I sat alone at a table that day in a sunny coffee room among the women's colleges I attended.

Strawberry milk-flavoured gelato served on parisian waffle corn on the hand.

This is a great dessert that is softly pink and spreads dark milk flavors and refreshing strawberry acidity when placed in the mouth.

Girls' colleges and universities are the only coffee rooms in this school, and many of these wonderful desserts that capture the hearts and minds of flattering young women are sold. Like an ice cream shop, they serve gelato on the cone at the counter. I tried making it a strawberry milk single today.

"Ah yum, strawberry milk is God Ice Cream! Happy."

I was sneering and pounding my tongue drums on the sweet and sour gelato and enjoying a moment after school.

My name is Mityl Osawa. There is a campus in the city, a third-year student at a women's university, studying national literature.

Though I don't think her appearance is ugly, there's nothing notable about it, and the point is she's mediocre...... no, she's slightly plain among a group of women who care about her fashion around her age, rather she said, "Be a little cuter!" He may be an eye-catching being in the direction of being penetrated by a friend.

No, it's not that I don't like cute or shiny things, rather - I like it, but I'd rather watch it for my hands than wear it as an accessory.

So I think I have some pretty cute goodies in my room. The walls also have handmade decorative shelves, and my mother runs a selection of grocery stores, so she saves pennies, gets digs, and even puts them there for fun. There's also a corner where I keep my favorite stones.

My hair is black and up to my shoulders and I have it cut properly in the beauty salon (stylishly speaking, it's a straight midi bob in pitch black. They laugh when they say the circle of angels is out in elementary school. Praise you guys without laughing! I'd say), but obviously when the soy sauce flavor matches the Japanese face, it doesn't look like a fashionable hairstyle.

Uhm, is it a bad way to set?

Even though I'm never a big head, a friend of mine has told me how he feels about 'mature seating straw'.

I took it as a compliment because it seems to have some good luck... but on second thought, it's not a monster!

Hey, not terrible!?

A monster or something about your age? Impossible!?

Fashion has jeans default on t-shirts.

I've been to a concert in a chaleous Italian wearing a skirt, but I just wasn't comfortable and didn't have any gain.

If you're sitting at the counter of the tavern drinking properly, for some reason, your drunk uncle will luxury you with rice. I can definitely get someone to luxury me first.

Am I, after all, close to being seated?

Not such a mediocre monster...... I'm going to tell a story about me being a college girl suddenly caught up in a different world trip one day.