It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 13 I understand, the son is awakening us

after one day.

Yaochi Palace, a refining room.

Su Yi Ling stood in front of the Dan furnace, and the look was dignified.

I have to refine a ruthless Dan.

This can be related to the rescue of the Master, which is related to the Yaochi Palace can not survive.

Next to the alchemy furnace, a female disciple stood in four squares, quiet and other Su Yi Ling.


Su Yi Ling drunk, a female disciple, simultaneously.

Su Yiling looks carefully, and it is serious.

Every step is very careful.

After all auxiliary materials are purified, Su Yi Ling carefully took out Purple Gjernodiji.

This is a great spirit, even if it is a Yaochi Palace, can't take a plant.

Only this plant is not half-point.


Su Yi Ling was very cautious and put purified.

There is no accident, the purification is successful.

"Great, success."

"The saint is amazing, as long as the integration is successful, then it will be."

Four weeks, one of them reveals a gown.

Su Yiling continued to move.

A few times.


A volatile sound.

The Dan furnace is open.

A Ziwang flowing Dan medicine, Dancing in Dan.

"The legendary ruthless Dan, really refining success!"

"The Southern Daughter really refines the best spiritan!"

"Haha, our Yaochi Palace has to be further step more, and it is even possible to become a six-class zone!"


The burst of exclaimed.

Su Yi Ling took Dan medicine and quickly went to the palace main room.

"Gure ..."


The palace main room, a woman in a purple clothes, is lying on the bed.

Women's face yellow muscle thin, gas is like silk.

She is the Master Suiling's Master, the Palace of Yaochi Palace - Luo Cow.

Su Yi Ling put Dan medicine and quickly sent it to Luowu.

Subsequently, she sat in the bed, holding the hand of Luo Liu smoke, "Master, you must wake up."

After a while.


Luo Liu smashed his eyes and looked at Su Yi Ling, grabbiting her, "Annual ... child, I will give it to you in the Yaochi Palace."

After that, Luo Cigarette Head, fainted.


Su Yi's face changed, crying pear.

She is induced that the heart of the Luo willus smoked, and the hand is helpless.

"Master, I blame me, I blame me."

"It is what I have harm you, I am not filial."

She took all the space rings all, then, she was picking up, and they were like it.

Finally, in your hand, it is the pair of pictures sent by Sun.

"This is the son sent me, I don't know what it is?"

Open the drawing.

In the painting, it is a woman who is collecting red beans.

Painted, raise words:

"Red beans are born in the South, spring will send a few branches, I hope that Mo will pick up, this matter is the most coming."

Su Yi Ling just finished, and the transition protrusions.

I saw that the woman stood up and got up and smiled slightly to Su Yi Ling.

Subsequently, she took the pace and came out of self-drawn.

Turn into a small person who is a fairy, standing above the Luo Cigarette Head.

Subsequently, she opened:

"Red beans are born in the South, spring will send a few branches, I hope that Mo will pick up, this matter is the most coming."

A red bean, in the hands of the small man, flying towards the lobo.

Luo Liu smashed yellow face, quickly restore ruddy.

The vitality, with a fairy, it looks, and it is extremely beautiful.

Finally, she slept there, his mouth raised a smile.


The little man flew back to the painting, moved.

Like everything,

"This is a rhyme, too ... it is incredible!"

"Is the son early to calculate everything, deliberately send me this painting, let me bring back to save the teacher?"

"I thought it was just everything, I almost killed the Master!"

At this time, Su Yi Ling is afraid.

"The son is universal, the spirit is not reported!"

Su Yi looked out of the window, apologize.

After a while.

Luo Culi smashed, stretched a lazy waist, "It's so comfortable!"

"Master!" Su Yiling shouted.

"I'm so, how do you follow me?" Said Luo Cow.

"Master, this is not the government! You are still alive!" Su Yiling said.

"Alive? What happened?"

Luo Cow smashed and asked.

Su Yi Ling said he went to the big Mountain, and he said that Sun Hao said.

Luo Liu smashed, he was shocked, showing a shock.

"Little a western region, there is still this predecessor!"

"The son, I have to treat it, I don't dare to let it be!" Luo cigarette said.

"The Master is assured, the basic will understand." Su Yi Ling said.

"That painting, give it to me." Luo cigarette said.

"Yes, Master!"

After that, Su Yi Ling sent the scroll to the Luo smoke.

Luo Cows pick up, the whole person shocks the original place.

"Dao Yun, it's really a rhyme!"

"This ... this is the way of Acacia, this is the way ..."

"Good intense road!"

Luo Liu smashed, I didn't have a god.

She quickly took the scroll, and the police were all right.

Luo Culi smoke low sound, "Subsy, this pair, the value is not estimated, I am afraid that ten Yaochi Palace will not be able to do it."

"What?" Su Yi Ling shocked.

"The son really said to give it to you?" Asked Luo Cigarette.

Su Yi Ling nodded.

"Send you a picture, is it just used to save me?"

Luousi smashed and frightened, start thinking.

After a while.


Rosow smoke is a thigh.

"I understand, the son is here to wake us!" Luo cigarette said loudly.

"Master, what is awake?"

Su Yi Ling was confused.

"According to the spirit, do I know why I break through the failure?" Luo Liu asked.

"I don't know." Su Yiling shook his head.

"That is because we cultivate ruthless way." Luo smoke said.

"Is this related to failure?"

"Yes, of course! You see, you and I have the relationship, your own mother and son, the whole palace, the friend," "

"This is ruthless, obviously there is a feeling! The people who have love will cultivate ruthlessness, do not take fire into the devil!"

"The son sent this painting volume, but it is more rescued, but also wake us! We should practice the way of Acacia, cultivate love!"

"From today, it will go, all Yaochi Palace disciples, the repairs are loved!" Luo Cigarette said.