It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 1 1 Sliced ​​in order to practice


Sun Yu looked at the tiled table, and she took a deep breath.

Subsequently, the pen waved.

That is, a few interest time, a dragon is on the paper.

Dragon sways in the clouds, both eyes, overbearing, and the people.

Whole look, Dragon seems to drill out from the paper, the artistic conception.

"Wonderful! It is really wonderful!"

Sun Hao, I just finished the "Shenlong Teng Yun Map", satisfied with it.

This kind of artistic conception is released throughout the world, and no one can compare with yourself.

If you are on the past earth, you absolutely take a high price.

In this world, it is not a waste paper.

Yes, Sun Hao is a traveler.

I came here, I have been two decades.

Originally, I think that I have to get an invincible system, like other trayers, put their face, and embark on the peak of life.


Although the system is obtained, he is a waste body.

The body is unable to store aura, no way to practice.

As a result, the system tears his piano, chess, book, painting, poem, wine, flower, tea, forging, planting, kitchen, fabric, porcelain art, carpenter, physician ...

All mortal means.

Most of the majority, has reached the situation.

Now, only painted this skill, it is still a fire.

"Hey, detecting the host's full beauty work -" Shenlong Teng Yun Map ", painting experience +1000."

"Hey, painting level reaches unparalleled!"

", Reward host - top wolf mill!"

At this time, the three mechanical sounds sounded.

On the desk, a wooden box is coming out of air.

Open a look, all the whole brush, from the thick to fine, set.

The system is produced and must be a boutique.

However, Sun Hao did not pay attention to this.

He is long, and the eyes are bright.

"All reaches the unparalleled, I can practice!"

Sun Hao excitedly clenched his fist.

"Hey, detecting all the skills of the host have perfect, this system teaches unparalleled, this warning!"


Teach unparalleled?

It doesn't mean that all skills reach the unparalleled environment, will send yourself an unpleasant body, open the way to practice?

"and many more!"

Sun Hao hurriedly opened.


"Is there a constant?" Sun Hao asked.


This is finished, a cold air flow, drilling into the body of Sun Hao.

"Hey, detecting that the host is not enough, you can't open!"

"Hey, full of blessing value can we open no physical fitness!"

Two afterwards.

A panel is present in front of Sun Hao.

[Fuyuan value]: 0 / 100,000

[Description]: The fuji is full, you can open the Hong Kongport.

Simple two lines, I saw Sun Hao's face.

"System, how do you need to collect?" Sun Hao asked.

no respond.

The idea moves.

Didn't open the character panel.

The system runs!

"Lying ..."

The mood has worked for many years and enhances a lot.

At this moment, Sun Hao still can't help but explode.

After two decades, Xin Xing worked hard, only to get a unpleasant body, and opened cultivation.

Tell me now, the Fuyuan value is not enough, need to collect?

Play me?

If it is just the case, that is still, there is no collection of methods yet!

Moreover, the system is not awkward, running directly!

Say, who else?

Who can I encounter the system than this?

"Breaking the system, send it to the old money!"

"I want to go back to the earth!"


Sun Hao did not stop, responded to him, only the sound of the mountain.

"Forget it, you can explore yourself!"

"See it, I should go down the mountain."

Sun Wei sighed and said to the room.

Pen ink paper, Guqin Flute ...

The eyes finally fell on an ankle.

This ancient Qun is also a systematic product, there is an quaintness.

"Old man, this time, you can't take you down."

Sun Hao sat next to Guqin and started to make a string.

Under the mountain.

A jungle.


A teenager looked at the gap on the eye knife, but also.

On the back of the teenager, the scars are spread, as being hurt by claws.

His name is Chen Tao, is a scorpion of hegemony.


The monster is called, from behind him.

Chen Xiu Yumi took the skin, and quickly rushed forward.

Behind the wound is touched, along the way, sprinkle some blood.

Didn't run out, Chen Xu Ming lifted his chest and panting.

A dizziness caused.

"No, I can't stop!"

Chen Kao Mingqiang took a breath and continued to go forward.

However, his foot step is just raised and stopped.

Looking at the front, the eyes of the eyes are shrinking, and the cold is coming.

I saw it, standing in front of him, standing a black robes.

Two sharp eyes, self-seeking masks, staring at Chen Xiu Ming.

" ..."

I laughed, such as the hell, creepy.

"Small doll, the game is over!" Under the black mask, he passed the voice.

"If you are you?"

Chen Kao's long knife pointed to the black robe man, angered.

"Ha ha……"

The black robes did not respond and took out a flute.

Chen Tao Ming took the body spirit and placed on a long knife.


The long knife jeopardy silver rays.

"Come, hurt each other!"

Chen Xu Ming held his hands in his hands, and he was as a shell, and he went to the black robe man.

" ..."

The knife gas is gone, blows a gully.

However, when Chen Xu Ming, there is a black robes.


Suddenly, the flute sounded.

I heard this sound.

Chen Xiu's face change, find a direction, run fast.


Around the jungle, came from the monsters.


A group of birds, panicked.

"not good!"

Chen Kao sounds cold sweat DC, speed speeds up a few points.

However, how far did you have yet?

A black monster, blocked him to go.

The geeks are sluggish, and they are screaming in their mouths, such as the wild beast.


After the body, I also came to a roar.


Chen Xu Ming extruded the last spirit of the body and placed on the long knife.

Subsequently, his legs, such as shells, generally cut it.


A metal shaded.

The long knife cut on the arms of the geeks, splashed, and left a gap again.

Chen Xu Ming was shocked to bleed, and it was painful.

I haven't waited for him to respond, and the geek hand claws quickly grabbed.

" ..."

The hand claw is like a steel nail, caught in Chen Xiu's chest, with a meat, leaving a few blood, bloody.

" ..."

Chen Xu Ming felt fly, and he hit it on the ground and his mouth spurted.

One hit, seriously injured.


Between the blink, more than a dozen geeks are rapid.

In an instant, the Chen Xiu Ming Group was surrounded.

Dealing with one, it is difficult to get it.

In the face of a group, there is no living path at all.

"Teacher, wake up! Teacher, wake up!"

Chen Xu Ming looked at these geeks and shouted loudly.

However, it is useless.

These geeks, as if there is no god puppet, for Chen Xiu Yumi, I can't mention it.

"Little doll, now I am turned to you, can there be a consequence?"

At this time, the black robe is coming, the geeks are automatically scattered, let the open one.

"Wrong you hammer! I want to make old-fashioned, dream!"

After that, Chen Xu Ming took a long knife, gave a knife, and a knife.

" ..."

The long knife falls to the ground.

" ..."

The black robe is laughing, "the little doll, want to die? It is not so easy, but it is honest to this seat!"

The black robe man took out the flute and started to blow up.

"The dead people, you have died, you can't die!" Chen knife smashed.

"Do not……"

The flute is shocking Chen knife, the soul wants to crack, fell to the ground, keep struggling.

The kind of soul is torn, and he hurts him almost in the past.

His soul is like a big wind, and it will go out at any time.


As the flute is more urgent, Chen Xu Ming also adds more pain.

Seeing, he has to faint past.

At this time, it came.