It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 14 puts Yaochi to the son

Su Yiwei revealed the expression.

I am dull, I didn't think of the hint of the son.

The son is certainly do not want to involve causality, can only wake us in the dark!

Fortunately, the teacher is a harmonious, understand everything!

The son is awake, it doesn't matter!

Su Yi Ling muttered himself, and his eyes were grateful.

"According to the spirit, this dress is the son to send you?" Luo Liu asked.

Su Yi Ling did not have an answer, but the words of Sun Hao.

"Master, the son see my clothes is broken, let me change!" Su Yi Ling said.

"That is, come with me!"

After that, Luo Cow with Su Yi Ling came to a secret room.

This room is placed, and it is a Yaochi Palace.

There is a panoramic, there is a spiritualizer, and it also has a practice ...

Luo cigarette picked up a spiritual sword and went to Su Yiwei.

I didn't wait for Su Yi Ling to react, lifted a sword and spn it on her body.

" ..."

A sound.

The spirit of the sword is split.

Su Yi Ling, but there is no harm.


Su Yi Ling is stupid, and a face is surprised.

"You see, the following products are fragile, and it is easy to burst."

"This dress is in this dress, it seems to be ordinary, even I can't see it!"

"If I have not guess, this thing is the best spiritualizer!" Said Luo Cow.


A thunder, bombarded in the top of Su Yi Ling.

Upper, it is already a treasure.

The best spirits, the Yaochi Palace has not seen it.

More tell, this is the whole body defensive best spirit!

Value cannot be estimated!

I originally thought that it just enhanced the soul of the magic.

Unexpectedly, it was still a defensive pole spirit.

This kind of thing, the son actually replaced himself?

Not afraid of it, is it?

"Master, this, this set of clothes, worth even in the city?" Su Yiwei asked.

"Yes, I am afraid that it is too much than the painting," said Luo Cow.

"This ... this ..." Su Yi Ling face, it is shocked.

Unexpectedly, I took this dress.

Fortunately, I haven't encountered the penalty, or if you are fierce.

Su Yiwei stayed in the clothes, the heart is dramatically jumped, there is an impulse that I want to have it.

"According to the reason, do you want to have it?" Luo Liu asked.


Su Yi Ling is hysterested, and it is blush.

"Ansuals, can't you see it, is this the test of the son?" Said Luo Cow.

"Master, what do you mean, the son is trying to be greedy?" Su Yiwei asked.

"Not bad!"

"What should I do?"

"This kind of treasure, naturally can't be asked, immediately giving the son, go back!" Luo Cow said.

I heard this.

"Yes, Master!"

After saying, Su Yi Ling will go out.

"Stand!" Luo cigarette hooked her.

"Master?" Su Yiling anxious.

"According to the spirit, everything has to move your brain!"

"Don't let Master teaches you!"

"You drink the master's best porridge, took the painting of the son!"

"The son also saved you, saved me, wake up our entire Yaochi Palace! This kind of great enjoys, you are like this?" Luo cigarette sound gradually became bigger.

Su Yi Ling lowered his head and shy.

It is really impossible.

Both myself, the son may not see, but I will take it, it is sincerity.

I can't always be in the eyes of the son, I am a loud white wolf.


"Naturally give to the son a big gift!"

"Also, the teacher must personally accompany you to a trip, so it is sincere!" Luo Cow said.

"Master, what are we doing? China-Products Life?"

"These customs, can you enter the patriarchal eye! To go, you must send this palace Town Zongbao: Yaochi!" Luo Cow said.


Su Yiling is shocked, "Yaochi can be found together, if we give the son, then we ..."

"Hey, what do you know, you can let us Yaochi, a small Yaochi, a small Yaochi, saying that there is a small Yaochi.

"The teacher has learned, the disciple is dull!" Su Yiling said.

"Okay, take me to see the son!"

After that, Luo Liu smashed, standing on Yaochi forbidden.

Right hand before.


Ground vibration.

A few hundred square meters of Yaochi started from the ground.

Finally, Yaochi is the size of the slap and falls in the hand of Luo.

"Have the Mountain River? Master, you broke through?"

Su Yi Ling looked at Luo Liu smoke, and his eyes flanged.

"Yes, thanks to the pair of love, this will make me break through!" Luo Cai said.

"Okay, let's go."

"Yes, Master!"

Two figure, rapidly.

after one day.

The two came to the outer circumference of the big demon, after landing, looked at the mountains in front of the mountain, a serious model.

"According to Yingling, I will be respectful, I can't be like last time!" Luo Cigarette said.

"Master, this way you said hundreds of times!"

"I know, can't fly directly to the hill, go up from the foot!"

"Don't face the son's eyes, when you eat, let the son move the chopsticks, the seat must be the master, if the son is sitting in the bias, that is, we are not eligible to sit ..."

A sentence of Su Yiling said that the word did not fall.

"I'm very smart, but your head is always a rib, and you will be guilty!" Said Luo Cow.

"Master, you can rest assured that this is absolutely wo!"

After two people discussed, the whole whole clothes were all sweathed, and they didn't worry, and they went to the mountains.

Shortly after.

The two came to Sun Yuxi.

"Mon, at home?"

Su Yiling knocked on the door.

"Gure ..."

On the door, the door, Sun Hao explored a head.

When he saw Su Yi Ling, his eyes became a feng, and it flashed.

His eyes swept to Su Yi Ling, look at the look.

I saw that Su Yi Ling side, standing in a woman in a Purple robe, compared with Su Yi Ling, no phase.

It looks more mature, more people's charm.

Especially the proud figure under the purple robe, seeing the blood of the people.

"It turned out to be Su girl, please!"

Sun Hao made a given gesture.

"Thank you gong!"

Su Yi Ling is in a slightly owed to respect.

"Bonology, this is my master - Luo Liu smoke!" Su Yiling introduced.

"Liu smoke has seen the son!"

Luousi smashes.

"It turned out to be a foreman, please please!"

"The son, where you dare to call your predecessor! If the son is not disappointing, I will call me a willow smoke." Luo smoke said.


The cultivator speaks so good?

Let yourself call it?

Since she is asked, then so.

"Liu smashed girl, please." Sun Hao said.

Su Yi Ling looked at this scene, on his face, showing a springs.

Older gingers are more spicy!

In the three words, it will be drawn to the distance from the bonus.

I have learned!

Su Yiling wonders, following two people.