It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 9 Buddha also has the owner?

"Small doll, die!"

Montenegro is cold, reach out of the sky, and the Su Yi Ling has passed.

"Master, I am sorry!"

Su Yiwei gave up resistance, closed his eyes, quietly waiting for death.

Seeing, covering the sky, you have to pinch Su Yi Ling into a powder.

At this time.

Bold! "

A burst of drinking and shocking.

It is followed by a golden light, and it is explored from the sky.

Tightly pinch the old demon palm.


Montenegro's old demon has become a big change, crazy struggle, can't break free.

I haven't waited for him to react, but I saw that his entire arm burst into open.


Montenegro marked a heartbreaking.

"Who, gave it out!"

Montenegro demon.

" !"

A sound.

Countless golden light from the virtual air.

A verse, flying, like a heavenly gold butterfly.

Seeing this scene, the old demon full of blacks.

Such a horrible pressure, it is terrible, at least the Buddha.

"Buddha ... Buddha, forgive!"

Montenegro is facing the sky, kneeling down, keeping hoe.

"Dreaming the owner clears, death!"

Words have been followed.

The fertile verses, rapidly flying.

In an instant, wrap the black mountain old demon bag.

"Do not……"

Don't shout, come and go.

Montenegro, the body explodes a powder.

Leave it in place, there is only one demon.

The demon interlocked, it seems to be struggling in dramatic.

At last.

" ..."

The demon darchers disappeared, and there was no trace.

The black mountain demon disappeared.

These verses have become a diamond.

In his eyes, he shoted two gods and sweeping the quartet.

After a while, the body of Kimang Luo was spread, turned into a verse, flying to the void, disappearing.

Staying in the same place, just a silly station of Su Yi Ling.

Her chest undulation, the waves, the face is shocked.

This means!

This strength!

By the sky, I can't imagine!

This ... Is this a Buddha?


The problem is that the Buddha is just a slave!

Who is his master?

How many horrific is his master?

One thought here.


Su Yiwei was cold and the body was very cold.

She presses the dramatic undulating chest and takes a deep breath.

For a long time, she calm down.


After recovery, a pain came, and Su Yiwei almost fainted.

"No, I can't fain this!"

"Master is still waiting for me!"

"Small, I won't let you die!"

Su Yi Ling has swallowed a few mouthfuls of medicinal herbs, and he strongly supported a sigh of relief and flew outside the Mountains.

Soon, he came to the perimeter of the big demon.

In the body injured, she dizes her in a moment.


She is as sheball, she falls in the past.



", Fuyuan +50!"

Sun Hao has just closed the scriptures, he heard a sound.

Open the panel and find that the franchise value reaches 120 points.

"Through the classics, there is also a blessing value, wonderful!"

Sun Hao's eyes flashes.

"However, this is still a bit slow, to collect a million blessing value, when?"

"If you come to a few modes,

This idea has just been formed.

" ..."

A loud noise, came from outside the hospital.

This sound is like a bomb blasting, and it is vibrating.

Sun Hao was shocked, and his face revealed. "Will there be a modest to attack my yard?"

"I am a poor boiler, how can I see the immortal?"

Sun Hao frowned and thought.

He carry his hands and exposes a high person.


Sun Hao looked lighted.

no respond.

He walked to the door without a hurry.

Open the door, look at it, brow meter.

I saw it.

Under the cherry tree, a woman fell there.

The woman is in a red yarn, the face is facing, can't see the face.

As can be seen from the body of the scar, she is seriously injured.

"Sure enough, this world, you can't say it, you have to take human life!"

"I want to have a tragic killing with people soon!"


Sun Hao is careful.

Close the door and return to the house.

"It is said that the immortal is moving to the bloodstream, even if I am innocent, if I am being chased, I am afraid I will give me a knife!"

"No, I have to hide her, I can't let the chasing people discover!"

This is thinking, Sun Hao went to the cherry tree, holding Su Yi Ling, sent back to the house, put it in bed.

He looked at Su Yi Ling and carefully.

I saw that Su Yi Ling is exquisite, and the body has a material.

Spring is self-smashing in the rotade, and you can see that Sun Yanyu is dry.

In her hands, I touched a Ganoderma lucidum.

Ganoderma lucidum is panned, and I know that it is not everything.

"It's good, but for a Ganoderma lucidum, even if you live!"

Sun Hao shook his head, reached out, and explored women's meridians.

"The meridians are broken, the body is seriously injured, and there is also saved!" Sun Hao dark.

I have medical skills, I have reached the situation.

Although she is a cultivator, she should also try to save it.

However, in the life, in case she is a farmer to save the snake?

If you don't save, then she will die.

Accomplish medical skills, see death, this is not over.


Sun Hao's eyes are light, and the meter is coming.

He walked out of the room and went straight to the backyard.

There are a few acres of size in the medicine, and the system is required to plant herbs.

Shortly after.

Sun Hao collects the pharmaceutical grass, returning to the pharmacy, starting medicine.

Slowness, let the herbs fully release the drug.

After a while.

Sun Hao fell out of a bowl of medicinal soup, and the end of the Suiling room.

"This, even if you are a cultivator, it should be unable to shoot me!"

Sun Hao face, a face helpless.

Give people a drug, it is self-policy.

Confirm that the girl doesn't malicious, give her a detoxification.

A spoonful of spoon gave her.

", Fuyuan +1."

", Fuyuan +1."


Each scoop can get a little franchise value.

"Can I get a franchise value?"

Sun Hao deliberately.

But found that the tone no longer sounded.

That is to say, I want to diamond vulnerabilities, it is impossible.


Sun Hao sighed and continued to serve Su Yiling.

A bowl of belly, get 50 franchise.

The overall franchise value reached 170 points.

"Good effect!"

Sun Hao explored the Sudu Meridiary and found her in vivo, and recovered quickly.

"It seems that the immortal can also cure! Do you want to open a medical center in the city?"

"No! Don't say that the immortal world is too dangerous, the light is these herbs, you can't bring it. Collection, take my speed, ten days, I can't go back!"

"Recruiting some cultivars for me?"

"No! If you are trivial, I know that I am so powerful, I will be imprisoned and turned into their dedicated physician!"

"Life is sinister, have to prevent!"

"First touch the situation, then find a few reliable and cultivars for me, the Chen knife is quite good!"

Sun Hao nodded.

"It looks good, this girl is not bad! I don't know how to get angle! Let's know again!"

"Her clothes are too broken, send a set to her!"

So thinking, Sun Hao went to the textile and started textile.

Each action, the clouds flow.

Textile, crop, sewing ...

A set of clothes, I don't have an hour.

Light green gauge, looks pleasing.

"Yes! The girl gets this dress, should you kill it?"

"Just, now she wants to kill me, and there is no strength!"

Sun Hao muttered, his eyes were shining.

"She should have awake."

After that, Sun Hao went to the Su Ying room.