye, lovely little angels!

"Burden is heavy and rich"


After the shadow, Yue Bai has just been married for a year, Zheng Yuchuan, the divorce agreement, and has been confession by four big men, and death will die.

After death, she found that she actually was a dog's blood, and that morning died, giving the female main forest Qiuqiu's sad reminder of the white moonlight!

After she was reborn five years, Lin Qiuqiu was red, and she was black.

I used to laugh and not reveal the teeth, and the elegant and generous Yue Bai:

"Hey, I will climb!"

She turned back, she inherited huge heritage.

The entertainment circle has a lot of acting explosions, takes money, but also giant look ... .

Later, Lin Qiuqiu went out of the entertainment circle, and Yue Bai burst into the world.

Four big memoritors: I am wrong, ask for forgive!

Zheng Yuchuan: Is the kind of rushing, the stars give you?