Industrial empire

Chapter 1,674 lives like chocolate

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"Ah? Husband, you woke up?"

Tang Yu lived.

"I didn't sleep.

Lin Feng sat up and gentle his wife in his arms.

"Then I said, have you heard it?"

I asked Tang.


Lin Feng kissed his wife's ear, "heard it.

"Husband, I said to play, don't be true.

Tang Yan wants to get up, but he is tight by Lin Feng.


Lin Fengwen said, "There is such a husband and wife, what should I say, shouldn't put my heart in my heart.


Tang Yu is lying in Lin Fenghuai, smiled slightly, "I have to interview you, I have to hear my wife's heart, what do you think?"

Lin Feng said: "Do you want to listen to true?"

Tang Yao, a sound: "Of course.

Lin Feng took her hand and kissed her lips.


Tang Hao hands gently powerfully, then he doesn't push him, close your eyes, feel the passion of his heart.

"Let's go back?"

Tang Yu whispered.

Lin Feng hugged her and said: "Sorry, wife, I used to take care of you."

Tang Yan smiled: "The husband and wife are one, you are busy, but also to make money, how can I realize?"

Lin Feng Shen said: "Wife, you are right, we don't miss the money now, you should change a living method.

Tang Yu said: "How to change?"

Lin Feng said: "We have such a big industry empire, even if it is not good, the money earned is enough for us.

Tang Wei: "That is.

As long as you do it, you have money now, it's enough.

Lin Feng said: "I want to change a way to manage these funds and enterprises.

Tang Yu is very interested in Q: "What is the method?"

Lin Feng said: "In the past, we all in front of the scene, all the business, all experienced.

I am thinking, if I returned to the scene, I can maintain the operation of the empire.

Tang Wei said: "Is that is not very good?"

Lin Feng said: "We will finally go, will retire, the company will definitely be handed over to others.

Our bamboo, if you have the heart to enter the business world, we can pass the company to her to work, if she is unintentional business? Then our company will work? "

Tang Yuxi smiled: "Do you think too much? What a far thing is it?"

Lin Feng shook his head slightly: "Don't think more, but I think it is just good.

People have limited energy, creativity is limited, if you can find a better way, you can make your business, not better than relying on a person's genius, isn't it better? "

Tang Wei said: "Of course, ok, what do you think of?"

Lin Feng said: "The focus is in the cultivation and management of talent mechanisms.

Tang Wei said: "I think this is good, you will be the Emperor, only the two layers of personnel below, that is, the manager level is enough.

As long as this level does not have problems, the entire empire will run.

Lin Feng said: "Not so simple.

The empire is also a country, but it is just a commercial empire.

In addition to people who do things, they have to be supervised, in addition, the company's management, finance, supervision, these three blocks, it is best to separate, becoming a separate system.

"Well, this is ok."

Tang Yu smiled, "I don't understand too much, you have a good time.

Husband, then you will retire so young. "

Lin Feng said: "Athletes retired too early, but after they retired, they will work in some management work.

I also retired in my name, but it will also manage it.

This time I came to Africa, I feel the impermanence of life.

"That's great, you have to retreat, what are we doing?"

Tang Yu is a beautiful life in the future.

"Well, a lot of things do.

For example, we are both, first Zhou Tour the world.

Each city, lives so for ten and a half months, this circle, the past ten years.

"Ah? How to play outside every day, how to do bamboo bamboo?"

"So, we have to bring your child."

By the way, my wife, I want you to regenerate two children, whether it is a boy or a girl.

"So many births? Where is there timeks around the world?"

"So it is the world."

"Well, walk around? A 12 zodiac?"

"Then I can't give you so hard.

Lin Feng smiled.

"That day, is it boring?"

Lin Feng said: "Will n't bore, because we have children.

Tang Yu nodded: "Yes, we still have love!"

Lin Feng hugged her shoulder, two people sat on the beach and plan a beautiful blueprint for the future.

He thinks more than his wife.

That is the other islands, and women on the island.

Maybe, everything is the best arrangement? Now life, so comfortable, what is going on, what will I do next year, or later? No one is clear.

The big sun in Africa, takes the warmth of people.

Lin Feng suddenly felt very sleepy, pillows on his wife's legs, closed his eyes: "I am squatting, my wife.


Tang Hao holds him, "You sleep, I will always be by your side.

Lin Feng is really tired, this time is really asleep.

Suddenly, a familiar shout came over: "Lin Feng, it's so clever, how are you here?"

"Teacher Qin? How come you?"

Lin Feng turned over and looked at Qin Yan.

Qin Wei hugged their children: "Take him to play.

Tang Yuxing picked up the child and smiled: "Lin Feng, you see, this child seems to be like you!"

Qin Wei smiled: "This is his child, of course, is like.

Lin Feng is shocked: "Qin teacher!


Qin Wei asked: "Lin Feng, you still want to conceal her life in a life?"

The shock of Tang Yuyi face.

At this time, there was another woman ran over.

Lin Feng took carefully, there is Jiang Sa, there is Guo Xiaoyu, Zhang Ji, Rao Yan, and Feng Cheng and others!

"How come you?"

Lin Feng asked.

"Come to you.

You don't say, I bought us a small island? We want to go to the island to see the scenery.

Are our private aircraft and yachts ready? "

They are overlooking Yan Yan, surrounded.

Lin Feng is going to talk, hear Tang Yu's head is drinking: "Lin Feng, you do a good thing, how do you tell me? I don't care!

After finishing, Tang tears, and ran away.



Lin Feng shouted, and the legs were packed.

Many women in the latter, tale with your hands.

Lin Feng's foot, fell to the ground, and fainted.


Husband, you wake up, don't scare me, how do you feel? "

In a confused, a familiar voice is not called in the ear.

Lin Feng's eyes were heavy, and he opened his eyes.

The scene in front of me, but he was very surprised.

Standing in front of, ginger!

I am not in the sandy beach in South Africa, but I am lying on the hospital bed, I still have a little bit.

"Husband, you can wake up!

Jiang Shuyou is very sipping, flutating, holding Lin Feng.

Lin Feng is still.

Jiang Shundao wipes the tears: "Your car fell to the river.

Fortunately, there is a good way to pass, jump down to save you.

Is there anyone else in the car? When the good people saved you, I found that the door is open, only you are alone.

That all, just a dream? I just did a dream? Still, I am in my dream now? I still lying on the beach of South Africa, pillow the beautiful legs of Tang, do this dream? Lin Feng once again closed his eyes and dizzy.

He is looking forward to waking up again, he will be in another place!

No matter where it is good, you must be true, don't be a dream!

Unfortunately, life is not allowed to choose.

Because, life is like a box of assorted chocolate, you never know, what is the taste of the next one.

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