Chen Yu said lightly.

Bai Yan said with a smile: "I naturally understand this, but the Jianghai area and the five dynasties are above the eastern end of Dongzhou.

"Even if the Great Witch dynasty and the Jianghai area must deal with the Kingdom of Shenwu, it is not a night!"

"As long as I give me some time, I can eat all the southern end of Dongzhou!"

Bai Yan said with a smile.

Chen Yu shook his head and laughed: "It seems you really think about it, all steps, every step, every piece, you are planning!"

Bai Yan smiled and said, "Of course, this is the opportunity of God Wu Kingdom!"

Chen Yu looked at Bai Yu with a smile. At this time, Chen Yu also fully understood the reason why Bai Yu came to the Dongzhou Xue Palace to make a suggestion to deal with Mu Zong because he wanted to find opportunities for Shenwu.

Chen Yu is in the palace. After listening to Bai Yu's words, he was silent. After a long time, Chen Yu asked, "Do you have any to see?"

The white trembling beautiful eyes trembled, she said, "No!" Chen Yu said: "Before the order of the mountain, when you heard the name of Lord Mo Zong and Zhao Yue, I saw that your expression changed dramatically. Although it flashed, I finally saw it. "

"Have you ever seen the Devil Emperor?"

"Or do you know the origin of the demon lord?"

Chen Yu said coldly at the white eyes.

The white face looked at Chen Yu expressionlessly, his face was complicated.

After a long time, Bai Yu said, "I have nothing to see!"

"In addition, according to the dark part of the Kingdom of Shenwu, I am investigating the headquarters of the Demon family. If I find it, I will inform you!"

"It is not difficult to win this war in a two -pronged approach!"

Bai Hao hurriedly opened the topic and said to Chen Yu.

Chen Yu nodded: "Okay!"

Bai Yan said, "Then rest, let me arrange Chuhe!"

Chen Yu nodded slightly.

Then, walking out of the palace and looking at the heart of the cliff, he silently walked to the shore of Yanglong Island, watching the tide outside Yanglong Island.

Bai Yan stood on the beach and took a deep breath and closed his eyes reluctantly.

At this time, Chu Jiangliu led the army to secretly protect this day.

Looking at the seemingly difficult white choice, Chu River was a little helpless.

Chu Jiangliu also understands Bai Yu's dilemma.

Especially the demon lord!

After a long silence, Chuhe flowed out of the dark and came to the side of Baiyu. He said, "Your Majesty, you have discussed with the swordsman!"

Bai Hao nodded slightly: "There is nothing to discuss. I just tell him about the future plan of God's mist, but there are something. I really don't know how to tell him!"

Chu Jiangliu asked curiously: "Is this the demon lord?"

Bai Hao nodded slightly: "Chuhe, if he knows, he will be crazy!"

"The most important thing is. I plan to deal with Mozong now. He knows the future, and he will blame me!"

The white face looks a little painful.

Chu Jiangliu laughed: "I don't think the sword king will blame you!"

Bai Yan asked curiously: "Why?"

Zhu Jiangliu said with a smile: "First of all, whether she is or Majesty, it is the most important person in the heart of the king. He will not hurt another person because of one person!"

"Secondly, Master Jianwang is better than anyone. In the current situation of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, a person needs to stand up to clean up the disabled. You are willing to stand up and Jian Wang is willing to support you!"

"Otherwise, Lord Jianwang will not support your decisions on the mountains of order so firmly!"

Chuhe flowed down.

Bai Xiao nodded slightly.

Zhu Jiangliu added: "His Majesty may not consider this issue now."

Bai Xiaoxiao said with a smile, "Do you know what I am thinking?"

Zhu Jiangliu said solemnly: "Now the devil has disrupted Dongzhou, no matter what the reason, her sin is great. If we win this war, the demon monarch loses, then the demon monarch will die!"

"Your Majesty is thinking, do you want to tell the sword god these things, right?"

Bai Hao said quietly, "Chuhe, do you say I should tell him?"

"If I tell him, I really dare not believe what he will do!"

"If I don't tell him, if Mozong was defeated, then she was dead, Chen Yu would be crazy!"

"Whether to tell him, this makes it difficult for me to decide!"

Bai Yu closed her eyes in pain.

Chu Jiangliu said: "Since it is difficult to make a choice, why not let it be natural, I believe that the sword king's ability, he will deal with these things well!"

Bai Yan said sadly: "He came along and shed tears step by step. I just didn't want him to suffer from the pain of the cone!"

"Chuhe, can you bear when Chen Yu see her again?"

In Yanglong Island, Chen Yuhua cured time and returned to its peak in the shortest time.

During this time, Bai Yu also stayed on Yanglong Island, but she was very busy every day, and kept arranging various things in Shenwu with a voice token.

Even the Chuhexi Creek is very busy every day and has no time to chat with Chen Yu.

Five days later, Lan Yuxin and Li Jiuzhi came to Yanglong Island.

Chen Yu Palace, Li Jiuge, Lan Yuxin, Chen Yu, Bai Yu and other four people sat together.

Lan Yuxin's gaze is watching Chen Yu a lot of time.

And Li Jiuge's gaze is more white.

On the contrary, Chen Yu and Bai Lu's faces are very indecent, and they seem to worry about why.

Lan Yuxin said: "Dongzhou Academy is ready. Today, the disciples who return to the Tung Chau Academic Palace have entered the river."

"In Jianghai, the first family of the Da Wu Dynasty and the Jianghai area, Jiang Jia also agreed to the arrangements of Dongzhou College to prepare for the disciples of the Dongzhou Academic Palace!"

"In addition, the nine elders ordered by the court hope that the emperor of the Sui Dynasty can also go to the river and the ocean. As one of the masters of this battle, they are responsible for forming troops and the sea in the river!"

Lan Yuxin looked at the white scorpion.

"I am willing to make a living." Bai Hao responded with a trace of dizziness.

Brother Li Jiu said with a smile: "Is the Emperor Sui who live in Dongzhou?"

Bai Hao nodded with a smile and said nothing.

Chen Yu asked: "When will we go to the river?"

Lan Yuxin replied: "Now, the famous disciples have set off first, and the disciples and inner disciples will also go to the river. It is expected that the disciples of Dongzhou Xue Palace will gather in the river within ten days. "

After hearing this news, even if he said, "Lan Yu's heart girl, please tell you the order in the court and let them divide the river into four areas!"*