Intelligent Industrial Empire

Chapter 1 The 17-year-old Deputy Factory Manager

"Hey, Director Yang, Deputy Factory Manager Yun wants you to come to his office immediately."

Just after 8:00 in the morning, the equipment in the workshop hadn't been activated yet. The crisp voice of a petite girl in big overalls and ponytails, from the edge of the workshop gate, through a space of tens of meters, was transmitted to the whole workshop. In the ears of the workshop director Yang Dezhi of Jijiayi Workshop.

Yang Dezhi, in his forties, hurried to the direction of the office building.

"Xiaoli, come here..." As soon as Yang Dezhi left, several young workers in the workshop were lubricating the lathe, and the young workers who were about to start their day's work gathered together, and one of them called to Luo Xiaoli who was about to leave.

"What's the matter?" Yang Xiaoli slowly walked to the side of a few young workers gathered beside Yang Dezhi's lathe, and asked them.

"Sister Xiaoli, why is the tyrant looking for our supervisor?"

"Explain to us, do we have to be ready to be scolded again?"

"That's right, we can't bear the tyrant's anger, we need to be a little psychologically prepared."


A few young people surrounded Luo Xiaoli in the middle, and said babbledly.

"Stop..." Luo Xiaoli, who was annoyed with impatience, made a stop gesture, and then shouted to the young people around her to stop.

Several young people closed their mouths at the same time, staring at her expectantly, hoping to know from her that the original squad leader had not been called for a few days, and the current workshop director was the tyrant who went to the office to give a lecture. Why did it happen this morning? When he came, he called the old squad leader who was not doing his job properly.

"I don't know, anyway, the tyrant's fire is a bit big. Be careful and go do your work, otherwise he will come in and see him later. I can't help you picking up."

Hearing Luo Xiaoli's words, several young people looked towards the door together, and found that there was no voice from the guy called the tyrant by the big guy. They all breathed a sigh of relief, and then moved at the fastest speed. Run to the front of your own machine tool.

Because they are all under the repressive rule of tyrants, the following young people will soon turn from strangers to best friends.

Luo Xiaoli didn't even dare to ask why Yuntou angrily asked herself to call the squad leader of the turner squad to the office when she first went to work.From three months ago, she was recruited by Qingfeng Machinery to work as a clerk for Yunfei, who is one year younger than herself. No day has been spent in torment. As long as she makes a little mistake, she will encounter that young man. The reprimand of the tyrant.

Luo Xiaoli originally thought that Yun Fei, who was only 17 years old, was a relative of the factory manager, otherwise it would be impossible to become the deputy factory manager and engineer of the entire factory at such an age.His youth subverted her understanding of leadership for more than ten years.

No one in the entire factory, especially the masters, had any disrespect for that guy named Yunfei.Many times, Luo Xiaoli scolded Yun Fei as a tyrant in her heart, especially when she saw him in the office scolding teachers who were about the same age as her father and scolding herself for various trivial things.

Over time, Luo Xiaoli's view of the tyrant is slowly changing.At least, she knew from the contact with the masters during her work that the tyrant was a pretty awesome figure, young and had better skills than those masters who had worked for 20 or 30 years.

When she first came, Luo Xiaoli first heard that Deputy Factory Manager Yun was instructing people to fight against the people who were being reprimanded.As a result, not only did the people who were scolded didn't appreciate her, but she was scolded by those who were scolded.

From then on, Luo Xiaoli began to suffer life in Qingfeng Machinery Factory.I'm afraid that because I was not careful, I lost this high-paying job with a monthly salary of 600 yuan after the conversion.You know, before you, seven clerks were fired by the tyrant. The director would not even ask, and the personnel department wouldn't even put a fart.

It is estimated that the time is almost up, Luo Xiaoli walked slowly towards the two-story office building next to the workshop.

"Yang Dezhi, why do you make such a low-level mistake? There are so many waste products, how did you become the workshop director? What do your monitors do? I keep telling you that you should be diligent in self-inspection. TMD is good, so many waste products flow from your workshop to the finished product warehouse! If the people in the finished product warehouse don’t find out, just send the waste products to the customer, do we need to open it in the future? Huh? I keep letting the miller and fitter process You pay attention to one thing, how did you notice? There are more than 400 pieces of waste, this is your management, as the workshop director, do not work on the front line, what do I want you as the workshop director..." It came out from the concealed crack in the door of the room where the logo of the deputy director was hung. Luo Xiaoli curled her lips and withdrew the hand that was about to touch the door.

"Luo Xiaoli, you TMD come in for Lao Tzu! Stand aside first, and I will clean up you later!"

Hearing this, Luo Xiaoli bit her tightly, and tears began to swirl in her eyes.After taking a deep breath, he slowly opened the office door.

The office is small, only about 20 square meters.Luo Xiaoli's small desk was beside the door, and the desk of the tyrant she said was in the innermost part of the office.

Several people stood in front of Deputy Director Yun's desk.Luo Xiaoli lowered her head and walked quickly to the side of a few people with her head down, ready to be scolded.

After standing for a long time, without hearing her cursing words, Luo Xiaoli couldn't help but become curious. Could it be that this tyrant has changed sex today?He lowered his head and glanced secretly at the young man on the boss chair behind the desk in front of him, and saw him staring at the people next to him with a ferocious expression, and hurriedly withdrew his gaze.

You don't need to look at her to know that the few people next to him are definitely from the quality inspection department.

"Cheng Feng, how did you become the head of the quality inspection department? Do you still remember what I told you the day you entered the factory? Remember? Do you remember, then tell me about these four hundred Why did the waste products flow into the finished product warehouse through the hands of your quality inspection department? Tell me, how do you manage the people in your quality inspection department? Do you think that Feiya Machinery is our old customer, and their products It's simple, it doesn't matter whether it is tested or not..."

After the young voice roared, all that was left was silence.

The silence made the atmosphere in the office extremely depressive, and the people in front of the desk began to sweat in this depressing environment.

"Oh, I don’t want to say anything more about this matter. If it weren’t for the finished product warehouse’s sister Zhao who found that the workpieces were lighter during the loading process, these waste products were sent to Feiya Machinery. What are the consequences? I know more clearly. Now I will talk about the handling advice: the apprentices who made the scraps will deduct 100 per person. All the money will be deducted from the wages of the monitor and their master. Yang Dezhi will inform them in a moment; The rest of the procuratorate deducted 400 per person, Yang Dezhi and Cheng Feng each deducted 1,000. From this month onwards, they will deduct 100 per month until the deduction is over. They are all dispersed. I am not satisfied with my decision. Stay and talk to me. You can leave if you don't want to."

The young deputy director sighed lightly, his strength seemed to be taken away, closed his eyes, and sat down softly against the back of the boss chair, and made a decision to punish several people.

Yang Dezhi and several people from the Quality Inspection Department quickly left the office, this place, if possible, they would never want to come again for the rest of their lives.This is the place where everyone in the entire factory is most reluctant to go.

After everyone left, only Luo Xiaoli, who was standing with her head down, was left in the office, followed by the young deputy director who sighed with her forehead and closed eyes.

"Director, I, you..." Luo Xiaoli plucked up the courage to break the weird sense of depression in this office. She spoke, but she didn't know what to say.

"Go to the Human Resources Department, this month you will get a full salary of 650. Go, Chen Jie from the Human Resources Department is waiting for you."

There was no swearing as she imagined, but the kindness she had never felt. Luo Xiaoli didn't know what language or vocabulary to use to describe her mood at the moment. She noticed that tears were about to well in her eyes, turned around and walked outside the office.

"TMD, why is it so difficult to change these turtle sons!" When Luo Xiaoli closed the door, she heard an inaudible Sichuan dialect from the office.

After Luo Xiaoli left for a while, Yun Fei sat up straight.

Very ordinary appearance, thrown on the street outside, so ordinary that people will not take a second look.But the immature face is inlaid with a pair of vicissitudes of life.

Yun Fei rubbed his aching head, and then collapsed on the chair under his buttocks.

No one knows that he is a mechatronic engineer who has been excluded from a state-owned factory twenty years later.Because of drunkenness, they came to this great age that made their generation regret their birth twenty years late.He didn't know whether he entered a different time or space or was reborn.

Having just arrived in the great era of the early 1990s, he determined to use his knowledge to make great achievements.But I didn't expect that this was just the beginning, and I felt a little hard to go on.

Workers of this era have no sense of quality, let alone market awareness.They just do their own work and don't pay attention to anything other than their salary at all, which makes him extremely headache.

It took half a year to put 6S management into operation in this small factory with less than 100 people.It’s quite reluctant to say it’s running. Up to now, 6S activities have been carried out for more than half a year, and the entire workshop has only been cleaned and cleaned up. Sorting out this matter, if he doesn’t come to the workshop, it will take two days. It became empty talk; rectification of this matter has been done several times, with little effect, so don't talk about safety literacy.

I really want to give up, just let it go.In that case, Yun Fei feels a little sorry for fate to arrange him to come to this great era. Of course, I am even more sorry to give him a monthly salary of 1,000 yuan when he is about to live on the street and go hungry, and include food, housing and cigarettes. Wang Qingfeng.

Thinking of Wang Qingfeng, Yun Fei couldn't help but remember the scene when he met Wang Qingfeng...