Infinite Apostle and the Twelve War Maidens

Unlimited Acts and Twelfth Wars Ji Section 1

Unlimited and Twelve Apostles of war Ji: lukrc

Introduction: Arrival: Today's twelve apostles standing in the world's vertices, Yurman is recognized as the strongest existence. But at the same time, he also guess the apostles who are most guessed. Because no one knows what he wants, wealth? reputation? power? These are not worth mentioning in his eyes.

Nowadays, such an apostle actually appeared in the army of the human empire.

Yurman: "Yes! Laozi is coming to find the future wife ..

Volume I: Apostle! ? I don't want to be it! !

1. Wild the world of ice

"Apostles" This is the humanity of the twelve of the world's twelve of this world. Every "apostle" is powerful, the legend "apostle" can even change the surrounding surface environment through its own ability, so the apostles are a very threatening risk of human beings.

In today's twelve apostles, it is recognized as the strongest, there is "unlimited" called Yurman. However, at this morning, when Yurman's sister Norz opened his door, it was only discovered such a note on the table.

- Go to the fucking apostle! Laozi is not dry! I am going to find a small sister to be a wife! . ......

When I arrived in Jinqiu, the legendary World of Warcraft appeared on the snow in the north of the empire. The so-called natural disaster level World of Warcraft is the most dangerous class in the existing World of Warcraft. Wherever the natural disaster-level World of Warcraft, there is no one to pick up charcoal, full of sore.

Although this World of Warcraft is still far from the city, but for the future safety considerations, the Empire has to send the army to encircle the heavenly disaster level World of Warcraft in this millennium - "Ice Dragon".

In this army sent in the empire, there were only one person in the battlefield to reverse the Empire of the Empire of the entire battle, and the "Flame Women" could be called Charlotte.

At this time, all people on the snow are tightly standing in the same place, waiting for the moment when they attack the ice dragon. However, in this group of tensioned soldiers, there is such a man who is not a very tall man standing alone on the snow. And his army special helmet is still from time to time, there is a laughter. Although there may be no one, this person is the strongest apostle ""

" ~~~ I really want to pinch a kiss of the Sister, the soft face, the soft face, the soft face."

When the people around him were taught, Yurman slammed the sight of the sideline, while emitting a laughter. Fortunately, the helmet blocked the face, otherwise, it may be dragged out because of the shake of the military.

But why is the strongest apostle to mix into the army of the human empire? Isn't that because of the problem of money!

No matter whether you are the strongest apostle, you don't want to marry your wife in this society. Don't talk about you, you can't see you, just a lot of money, you have to spend a lot of gold coins, plus buying this money, this about one will take the general person a month's salary. .

However, when Yurman began to realize that when the people in the world were not money, he brought a lot of gold coins.

But when he worked, he saw the conscription of the city wall. The purpose of this conscription is to hunt this head in the ice dragon. Because of the snowworns, the majority of the empire can't arrive in time, so there is only a temporary recruitment in the local area. As long as the medical examination is qualified, it can be added. Although there is not much reward, it is not much, but later because of the lack of people, the last reward has also risen to three thousand gold coins per person, and there are opportunities to transfer to screening very strictly strict troops.

"But I really didn't expect, the human world of the dragon is so value money ~~ Wait for the money, do you want to try a small sister ?? Not good ~~~ ~~ (ˉ﹃ˉ )

Just when You Yuman was still in the peach-color fantasy, the ground that was covered by Ski has become red. I saw a huge flame ball wrapped with magma. It was straight to the snow. The huge ice dragon above, melted the high temperature of the flame, melted the thick snow, and even the sky was also dyed.

"This is a adult attack signal! The whole army assault! "

Everyone in the army is in the middle of the army, and they have picked out their own weapons to rush forward in the direction where the ice dragon is located.

The original plan is to start attacking the injured ice dragon at a moment of this group of flames hitting the ice dragon. But no one thought that this group could make the flame of the heavei and the earth, and made a white smoke dissipated in the air in an instant placement of the ice dragon.

"This is impossible! "

The soldiers took the lead in seeing this scene immediately, and many people who came with the temporary recruits immediately panicked. It is necessary to know that one of the most advanced fires is one of the "lava burst".

However, ice dragons can be said to be said, and when the soldiers have not reacted, they immediately spit out of the mouth, it is enough to make the earth are frozen. When the weather suddenly changed, the original calm snowman suddenly rolled up the mad storm, and the countless soldiers centered on ice dragon were frozen into ice, and the next second saw the ice dragon a sweep, these ice cubes It is all crushed on the ground.

"This ... Is this the power of the Tianzhi-level World of Warcraft ..."

"It is impossible to win! Even if the flameless witch is impossible to host the legendary ice dragon! Run! "

In the face of the opponent of such a disparity, the surviving soldiers did not hesitate to leave the weapon to escape.

But even if it is, it is still a special fight in the front line and ice dragon.

I hope to go to the delicate figure and the ice dragon like a small hills form a distinct contrast. However, people are surprised that the momentum that can be dissolved in the body is not lost in ice dragon. The red long-haired hair like a flame is as if it is necessary to burn the heavens and the earth, and the influence between her eyebrows is like a legendary female Wuhen.

"The fire of the heavens and the earth is invited to the sword in my hand! Ai Yan's sword! "

With the singing of the spell, a moment of fire red inferently reddish the entire white snowfield, a giant sword burned with a raging fire immediately went to the head of the ice dragon. However, the fluid is a weakness of the ice dragon composed of countless ice, and the opposite is that this is gradually changing the magical sword burning the fire. Aerial.

At this time, countless sweat beads gradually frozen on the white cheeks. And the birth color of the original flame of flame is now gradually beginning to cover white frost.

Although it is very unhappy, the gap between strength is such a disparity, even if it releases the super-class magic of "the sword" of Ai Yan, but the ice dragon is still can't cause any injury.

There is no panic, but the most effective plan is quickly developed in your heart.

"Now there is only a dragging of the ice dragon to make the remaining people, so that at least in the city can notify the people in the city quickly evacuate."

While thinking about it, she immediately issued a command:

"Everyone listened, here I came to cover up, you immediately retreated! ! ! "

However, in the flying white snow responded that there is only whistling wind, and the low ..

The five thousand people have now been completely disappeared, and a large part of the people have been frozen into ice, and the remaining soldiers have chosen to escape in fear.

"Don't I say that I have to escape?" In this case, I will give you more time ... "

I saw that I closed my eyes and gathered all the magic on my own body. At the outside of the body, I started burning a raging fire outside, and her body's temperature has also begun to rise. This is the only thing that is the only thing you can do now. It gathered the conventional attribute magic to detonate all the surrounding, in which case you can't kill the ice dragon, you can also drag it for a while. In this way, the citizens have more time to get refuge.

However, this kind of magic is very dangerous, and it is not good that the caster itself will be fried into a fragment. So you can hesitate, in the last juncture, even if it is determined, she still doesn't want to die, because she still has unfinished wish ...

"It's so cute, why don't you think so?"