It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

The first fifteenth chapter 0 color God lotus, actually just a small means

"Nine-color Shenlian? No, Baise God!"

In the entrance to the hospital, Luousi smoke was scanned in the pond and was surprised.

I saw it.

The pond is center, a lotus flower with a house size is blooming.

The lotus length has hundreds of petals, each petal, and the color is different.

It looks shun, it is very charming.

"Baise God! This is afraid of being unparalleled!"

Su Yi Ling is standing, and it is shocking.

She remembers, two days ago, there is only one five-color monk.

In the past two days, I turned out a hundred lotus god lotus, incredible.

The five-color Shenlian is still growing in place, there is no change.

This Baise Shenlian is just long!

The son is really powerful, and its means cannot be imagined.

"Good look?"

At this time, Sun Yanyu wokeup two women.

Two women nodded, the face was exhausted.

"The son, this lotus is what you plant?" Asked Luo.

Sun Hao heard this, his mouth rose.

He remembers, a few days ago, a five-color Lotus.

Subsequently, I said something.

If you want to hear the Chen Xiu, you will secretly make the pond changes.

As a result, two days of past, long, a hundred lotus flowers.

Sun Hao shook his head, "This is not, it is a small means of me."


A friend's small means?

Mono friends, it is also this horrible?


The two people in Luo will pour a breath, and look at Sun Yizhen, full of admiration.

Drive, you can make the pond so much.

I am afraid that the son friend is not ordinary.

It is very likely to be a major or ferry!

"Liu smoke comes to disturbing the son today, I am grateful to the son to save the grace!"

Luo Liu smoke is deeply deep.

"Labor to raise your hands, don't do it!" Sun Hao said.

I heard this, Luo Culi smoke dark frown.

It's hard to do, the painting is also a son?

"Bonkee, you send a deputy painting of the I Ling, the artistic conception, let us benefit a lot, do you do anyone?" Luo Liu smashed.

"When I'm foolish, let the Liu smoke girl teased." Sun Hao said.


Like nine days of God, fall to the top of the two people in Luo.

Shocking, writing over two faces.

Is that a pair of paintings?

The son is too terrible.

This is a big maiden, at least a mortiest.

Why didn't the son, why don't you fluctuate?

Is there a card in a certain level to experience the mortal.

So, now I think I am mortal?

So much.


Luo Liu smashed a cold breath.

Unexpectedly, I can see this big energy.

Moreover, it is good for the son.

"Bonus, willow smoke prepare a little gift, please accept it!"

After finishing, Luo Cow has taken out the ready-made Yaochi and placed his hand.

"this is?"

Sun Hao saw Luo Liu smoked in Yaochi, full of confusion.

"Bono, it is called Yaochi, you can use it!"

After the Luousi to see, I said.

"Really?" Sun Hao, the essence flashed.

"I am placed under the cherry tree, how do you see?"

Luo Culi smoke, just sweeping into the middle of the two cherry blossoms, there is a large air.

Place Yaochi there, more than enough.

And the cherry tree branches are completely able to cover Yaochi.

"There is a Laugui girl!" Sun Hao nodded.


Finished, Luo Liu smashed his right hand.


Yaochi, the size of the slap, with the visible speed, rapidly.

In not, a few hundred square meters of pool is formed.

The water fog was transpired in the pool, reflecting pink cherry blossoms, beautiful as a fairyland, let people stay away.

From time to time, the cherry blossoms fall, embellish it on the water, and see the suffocation.

"Master, Yaochi ... The pool has changed, inside spring water, I am afraid that I have reached the best spirit level!"

Su Yi Ling gave the Luosi smoke.

"I saw!"

Luo Liu smashed a bitter.

"I want to be Yaochi Palace, Xin Xi bitter a few generations of the palace main use of the array of law, and let Yaochi have a little bit of Lingquan!"

"I didn't expect it, it went to the son, so honest, crazy crushing yourself, birth belly, and all the best Lingquan! Isn't it afraid of being squeezed?" Luo Liu smoke bitter.

"Master, Yaochi is a dog!" Su Yi Ling said.

"Yes!" Luo Cow smoke.

Two people, glance over the same time, see him smiling, and secretly tone.

Look, the son likes this, then you can rest assured.

"Liu smashed girl, it's too polite!" Sun Hao said.

"Bonkee, a little gift, you are not too much to give up." Luo Cow said.

"Two girls, since it is here, then take a while."

Sun Hao made a given gesture.


Two women are also free, follow Sun Hao, walk into the tea booth.

"Two, please sit!"

After finishing, Sun Hao sat in a journey.

When two women saw it, where dared to sit, honestly standing next.

"Two girls, why not sit?" Sun Haoyi.

"The son, let's stand up."

"How to drink tea, sit down, I will take tea."

Seeing Sun Hao left, the two quickly sat into the accompanying seat.

"Hey? Are they do not sit?"

"The immortal is really different, very modest!"

Sun Hao nodded.

I have intentionally let go of the master, and I am respectful.

Unexpectedly, these two girls were still modesty than themselves.

So coming, you can talk to them about the doctor.

Try to ask them two, willing to be a bodyguard?


In case they are angry, then they are troublesome.

I have more understanding for a while!

Sun Hao sat down and started tea.

The whole movement, the row, the clouds, very beautiful.

For secular tea, two women will naturally don't drink.

However, after the last time Su Yi Ling passed the porridge, the taste bud opened completely.

For Sun Hao, it is more expensive.

Luo willow smoke naturally listened to Su Yi Ling, and it is also expected in his eyes.

After a while, tea is sent to two women.

"This is a big red robes, two, please!" Sun Hao said.

Two women nodded and picked up the cup and smashed.

Gamu fragrance, an unbearable aroma, full of oral cavity.

Tea is water into a shadow, gathering meridians, flocking to the brain.

Soul, growing rapidly.

It's just a little bit, the soul is doubled!

"Wu Dao Tea!"

Two women almost screamed.

Two people, look at it, face, showing thick shock.

"Master, this is Wu Dao Tea?" Su Yi Ling got the voice.

"Yes, it is Wu Wu Tea!" Luo Kai nodded.

Although the Luo cigarette is very good, the hand of the cup is slightly shaking.

Wu Dao Tea!

This is a proud road tea!

There is something eligible to be eligible.

Unexpectedly, I have the opportunity to drink a bit, not, drink a cup.

God, this is the way to work, get a unopened edge?

"Master, the legend, there is only one known to know the tea tree, three thousand years, only more than a dozen leaves, every piece, is very precious, is this true?" Su Yiwei asked.

"Of course, this is true, this grain tea tree, but it controls in that a big master." Luo smoke said.

"Master, you see the son, just like to catch dozens of Wu Wu tea!" Su Yi Ling said.

"What? Dozens of Wu Kao Tea?"

Luo Liu's heart is trembled, thinking about it, it is really like Su Ying.

The son grabs the tea, it seems to be a piece, at least dozens of pieces.

"Gong ... Who is he, too ... it is incredible!"

The heart of Luo willus, swaying layers, can't calmly.

Don't say anything else, the light is known as the tea, you have broken the three views of Luo Liu smoke.

Two women were shocked, they were cleared by Sun Hao.

The tea ceremony has reached the situation.

Even if you are a cultivator, you don't eat the fireworks, as long as you drink, your heart will also be captured by your tea ceremony.

"Two girls, don't be stunned, drink it!" Sun Wei did not move, said.

"Yes ... Yes, the son."

Two women have nodded, and the cups were tied.

After a few mouthfuls.


Luo Cow is sitting in place, closes your eyes, quietly feeling.

As if the whole world, only one of her.

this moment.

She reached the situation of the people.

Tiandi, just in her control.


The power of the sky is like a silk, and it is poured into her body.

He stared at Sun Wei, watching him put down the movement of the tea cup, stunning the original.

This action, the road is full, and it is natural.

Luo Liu smoked this scene and moved.

A fairy skill, in her mind, rapid aggregation forming.