It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 6 Gongzi Machine


There is no accident.

The .

A shaft of dark gas, with the power of corroding soul, once in an instant.

" ..."

The evil seal has a blame, and the sound is very bright.

However, he smiled and smiled, and he was in the original place.

I saw that the dark gas came to Chen Xiu Ming to fight with the clothes, all evaporated.

At all, I can't get Chen Xiu's body.

"Sure enough!"

Chen Xu Ming's eyes are blooming, grateful, overflowing.

"Bono, you have all good, I am so dull, until now I understand!"

Chen Xu Ming was excited to have a slight shaking.

"This is impossible!"

The evil sound and wake Chen Xu Wei.

"Ha ha……"

Chen Xu was cold and cold, looking at evil seals, like a dead person, "evil seal, you will die today!"

"Little doll, will you rely on you?"

After the evil seal, I took out a black coup and pointed at Chen Xiu. "Since you can't get your body, then you ruin you!"


A scream.

Black gas is mad, blink to form a storm.


Around the trees, they have been raised, and the slag is paid.

The ground, it is cleared by a layer of layers and intensive with the storm.

The horror scene, destroying the earth.

This storm is upset.

In an instant, I wrapped Chen Xu Ming.

"Small doll, die!"

The evil face is blocked, showing a smile.


There is only the sound of the storm.

a long time.

The surrounded is calm.

The square is one hundred meters and is moved to flat.

The evil seal, looks at the direction of Chen Xu Ming, not from the eyebrows.

"This is a dream!"

The evil blinks and the eyes are not believed.

I saw that Chen Xiu Ming was standing in place, intact.

A trace of injury has not left.

"How can a golden doll baby, how can I block me?"

"This is definitely dreaming!"

The evil face is not forgiving.

"Oh, evil seal, what is a moving despite, or if you have no chance." Chen Kao said.

"Hey, you will rely on you? Don't believe it, you can resist it!"

The evil seal is a trick.

Dark corpse, swallow soul, dark night soul ...



Any means, hit it on Chen Xiu, did not give him any injury.

The evil seal gasped, looked at Chen Xiu, and his face was taboo.

"The evil seal, the son has already calculated everything, today, it is your death!"

Chen Xu Ming slammed the long knife and smiled a silver hair.

"Mon, what son?" Asked the evil.

"Dead, don't know!"

After that, Chen Kao sounded his body disappeared.

Surrounded by a dead.

The evil seal is four sweep, and the spiritual power is highly alert, "the little son, the gods, the ghost, gave it out."

Responding to him, is silent.

As if the whole world, only one is one.

"It's impossible, a golden doll, how can you have this means, even my knowledge, can't go out."

"Where did he go?"

The evil fence overflows a sweat, panic.

"Oh, here."


After you have a sound.

The evil head is fried, turned back, and the body violent.



A knife touched the blood of the blood.

The evil seal is looked at the chest long knife, those gaps, such as raising their mouths, laughing at him.

" ..."

Long knife draws back.


Evil blocked, looking at Chen Xiu Ming, face on his face.

After the body, I didn't move, I didn't die.

Chen Xu Ming looked at the corpse of the eyes, a face, "Gongzi god machine, let you have a warner, can't turn it out!"

"The son is fighting with the clothes, it seems ordinary, it is very uncommon!"

"Although I can't see the order, I want to be a general spirit, it is likely to be a Chinese spirit!"

"Can refining China Lingmers, the soul is very powerful! If this is, don't you say that the son is not a hole in the cave, but a big matrix?"

One thought here.


Chen Xu Ming took a breath.

Terrible, it is terrible.

Unexpectedly, I had a small cultivator to get such a chance.

This is a blessing in my life!

"The son gave me two-piece Chinese spirit, and it is fixed to the demon, since the evil has been removed, then it must be given to the son!"

"However, both hands to see the son, it is really no!"

Chen Kao's face, showing a pair of difficulties.

"Don't worry first, find the right thing, then see the son."

Chen Xu Ming came back to God, and the eyes were watching.

It is found that the whole knife will have moved to flat, now there is only one main hall.

"I don't know how the Master is? Are they okay?"

Chen Xiu rushed to the main hall.

Pushing the door, just seeing, dozens of people were wrapped in the darkness and supported hard.

Chen Xu Ming throws the fight.


The bucket is rotated.


A whitening, such as the rain sprinkles.

Qingguang is like a nectar, shrouded in these people.

They are dark, and they are exhausted quickly.

The fight is returned, Chen Xiu is humming.

"With my strength, you can only play this kind of power, if you take it in the son, I am afraid to destroy the earth!"

Chen Kao Ming took the fight with the squirt, and ran to a white-headed old man, "Master, how are you?"


Whitewele old people open their eyes, showing a surprise on the face, "Is you saved us?"

Chen Kao is nodded, looking at white, "Master, what is going on?"


Whitewase is reliably sigh.

"The evil family wants to move."

"We dominate the knife, is stared at the people, the evil seal, can be not simple, is he escaped?" White head asked.

"He is dead!" Chen Kao said.


Everyone was shocked, even whitewashouters were surprised.

"Do you kill?" White head asked.

"Well." Chen Kao kitched out.


Everyone took a breath, and her face did not believe it.

"Annger, how is this?" White head asked.

"Master, I am from a predecessor, he gives me two treasures, I can kill this kind of evil!"

"However, the predecessor, don't let me say who he is, please ask the Master to understand!" Chen Xu Ming said.

I heard these words, everyone secretly nodded.

"Hey, this is a small thing, what to understand is not forgive! Annual, you saved the entire parade! This master is coming!" White head said.

"How can this, Qi Zong is a good thing!" Chen Kao said.

A middle-aged man came out, respectfully hugged, "said the knife, and saved the whole paradise in the water, I am willing to pass the sense of the master to him, you, can have any objection?"


No one opposed.

Little Zongmen is this simple.

"Meet the host!"

In addition to whitewashouses, others are squatting, squatting, and respectful.

Chen Xiu Ming stood stood in the same place, on his face, showing unbelievable surprises.

Just because of saving everyone, I became a master?

"Anters, since you are a generous, this five-color Shenlian, this is kept by you!"

White head is finished, take out a glorious lotus, hand it to Chen Xiu.

This thing is an out, surpassing a piece.

"Zong Zun actually took the treasure of Zhen Zong."

"This is a Chinese-product, I have a life, I can see it."

Chen Xu Ming picked up five-color Shenlian, and thought.

"This is China's soul!"

"The son is not necessarily seen, at least you can take it!"

Chen Xu Ming's eyes are sparkling.

"Annual, there is another month, it is the big ratio of Yangzhou Zongmen, everything, will rely on you!" White head said.


Chen Xu Yumu is speechless, letting himself as the dominant, it is this plan.

"Zongmen is bigger, it seems to have rewards, just can give the son!"

Chen Xu Ming secretly nodded, "Master, you can rest assured, this time, the tyrants will become eight-class" "