It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

The first chapter is that he is the high person?


An unbearable souk, full of whole body.

Su Yi Ling closed his eyes and almost called.

She is moving, quietly feeling the meridians of the body.

"I shocked the meridians, all recovered?"

"How can this be!"

"No, the meridians have not recovered, these meridians are reroute!"

"Scorpio! This ... these meridians are actually a fairy meridian!"

Su Yi Ling took the body, in his eyes, showed strong shock.

For a long time, she calm came over.

"This ... Where is this? Who is saved me? Will it be the owner of the Buddha?"

"Right, Zi Ganzhi?"

Su Yiling was shocked, raised his hand and saw it in his hand.

"Master is saved!"

Su Yi Ling is reluctant, but he wants to stand up, but find it weak and extremely difficult.

"Gure ..."

At this time, the door is open.

A young woman came in.

"Girl, you wake up, how? Is it better?"

He looks handsome, looks like Wen Wenya, and the sound is very good.

This sentence, directly hit the soul, let Su Ying are stupid.

"Bon, is you saved me?"

Su Yiti smiled slightly, two shallow light wine nests, look very sweet.

"Well!" Sun Hao nodded.


Do the son save yourself?

He is so young, there is such a matter?

There is no spiritual force in his body. How did he recover the meridians for himself?

What do you think, Su Yi Ling did not want to understand.

"Girl, you laugh so good."

Sun Hao looks.

"Thank you gong!"

In the eyes of Su Yi Ling, gratitude and worship.

Although I don't know how the son saved myself.

But in general, the son saved his life.

This big grain is a thick news!

"Girl, don't welcome it!"

Sun Yuwang went to Su Yi Ling, accidentally saw the spring light of her, and quickly turned around.

He put his clothes on the bed, "Girl, look at your clothes, first change this set!"

Su Yi Ling is shocked, low sweep, send a scream, "Ah ..."

Hurry with your hand, you can vent the spring, "You ... you are going."

"it is good."

Let go of your clothes, Sun Hao turned around.

Su Yi Ling picked up the clothes and found it weakness.

Don't say that you can do it, even if you take off your clothes, it is hard to do it.

"Yeah ..."

She bites her teeth, the power is exhausted, she has not taken off her clothes.

"First restore a little power!"

After saying, Su Yi Ling will start to absorb the aura.

However, she found that Dantian loses contact with her, and it could not absorb.

"What should I do?"

Su Yi Ling is like a hemp, keeping thinking.

With this state, it is impossible to change clothes.

"Forget it, don't change it first, cover it with the quilt!"

Su Yi Ling used a lot of strength, and then picked up the quilt and covered the whole body.

In this way, it is finally not worried about spring outlet.

"This dress is so good!"

Su Yi Ling took the teeth, reached out to the clothes, could not be trembled by the body.


A roar, shock to the mind.

A sweet breath, coming from the pointers of your fingers, flocking to Su Yiling's mind.

this moment.

Su Yi Ling can clearly feel the soul is enhanced.

"This dress can nourish the soul, my day!"

"If I let me put on the day, my soul, at least double!"

"This kind of treasure,

"Do you like me?"

"Why don't I use it, I don't even have the strength of the dress!"

"Then ask the son to help! Anyway, my life is he saved, and there is no way!"

One thought here.

Su Yi Ling faces a peach flower, and it is more charming.


Her voice was evenly heard.

No one responded.


This time, she increased the sound.

However, no one responded.

"Bonology, son!"

Su Yi Ling called a few times.

"Girl, are you looking for me?"

At this time, there was a sound outside the door.

"Yes, son!"

After saying this, Su Yi Ling heart jumped.

"Okay, then I came in."


Su Yi Ling did not dare to face Sun Hao's eyes, looking away, just want to open.

"Girl, your body has just recovered."

"First drink bowl porridge to supplement your physical strength."

At first glance, I saw Sun Hao, and the positive bowl of porridge was walking.


Su Yi Lingyi.

As a cultivator, this kind of human grain has long been.

Restore physical strength, only one way, that is, restoration.

However, the son will save the grace, no tooth is unforgettable, can't be cold.

Drink a bowl of porridge, nothing.

"Yes, porridge."

"Don't underestimate it, for people who are getting bigger, the effect is very good."

After that, Sun Hao picked up a spoon and took a spoon to Su Yi Ling's mouth.

"Thank you gong!"

Su Yi Ling opened his mouth and took force.


Like electric shock.

Su Yiling is entirely stupid.

A porridge, full of mouth.

Dust seal for many years of taste buds, at this moment, do it to active.

At this moment, she felt that the original appetite can be refreshed to this realm.

"too delicious!"

Resist, at a moment, disappearing clean.

Su Yiling swallowed.


A warm flow, from the abdomen.

Form an unparalleled aura, flock to the limbs.

Subsequently, through the meridians, enter Dantian, and exchange Yuan Ying.

It's just a little bit, Su Yi Ling is surprised to find that he has recovered most of the baby.

I feel weak, disappearing clean.

This small little, equivalent to 10 Chinese Lingshi!

"This ... this is the best spirit!"

"The son actually took this waiting to recover!"

"Does the son are true?"

No, it is absolutely not!

The realm of the son, it is only the realm that I can look up.

The son is a great energy.

He actually took out the best spirits to save me, helping me recover.

Also send clothes to me, this big grain, it doesn't matter!

The Su Yi Ling's tears brewed and touched to the eyes.

"Girl, a small porridge!" Sun Hao said.

"Gong, thank you!"

Su Yiwei sat up from the bed, took over the bowl, and started to drink.

"Girl, what is your name?" Sun Hao asked.

"Gong, my name is Su Yi Ling, is the holy woman in the Yaochi Palace!" Su Yiling said.

"I'm here, how can you appear here?" Sun Hao asked.

"Bonology, I came to the big Mountain, in order to collect the demon, I didn't expect, I met the old demon, I almost died."

"If it is not a son to save me, I am afraid that I have already ..."

"Also, the teacher will save me, live for the scene."

Speaking of this, Su Yi Ling cried.

Chu Chu, a distressed.

"Sure enough, she is not bad, she should don't do it."

At this time, Sun Hao quietly tone.

In the white porridge, it has been known.

Just talked, it seems calm, it is true to nervous.

"Su girl, life and death, everything is destined! You don't have to blame!"

"Death may be a new life!" Sun Hao said.


Like a thunder, in Sui Ling's mind.

The shackles are shackled in her heart and unlock it immediately.

At this moment, she became more intelligent.

"Thank you, I understand! I don't know the name of the son." Su Yi Ling said.

"My name is Sun Wei." Sun Hao said.

"Sun Hao Mon, Today's Well, come to day again!"

"In the Danger of the Short, I am waiting for me to save, today, I will leave first!"

After saying, Su Yiling climbed from the bed.

The waves shocked, and the gloring was abnormal, and Sun Hao has been launched.

"According to the demon, since you have to go back to save the residue, I am not good!"

"However, the girl will change the clothes first!"

Sun Hao finished, and then went outside the door.

"Gure ..."


Su Yi Ling is full of red, as ashamedless.

I have anxious, I have forgotten anything.

She picked up her clothes and replaced it quickly.

Green necrostat, wearing it, more points.

Looking far away, just like a fairy that falls from the sky, beauty is not a square.

"It's a treasure dress!"

Su Yiling feels the fast-enhanced soul, and the eyes are blooming.

She opened the door, walked out, just saw Sun Hao smiles himself.

"Girl, this time, I don't know what the day can come to see, this depression, please ask Su Girl to accept!"

After that, Sun Hao took a picture and handed it to Su Yi.

"Thank you gong."

Su Yiwei closed the painting in the space ring, holding a fist, "son, goodbye!"

After that, Su Yi Ling raised his sword, starting with the sky, going to the Yaochi Palace.

"Oh yeah!"

Sun Hao made a victory posture.

Today, harvest is not shallow.

First, you will cure Su Yi Ling to get 50 blessings.

Subsequently, she sent her a suit to get a 20-point Fuyuan value.

Drinking porridge, get 10 points, receive the drawing, get 20 points.

In other words, from Su Yi, you can search for a full 100 point!

The total franchise value reaches 220 points.

As for that is a pair of drawings, Sun Hao does not know.

Free from the study.

For the blessing value, send a picture, what is it?