Nathis told me that I wanted to use a dumb skill anyway, but I still had zero points for getting a skill in the capital. You can't acquire a skill now.

But the enemy will save the mountain ahead of us. It would be easy to raise the level. Keep an eye out for skills you want to get ahead of the curve so you don't have to worry about when you get more points.

< Hanging > < Saw > < Nailing > < Forecut >...

Swipe through the list of carpenter skills,

< Singing > < Death Voice > < Makeup (Makeup) > < Adrib > < Early Player > < Guitar >...

Skip through the list of artist skills.

(... no, I can't find anything that looks good at all!)

Nathis said, "You can take as much skill as you want," but as expected, you can't just get anything.

I can't think of a future in which the skills of < Guitar > and < Base > can be useful for adventurer activities.

I tried to figure out how to use my skills, but all I could think of was a white-stained Hevimetallic man emitting a death voice and beating his enemies with a guitar.

The possibilities for humans are endless. If you want that kind of road, you'll get it.

But it was too sharp. They must be distanced in another way, not because they're inferior.

While I was looking for other good skills,

"Thor, it looks like we're here."

Destination - We reached the foot of Mount Raretis.

Mt. Reatis is the name given to the peak at the easternmost point of the mountain range, which stretches from east to west.

The peak is high enough to penetrate the clouds. If we were to reach the top, it would take at least a week.

Fortunately, the destination was Caldera, a large stretch of land created by volcanic activity in its midst. It won't take much longer to get to the top.

- If it's just climbing, it's a story.

On the first day, we had a late evening just by moving, so we decided to carry the attack on our stomachs to the next day.

The next day, as the sun rose, I cleared the tent and carefully prepared it.

Estelle, are you ready?

“Yeah, I'm fine.”

Well then--

"Oh, wait a minute!"

Estelle gave a serious expression and retained her permeability.

"Nh, what's wrong?"

"Thor, just in case, do you want to whistle?" It is to be avoided ".

Esther's questionable [whistling] was a skill used by Transparent before to lure monsters. The monster's words (although I didn't know what they meant at all) could be reproduced at a higher level.

However, it was a skill that I had acquired in order to summon monsters. As expected, I don't plan to use it here.

Of course. I mean, if I use it here, it's going to be tough, so I'm not going to do it.

"... really? I guess I didn't use it inadvertently?"

I don't trust you.

“I'm going to put my hand on my chest and think about why I'm suspected.”

Permeability puts her hands on her chest and looks back.

When I used the [Whistle] before, I hunted (a lot) of monsters, and it was by no means (for Transparent) a ruinous act.

"... I don't understand why Esther would be wary."

"Hah... I thought so. Anyway, there were a lot of B-rank monsters here. I wanted to avoid fighting as much as possible. Don't just use the whistle.

"I got it."

Even though it's transparent, I don't want to lure a large number of B-rank monsters. Safety first. Consciously seal the whistle, as Esther says, and start climbing Mount Raretis.

After a while, I quickly caught the sign of the monster. The number is two. We are walking a short distance from the road on which we are going.

It's slow. We don't seem to be aware of it yet.

Transparency warned Esther with a hand sign. At the same time, it revealed the [Demon Sword].

(Is it coming out of here?)

Ask Esther in a whisper. There was a chance that the ambush with the Magic Bow would succeed. However, it is surrounded by grass and trees, and the view is quite poor. Even if you rely on Sensing, it's unlikely that you have a high probability of success.

"(Is there a route to avoid?)"

"(There are some, but it may be difficult)"

Currently, Transparent Beasts are on the Beast Path where the grass has been trampled down. If you leave here, there will be a sound to scatter the grass. With that sound, it was possible that the monster could have noticed our presence.

"(How is it possible that they will leave?)"

"I wonder if it's more scary if another monster might come while I'm waiting."

"(...... I guess I can't help it.)"

Estelle gave up dodging and pulled her sword. At about the same time, Transparent changed the form of the [Demon Sword]. Bow and squeeze the strings.

Daw, daw, daw. The sound of your heart echoes behind your ears.

I felt more nervous in the fight against the monsters above me.

Take a deep breath, inhale, and stop.

In the face of the sign captured by [Sense], Transparent released an arrow.

- Spud!

Instantly draws a string and releases a second shot.

- Spud!

The [Demon Sword] returned from its bow to its sword and moved forward at once.

I feel nervous and sweaty in my hands.

Focus on the hand holding the handle.

(B-ranked monster... I wonder how strong it is.)

Just in case, Transparent had [Demon Sword] put together a [Fireball].

Strike the target with maximum firepower before they're ready.

Distance to monster - Approximately ten meters.

Nine, eight, seven...

With the [Demon Sword] at the top,

Five, four...

It slips out of the window and opens up my sight.

There are two monsters...