It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 7 harvests the franchise value, conspiracy


Sun Hao sighed, and his face was embarrassed.

"Harvest the franchise value, there is no law!"

Sun Hao muttered, picking up the firewood, splitting a piece of wood.

", Fuyuan +50."

I heard this, Sun Haoyi.

"Listen wrong?"

He opened the panel, looked at the 70 point value of the above, between the time, did not return God.

After you leave the Chen Xiu, you have been painting, writing, browning tea, playing the piano ...

Do this, just to harvest the franchise value.


There is no good value.

Unexpectedly, only a few firewood were cleared, I got 50 points.

"Is there a blessing value?"

Sun Yu looked at this house in the house, the eyes of the eyes, as seen in a blessing value.

"In this case, then I will open you all!"

Sun Hao picked up the firewood and started the firewood.

" ..."

A clearance, did not get a franchise value.

Not discouraged, continue to be cleared.

It is also a clearance, no franchise value.

Ten swear, no.




1000 roots.

It's a thousand wood.

The palms have been shocked slightly, and there is no good value.

How can this be?

Is the Fuyuan value obtained from other places, I don't know?

"No matter what, let them say it again."

"carry on!"

Sun Hao Hao took the tone and continued to start.



still none.

After a long time, the whole crimp, there is only one wood.

"I'm relying on you!"

Sun Yu looked at the last wood, did not hesitate, and opened it directly.

This wood is very hard and difficult to sigh.

Chai knife card is in it, and it is difficult to retreat.

"Is this hard?"

"Is there a blessing value?"

Sun Hao's eyes are gloried, and the hands are held on the firewood and hit it hard.

" ..."

A sound rang.

The firewood seems to be infinite resistance, it is difficult to go down.

"I don't believe it!"

Sun Hao added a bit of power.


A sound.

Chai knife is unable to make strength, breaking.

"I am going, such a thick firewood, broken?"

"What kind of firewood? Give it!"

Sun Hao yelled, and he took force.

" ..."

The wood should be split, and it is two pieces and lying quietly.

Blood red wood, close texture, emitting a faint aroma.

However, Sun Hao did not pay attention to this.

He cares, only the franchise value.


still none!

Sun Hao stood in the same place, the mouth is slightly pumping.

I didn't have any room on wood.

Even if he is full of poetry, it is also an attitude of explosion.

He put the firewood, opened the door, and he was thrown away, "" go to the mud's blessing value! "

Chai knife is turned into a parabolic, falling next to the cherry tree, " ..."

"The firewood is broken, then hit one, maybe I can get the franchise value!"

Sun Hao walked into the iron room.



In the Western Region of the Tiango, a certain mountain floor underground.


The evil king roared, heavy shots on the stone table.


The stone table should be split, and the collapse is a powder.

"Evil is dead? How can this!"

The face of the evil king

"Adults, evil seals" soul lights are broken, they must have already ... "

Below, a black man worshiped in the ground, and she shakes.

"Damn! Damn! A small nine-class zone, how can I kill the evil seal?"

"Come on, let's take the seat!" Evil.


At this time, a sound.

The opening is a blood and greeting man.

"Blood, this is the matter of my people, do you want to manage?" The evil jewel is cold.

"Don't dare!"

The blood of the blood, revealing a high-profile smile, "Jun brother, answer me a few questions, have you decided to be good?"

"You said!" The evil monarch rushed to anger and said.

"What is your realm?"

"The god is satisfactory."

"What is the realm of evil seal?"

"Meditation medium."

"How is the evil seal dead?"

"I don't know."

"How strong the evil enemy?"

"I don't know."


Asked all the way, the evil monarch can't answer.

He doesn't understand the use of bloody, on your forehead, overflowing the fine pears.

"Blood, what should I do?" Asked evil.

"It's very simple, just right! A zone, don't take it right!"

"The task of the above, is to attract us to the attention of the Cangyuan!" Blood said.

"Bloody, it's easy, it's not easy! How do we attract the Cangyuan? On the Cangyuan, just come to a master, we are two, fierce."

I mentioned the top of the Yellow Court, the evil, only is only a jealous.

"You are very good, the group of Shang Cangyada is too horror!"

"However, the way is there." Bloody face, showing a smile.

"What method?" Asked evil.

"There is another month, it is the big ratio of Yangzhou Zongmen!" Said blood.

"Yangzhou Zongmen is bigger, what is the relationship with us? Is it difficult to participate in us?"

Blood smile, "Of course, I ask you, Yangzhou Zongmen is bigger, what is the power?"

"That is also said, of course is the Shangdangyuan!"

"It's good! According to I learned that Shang Cangyuan is in Yangzhou springs, the strength is only a completeness!" Said blood.

This, the evil mood, "you mean, we are in the Yangzhou Zongmen Conference? Attracting the Cangyuan Note?"

"Do not……"

The bloody puts his fingers. "Of course, it is not so simple, we must do it, naturally it is old, all refining, all the gods, half, you can see it?"


On the evil, it is a big shocked color, and at the same time, it will reveal a little expectation.

"You don't have to worry about it, a hole is unimpeded, although can't kill, but I can make!"

"As long as there is no two cave email, we will do a big dry, how do you see?" Blood said.

"Good, great, then I said."

Two people look at it, send out a burst.

A conspiracy, fast forming.