It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

The first chapter of the son is awake, suddenly realizes

"Gong, we choose this, do you see?"

Luo Liu smoked tense looking at Sun Hao, I am afraid that he refuses.

"this one?"

Sun Hao looks, and it is full of confusion.

What happened this trimmer, I like to choose a broken job?

Like paintings, choose a good job?

Like my own "Shenlong Teng Yun Map" is quite good, don't you?

To pick a draft of your own discard?

The previous Chen Tao is also, the good statue is not selected, and it is necessary to choose a broken arm statue.

I don't want it, I really can't.

It's hard to make this world cultivator, all have a colorful thing?

Whether it is, as long as they like it.

At least you can send one thing!

Harvest some franchise values.

At this time, Sun Hao nodded.

This look, looking in Luosi smoke and Su Yi Ling, but it completely changed.

"Master, you see, the son is laughing, we pass his test!" Su Yiling said.

"Keep calm, try not to let the son see it!" Luo smoke said.

"Master, you are laughing, I have seen it!" Su Yi Ling said.

"Have it?"


After the two women bowed, they were calm.

Two women holding a boxing, "Thank you gong!"

"Two girls are welcome! It is not too early, eat a dinner together?" Sun Yizhen asked.

This is out.

The two gods tremble.

The son is in a rush!

It's so late, I still don't go, is it to leave you for dinner?

This means!

"The son, Zongmen must be in the body, not to stay!"

"I am embarrassed to bother the son today!"

Luo Liu smashed the boxing ceremony.

"Don't bother, don't bother!"

"Since two are going back, then I am not better, and I will walk around!" Sun Hao said.


The two came out of the door and went straight to the mountain.

On the road.

Luousi smoke suddenly stopped, looking at Su Yi Ling, and asked seriously: "Do you realize?"


Su Yi Ling stupid standing, "Master, what is it?"

"The son, do you realize it?" Luo cigarette asked.

Su Yi Ling stood in the same place, began to think, then she grabbed the head, confused, "no!"


Luo Liu smashed the head of the Su Yinding with his hand, "After you have a little bit!"

"Master, what did you realize?" Su Yi Ling asked.

"There is time after the time, how much walking, the son, what does it mean?" Luo Liu smashed.

"Walking around?"

Su Yiling frowned.

Soon, his eyes shine.

Face is shame, sweet and charming.

"Do you look at me? Let me see him, get along with him?" Su Yiwei asked.

" ..."

Luo Liu smoked on Suyi's head, "I look at you?" I will be fascinated by the beauty! "

"Master, what does the son mean?" Su Yiwei asked.

"Come and not be free!" Luo Cow said.

"Master, this is?" Su Yiling said.

"The son hinted us and gave him a gift!" Luo Cai said.

"Take a gift? But we have only one Yaochi!" Su Yiling said.

"You, Elm Brain!"

Luo Liu smoke shook his head, "There is no gift, can you find it?"

"Master, what do you mean?"

"Soon, Lingxu's strategy will open,

"What? Lingxu's stounds? It can be a strong argument in eight thousand years ago, the Master, you don't want to live?" Su Yi Ling's face changed.

"What do you know, Lingxu's stounds, in fact, Ling Xi Dao people stay, the world, only knowing that Lingxu is a strong person, but he doesn't know, he is also a strong force that cultivates love!" Luo smoke said.

When you hear this, Su Yiling seems to think.

"Master, what you mean, the son sent us" rhinoceros ", is it to wake up us to Lingxu?" Su Yiwei asked.

"Yes," Luo Liu smashed nodded, "scorpion can be taught!"

"That kind of priority, the son is naturally disdainful, so I wake up us, go to the son to collect a treasure! At the same time, I was also testing us." Luosi smoke said.


Su Yi Ling took a breath and looked at Luo Liu smoked.

"Master, you are really amazing, the words are broken!"

Su Yiling muttered, and his face became more and more admired.

"Master is not what you said!"

"Only, there is a feeling of water to the privilege!"

"You, how long it will be in the future." Luosi smoke said.

"Yes, Master!" Su Yi Ling nodded.

"not good!"

Suddenly, Luo Liu smashed the face changed, quickly flying.

Su Yi Ling saw that he also hurriedly, saw a scene in front of him, could not stroke a cold.

I saw it.

Rolling the black cloud, come straight to the distance.

Three horror stasis, scattered in the black cloud.

Each breath has a well-emptive atmosphere.

Three breaths together, do not have an inevitable manner.

"Three demon emotions are a complete big demon, this is troublesome!" Rosius smoke in the eyes of the smoke.

"Master, we are not opponents! Please come to the son?" Su Yiling said.

"Stupid, didn't you see it, is the master in Qing?"

"Even if you die, you can't let them bother the son!" Said Luo Cow.

"Yes, Master!"

Su Yi Ling nodded, on his face, showing a firm color.

The two stood in the sky and looked at the black clouds that were rapid.


Black cloud parked in two people.

A black rhinoceros on a high metal, standing in front of the two.

That huge body, like the mountains, generally horizontal sky, can not be punished.

He is the demon man: the universal demon.

"Sniff ..."

The universal pale sniffed the nose, eyes, staring at Su Yi Ling, "You have a mountain breath, look like, Montenegro is in your hands."

"Yellow Pear, Jin Scales, don't be stunned, take your hand!" Said the universal demon.

"it is good!"

There is between the dark clouds again.

A high up to 100 meters yellow pearmi, floating from the clouds.

A big demon that is like a dragon, the body is full of golden scales, turning in the black cloud,

Three big demon, there is a lot of breath in the body.

The superimposed together, it is not comparative.

Although Luo Cow has also reached the late cave, but truly fighting, it will be a little bit of powerful, and more don't say three old demon.

However, the two people of Luo willus have not retired.

They have a touch of color on their faces.

"Advise you to leave now, otherwise, bothering the son cleaning, we will definitely fall into the end of the dead." Luo cigarette said.

I heard this.

Three old demon, first.

Subsequently, laughed.

"Haha ..."

"Little doll, you will be two of you? Let us fall in the dead?"