Takudo's consciousness returned, and he was quickly demonstrating his skill and leading Minogura.

The evil cult Ira in Dragon Tan was also gradually increasing its scale.

What they are focusing on now is mainly base building.

Ira's followers have purchased a large mansion in the city's commercial district, which was once inhabited by powerful people, and are using it as a meeting place after being remodeled.

Even though only counting hours had passed since their establishment, they were gradually taking shape as an organization.

"Hey, godfather idiot. Are you there?"

Manor House - A simple room that was once treated as a servant's room in a gathering hall, had a daughter who entered with a lack of respect and courtesy.

A rare goat-shaped beastman in Dragon Tan. However, because the human element is strong, only the corners and ears are known to be so.

Fifteen or sixteen years old.

You can see the distinctive look and rough attitude of the goats, but all the decorations you wear are first-class products, and as long as the beautiful horns and their appearance are silent, the man will not be left alone.

My daughter's name is Yonayona. It is the number two organization that holds the position of surrogate patriarch in the evil cult of Ira.

”Nhhhhhhhh, I'm here!”

Vittorio replied troublesomely in a room where there was nothing but a chair.

He-Vittorio's recent state of affairs was not surprisingly remarkable.

When the approximate organization was finished, they threw out all their missionary activities and chores to their subordinates, so that they could lock themselves in their rooms all day long.

The godfather of the evil cult Ira, even if he is rotten. It is a serious matter that Vittorio, who is originally in a position to show himself in front of his followers and preach, is behaving in this way.

But in the first place, it's an easy-to-understand religion. Each of them voluntarily held a gathering to celebrate the great work of Takudu, and the organization was relatively operated without any problems.

Of course, even in such cases, there are a lot of chore and trouble. It is only natural that Vittorio should be the only one who can solve the problem.

"Don't get in the way, you didn't do anything in the first place." Don't let the guy who didn't do anything do it. Just get to work, and I'll beat you up. "

Ng! Is it a DV boyfriend?

It's a thorny word, but I pushed my arm into the warmth.

As usual, Vittorio had a slimy smile and had no idea what he was thinking.

Yonayona was very tired from the fact that she was given the title of deputy godfather and was thrown away all her work.

Because I was originally a vagrant without parents, I wanted to be sufficiently rubbed by the world's rough waves, but I think that I can't do much work using my head.

It's all the more so because your boss doesn't do any work at all and pushes all the troubles into himself.

Also, since it also includes the boss's own indifference, it raises unnecessary frustration and anger.

Hah... and exhales a huge sigh.

Yonayona gazes at Vittorio in a similar mood to give up on who said that happiness ran away each time she sighed.

"Oh! What a sharp gaze!" I'm about to leak! By the way! If you came all the way to my room, there must be some reason. What the hell, is it like?? "

Few people come to Vittorio's room.

Already, the evil Ira has left his hand and begun to make its own move. Few people are interested in him nowadays, as a patriarch, who gives up his role as a patriarch and becomes obsessed with thoughts and secrets.

That's why Vittorio asked for an errand, and that's why Yonayona came here.

"I've got a subpoena from home." He's the one who pays his yearly tribute. What are we going to do? "

It was a letter that Yona Yona took out of her pocket.

If you look closely, you can see that the purple wax is sealed with the national seal, and it has a certain format.

In terms of communicating important matters in Minogura, Takudo basically contacted his subordinates by talking directly.

But naturally it is impossible for him to do so while he is resting.

That's probably why you took the insolent step.

A letter stamped with the seal of the state has its proper meaning. It couldn't have been handled wildly, but Yonayona threw it at Vittorio.

"You're not well-behaved!" Damn it, I want to see my parents' faces--oh! Yonayona-kun was abandoned by her parents, so this is good- "

"In an instant..."

The girl who entered Vittorio's pocket with the agile movements of the Beastman - Yonayona exhaled with a short, hoofy breath, striking her belly with her fist as hard as she could.

Grrrrr! Against violence!

Vittorio, who wasn't skilled in battle, naturally rolled out of his chair and screamed flashily as he was attacked.

However, it is rust that came out of his body in the first place, and unfortunately, there are few people in Minogula who would be happy to hear that he is being subjected to violence.

Naturally, the girl hears his protest and continues to meet the requirements.

"You don't have to say anything unnecessary." Just read it. I don't know what you're going to do in your own country, but I can't let my followers and Ila get into trouble for that. "

"Nnhhh! That faith is so strong! Oh, my God, you don't have enough love for me! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

Thumbs up with a smile as your stomach aches and trembles.

The reason Vittorio made this girl his surrogate godfather was this spirit of faith.

Those who have a high faith are beneficial. That means for Vittorio and, above all, for Illa-Tact.

The strong believers are strong against temptation and strong against the desire of self-confidence.

Because it is strongly dependent on faith, it does not allow others to intervene at all, and it merely promotes religious teachings.

It is not even an exception to the patriarch Vittorio, it is not worth considering even the authoritative things of position and position, and there is no other but God in his heart.

"Vittorio, his people, his country, and even himself..."

I threw it all away outside the mosquito net, just for irritation = tact.

That is the perfect believer he sought, and the offering of prayer to the great God.

"Yonayona-kun really needs to be able to do it, but you can't just give me that violence." That's why the acting godfather of Ira will serve? "

"Don't worry, I've hardly ever used violence in my life since I've seen it like this. Be gentle with the Minogulas and the followers of Illa. I'm sure God will say that too!”.

"Huh? Have you been left out of my company by nature?" I'm one of them, aren't I? You're one of them, aren't you? "

"Just read the letter with Sassa."

Vittorio begins to read the letter, tapping lightly.

His plan went far too well.

Yonayona is truly the godfather of ideals, and she is the one who should stand on the face of evil.

Parents and children of the cat tribe are also good flavors. Although they were early believers, they do not know that their faith is in strong doubt.

Other excellent talents are gathering to support the evil cult Ira.

Of course, the number of believers has increased steadily, and now they are riding the trade network and reaching out to the territory of Fawnkavn.

There are more and more fanatics, and prayers are gathered to God.

Vittorio's aim in "Evil Illness" was to achieve.



"- Nnhhhh. This is it!" I see, I see. "

Home ─ ─ After reading the letter from the Great Curse Realm, Vittorio leaned heavily against the chair with a faint smile.

The figure is as trivial as ever, and I have no idea what I'm thinking.

I was sure that I was just thinking about what I wasn't doing.

Yonayona frowns. When Vittorio smiles like this and shows a good mood, it's usually because it's a precursor to what happens every once in a while.

"Also, I gave it to the guy who brought this message because he wanted the classics." There's no problem, right?

Yona Yona asked an additional question.

Currently, all the powers of the evil Ira are delegated to Yonayona.

So she didn't have to ask Vittorio for permission, but just in case.

For now, it would be appropriate to throw the information, or at least it would not be in a bad direction for the evil illusions. --because I had such an intention.

Because of this, she is often disturbed by some believers, but she also possesses a talent that can be recognized by Vittorio.

"There's no problem." Mhhhhh! Tell me this wonderful lesson! It is important for you to know that Ira = Takuto-sama himself! Whether this happened or not, I created the sacred scripture on a cucumber pitch and got it right!! "

Oh, my God, what's with the words? I bend my neck.

He told Vittorio in secret that Ira-Tact, the god of the evil cult Ira, had now lost his memory and was lying on the floor.

But in the earlier words, it is as if the truth were overturned. The line that I was lying is thin.

His lies are somewhat understandable because of his habits. This is not a lie.

Then there is only one answer to guess.

This is the resurrection of Ira = Tact.

"Huh? Didn't God tell you he was lying down?" Are you feeling better?! "

Soon, the tone of voice rose one step.

The words of Yonayona, a believer in serious illa, make her feel like rising to heaven.

The contents of today's diary are already settled. And it will be decided by praying even more than planned later.

Vittorio was already out of my mind. To that extent he is a man not only to Jonah and Jonah, but also to all the believers.

"That God has been resurrected means that He has become my son!" Hmph! Nooooo! One more of my dreams, and I'm moving toward fulfillment! "

Vittorio twisted his body suspiciously as he spread his hands wide.

Perhaps it is like a dance of joy, but since Yonayona was not interested in it at all, she did not particularly point out or complain.

"So, what are you going to do?" If you are going to appear, please write down your will. I won't have any more graves. You look like a wild bastard to me. "

"I'm so sorry." Deliver it to us. ”

In a moment, I was given a letter with a very cute shade.

It was Yona Yona who was confused for a moment as to whether the contents were good or not, but it was handed over in the same state as it was not in the envelope in the first place, so the contents stood out.

If there is only one word written on it, you will have no choice but to read it naturally.

- "I'll go if I can." Yonayona holds her head against the answer, which cannot be called an approximate reply, because it is written.

His attitude toward his own Lord, God, even freely behaved by the sidelines.

I even feel admiration for passing through the daze.

At the same time, I pray to God strongly in my heart that he will give this unbeliever a great heavenly punishment.

”... I don't even know if you're mad at me?”

In prayer, I managed to squeeze out my voice.

In spite of the protest, Vittorio laughed with the same attitude as before.


The odd man was dreaming in his room by himself.

From the moment you arrive in this world, your desire to move him will involve you in everything.

Control of Vittorio that no one but the only player in Eternal Nations has ever attempted.

Unyieldingly tied up, the divine calculation and plot.

It is for this time that the brains of the plot beyond human knowledge greedily devour the information and spit out the measures of the turbulence.


Everything was perfect, everything was perfect.

No one can defeat the solution here, and no one can deny the solution here.

Therefore, Vittorio had to look forward to seeing how he would react when Takudo understood his plan.

I wasn't looking forward to seeing how I appreciated my dreams.

"Dreams, dreams, dreams..."

A strange con artist deceives everything.

Even the Lord who loves himself and does not stop deceiving him, what do you want to fulfill?

“The more foolish a dream is, the more beautiful it looks. Don't you think so? My God."

But at the end of his prayers, his dreams come true.

All for the great player, Ira = Tact.

"The festivities are coming up soon!" My God!!! "

Vittorio was just falling into a pleasant dream.