It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 2 1 Pononian, annihilating

" ..."

A sound, from the mountain.

Powerful, directly hit the soul.

At this moment, there is no half of the voice.

Chen Xiu Yumu brain sea, the soul tear pain should disappear.

The whole person, there is a unable to say comfortable.

Surrounding the aura, slowly pouring into the body and fixes him.

The black robes are also standing in the same place, and in the ghost mask, wear the color of panic.

"Who is it ?! Who broke my control Soul Dafa?"

The black robe man screamed, but found that his voice was unable to pass.

This party is like a vacuum.

"This ... this is impossible! I don't believe it!"

The black robe man picks up the flute, calls in vivo, and continues to blow.


However, it is useless, the flute did not make a little sound.

" ..."

The piano continues to ring.

A pair of scrolls, tiled.

Wan Ma Pentium, the thousand army killed.

The war is rolling, swept the world.

"... ..."

The whole body is black and black, the body is cut off by the Wan root, and it is chemically formed into a generous pus.

This scene, directly scare the black robes.

"how come?!"

The black robe does not move his head and scared the original place.


The sound of Guqin has become more urgent and compact.

Every sound, excitement, exciting.

I can't view the corrugation in a meat, and the mountainside is spreading around.

These ripples, such as thousands of troops, and kill the quartet.

Killing is shrouded for nine days.

At once, I wrap Chen Xiu Ming with the black robe man.

"It's so comfortable!"

Chen knife closed his eyes and quietly experienced.

The aura, it becomes a hurry, such as the tsunami, and drilled into his body.

The body is injured, fully recovered.

His strength is rapidly enhanced.


The black robes are manifestations, completely different.

He screamed, and he worshiped on the ground and fell a dog.

Every sound, like to cut his soul, and hurt him even.


The piano is changed, which is slow to slow.

The picture is changed.

Spring breeze, warm sun.

On the green grass, a group of family is lying lazy to the ground, bathing the sun.

It looks very comfortable.

Chen Xiu is like a water, and the mouth is rare.

"Oh no……"

The black robe man hugged his head, fell to the ground, and screamed.

He is dark, scattered, and evaporated into a virtual.

He gradually became a black fly ash, disappearing in the world.

Stay in the same place, there is only a dark skeleton.

" !"

The ghost mask dropped.

The skull, the horror, it is unwilling.

Chen Kao is still standing in place, feeling all this.

The piano stops.

Yu Yin.



Chen Kao smashed his eyes and the breath rose sharply.

"Break through!"

He clenched his fist and excited his body slightly fuse.

The card is in the context of practice, and it has been not allowed to enter.

I didn't expect it, listened to a piano, and broke through the foundation!

His idea swept away from Dantian and exposed an excitement.

"This ... such a big Dantian, my talent, enough to improve several times! In the same realm, there is no enemy!"

"Who is it? More than letting me break through, I can make me talent!"

"This means, surprised to be a man! Senior,

Chen Xu Ming secretly nodded and made a decision.

His eyes swept to the black robes, not from the look.


Chen Xiu Ming went to the skeleton, and a face was surprised.

"Are you not forced? Come, hurt each other!"

Lift your feet and kick it.


The skeleton should be cleaved, and it is dark as ash, scattered around.

"So crisp?"

"Killing Yuan Ying's evil repair, like a slaughter!"

"High people, this means, incredible!"

"It's hard to bomb the piano, it is a big god, no, definitely, but can't make a good energy!"

"Heaven, next to this big mousse, there is actually hidden such a big energy!"

"If I can make good deeds, I am afraid ..."

At this time, Chen Xiu's heart beats dramatically.

He has a long time, and he will take a long knife and go to the mountain.

A small stream, turning it up.

Clear stream, hit on the stone, emerged.

These water mists, shrouded in the peach blossom, like a fairyland.


A breeze broke, with a faint peach and fragrant, smell, and the fluent Shurt.

"There is still this scenery!"

"The place where you can live, it is not normal!"

"I will see the big energy, I must respect, I can't afford!"

Chen Xu Ming muttered, he kept warned himself.



Sun Yu looked at the ancient Qin, the corner of his mouth smiled.

Just now, I played a song and got a dozen of the franchise value.

Burgun can get a franchise value, want to have other skills, can also get the franchise value.

"Get the franchise value is simple, look like, don't need to go down the mountain."

"The mountain is too dangerous, with my mortal body, I am afraid how long it is."

"You must pay the franchise value as soon as possible, after getting the problem, go down the mountain to find a parade cultivation! Try it first, can painting?"

I think so, Sun Hao went to the desk, paved the rice paper, ready to draw.

At this time.

"Does anyone are at home?"

A sound from the front yard.

"Someone? Is it a cultivator?"

Sun Hao was shocked, and his face was exposed.

This world, strength is the law, a word is not, will kill.

I am a mortal, even if it is just a habitat.

I am in front of him, as well as the ants.

Listen to your voice, full of gas, I am afraid that I have been exhausted.

Be careful, don't take it.

Sun Hao went to the front yard, opened the door, looking at the front of the man, not from one.

I saw that he had a silver long hair with a brain, behind him, carrying a long knife.

Drake a few mouthfuls of mouth, dry blood stains, full of body.

He is Chen Xu Ming.

At this moment, Chen Xu Ming is also a face of Sun Wei.

"There is no spiritual fluctuation, clothing is Chu, the instrument, it looks like a big family son!"

"Don't he are the big energy that saved his own?"

"It's impossible! He is too young, and he is mortal! Isn't he a big apprentice?"

"It is this! In this case, don't have to be sin!"

I think so.

Chen Xu Ming went to Sun Yanyu, and he was holding his fist.

Sun Hao is secretly shocking, but his face does not dare to show half a point.

He carry his hands and exposes a high person.

"The surname Sun, the single name is a word." Sun Hao said.

"I have seen Sun Hao Gongzi!"

Chen Xu Ming once again deeply.

"Don't have a lot of gifts, do you have something?" Asked Sun Hao.

"Bono, come to the next, thank God of Master!" Chen Xu Ming said.

When I heard this, Sun Hao was shocked.