It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 16, 1 kg, tea, scare 2


Luous smoke opened his eyes.

"I didn't expect, I reached the situation in the world, and even broke the three levels, reached the late Qing Dynasty!"

"In just two days, it will grow so much. This is in the continent in the sky, I am afraid that I can't find one!"

"If she knows, I am afraid that I will change my face?"

Luous smoke shame, exposed infinity.

She looked at Sun Wei, full of gratitude.

Look at Su Ying, as she is general, reaching the world.

After a while, she also broke through and reached the gods.

"Thank you gong!"

Two women owe the gift.

"A cup of tea, not enough!"

Sun Hao continued to give two women, "Come, continue to drink!"

"Thank you gong!"

The two women have a cup and continue to be small.

This time, although nothing of the heavens, it also allows the soul to increase speed.

The stronger the soul, the enlightenment is increated, and it is great to practice in the future.

"According to the Ling Girl, did the last dress still fit?" Sun Hao asked.

This is out.

The two women are treated.

Not good, I have forgotten this.

Didn't put the best spirits to the son, but also let the son take the initiative to wake up.

Damn, damn!

Leave a bad impression on the son!

"How do I be dull!"

Su Yi Ling took himself hundreds of times, and the dog blood was headed.

"Gong, I fit!"

After saying, Su Yi Ling took out the clothes, and went to Sun Yanyu.

Seeing this scene, Sun Haoyi stunned.


Does the girl do not like clothes?

How can I give my mind?

Do you have a textile technology, missing points?


There is no situation, that is, no one can surpass yourself!

Look, I don't like this kind of customs, hehe.

"The girl is heart."

Sun Hao is exposed on his face.

This scene was cleared by Su Yiwei.

She is in the heart, and the dark road is not good.

"Not good, the son look is ugly, it is blaming what I want to refuse this kind of unintelligent!"

"What should I do? How can I make up my fault?"

She is looking to the Luo smoke and exposes the color of help.

Luo Culi smoke slightly shakes his head, said it is very helpless.

"Two girls, do you like this tea?" Sun Hao asked.


Two women nodded.

"Since I like it, I will take a pound and go back!"

After that, Sun Hao ran out of the pavilion and went to the storage room.

The two women are in the same place, the face is on the face, and the changes are uncertain.

One pound of Wu Dao Tea!

I am only afraid that the whole Ziyang star is only so much!

The son actually said to us?

This means, where do they don't understand!

It is to knock on the mountain, saying that I am greedy!

"Master, what should I do? What should I do?"

Su Yi Ling was scared that the flowers were out of color, full of face.

"According to the understanding, this proven company is not able to collect! Even if you know the tea, you can't receive it!"

Luous smoke attitude is resolute.

"Master, I understand this, just, we left such a bad impression in the son, how can we make up for it?" Su Yiwei asked.

"I can only take a step! Anyway, I can't get a sin." Luosi smoke said.


Su Yi Ling nodded.


Sun Hao took a bag of tea and stepped forward.

"Two girls, this big red robe,

His mouth rose, revealing a lot of color.

The clothes are collected, you can return it.

But the tea is drank, can you always return it?

"The son, we didn't want tooth, this tea, we can't accept it!" Luosius smoke said.

"Yes, son!" Su Yi Ling said.

Sun Haoyi.

Just like it very much?

Give you, but don't accept it.

Is it difficult to say that the immortal does not care about this secular thing.

Seeing the attitude towards the attitude, Sun Hao sighed.

"Since the two girls don't, then I am not so boring!"

"However, the Liuyan girl has sent me Yaochi, I have a little gift to two girls, please come with me!" Sun Hao said.

I heard this, two women were relieved.

A little gift, which makes them feel more peaceful.

Follow Sun Hao, come to the study.

On the wall, all kinds of words are covered.

Those words, like living things, seem to be flying out.

Painted animals, like breaking through the paper, drilled out.

"Dao Yun! In each painting, there is an incomparable horror!"

"Master, the paintings here, every one is not the weakness than the son!"


Luousi smoke pointed to a piece of fraction, "The stone is not seen, I am afraid that it is unhappy!"

"That brush, let me have a shocking breath, it only needs to be gently treated, I can hit me flying ash!"

"There is also the ancient Qin, it is terrible, I don't dare to get close!"

"No, absolutely more than, even if the table, I am afraid that it is also unhappy!"


The more you go, the more you are shocking.

If Sun Yizheng is with, I am afraid that both people don't dare.

This place is too terrible.

This is a huge treasure house!

Everything takes out, will trigger an earthquake.

The two people are not thrown from autonomous dramatic.

"Two girls, this inside, let you choose!" Sun Hao said.


Let's choose?

This also uses it!

The son is testing us!

Test our greed.

If you have taken it, then yourself in the mind of the son, no power back, no change.

Be sure to choose the worst, and only take one!

I think so, two women look at it, nodded.

"Thank you gong!"

After finishing, the two women started in the study.

"It seems that this chair is the worst, no! The son said it is a selection, and this is the son used to sit, can't choose!"

"This" sunrise picture "seems to be a line, it should be the worst! No, not much than other differences!"

Two women went around and shook their heads from time to time.

Finally, the two eyes are watching them on a bamboo.

I saw it, and a few group drawings were placed in the bamboo.

"Bono, this is?" Luo cigarette asked.

"This is a draft that is ready to discard." Sun Hao said.

Two women listen, their eyes are sparkling.

Discarded draft?

Integrate here?

Not to remind us, choose this?

There is still something good.

Luo Cow picking up a piece of paper and gently boasting.

I saw it, a picture, presented two women.

This painting is two vague shadows, a man and a woman, together.

Painted, there is two sentences: there is no colorful phoenix double flying wings, and you have a little one.

There is a rhyme, such as the tsunami, and the two women.

More than the vice point of view, you have to be strong!

Acacia, mainly the way of Acacia, and the rhinoceros, all have a love!

At this moment, the two women were shocked, and the face was shocked.

The heart is not from autonomous dramatic jumps.


After the long is turtle, Luo Liu smog is looking at Su Yi Ling, and he is seriously opened. "Do you understand?"

"Disciples understand!"

Su Yiwei nodded, "The son first wakes us, reflects the way, then test us! Fortunately, we don't have a greedy, or if this is the peerless treasure, will be with us!"

"It's good!"

Luo Liu smoke reveals a happy smile, picking up the paper, just holding a treasure.