It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

The first 19th chapter of the demon is anger, the ancestors Mountain messenger

Demon Mountain Central, Underground Cave.

Triyang Jinlu is sitting in the primary position, looking at the men in the next two rows, the murder is strong.

"Hey ..."

He knocked around and broke around.

"Yellow Pear, Unicorn, Gold Scales all die, you, can you say?"

The heart of the Triyang Jinwu is angry and calm.

As soon as this, the grand eye is a chart, and one is safe, written on the face.

The more calm, the more calm, the more anger him.

Who dares to hit him on his muzzle and will definitely live on the spot.

All old demon is low, the atmosphere is not dare.

Lie Yang Jin Wu looked at these old demon, angry, "usually raise you, critical moments, but not one?"

"Demon Lord!"

At this time, an old demon helplessly stood up.

"You said." Tri Yang Jinwu said.

"The Lord, Yellow Pear, Unicorn, Gold Scales, enough to deal with ordinary Mahayanian cultivator!"

"They, all dead, this shows that they are facing, maybe it is a rumored cultivator!" Said the old demon.

This is out.

There are many old demon below to pour a breath.

"What? Robbery is coming?"

"How is this good? Are they destroyed me a big Mountain?"

Many old demon, whispering in the bottom.

"Ulin, what should you say?" Zhuyang Jinwu asked.

"The demon, you have to kill this modulus, only you personally bring your team, you have a fortune." The old demon said.

Trie Yang Jinwu did not speak, his eyes stared at the old demon, it moved.

"This is a small thing, you have to go to the horse, what are you using?"

After that, Triyang Jinwu Yang took the palms and took the past.

"Demon Lord, don't!"

The old demon face is panic, flying quickly.

Just, where is it.

A group of flames, wrap the old demon package, burned a fly ash, and did not make anything.

I saw this scene, the big demon one of the big demon changed, the body trembled.

"In this case, Nell is waiting for this seat, go to this cultivator!"

"Yes, the demon!"


At this moment, a rush of sound.

Then, a transmitted monster ran quickly.

"Report the demon, emergency secret!"

After that, the passing of the monster will put the secret letter.


Open your secret letter, Lie Yang Jinwu looks at the above content, and the pupil shrinks.

A fear, fleeting.

Triyang Jin Wu looked at an old demon, saying: "This is a good thing to leave, kill the immortal, and then put it!"

After the finishes, the Jinjin Wu disappeared.

When you appear again, he has come to a secret room.

In the secret room, a man standing in a whole body, with a mask on his face, and could not see the face.


I don't say two words, the Trien Jinwu is right to black, and we will be worshiped.

"Meet adults!"

"Let's get!" The black man said.

"Yes, adults!"

Triyang Jinwu station is on the side, the air is not dare.

In front of black men, that is the ancestral Mountain messenger.

The ancestors of the ancestors, in all the monsters, it is a general existence, not shaking!

No monster, dare to disrespect the ancestors.

"This seat came, does not mean ancestral Mountain, but privately looking for you." Black man said.

"Adults, as long as you can do it, go to the soup, don't say anything!" "" "

"Okay, this is this sentence!"

After that, the black man took out a jade bottle.

"Adult, this is?" Triyang Jinwu took the jade bottle and was full of confusion.

"Three days later, the big princess will come to the big demon mountain. If you need to do it, you will put this matter into the big princess cup, let her drink. Then, take the opportunity to kill the big princess!" Black men said.

This is out.

Triyang Jinwu is scared to the liver and gentle, and the face is giant.

The jade bottle in hand is almost falling to the ground.

"Adults, this, small don't do it." Tri Yang Jinwu gave the jade bottle to the black man.

"Ha ha……"

The black man smiled slightly, watching on the Triyang Jinwu, "You know this secret, do you think you can live?"


Trink Jinwu is trembled, on the forehead, the sweat roll down.

Unexpectedly, I actually rolled into the royal battle, damn!

I don't want to be good on both sides, one is not good, will be mourned on the spot.

Now, there is no way.

"Trie Yang, you have done well, the owner will naturally won't treat you!"

"Three days later, if you can cut the big princess's head, give it to me, I will reward you with ten Xianjing!" The black man said.

"Xian Jing?"

Listening to Trien Jinwu, the eyes of the eyes are gloried, greedy, and write face.

"Of course, if you have not finished, then you should also understand!" Black man said.

"Adult, but my strength, how can I kill a big princess?"

Trink Jindu said.

"You can rest assured, as long as the big princess is drinking this, when it arrives, the strength is not allowed to be, as long as you are ready, it is definitely the hand!" The black man said.

"Adults, this poison, does the big princess will not find?" Triyang Jinyu said.

"You don't have to worry about this bottle of medicine, colorless, drink, no toxicity! And, will also improve the repair!"

"However, it will cooperate with another medicine, which will have a poison, even if it is a cacto, it is difficult to resist!"

"Another kind of medicine whose princess has been drinking, you have to do it, it is cast this medicine to the big princess." Black man said.

When I heard this, the Trien Jinwu nodded and secretly tone.

"Adults, you can rest assured, small to ensure the task!" Tri Yang Jinyu said.

"It is very good!"

After that, the black man took out a bag, lost to the Trien Jinwu, "there is two kinds of Xianjing. You will take it with you first, and you will reward you ten!"

"Thank you, thank you very much!"

Tri Yang Jinwu took the blue sparkling fairy crystal, excited to tremble.

"Okay, this is something, let's leave, remember, this is not there, understand?" Black man said.

"Advise, you can understand!"

"Gong Gong people!"

After the finishes, the Triyang Jinwu hands holding boxing, smashed.

The black man has a flash, and it will disappear without trace.

After a while.


Black man is going back, he hopes in the Triyang Jinwu, saying: "Yes, you can also give this medicine to Dagong, cooperate with big princess!"

"However, don't say the master, even if it is me, it will make you live for three days!"

"Also, this is failed, the demon is only known, then the owner is close to the close, and you, I will die very bad!" Black man said.

"Advise the admiration, guarantee the completion of the task!" Triyang Jinwu hugged the boxing ceremony.


Black men's figure disappears, no longer appears.

"This fairy is really not good! But, worth it!"

Triyang Jin Wu looked at the fairy crystal, and the essence was sparkling.