Isekai Sagishi no Consulting

Episode 356: Shuwashiba, Susube

After talking to Estella, I reuse the water that was left open yesterday to boil the bath.

Leave the firewood in the teppo tub for a while.

Have the tears disappeared, miss?

"Um, shut up... don't say anything at all. already....."

Estella was resting in the cloakroom while I boiled the bath.

I cried to calm my face and heart.

Would you like me to wash it?

Yeah, I'll borrow the tap.

The "watercourse" here refers to a watercourse to take in water directly from the river, but if you twist the cock, the water comes out is the same.

Pour cold water into the bucket and Estella washes her face with it.

I think there are some people who have cried. The water is bumping into my face with the basser basser.

Ahh, my hair is getting wet.

"Come on, towel. I'll wash the raccoons a little more quietly."

Really? The omega you see in the river is always more splashy than ever.

”... that's just drowning”

Most of the omegas you see in the river are dying.

"Well, thanks to you, I managed to sort out my feelings."... thanks for that... "

Ugh... if you thank me honestly, I'll shine a bit.

Well, Estella in this mode is a bit of a coward. What the hell is that? What do you mean, "on purpose"?

Well, that's when it's all over.

"Nh.... that's right."

Hehe smiles. That's the angle!

What, what? You're calculating!? You've been practicing hard in front of a mirror!?

You know how to show it ~!

I almost fell for it! It was Gilisafe, though!

Don't show me too many moments when you're going back to being a girl from the lord. The load on the heart is great.

For now, let's go back to the kitchen.

That's right, I'm worried about Ginette.

Unlock the bathroom door, open the door, and go out into the hallway.

"Do you have lust in the bathroom in the morning? No, I don't think so."


Natalia stood right in front of me when I left the door.

... I'm so, so surprised!?

"Kyu, can you not come out suddenly and say weird things?!"

“Now, let's come out slowly and say something dirty. I'll start over.”

You don't have to come back!

[Self-regulation] Oops!

"Don't say profane things!"

An energetic master comedian has been playing since the early morning.

... but my heart is shaking, and I can't be honest with you.

I mean, you know we're just talking, right? In a locked secret room? That's a bathroom, too, isn't it? In the cloakroom, alone with the girls in the secret room... I don't know if I should be conscious!?

No matter how many other places I found myself!

Actually, I was nervous about it!

The moment you thought you were free of it, Natalia, right?

Heart "Pahhn! I told you!" I told you for sure!

So, what are you doing in the bathroom?

When I woke up in the morning, Estella was gone.

So maybe Natalia was worried.

Estella's anomaly would have been noticed by the person she was with. I guess he cared about it.

But I bet you didn't think you could show Natalia your weaknesses as Estella. If the Lord is weak, his followers will be forced to work even harder.

I'm sure Natalia would be happy if I told her.

"I sneaked up early in the morning when no one else was awake, and I bothered to lock myself up, so I was alone in the secret room... what were you doing?"

"No, I didn't do anything weird!?"

"Oh my, it looks like your hair is wet... is it a mixed bath?"

"Oh, you're not doing that, are you?!"

I see, it's an attempt.

I haven't tried!

Look, I'm keeping it a secret, so you're going to tease me.

I'm messing with you, Natalia.

"Hey, Natalia. If Estella were to say 'Wishato Mazimka', If I say" I'll kill you ", what will you do?"

"That's right..."

Then, she shows a gesture of only thinking for a moment, and says the answer that would have come out from the beginning.

"Before I get Estella-sama's hands dirty, I'll do it." In front of Master Estella, if you wish. "

Pull out the knife and look sharper than the blade.

Natalia would've been able to torture me. I'm scared.

"Thank you, Natalia. You're a very reliable squire."

“Of course, I'm here to fulfill Estella's wish.”

"But I'm not going to let you get your hands dirty."

I can take down your legs, though.

Natalia clamps the knife with her toes.

No, you're so dexterous!?

Yeah, that's not what you mean.

"No way... with your ass!?"


I can do it!

"You don't have to try to pinch me!" Put the knife away! Now! "

Estella restrains Natalia's arm as she pulls the knife close to her buttocks.

... you can do it, Natalia. What, did you practice?

"Wishato, be sure with this ass!" Did you think there was a chance that something like this might come up?

Hey, hey!

"If you feel a little uneasy, please let me know." ― ― I will definitely let Estella-sama's grief go away.

Natalia thrusts her knee in front of Estella and bows her head.

Everything from the hair to the hair is refined and perfectly done.

You can clearly see that Natalia cherishes Estella from the heart.

You don't need a word, do you?

Perhaps Estella also had a good idea.

“Okay, I'll do it next time.”

I apologized for not being able to talk to Natalia.

"I don't want to bother you in strange places," Estella said.

In particular, the more important it is this time, the more important it is.

It will grow bigger and bigger, one by one.

Well then, can you clear one of my grief?

And when you get over it, you'll be able to tell jokes again.

My waiter tries to pinch a knife in my ass, but can you do something about this sadness?

“Very well, I suspect that Estella-sama will be in the same situation and her companionship will be created and her sadness will disappear.”

No, it won't go away!?

Come on, let's pinch it together!

I won't pinch you!?

"To relieve the grief!"

Direction of effort!

Direction of Effort Deafness was here.

Ah, ladies and gentlemen, have you finished speaking?

Ginette looks out of the kitchen as she makes noise in the hallway.

"Oh, I'm done, I'll help you set it up."

“Yes, please.”

Ah, yes. Estella, what's your stomach like?

"Recently, from the loosening of the mind, it's getting a little chubby..."

"I-I 'm not doing it!?" I'm still fine! "

"No, it's not that, it's just that I'm saying it's not diminishing."

“I'm free!”

"I was asked!" Why did you answer all of them first!? "

And the chief waiter, which saith unto him, that he may cleanse him of all his sorrows, cometh forth beside the Lord.

You seem to be mad at me for not consulting with you.

Ginette, how's the work going?

"I just peeled the potatoes."

Well then, let's make it a potato salad.

Potato salad?

“Let's make it a light breakfast today, and get rid of it.”

What are you going to make, Yashiro-san?

Ginette's eyes sparkled.

That's not what I expected.

It's very simple.

“Let's make potato salad and ham eggs, and then hot cake.”

"Would you like a hot cake... for breakfast?"

Hot cakes are a treat at the Yangtze Pavilion.

It will become a staple food as well

“Kids are happy to have hot cakes in the morning.”

Every kid in the church is happy. Not if it's your food.

“So, is there anything I can prepare for you?”

It's like a fruit sauce on a hot cake.

Somehow, it looks like it's going to be a delightful breakfast.

Ginette goes down the hallway to the pantry as she picks up the fruit.


When I looked back at my name, the lord and the waiter looked at me with the same face.

I'm hungry!

"I'm sorry, the filthy Lord is hungry, so I need two servings as soon as possible."

Well, the conversation room is small for everyone to go to church and have dinner.

You can eat at the Yangtze Pavilion first.

Well, I don't know if I can taste it, so I'll start with a tasting party.

In All Bloom, 'bread' refers to food made from wheat and baked in a stone oven.

Whether you use flour, or if you bake it in a frying pan, it is not called bread.

Therefore, what is called "pancake" in Japan is also called "hot cake" in this city.

A ricotta pancake is a ricotta hot cake, and a souffle pancake is a souffle hot cake.

Anyway, it is troublesome to look at the church, so the name "bread" should be avoided.

"Ginette, do you have any milk?"

You haven't gone shopping today, have you?

Milk is usually delivered to Assent or to the ranch at the far end of the east side.

It would be faster to go and buy than to wake up the assassins and make them deliver.

In terms of milk, there are many people who want it early in the morning, so it is specially approved for direct sale.

It won't last forever.

However, deliveries are prohibited.

If you want to do that, you have to go through the pedestrian guild.

In other words, there is a conflict with the rule that you cannot buy or sell goods in places without the permission of the lord.

... it's troublesome.

Well, I'll get it.

It's going to be quite a lot.

Well, if you had a wagon, you'd be fine.

Isn't it heavy?

Well then, I'll go with you.

Norma came to the kitchen in a flurry.

Wow, you're a little sleepy, Norma! That's good!

Good morning, Norma.

"Ah. Good morning, Mr.

Norma bites off the yawn and exchanges morning greetings with Ginette.

I'll say hello in the morning.

Norma, look at your boobs.

"The greeting is being drawn too far."... you've seen too much! "

The smoke tube thrusts the deco. Strongly for the price.

But I'll see if you'll forgive me for that! Still more!

Next time, we'll have a goo, right?

Okay, let's not do that.

The Beastman Gu is more frightening than all the heavy equipment.

The murder weapon you promised in suspense must have a higher killing power than a vase or rusty ashtray.

"Norma, there's a trace of sleepwear here."

Natalia points to the valley of Norma.

Can I see Natalia!?

Zulu! It's a zulu!

When I go to sleep, I wear a sleeping suit, so it leaves a trace.

"What am I preaching right now?"

"No way, Natalia. You're not naked in the room where Lucia and Imelda are, are you?"

"Come on, let's go get some milk, Norma."

"Answer me, Natalia! Natalia!"

Then, escaping Estella's pursuit, Natalia quickly went out.

“Now, Norma, two big milk cans, please.”

Ginette hands Norma a bag of gold.

Take home the milk sold at the east ranch in a can of iron milk.

It is a can with a handle and a highly sealed lid. If you return it after use, you can return the money according to the size.

Or should I say that the cost of the cans has been taken first?

It's like old bottle juice.

The biggest can of milk is the big one with five liters of milk.

Using 100 ml of milk per serving of hot cake, Ginette's room is now in the sunny pavilion-

Ginette, Estella, Magda, Regina.

Loretta, Paula, Nefelly, Marsha, and Milly.

Norma, Delia, Campanula, Teresa.

Lucia, Gilberta, Imelda, Natalia.

So, I, Wumaro, Becko, and Ham have four kids... wow, there are 24 of them.

Besides, I donate thirty servings to the church every day... that's five liters over.

When it comes to hot cakes, the kids are going to have a refill, so I'm worried if I don't have 10 liters.

That's right, Ginette. That's a pretty good reading.

And the eggs look pretty good, too.

Well then, I'll bring it home for you.

Hey, Nefelie shows her face.

Neferry, you're early.

Ehehe, I get up early every morning before the chickens.

Faster than a chicken?

Well, you're a chicken, aren't you?

Boss, you're a chicken, right?

Will Yashiro make me breakfast?

It's a hot cake, though.

"Wow, it looks delicious." Well then, how much do you want? "

"One for one"

"Um... there's Delia and Sister... I really need them!"

"No, I have bought some eggs." Besides, Mr. Assant will bring it to you this morning. "

"Is that enough?" Isn't it time for breakfast? "


It'll be gone.

I'll use a lot of eggs such as the parent-child bowl, so I'll take what I can get.

"I'm sorry, but I need about thirty."

Yeah. I'll take care of it.

"Um, here's the money."

"Ahh, it's okay, it's okay. I got you a place to stay."

That's not how it works.

Well then, you can pay the listener later.

Buy the eggs wholesale at the Yangtuk Pavilion.

I just rinse off the process and receive the product first. 'Deemed trade', I suppose.

I wish it was free.

Well then, please give me about ten more.

"Yeah. Okay. I'll do that."

As expected, I can't get fifty eggs for free.

Because I'm a friend, I need to draw a line everywhere.

I need it, Ginette.

You mustn't eat anything from the Hoai restaurant!

Got it, Ginette!

"I'll come with you, Nefelly."

"Yeah. You... don't need a jacket, do you?"

"It's calm and pleasant this morning." Just stay where you are and you'll be fine. "

The temperature hasn't dropped in the morning or evening lately, as if the cold of a few days ago was a lie.

It's a little cool, but it's very comfortable in a moderate climate.

Well then, let's prepare the potato salad and fruit sauce until they come back.

“Yes, Estella-san, I need your help.”

Yeah. I'll take care of it.

Alright, I'll take care of it!

So don't throw the whole thing!

I can only really help you, Estella.

For now, let it be the turn of the boiled potatoes.

Me and Ginette are making jam and cutting fruit.

Three types of berry sauce and slices of fresh fruit.

All you have to do is whip up some fresh cream and prepare some honey and butter.

"Palm trees. I was expecting them... they're definitely delicious, aren't they?"

Well, the kids, Delia and Bertina will be delighted.

If you need a taste, you can always tell me.

"Ginette, there's a guy here who's infected with Bertina."

“Ufufu, in front of the good food, you all do.”

Total Humanity Bertina?

Shit, they're eating us up!

I think so.

If we release Bertina into the pantry of the country that started the war preparations, we will be able to avoid it.

Without food, there's no war.

“So, Estella, is it time to wake you up?”

"Eh, me!?"

Maybe now Estella thinks of Magda.

Usually, if you say you wake me up, it's only Magda.

And it's very difficult to "wake up", in Magda's case.

”I'm the only one who's 'going to wake you up', Magda and Yashiro... so all I have is hard memories.”


I'm not a good person to wake up.

In the meantime, I'll make a delicious breakfast and wait for you.

I can't help it. I can't refuse Ginette's request.


So, Ginette asks Yashiro-san to give you silk pants!?

Okay, let's give it a try!

... but it's just a question of how to get Ginette to accept the request.

First, let's wake up Campanula and Delia, and have Campanula wake up Magda and Delia wake up Gilberta.

You can come up with a good strategy right away, right?

It's in the right place.

I pushed the two-top, which was awkward to sleep, against others.

So let's leave Imelda with Lucia, Marsha, and Regina.

That's right, I don't think I can complain even if Imelda resented me.

You're pushing all the three tops that seemed troublesome from bed against Imelda.

You are a monster.

Paula can wake up even if she's left alone.

"You're barely going to do your job!?"

Power, power, power. Estella went upstairs, saying that she was good at it.

I wish I had a hard time getting hugged by a sleeping Delia.

"Yashiro-san, will you take a bath now?"

"Hmm?... I see. Well then, I'll come in a bit."

Perhaps it will take long enough for all of us to be together.

It is enough if you wash your body and hair thoroughly and rub the four hams in the bathtub.

I left the kitchen to Ginette, still holding the four ham children in my dreams, and I went into the bathroom.

When I got out of the bath in a hurry, Estella was chaste in the kitchen.

"... listen, Delia's asleep, she's hugging me and biting me..."

It seems that the word spirit exists.

Estella's hair was disturbed, and her neck and cheeks had tooth shapes.

"Was it even a sweet dream?"

Estella leaks a cry to Ginette, who giggles and laughs, "This is no laughing matter."

They managed to wake Delia and push her to get Gilberta.

In terms of cruelty, both of them.

I wonder if the Delia was quite tired, but Estella was sitting in the kitchen chair afterwards.

Work, home.

Do you like the customer?

At least help me wipe down the hams.

Yo, hams! I'm wiping it. Don't go to sleep!

I took a bath, so you'll wake up shivering!

How much do you like sleeping, you guys!?


"Ufufu. Let's put you to bed a little longer." I'm sure you'll be running around a lot today. ”

It's probably because of their will that they run around.....

Besides, I'll wake up by the time breakfast is ready.

When you wake up in bed, you're ready to eat?

Nice work, kids.

Dry the wet hair thoroughly and then throw it back into the futon.

When I went back to the kitchen, I heard Assant's voice coming from the side entrance.

"Good morning, Mr. Estella. Were you staying last night?"

"... how do you know?" It's possible you came early in the morning. "

”Even if you're moderately tired, the feeling of fatigue is very pleasant...”

That's right, he looks at other people's complexions.

Estella said to Ginette, "You look like that?” he asks.

"Ah, yes, that's right, asshole. I told you earlier about the NEFERY eggs, and I gave my consent afterwards.

Now, make an additional order.

By the way, are there any eggs and milk left?

I'll take it to another store later.

Then the next store will be more troublesome, right?

“No, Mr. Ginette, I just need to get back to you.”

Is that okay?

Absolutely, I'll cede it to you.

"You did it, Ginette!" Give it to me! "

I'll sell it.

"...... Tch"


Buy milk and eggs from Assant and start making hot cakes with one pair first.

First, separate the egg whites and yolks - whisk the egg whites!

Mix the sugar in three portions and stir until the horns are firm! Mix it up! Mix it up!

That's just the trick, isn't it?

Are you still there, Ashunt?

You're going home to pick up the merchandise, right? Hurry home.

"It's a dish prepared directly by Yashiro-san." I don't want you to take a good look at it with your eyes. It's a big problem if we run out of ingredients in the market. ”

Don't make such a fuss.

I've been spreading hot cakes for a long time.

When I made it into a souffle hot cake, it wouldn't be new either.

After making the meringue, add the vanilla beans to the milk and warm gently. It does not boil. It's just fragrance.

Immediately remove the vanilla beans and place the milk in a bowl.

Add the flour, sugar, and egg yolks to the sieve and mix together so that they do not get damaged.

Once well mixed, combine the frothy meringues - cook them.

The dough is made to a little hardness, but it can't spread. However, if I had made the molds, I could have made them even thicker... well, let's see.

"Low heat, lid on, steamed."

It's a lot more fluffy than a regular hot cake, isn't it?

"The bubbles in the meringue are alive, so if you eat it, it should feel like it's melting."

I'm looking forward to it!

"The bubbles make it feel like it's shabby..."

Estella was simply exuberant, and she began to take notes with a face that was difficult to listen to.

No, that's why it's usually a souffle hot cake.

It was too desperate.

"When one side is slightly tightly colored, turn it upside down and steam it again."

"Fufu, you look cute."

When I turned this hot cake over, it rolled away.

Looking at it, Ginette loosens her cheeks.

Finally, check the inside by stabbing the bamboo skewer.

If there is no dough on the bamboo skewer, you can decide that it is burnt all the way inside.

Well, this is the place.

Well, let's have a tasting.

I've been waiting for you!

Um, I'll give you extra eggs and milk, too!

I just baked four of them, but... after all, I was there until the end.

Well then, butter it up and eat it with fruit sauce, fresh cream, honey, or whatever you like.

"Ahh, it's bothering me, Yashiro!"

"Hmmm... can I ask for a fruit sauce?"

"Yes. Shall I call you back?"


Ginette takes the plate of the assassin and puts the butter on the souffle hot cake.

The heat makes the butter slip on the surface of the hot cake.

Place the sliced fruit on top and sprinkle with the three types of berry sauce.

Place the honey in a small milk pitcher and add the whipped cream to the side of the hot cake.

What a luxurious serving.

A stylish cafe in Tokyo would cost you 1,200 yen.

”Awesome, Ginette-chan... that serving is just too strong”

Estella is in tears.

Cheap, your tears.

It looked quite heavy this morning.

"What if there were about two hot cakes on that plate...?"

"That looks good." Certainly, two together have more impact than one together. "

The fire is made so small that it is easy to pass through, so about two of them will be eaten with perfume.

After all, multiple plump pancakes can be served together to make a "reflection".

"Nh! It's so sweet, this palm, this is so delicious!"

"Yashiro-san... you are..." This will make the market rough again! I'm sorry, but I had to do something as soon as possible, so I'm sorry! It was a feast! "

Estella raised the tension, and Assant burst into the hot cake and left in a hurry.

So, even though it was Daewoo.....

"... is that delicious?"

“Yes, the mouthfeel is fluffy and the sweet aroma of vanilla brings a sense of well-being, and the hint of acidity of the sauce goes very well with the sweetness of the hot cake, making it soothing in the mouth.”

I got a pass from Ginette.

... none of them.

"...... yeah"

Well, it's like this, isn't it?

I think you're doing well, though. Well, it's like this, isn't it?

"Yashiro. Isn't it a little touching!?"

"No, well, I've eaten it before."

It's cheating!

"What do you want?"

Of course, you can't make anything that I've never eaten.

Well, let's make it while the others come down.

"Ah, I want to try it too!"

"Well, I'll teach you how to do it, so get me a hot cake." I'll do ham and eggs and potato sauce. "


Teach the recipe to the cheek ginette and pass it directly to the recipe.

"Hey, palm tree. Do you want to leave this hot cake to eat?"

"Don't want it. It's dirty."

“No! Because of the sense of justice that you shouldn't waste delicious food!”

"...... If you want to eat a man's food, you can eat it"



Is that all right? You're a noble lady, aren't you?

“I want a big frying pan. so that you can cook a lot at once."

It's hard to put off the fire, isn't it?

"Ah, there's a trick to that." As a matter of fact- "

Ginette baked a souffle hot cake while happily showing off her culinary behind-the-scenes skills.

The perfect souffle hot cake will be made that is much more beautiful, round, thicker, and evenly lit than I bake.

This is no longer a pro, but a cheat.

I guess your culinary skills are in shambles, no more.

"Waha, it smells kind of good!"

"What are you making, Ginette? Wow, what's so cute about that!?"

"Wow, it smells sweet! I want a refill!"

"It's absolutely delicious! Becco, please wake up!"

Girls caught in the smell slip into the kitchen and get busy all at once.

"Good morning, Tenmushi-san." Jinnetsu-san, and Eshira-san, too

"Good morning, Milly."


Well then, sing and dance there.

"Huh!? It's of some use!?"

"I'll heal you."

"Stay away from my Milly Tongue, Cataclysm Wasabi!"... but I'd love to see Milly Tong sing and dance! "

"Yo, I can't stand it, huh?"

Gilberta brought Marsha into the tank, and finally the kitchen became cramped.

"All of you, go to the floor and prepare your meals."

"I'll take care of it! Now, ladies and gentlemen, it's your job!" You can't eat people who don't work! "

"I'll help you! I'll do my best!"

No, it's a joke!

"Hmph. Let me show you the power of the Lord!"

Well then, thank you for my time ~

No sooner would people be gone.

After that, Regina and the others arrived late.....

"Hey, what's going on here?"

Regina held Magda in her chest, carried Teresa on her back, and followed Campanula next to her.

Babysitters were also very protective of their faces.

You two are awake at all, aren't you?

"Magda-san and Teresa-san are not good in the morning." Maybe Regina-sensei's smell will calm down. "

”Ehhh, I'm so glad you're awake...”

"... no, no, you're the one."

"Shh, shh, shh, shh..."

"Eh, what kind of humility is that? I'm awake, aren't I?"

Ginette giggles as she watches Regina swing by at her younger age.

Deposit Teresa with Estella and have her go to the floor with all of them.

By the time the shoppers came back, the souffle hot cake for everyone had been baked and the breakfast was ready.


Souffle pancakes were generally popular.

No, it was very popular.

"Cataclysm Wasps. Give me the recipe, please!"

Lucia's been really bad at it!?

Lucia bowed her head deeply, and I was beaten out of my hepatitis.

Was it so delicious?!

"I-If this is something that can only be eaten in Ward 42... I won't leave Ward 42 anymore!"

"I'm sorry, Yashiro. Can you tell me?" I'll pay for it. "

Lucia showed the seriousness of Estella's hand as soon as she could.

No, the recipe and everything, unlike a normal hot cake, is to make egg whites into meringues.....

"Ginette, can you write a recipe that will make Lucia and this chef understand?"

“Yes, I'll take care of it.”

I owe you one!


Lucia is honest and a little scary ~.

“The fruit sauce was made in the store, so if you make it with something you like, you might find something new.”

“Fine, I think. I use specialty products, etc."

That's right. It would be nice if it was a sauce like the thirty-fifth district.

"Seafood, the specialty of the thirty-fifth district. So, Squid Sumi, the leading candidate!"

I think I'd like some fruit if I could.

Ginette, stick it in.

Say, "Why not?"

Well, I guess Gilberta wasn't bothered.

... more than that.

"What's up, Regina?"


Come to Regina and ask her what she thinks.

You like this, don't you?

"Shit. There are two kinds of stuffed mamans lined up, any kind of thing would be fine"

That's not true!

I don't think so... but if you say so, you might be right!

That's a good souffle hot cake!

"Please repent."

Even though it's from Regina!

"That was completely accelerated by you." It was a case that you should take a confession. "

I don't know about acceleration.

Well, it's delicious.

You like soft sweets with such a hint of sweetness, don't you?

He liked plain marshmallows.

We've also received information that he liked to eat plain doughnuts and round bread with nothing in it.

Regina likes a hint of sweetness that spreads through the back of her mouth when she chews, rather than the easy-to-understand sweetness of fruit and sugar.

"Look, you're eating hot cake without sauce, right?"

"Ah, it's true. Excuse me, Regina, was the sauce in your way?”

"No, no, no! I just thought it was delicious enough... can you take that rose?"

Regina stared me in the eye.

Fufu, I can't shine.

"What, Regina, don't you want some cream?" Shall I give you a blow? "

"Oh, what are you doing? You came from above."

Laughing, Regina transfers more than half of the fresh cream to Delia's plate.

Well, I'm more happy with the cream if you eat it tastier than if you left it behind.

"Oh! Warm, you can eat the most delicious fresh cream!"

How do you decide the best way to eat?

Well, it's true that it looks delicious.

Maybe you like me so much, that's it for breakfast?

Oh, Regina, it's the second day of the Welcome Back party.

"What...?! Ah, say something!" I wonder if it can last for days like that! "

"Yeah, that's good!" Let's do it on the second day! Hey, Nefelie? "

“I agree with Paula, too. Oh, yes! Well, why don't we do it at Regina's house now? I'll clean it up for you again."

Miri, I'm going to help you, Nefuori-san,

"Wait, wait, wait! Then let's do it in Cantarchica!"

"No, that's why I'm doing it!" I'm leaving now! "

"" "Ehhh!" "

"No, 'Eehhh!'"

Regina's troubled face was exposed to Paula's entanglement.

Well, these guys have routines too, so I'll probably get back to work today.

Ginette said, "Wouldn't it have been better if it had been something special? 'Cause I was a little anxious.

If you have such a special feeling, you will be satisfied.

It's something that Regina likes, something new.

You shouldn't be as grateful as you are grateful, but you should be as happy as you can be.

Regina made a prototype of the hand cream.

"Ginette, try this."

"... what is this?"

Ginette tilts her neck as she receives the small case I offered her.

It is a simple hand cream made by mixing the ingredients brought from Regina last night.

The essential oil was chamomile from Regina.

"For now, it's a prototype." It would be great if you could share your opinions. "

"Can I have it?" I heard these things are expensive.... "

In this world, it's just the nobility who takes care of the skin, and ordinary people don't touch it.

I applied ointment to the burn because I was as rich as the aristocrats and I could afford to pay attention to my skin care.

However, in the 42nd arrondissement, I could afford it.

Besides, if you make it at Regina, you can keep the price down.

The reason that skin care products are expensive is because that's where they are made.

Since the chamber of commerce is made to do business with a rich opponent, it can't help but become a price that ordinary people can't afford to pay.

"That's not that expensive." It's the product of the pharmacist's guild. "

If it belongs to Regina, you can use it with confidence.

The effect is also reassuring.

Ingredients are also safe.

I felt safe with my passion.

"Wow, that smells good."

Ginette opens the lid and smells.

Estella and Paula are approaching Ginette and sniffing together.

Milly, I'd like to try some lavender first. Thank you for your help.

"Ugh. The big sisters of the fresh flower guild said that their fingers would get rough because of the waterworks, so I'm sure they'd be delighted if they could do this."

That's it.

It must be wrinkled.

I wonder if I can do something with hand cream.

Very smooth and not sticky at all.

Ginette to try and spread hand cream on your own hands.

It stretches quickly and becomes familiar with the skin.

I'm sober on the palm of my hand, huh?

"Huh?... don't make fun of me anymore."

A ginette that puffs up your cheeks.

I don't think the impression of hand cream is so-so.

Can I use it a little bit, too?

"Yes. Here you go. You too."... do you mind? "

Ginette looks at me from among the crowd of girls.

Well, it can't be helped.

In this situation, I said, "No! I can't say that."

"I don't mind because I made it properly yesterday." I'll have Regina make a decent one for you. "

"Ehhh, but this is so good!" I want it. "

"I want it too." It's not as much as Paula, but there's a lot of waterworks. "

"I want it too." You see, it's silky to the touch. ”

The hand applied with hand cream feels smooth and smooth, and feels good.

Yeah, I can sell this.

More than anything.

Manager, it looks like you're touching something!

"... Magda is also slippery"

"Wow, it's true. It's slippery."

The store manager is also a smoothie!

"...... Sara-sara"

"Thank you. Ufufu"

I'm glad Ginette looks happy.


Lucia comes to me, stirring up the ladies with her hand cream.

“Sell it, please!”

"What happened to you today!?" Maybe there's still some booze left!? "

In response to Lucia's plea that she had begged her to abandon her pride for what she wanted, Regina gave a bitter smile and said, "Look, I'll make a little trap while everyone goes to donate." The good guys skillfully avoided accompanying the kids to the church.

Even grown-ups have this excitement.

I don't know what happens when I step out in front of the kids.

Seriously, you're not a jerk.

Despite having breakfast at Yangtze Pavilion, those who wanted a souffle hot cake continued to come out of the church, and the kids also said, "Here, here! In the big chorus of, Bertina naturally ate more than usual - using up all the extra milk and eggs.

... no, how welcome are you, souffle hot cake!?

In this way, a series of special return parties were brought down from Regina's return.