It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

The fourth chapter of the son, remembering

A cup of tea.


A sound.

Chen Xu Ming took the fist, and the whole person was excited to be mighty.

Also broke through!

Now, I have reached Jin Dan.

His idea is swept away from Jin Dan, and it is shocked.

"This is just condensed out of Jin Dan, and it is very stable, Jin Dan, there is no impurity!"

"I am not Shangjin Dan!"

"Heaven, I ... I drink this, what is the spiritual tea!"

Chen Xu Ming was surging, and it could not calm down.

He looked at Sun Hao, worship, worshiping, a burst of scan.

"Chen Xiong, come back a cup?" Sun Hao asked.

"Do not……"

Chen Xu Ming hurriedly waved.

This kind of spirit tea, which dares to greed.

Another cup, I can't digest it.

Didn't drink, I will make a son unhappy.

I broke this way of conflict, I have to find a place to cry.

"The son is a peerless person, waiting for me as a mountain, this big grace, no tooth! Must return a gift to the son!"

Chen Xu mums whatually, the idea was swept away from the space ring.

Inside, three items are placed, a rotten skin armor, a long sword ...

Ling, the same is not!

How can the son see these things?

"Hey, I have to find a way to get a spirit to give the son."

Chen Xu Ming did not decide.

Beautiful scene, tea is intoxicating, the son talks vomiting, the temperament is extraordinary.

Among the words, like a rhyme, let yourself have a feeling of Mouton.

I didn't feel the room for a long time.

The sky is gradually darker.

Not long after, it was a rainy rain.

At a glance, the water mist is like a water ink.

It's beautiful, let people go.

Suddenly, Chen Xiu's eyebrows were picking up, and it seems to think of what is tight.

"Gongzi, more than a long time, please understand, there is something, first pay!"

Chen Xiu Ming stood up and made a gift.

"Chen Xiong, polite!"

Sun Yu looked at the sky and looked at the rain.

Watching the fight against the pavilion, "Since the Chen brother is going to go, I will not retain, holding this, can avoid the rain."

Said, Sun Hao handed the fight with the squat to Chen Xiu's hand.

"Bono, thank you!"

Chen Xu Ming wore a fight, put on the clothes, and once again hugged.

"Chen Xiong, remember more!"

"for sure!"

Chen Xu Ming turned around and went fast.

He left a figurine in the rain fog.

Sun Hao saw this scene, walking back to the house, starting playing the piano.

" ..."

The sound is long, spread throughout the valley.

The water ink, with the piano, the quaint, the mood is far-reaching.

Chen Xu Ming's head roared.

Inner, there is a difficult sensation.

It seems to explore some kind of mysterious.

Chen Xu Ming is standing in the same place, and it is always movable.

He recovered until the end of the sound of the sound.

"A piano sound, let me achieve my mysterious meaning, I seem to realize a single knife!"

"Isn't it the piano, not others, but a son?"

One thought here.


Chen Xu Ming poured a breath.

It turned out to be a son to make yourself breakthrough, kill the evil.

And the son is unwilling to admit these.

Could it be that:

Gong sub-card in a bottleneck, incarnation, feeling red dust, breaking through this?

Is so!

Don't click on the son, otherwise,

At that time, the death is difficult to tell!


Tong Tianhe!


Unexpectedly, a small monk, can be related to this great!

Old days, what kind of machine is this? !

Chen Xu Ming has a stormy waver.

He took a deep breath, and the look was calm.

Turning around Sun Wei's direction, deeply.

"The son is the heart!"

"If there is a chance, go to the fire, don't speak!"

For a long time, he turned around and went to the mountain.

On the road.

He looked at the body, "the son sent me the two things, afraid of being extraordinary!"

He took a fight with the snacks and carefully viewed.


A roar, directly hit the mind.

My own spirit, I can't wear the fight and the clothes!

"This is not ordinary, the son sent something, it is necessary to keep your health!"

After that, Chen Xu Ming is a moving, a barrier, shrouded the body, and blocks the rain.

Subsequently, he received these two things to the space ring.

", you dare to faint us!"

"This time, even if you are maintenance of you, you must first look good!"

Chen Kao Mingmai opened his foot, hurried to the mountains.

Soon, it disappeared in the rain fog.



"20 o'clock!"

Sun Hao opened the franchise panel and saw the 20 points of the 20 points above, and the eyes were light.

In just one day, I have harvested 20 points, and I finally opened a good head.

Just, I will drink a cup of tea to Chen Xiu, and harvest 3 points.

Give him a fight with the coat, and harvest 2 franchise.

Look, give the cultivar to send it, you can harvest the franchise value.

There are enough things, and they will be full!

"Too wonderful, there is no blessing value in the future!"

"However, I have more tests, waiting for him to come next time!"

I think so, Sun Yu supports the oil paper umbrella and walks in the house.

Come to the sculpture, he looked at a wood on the ground and went forward.

"Since the bullet can harvest the franchise value, can it be?"

"First engrave some small objects, give to the immortals, can also harvest a lot of blessings!"

Sun Hao sat on a dwarf, took out the knife and started to engrave.


The knife is in his hands, like a dragon.

Every action is a row of water, without a single stop.

The statue of the size of the slap is being carved by him.

These statues, there are people, there are Buddha statues, there are birds, beasts ...

Each piece is completed, do not use fine carving, no need to grind.

Each piece is lifelike, like living.

It is a few hours.

On the ground, a piece of no left has become a statue.

"Okay, more than 200 pieces are completed!"

"This should be harvested to harvest a lot of blessings."

"The sculpture of my gods like me, Chen Xiong will be able to see!"

"So many types, if you come again, let him pick it yourself!"

"I wiped, I used it for so long, didn't get a little franchise?"