It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter III Master?

Thank yourself?

Have you made a mistake?

When is there a teacher, I don't know it?

This family is wrong.

In this case, try it first.


Sun Yu's mouth is rising, asking: "Can you know my name?"


Chen Xiu Yumu is hysterested, and there are some sweat on the brain.

Where did he know!

"The son, I don't know." Chen Xu Ming replied.

"Then have you seen my teacher?" Sun Hao asked.

"The son, I have never seen it." Chen Kao said.

"I have never seen, I don't know the name, then you know that my teacher is honored to save you?" Sun Hao asked.

"Bonology, I have just been in the foot of the mountain, help me break through, kill people, although not appeared, but that means, surprisingly!"

"This, I can confirm!" Chen Xu Ming said.

When I heard this, Sun Hao nodded.

Look, it is a high-tech road, saving this kid.

This is not the relationship between this.

This is naturally not recognized, in case he will find himself to lie to him.

A knife.


I am not dead!

"Chen Xiong, there is no master! I want to save you, and others!" Sun Hao said.


Chen Xu Yumu is shocked, and there is standing there.

Does others save themselves?

I have found a mortal, it is really embarrassed.

However, this son is ignorant in front of you, and you will not be an ordinary person.

"Chen Xiong, since you can find this, then there is a fate, or if you please, we will talk to it!" Sun Hao said.

As the saying goes, eat people's mouth soft, take people short.

As long as this kid, drink your own tea, I will never let it kill.

Thinking of this, Sun Yao's mouth rose.

Drink tea?

Chen Xu Ming shakes his head.

For the secular tea, I naturally don't like to drink.

The cultivator arrived in the gas, not eating fireworks, secular tea, nature is no exception.

Don't say, you have reached the foundation.

However, now bothering this son, I am really embarrassed.

Then drink a cup.

"Thank you gong!" Chen Xiu Ming hugged.


In the invitation of Sun Hao, the two walked into the courtyard.

The front yard, there is a pond.

Biurver the leaves, Qingui drops.

A lotus flower, slim, like a beautiful girl, full of blush.

"This is only in March, I have opened a lotus!"

"How can this be?"

I saw this pool lotus, Chen Xu We looked a little surprised.

Chen Xiu Ming was surprised to catch up and captured by Sun Hao.

Sun Yu's mouth is tall, and the face is revealed.

Intravaus has reached the situation.

This pool is lotus, you can make them bloom, never witnessed.

Soon, the two walked to a loft.

The attic is 30 meters, like a Tianhe Temple, look at it, and makes life awe.

At the front of the attic, two cherry blossom trees, , together with lotus lining, don't have a view.

Under the cherry tree, there is a pavilion.

In the pavilion, a coffee table, a few chairs.

Sun Hao walked into the pavilion with Chen Xiu, "Chen Xiong, please!"

"Gong, thank you!"

Chen Xu Yumido is tense, and the wings are taken down.

He hopped his temple and quickly recovered.

The anxiety of the big temple, like the Xian Temple, let people stand in front of the face, deeply sensation.

"A mortal, actually live in this place!"


"Look, this son, is the person of the big family!"

Chen Xu Ming wanted.

"Chen brother, wait a moment!"


Sun Hao shows his tea.

Clean hands, temperature pot, wash tea, brewing ...

The whole process, the skilled in the skill.

It is necessary to put it in the past, the teacher.

After a while.

Tea has been cooked.

A tea, rushing.

Smell a bite, feel the fluid Shurt, which makes people feel the feeling.

What is this tea, it is so fragrant?

I really want to drink.

Chen Kao looked at Sun Yu's action and looked at it.

"Come ... Come, drink tea!"

Sun Hao has a tea and placed in the Chen knife.

"Thank you!"

Chen Xu Ming took a tea cup and drink a small drink.


Like the , in the top of the Chen knife.

It was shunmed that he couldn't calm for a long time.

"This this……"

He is excited to know, the color is shocked, and the face is full.

This small mouth tea, with an incomparable aura, in the body.

It seems to blow the body.

Chen Xu Ming quickly calmly, and he began to guide it.

I used a half anxiety, and he took all aura and introduced to Dantian.


Dantian has become several times.

His strength was broken through the top stage of the building, and broke through the medium stage.

Chen Xu Yumu is stunned in the heart, can't calm for a long time.

A little bit, you can explode yourself.


"Horse, this ... such a rich aura, what is this tea?"

"This is equivalent to one hundred pieces of Lingshi! The question is, this is better than the spiritual stone, it is better to absorb thousands!"

"This kind of spirit tea, if you put it in the outside world, it will set off the wind!"

The more you look at, Chen Xiu's heart, the more you jump.

"No, the son is a mortal, how can I drink this tea?"

Looking up, see Sun Hao is already preparing to drink the second cup.

One fell, the Rumon, all under the belly.

"Hey ..., good tea!"

See this scene, Chen Tao's heart is tight.

He secretly scared cold sweat.

Where is the mortal, it is a peerless person.

Such a strong spirits, swallowing this easily!

This strength, at least the Baby Baby, does not, the community.

Loss yourself as a mortal, laughing at the big teeth.

Fortunately, it's okay.

There is no annoyance, if so, the son can take it to the smoke.

Think about it, it is afraid.

"Chen Xiong, don't be stunned, drink it!" Sun Hao said.

"Yes, the son!"

After returning to God, Chen Xu Ming took a cup and Xiao Yi.