It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

The first twelfth chapter is testing me

"Gure ..."


Sun Hao came to the wooden carving room with Chen Xiu.


A sound shock, straight into the Chen knife.

Like the dragon, it seems like the beast, it is, like the Buddha, and the voice.

At a little bit, I shocked Chen Xiu's soul, and I killed.

"This this……"

Chen Xu Ming looked at the statue of the full house and shocked the words unclear.

Each statue is lifelike.

Powerful, hidden in it.

Everything is very exclusive for Chen Xu Ming, this is very exclusive.

"Enclude the instrument, at least the power plant!"

"These spirits, is it a son? This is too terrible!"

Chen Xu Ming swims in the heart, and I will calm down.

"Chen Xiong, since you sent me a lotus, I naturally want to return to you a little gift, this thing, you can choose one!"

Sun Yu looked at Chen Xiu, smiled.

So many kinds of statues, even if you are a cultivator, there will always be a favorite.

Chen Xu Ming is standing in the same place, and it is always movable.



Do you give me this product?

"No, no!"

"Not so simple!"

"The son is trying to test me!"

"This thing is never charged!"

In this way, Chen Xu Ming revealed a good expression.

"The son, I have received a firewood knife, I can't receive it anymore." Chen Xu Ming said.

"How? You can't see something here?"

Sun Hao is revealed, and the sound is serious.

This time, Chen Xu Ming was trembled.

Where I can't see something here, I am clear that these things can't see themselves.


"Little guy, you and I have the edge, let the old man take the old man, the old man takes you all the world!"

"Small doll, don't listen to him, the old guy, too evil, will bring you! I am the most straightforward person, cough, the most straightforward beast! Choose me!"

A sound, from the statue.

These sounds have shown it.

At this moment, Chen Tao Ming has been divided into the northwestern southwest of the east.

The heart seems to be cracking.

He is stupid and looks around and shocks can't be described.

Here, what is the place?

Listening tone, knowing how terrible.

These organs are willing to follow themselves because of a sentence.

The son will choose one, it can only be so.

I can't be too greedy, or otherwise, there is no way to test.

Chen Xu Ming took a deep breath, watching four sweep, and started looking for.

For those temptation, I can't mention it.

Soon, he saw the only statue of a sound that did not tempting.

This statue is a Buddha statue.

The Buddha statue broke an arm, and there was no equipment.

It seems that there is a few grades lower than other woodcarves.

"The son deliberately hides such a disabled product, which is obvious to let me choose it."

"If you are not my care, you can't pass the test!"

Thinking of this, Chen Kao is long and relieved, relax.

"You must choose this!"

Chen Xiu did a Buddha statue, went to Sun Yanyu, "Gong, I chose this, can you?"

Sun Hao looked at him, Buddha statue, could not help but

This Buddha statue is the first time to learn wood carvings, engraved, the statue is rough, and the Buddha is broken.

This thing is that it is the first time of myself.

Unexpectedly, this guy actually selected this.


"Chen Xiong is watching, there is no problem!" Sun Hao said.

"Thank you gong!"

After receiving the Buddha statue, Chen Xu Ming was in the streak, deeply.

"Chen brother, don't be so polite in the future!"

Sun Hao helped Chen Xu, revealing a spring breeze.

I saw Sun Hao's face, Chen Kao said dark.

"I look like, I took the son."

"The son, the sky is not early, I will leave." Chen Xu Ming said.

"Chen Xiong, have a good meal again?" Sun Hao said.

"Thank you, do things, I have to go back!" Chen Xu Ming said.

"The brother is slow, I will come often!" Sun Hao said.


Going to the mountain, Chen Xiu Ming did not dare to stop, turned into a Changhong, rapidly.

After flying out of the way, he stopped.

"Good insurance, good danger!"

"Gongzi, what is the place?"

"Single is those statues, it is horrible!"

"Also, the pond is demon, I can only induce a hazardous demon."

"It's terrible! Fortunately passed the courtesy!"

"In the future, come to the son here, be more careful!"

The more I thought, Chen Xu Ming was afraid.

After calm, he took the crack of firewood, put it in his hand, and bowed.

"I can't see the order, but I have it, I have a big ratio after a month, I have 90% of grasp the top three!"

"However, I need to have more tempering, dark wet, I am coming!"

After that, Chen Xu won the Changhong, rapidly.



"300 franchise!"

Sun Hao opened the panel, and his eyes became gloried.

Today, from Chen Xu, I have harvested 30 points.

Remember a few days ago, just harvest a few points.

"Is it that he has become strong, the more harvesting the franchise?"

"Su Yi Ling breath, it is indeed a lot more than Chen knife!"

"It is this!"

"Oh, not good, forget to say to Chen Xiu Ming!"

Sun Hao took the thigh, and the dark road was not good.

I have forgotten the most important thing.

Opened a hospital, hired Chen Xiu Ming as a bodyguard.

This Chen knife sounds, it is better to talk.

"How to forget this important thing!"

"Hey, I can only wait for him to say it again!"

Sun Yu sighed, revealing a helpless color.



Demon Mountain Center, a cave.

A full body red man is sitting in the main position, looking at two rows of men in the lower part, eyes such as the eagle.

He is the current demon owner in the Michi Mountain - Lieyang Jinwu.

"Montenegro is tragic? Where is the death?" Asked the Lieyang Jinwu

"The demon, he died on a mountain on the edge of the south of the Dichigans." A old man said.

"Southern edge? Is it on the courtyard?" Zhizyang Jinwu asked.

"The Lord, I don't know!" Said the old man.

"Can you see who killed it?" Triyang Jinyu said.

"The Lord, in the lower road, you can't see it." The old man said.

"Hey, no matter who, dare to kill our people in the big Demen, you can't let go!" Triyang Jinyu said.

"The Lord, the last place will be on, let me go to kill the murderer!"

"The demon, I will cut the murderer's head, hang at the door!"

One big demon, stood out, rushing.

Tri Yang Jinwu saw this scene, thoughts.

Can kill the black mountain pale, the strength is fixed.

However, it is not worthy of personality.

In case, you have to send strength to the powerful general.

Trien Jinwu nodded.

"In this case, you can investigate the matter, if you see the murderer, kill innocent!"

"Yes, the demon!"

Three old demon, have a gift.

"What? Do you send three demon email?"

"The demon Lord is too careful, they join hands, but it is possible to fight against Mahayani cultivars."

"It is really a bit careful."