It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 18, Lotus, 1, 1, kill the old demon


Huang Pear's old embarrassment is long, as with tentacles, and the air is turned on.

These branches dance, and the Luoi smoke and the Suiling two.

"Boom ..."

Universal pale, moving like a mountain, hitting two people.

That kind of power is unable to resist.


The golden scales are old demon, send out, like dragon, shocking nine days.

This start.

The two women have been hysteresis, and the whole body is imprisoned.

All moves, abrupt.

"It's over."

Two people can only look at the three old demon flies, and there is no power.

Seeing, three old demon should tear the two people into powder.

At this time.


A sound.

The sound is soft, refreshing.

I heard the three old demon ear, but it was a scalp.

All of them have docked.

Search, it is not contracted by the pupil.

I saw it.

Mountain waist on a pond.

A hundred-color Shenlian, which exudes the nine color gods.

Shen lotus petals, all stretched.

Petals center, a beautiful woman standing there.

She is dressed in a color lotus dress, and her head is full of lotus.

She stepped into the lotus in the gods, every step, and the air will be born.

It is simply a beautiful to be a rooted, which will not be able to remove it.

"Demon ... Deway?"

The unconpected old demon muffy, the eyes, the color of panic.

How can there be a demon?

This is powerful, how can I live here?

"This is impossible, you must dream, how can there be a demon?"

The gold scales are also frightened, the paws, keep going to sweat the beads.

Yellow Pear is a body contracted a group, and Surse shives.

"Adult, I have not intentional officers, please give us a way of life!"

The universal demon stood up, the whole body was in the ground, and the deceity was respectful.

"Adults are forgiving!"

The other two old demon, but also rush to the ground, shout.

The lotus woman saw this scene, the look, there is no half-point change.

She looked at three old demon, as looking at three ants.

"If you don't have a means, you are only afraid of the owner, you have been disturbed by you!"

"Disturb the owner, die!"

After that, the woman reached out of the fiber, and went to three old demon.

I saw this finger, three old demon scared liver and gentle.

"Do not……"

Three screams, suddenly.

Three old demon bodies crackled, bursting with blood mist, disappearing.


Luo Liu smoke and Su Yiling scare the original.

The kind of non-faith, the words cannot be described.

the host?

Then the deiest is called the owner?

Is her master, is a sister?

One thought here.

Luo Liu smoke two women's ridges are cold, and the body is cold.

Fortunately, it is a kindness with the son, otherwise, the consequences are unimaginable.


Suddenly, the lotus woman looked at the two people in Luo.

At this moment, the two female scalp were fried, cold sweat DC.

An endless pressure, it seems to put them into a rotten mud.

Until the eyes were returned, the two women recovered from trembling.

"Although you are a master friend, but, this is a ugly words in front!"

"The master clears, the people have experienced the red dust with the people, and there is not uncomfortable. Otherwise, the owner has been damaged, this seat is not!"

The sound is not big, but it is a power.

Two people in Luo Liu smashed, instant.

It turns out that!

"Thank you for your predecessors, wake us!"

"The seniors are relieved, from today, we only look at the son!"

Two people in Luo will have a punch.

"It is very good."

After that, the lotus woman stepped on the lotus, the money, sitting in Baise Lotus, disappearing.


so close!

Two people in Luo willus, secretly wipe the cold sweat.

"Let's go!"


The two are looking forward to it and go to the sky.

When it comes to a place far enough, the two stopped.

On the two women's face, revealing the joy of the rest of the rest.

"Master, it is terrible!" Su Yiling said.

"Don't say, I am now jumping!" Luo smoke said.

"Master, the strength of the master, how horror is there? Even the demon, I recognize him is the main!" Su Yiwei asked.

"Don't imagine! His strength is never under the cactus!" Luo Cow said.

"What? Impossible!"

Su Yi Ling is full of horror, "How can I have a cacto?"

"This is me guess!" Luo smoke said.

Speaking of this, there is more and more cautious faces, "Since we are in good margins with the son, the test of the son must pass!"

"This time, the treasure of the prostitute is the treasure, it is necessary to get!" Luo Cow said.

I heard this, Su Yiwei nodded.

"Master, what are you waiting for, let's go to Ling Yumei!"

"it is good!"

Two women straighten Changhong, blinking, disappearing in the sky.



", Fuyuan +100."

", Fuyuan +100."

", Fuyuan +100."

Three prompt audio.

Sun Hao, his face is doubtful.

Open the panel, discover the above, the franchise value has reached 680 points.

80 points, is Luo Liu smoke and Su Yi Ling to drink tea, then send a picture to them.

These three hundred points of Fuyuan, the harvest is a bit inexplicable.

Sun Hao went to the backyard, watches four sweep, did not find any abnormalities.

Subsequently, I ran to the front yard and swept away from the pond.

The Baise Lotus, quietly bloom, swaying in the wind, from time to time, the lace is incense.

It takes force, and it is comfortable.

No exception!

"I am strange!"

Sun Yizhen frightened, how to think, nor did you want to understand.

However, it is always a good thing to get a good value!

Think so, Sun Hao went to the house.

"Gure ..."



A valence is slowly agglomerated.

Look carefully, it is the previous lotus woman.

She looked at Sun Hao's house, on her face, revealing the color.

"Almost by the owner!"

"If the owner discovered that I showed a means, would you blame me?"

"In the future, in front of the owner, there should be less means, otherwise, it will be discovered."

I think so, lotus women's vain, slowly disappear.

Arrive around, recover again.

As if everything is illusory.