It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

The fifth chapter of the generation, the people reproduce

The periphery of the big demon.

Two women stand on a mountain peak.

They looked at the distant, and the face was careful.

One of them is sweet, it looks like, and it is empty, and I don't eat fireworks.

She is the holy woman in the Yaochi Palace - Su Ying.

"The sister, we really advancing the Mountains?"

Next to Su Yi Ling, a blue yarn is watching.

"Xiao Ruo."

Su Yi Ling looked at the blue yarn, "Master is fired into the devil, you go back to accompany you! Take medicine, it will be good!"

"Sister, Master has other sisters, don't need me!"

"Since I want to enter the big Mountain, then I naturally can't let the hand, one more people!" Blue yarn woman said.

"Xiao Ruo, the big demon mountain is unusually dangerous, you will go in with me, I am afraid I will be tired!"

Su Yi Ling's face disappeared and became majestic.

"Sister, I ..."

"You still have to go to the teacher to respect, so I am relieved!"

"Yes, the teacher!"

After that, the blue yarn is a long sword, and it will go quickly.

After the blue yarn is leaving, Su Yi Ling is a light smoke, a moment, did not enter the big demon.


The blue yarn woman is going back, looking at Su Yi Ling disappears, "The sister, want to throw me?"

After finishing, the blue yarn flew to the big demon mountain.



Time flies, the eye is a day.

Outside the big demon mountain range, Chen Xu Yumu flew, his face, showing a magic.

In front, it is his Zongmen - hegemony.

The hegemony belongs to the nine-class zone, in the mainland, is the last parade.

Zongmen population, counting the Zongzun, but more than one hundred people, it can be embarrassed.

However, this is just temporary.

I got such a creation, the strength is not weak.

This return, the order will be greatly placed, let the master look at it.


After landing, Chen Tao walked to the gate.

He careped a silver hair, the long knife holder was on the shoulder, domineering.

"No, why no one is guarding the door?"

Chen Kao's eyebrows picks up, walk into the gate.

In the zone, the gray fog is shrouded, which will not distinguish the direction.

"not good!"

Chen Xiu Ming has retired two steps, and he will hide.

" ..."

He originally located, blowing a dust.

A big knife, stabilized on the ground.

Then, a shadow is rapid.

"Oh, the reaction is very fast!"

A man appears.

His mouth is skew, it looks, it is very evil.

", is it you?"

Chen Xu Ming face, show a little surprised.

" ..."

The man smiled in the sky, holding a big knife, pointing at Chen Xu, "The little guy of this body, called Yu Lank, the name is good!"

I heard this, Chen Xu Yumou Leather, "Is it?"

"Little guy, have a few more people, but what is it? You will become this seat!"

After that, the man rushed over to Chen Xiu.


The big knife is embarrassed, and the air wave is shocked.

See this scene, Chen Xiu sounded coldly, not refunded.

The knife is flashed.

"... ..."

A sound.

The man was smashed into two halves and died in the scene.

Then, Chen Xu Ming rushed forward.

But the people who have seen, no matter what the identity before, the hand is falling, and the head is scrolling.

It has become a human, and there is no original consciousness and no recovery.

Not long, the zone is up and down, dozens of disciples,


The gray fog is getting stronger and more strong, in the air, floating to faint odor.

The crisis is four ord.

Chen Xu Yumu is dignified.

" ..."

A slam launched.

Then, a black shadow is floating in front of the Chen knife.

Chen Xu Ming took a long knife, aligned with the black shadow, was a knife.

" ..."

A sound.

A long sewing on the ground.

The black shadow is standing there, not hidden by half.

"Interest, too interesting."

"A little doll, actually reached Jin Dan!"

"I didn't expect, my evil seal actually has this luck!"

"This is a flesh, this is it."

The black shadow said, in a moment, appeared in front of Chen Xiu, lifting the palm, and pressed in his chest.


Chen Kao Ming is like a broken kite and fly.

" ..."

A loud noise.

Chen Xiu was slammed, and he fell a gray face.


No pain is full of body.

Golden Dan, seem strong, nothing in front of the real master, nothing.


Chen Xu Yumu is so dark, struggling to stand up.

Holding hands with hands, pointing at black shadows, "monsters, come, hurt each other!"

" ..."

The black shadow made a big laugh. "This is not allowed to hurt you! You have a flesh, from today, it is this seat."


Chen Xu Ming once again rushed over, aligned with black shadows, a knife went down.


The knife is scratched, but it has not left any injury.

Instead, the black shadow is gently shot, Chen Xu Ming body, seems to be uniform.

Body, there is no pain.

The long sword holds in your hand, slightly shaking slightly.

"Is it hurt?"

"Is it difficult?"

"This is right, this is a god, dedicated to the soul!"

"Let's go, your soul will be gray!"

The black shadow is not enough to say, that look, like all of them.

Chen Xu Ming took a long knife and crazy attack.

No matter how he works, you can't keep the black shadow for a half damage.

And he, panting, pale, has arrived on the edge of the collapse.

"You ... who you are?" Chen Xu Ming asked.

"Look, you didn't care about this seat, this is evil!"

"Since you know this name, then you can die!"

After that, the black shadow rushed to Chen Xiu.

"Evil, I will not let you die!"

Looking at the evil seal that hurves, Chen Xiu's face is not willing.

I just got antennas, I didn't expect it, I was dead for two days.

Not sweet!

Mon, Dagan Report!

He closed his eyes and quietly thinking that he was drinking tea with Sun Hao yesterday.

"Since Chen brother is going, I will not retain, holding this, can avoid rain."

When Chen Xu Ming thought of this sentence, the eyebrows were picked, and it seems to think of what.

"Take the wind, evil seal?"

"It turned out that the son sent me to fight, it is to avoid this evil!"

"Gong, I understand!"

One thought here.

Chen Xu Ming took the battle of the space ring and took it out and worn on it.

Seeing the original desperate Chen knife, once again.

The evil looks at the look, when he saw the fight and the clothes.

Out of a smile.

"Little guy, do you want to use the fight to deal with the jacket?" Said the evil seal.

"Oh, ignorant guys!"

Chen Kao said coldly and smiled coldly.

"Little guy, since you want to die, this is all you!"

After that, the evil is sealed, the darkness is full.

The church is soaring that Chen said.