It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

The first chapter of the son is a ferry

"Mon, is I am at home?"

Sun Hao just sat down and raised outside the door.

I heard this sound, Sun Hao was flashing, "Chen Xiu Ming!"

"Chen brother, slightly, etc."

Sun Wei opened the door.

"See the son."

Chen Xu Ming was deeply deep.

Subsequently, I took out a five-color Shenlian from the space ring, respecting the front of Sun Hao.

"The son, many times, small and small, do not pay tribute, please accept it!"

Chen Xu Ming hands held five color god lotus, and the body was slightly trembled.

He is extremely nervous, it is afraid that Sun Hao can't see it.

"Let's come, you have to bring a gift!"

Sun Hao took five-color monoram, put it in his hand.

Multicolored light, slow flow, look, you know the extraordinary.

"Flower five petals, five colors, very good!" Sun Hao said.

When I heard this, Chen Xu was secretly touched.

"The son, this is the last time you borrow your fight and the clothes,"

Chen Xiu Ming took out the fight, and went to Sun Hao.

"A set of rain gear, you have a good time, you don't have to deliberately send it!" Sun Hao said.

When I heard this, Chen Kao was in the heart.

This kind of spiritualizer, I dare to have it.

Bonology, it is too late to send it too late, so this test?

Chen knife sounds on the head, overflowing the fine sweater, hurry, "the son, borrowing your things!

Sun Hao shook his head.

This guy can't see it, I can't see it. I have a crown of crown.

Recovered the fight and the squirt, the system did not deduct the fate, which made Sun Hao Li Yiqi.

"Chen brother, this is true!"

"Come, please, we drink tea chat." Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!"

Chen Xu Ming followed the grandchildren and went into the former court.

"I first plant this lotus."

Sun Hao muttered, went to the pond, put five lotus lotus, into the pond.

"It's very good, but it's too little petals!"

"If my pool lotus, there is more petals, the color different lotus, then you will look!"

This is out.

Pond lotus, slowly change.

However, Sun Wei is not known.

In this way, I saw Chen Xiu Ming, shocking the original place.

"This ... this is the way?"

"No ... is wrong, this is a lotus of yourself, there is a big demon in this pool ... day!"

"Next to the son, there is such a big demon, too ... it is terrible!"

Chen Xiu Ming was dark and wiped.

The heart is shocking, but the face does not dare to happen any changes.

In case of breaking the son, causing the heart to impair, you can't eat your own iron!

The two continue to go.


Chen Xiu Yumu is a shock, heart apell.

He hopped under the cherry tree, the firewood, the eyes bloom, the eyes were infinite.


Chen Xu Ming wants to say.

"Chen Xiong, there is something to say." Sun Hao said.

"Bono, why are you put it there?" Chen Xu Ming asked.

"Oh, do you say it? Broken, it is useless, so you are going to lose it!" Sun Hao said.

"Bonology, this ... this, can you give it to it?"

Chen Xu Ming tried to explore the road. After finishing this sentence, he lowered his head and shy.

"You want that?" Sun Hao said.

"Since the son is unwilling, then it is."

Chen Xu Ming sighed, blamed himself, too greed!

The fire broker, although it is unable to see the order, but it can resonate with yourself.

Chen Kao Ming can confirm that if you get this knife, there is no amount!

However, this is a treasure, the son will say to send.

Really, this is the requirements, you will also dare to mention!


Chen Xiu Ming lowered his head, did not dare to look at Sun Yao's eyes.

Sun Yizhen frightened, "This is broken, he can look at a cultivator, can you see?"

"Since he wants, can you give it?"

Sun Yu's mouth is tall.

"Chen Xiong, misunderstood, this thing, I am thinking about how to deal with it, Chen Xiong wants, take away, you don't have to be polite!" Sun Hao said.


Chen Kao Ming was shocked, gratitude to Sun Hao.

See Sun Yizhen, he quickly ran to the cherry tree, picking the firewood, like a treasure.

"I like broken clothes? The immortal is thought, it is difficult to touched."

Sun Hao shook his head and walked into the pavilion.

"Chen Xiong, is it dry? Come, first drink tea first."

Sun Hao voice, wake Chen Xu Wei.

"Thank you gong."

Chen Xu Ming quickly followed.

After sitting down, Sun Hao began to cook tea.

"The last time is Biluchun, this time, we change the taste, drink big red robes!" Sun Hao said.

"Big red pouch?"

Chen Xu Ming obviously did not heard this name.

He has heard of it, it is all taken by yourself.

Only the earth is available.

After actions.

A cup of tea is in front of Chen knife.

"Chen brother, drink it." Sun Hao said.

"it is good."

Chen Xu Ming took a tea cup and carefully wandered.


Tea is water in cold breath, flocking to Chen Xiu Mingli.

Subsequently, the cold breath passed the meridians, exchanges to the mind, and strong soul.

He can clearly feel that he has a strong sense of powerfulness.

"Wu Dao Tea!"

A little bit, Chen Xu Siming screamed.

Fortunately, I have never.

"Bono, do you usually drink these tea?" Chen Xiu said asked.

"That is nature!" Sun Wei nodded.


Chen Xu Ming took a breath.

Wu Dao Tea, there is no tobital.

It is said that in that place, there is a proud tea tree, mastering in a super power.

This enlightened tea tree, and it can take more than a dozen leaves for 3,000 years.

A leaf flows out, and it will cause a bloody rain, so that countless great forces are snapped up.

Grab the great forces of tea, will not be able to use it, will collect it, and will be given them after the enchanting genius will be given.

Just, the son is not using a tea, it seems to have used dozens of enlightened tea.

Think of this.


Chen Xu Ming took a breath again.

After the back is a cold cold, the body is excited to spike.

"I ... I can drink Wu Wu tea, this ... this is a dream!"

Chen Xu Ming muttered, looking to Sun Hao.

But see him calmly, there is no fear.

Look at it, it is not afraid of others to grab!

In front of this peerless treasure, you can have this mood.

Big, true big!

Mono strength, I am afraid that it is not ordinary, it is probably a robbery!

"Horse, I am going to drink tea with my husband!"

Chen Xu Ming took a few colds again.

He strongly controls the trembling body and does not let Sun Hao have discovered abnormalities.

However, this scene was cleared by Sun Hao.

"The cultivar, not to eat fireworks, but in front of my tea ceremony, then I have to bow down!"

"Such a good tea, even if you are a cultivator, you can't praise it?"

Sun Hao muttered, his face did not move.

"Stay, what do I give?"

"Right, those woodcarving, maybe Chen brother will like it."

So thinking, Sun Hao made a decision.