It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

The second chapter of the big princess arrived

Time flies, the eye is three days.

this day.

All monsters are busy.

Every monster face is exposed to a brightener color.

Because today, it is the arrival of the ancestors.




Sunny sky, suddenly white clouds, blinking, covering the sun.

Suddenly, the white clouds started to rotate.

Form a huge vortex, drive the whole world, quickly rotate.

This scene is displayed.

Below the monster, all the face is shocked.

"Is this super transfer array? Good power!"

"It is terrible, the ancestors mountain, really!"

The public is looking at the sky, I don't want to blink.

After a while.

The vortex is stopped.

A figure, self-swirling center slowly, standing in the sky.

She, long hair with a brain.

Under the blond hair, two pointed ears are hidden.

The pair of blue eyes took a small timidity.

It seems to see such a scene for the first time.

She is the princess of the ancestors - the Phoenix is ​​a dream.

"Meet the big princess!"

All monsters are squatting, respectful.

This sound, shocking the sky.

If the Phoenix is ​​revealing, he quickly went to the Triyang Jinwu, and he helped him. "You, please come up soon!"

Trien Jinwu eyebrows are slightly wrinkled, and the eyes flashed a smeared. "Sure enough, the big princess is weak, then this is too much."

"Great princess, minister, which dares to work!"

Trien Jinwu hooks, standing up.

Have him take the lead, other monsters, stand up, "Xie Gong Gong!"

"The big princess, you have a servant, please do a little to rest!" Triyang Jinyu said.

"No, I have to go to the blood collection nest, just right!" Huangru dreams.

"The big princess, the blood Huang nest has been shaking in the last few months, even if the immortal enters, I am afraid that it is fierce! You just have to rest for two days, touch the situation, you go in!" .

"Yeah, big princess, we are hard to give you hope, don't taste our specialty, we are not going!"

"Great princess, I heard that you will be a child, you will promise us this small requirement!"

Triyang Jinwu is old demon, one by one takes away.

The phoenix didn't hear these words, and the brow wrinkled.

"Well, then you will gather in a small meeting." Huangru dreams.

Under the leader of the Triyang Jinwu, the Phoenix is ​​a meeting to the party.

Joan jade liquid, push cup change.

The Phoenix Dreams to drink a cup of drinks.

Each glass of wine is made a little bit of drugs by Trienjin Wu.

"Great princess, congratulations, you become a fairy! Dry!" Triyang Jinwu Put.


The Phoenix is ​​a dream, "I just reached the robbery."

"It's a look, it is ministers to listen to, but you become a cacto, it is a thing ~"

"Where, where!"

The Phoenix is ​​holding his head, close his eyes, it seems to be sleepy.

"Great Princess, Great Princess."

Trien Jinwu is a few sounds, the Phoenix is ​​not a response.

"Put the big princess to rest!"

Yiyang Jinwu waved, immediately walked a few women, carrying the phoenix, like a dream.

Soon, the Phoenix is ​​sent to a cage.

On the cage, the line is shrouded, and it is not easy to protect the wind.

Surrounded by dozens of demon.

" !"

The cage should be closed.

After a dozen old demon, he moved at the same time.


The color is not light, flying from their palm, pouring into the homiographic line.

Make in the mage, light up.

In the blink of an eye, it formed a huge mask and the Phoenix is ​​like a dream.

"Hey, good hurt!"

The Phoenix is ​​a dream, and the head is pressed, and a painful color is revealed.

"this is?"

She looked at the mask on her body, and her face was confused.


Suddenly, the mask vibrates.

A beam sprinkled, and I born on the phoenix.

" ..."

A sound.

The Phoenix is ​​a wound, and the blood flows out.

"You ... do you want to do?" Huangru dreams.

"Great princess, do you still don't understand this? Of course, you kill you!"

At this time, the Tunyang Jinwu came out.

"You ... do you want to rebel? Mother will not let you go!" Huangru dreams.

"Haha ..."

Triyang Jinwu smiled slightly, uncomfortable.

"Great Princess, you die in the blood-Phone nest, with my big Mountain, but there is no relationship!" Triyang Jinyu said.


The Phoenix is ​​ugly, calling in vivo, but found that hundreds of do not store.

"Do I want to die here?"

The Phoenix is ​​like a madness.

"This is good, no one can see me anyway."

"Maybe I am dead, I am fine for everyone!"

The Phoenix is ​​as sigh, closed his eyes, quietly waiting for death.


Triyang Jinwu saw this scene, rising his mouth.


All old demon moves together.

On top of the mask, the layers of the layer is flushed, and if the rain is generally falling on the phoenix.

" ..."

A sound sounded sounded into the blood.


The Phoenix is ​​like a tragic call.

"It hurts, can you kill me soon?" Huangru said that his dream was scream.

When I heard this, Triyang Jinwu revealed a bitter color.

He has no way, and the power is limited.

He also wants to kill the phoenix dream as soon as possible, but her demon is sealed, but the flesh power is still, I want to kill her, it is impossible.

"The big princess, you will bear it, soon it will pass!" Triyang Jinyu said.


"But, really hurt!"

Gradually, the Phoenix is ​​not so painful.

The white shirt is dyed by blood.

Under the body, it is terrible.

See it, you have to close the past.

At this time.


She pended on her chest and looked up.

"My dream, you have to live well!"

One sound, the earthquake is in the Phoenix.

" ..."

Around, the explosion did not stop.

The big array is like a shredded paper, and inch fragmented.

" ..."

The demon on the ground, the body is like a broken kite, fly out, and hit the stone wall.

Even if it is a Trien Jinwu, it is also a body fly.


A group of white mang, the parcel is like a dream, with her rapidly.

Blinking, disappearing.

In the midst of the room, left, only smoke.


Trizzling is struggling to stand up and cough.

"This death, there is such a treasure!"

His face is very gloomy, looking at the old demon, open: "No death, hurry up to this seat!"

"Demon Lord!"

Alive the old demon, climb to the front of the Triyang Jinwu, Surse trembling.

"The big princess has the treasure of your body, and you have escaped!"

"I want to be seriously injured, I will escape!"

"Do you listen to it, even if you are three feet, you have to find big princess, live people, die, do you want to see the body, understand?" Yuyang Jinwu said.

"Yes, the demon!"

All the old demon nodded, took out the medicinal herbs swallowed and recovered the injury.