It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 21, Heaven, Full Elf

Sun Hao is in Yaochi, looking up at the top of the cherry blossom, a face.

"This trimmer's swimming pool is good!"

"Lying in it, it is really comfortable!"

"Although I can't cultivate, I have to eat it now, drink drink!"

"Moreover, there is a room, this is going to be in the past, is it a small rich?"

"But unfortunately, less beauty is accompanied!"

This is just right.

The Baise Lotus in the pond, the petals suddenly vibrated.

"call out……"

A split sound.

A Changhong, falling from the sky.

It is not imagined, just in Yaochi.


A loud noise, water flowers splash.

This sound, I almost scared Sun Hao soul.

"Scared me, what is it?"

After calming, Sun Hao swept away from Yaochi, not from God.

I saw that in Yaochi, a woman floating.

She has a brain blonde, her dressed in the red shirt, it should be said to be a long yarn of blood staining.

The eyes are closed, and if you are alone.

Obviously, she was seriously injured.

She is the phoenix.

"Beauty, or a beautiful elf!"

Sun Hao is bold to go to the Phoenix.

Looking at the exquisite face, the look is embarrassed.

I have been here for so long, so beautiful, still see it.

Even if Su Ying and Luo Cow, it cannot be compared with it.

"She is injured than the Yingling girl, even if I govern, I am afraid that I have to be three days to rescue!"

"However, do you want to save her?"

Sun Yu wrinkled eyebrows and exposed the color of thinking.

This kind of thing, if you don't save, it is a bit a pity.

If saved, in case she takes the plane, a sword is coming, I can't die.

"Girl, no way, can only give you the whole body weak powder!"

"After you are awake, I don't kill my heart, I will help you detoxify!"

Sun Hao nodded.

To be honest, if you don't have strength, you really don't want to use this three abuse.

In this world, there is only the case, it can be self-insulated.

He picked up the phoenix dream and walked into the room.

"This dress is wet, it is easy to catch a cold, and will wet the quilt!"

"According to her body, the Songde girl is similar to her, the clothes, maybe wear!"

Think so, Sun Hao put the phoenix, on the bench, quickly.

Soon, he brought a green neighborhood.

"The girl didn't wake, how is this?"

"I am a big man to help her?"

"No! It's definite!"

"This world girl is feudal, if she is destroyed, I am afraid she wants to fight with me."

"How is this good?"

At a time, Sun Hao fell into two difficulties.

Extremely read the poetry, naturally know the size.

After some thinking struggle, Sun Hao decided to help the Pho guild to replace clothes.

However, he decided to looked his eyes.

Do not show.

Sun Hao took out the black cloth strip and the cover is above his eyes.

Subsequently, it began to help the Pho guys replace clothes.

"What is this? So big?"

"Girl, sorry! It is not intentional!"

"Sorry, I have a wrong place, the girl is not blaming!"

"Finally changed!"

Sun Hao is relieved, and looks relaxed.

After picking up the eye mask, after seeing, the whole person is not good.

The clothes are inversely, and they have to come back.

"Hey, how do I stupid!"

"Girl, charging!"

After that, Sun Hao started to give the Phoenix.

The action is awkward, and I can't hit the place where I should not touch.

Fortunately, the Phoenix is ​​sleeping, and I don't know if this is all.

If not, who knows what happens.

After a quarter of an hour.

Sun Hao took off her eyes and looked at the Phoenix.

He reached out and started the exploration.

"The meridians are completely smashed! The five gangs are shocked ..."

"I have to give her medicine! At night, I am not working back!"

After that, Sun Hao put her in bed and went fast ...

After a time.

Sun Hao picked up a bowl of soup, all sent to Huang as a dream, which relaxed.

"The little life is saved, but it can wake up three days!"

"A very beautiful elf, if you put the hair, it will look better!"

"Elf ears, it's really good."

Sun Hao murmured, between the time, staring on the Phoenix, did not receive the eye.

"Since the girl should be fine, then I am going to be busy first."

After that, Sun Hao went out.

Time flies, the eye is three days.

Huang Ruyou woven, looking at the ceiling, a stay.

who am I?

where am I?

How is the head like this?

Suddenly, a memory came.


"It hurts! Can you kill me soon?"

From this, this memory is coming.

The Phoenix is ​​struggling, and it is difficult to move.

She is uncontrolled, and she shakes.

"Don't kill me, don't kill me!"

"Pain, I am afraid of hurt!"

Two lines of tears slipped.

"Gure ..."

At this time, the door is open.

I got it in a shadow.

He is long, every step, natural, and seeing the phoenix.

"Girl, you wake up!"

It is Sun Wei.


The Phoenix is ​​in the body, and looks to Sun Yizhen, full of fear.

"Girl, don't be afraid, I am not malicious!" Sun Hao said.

When I heard this, the Phoenix was a little calm and his face was alert.

"Girl, what is your name?" Sun Hao asked.


The Phoenix is ​​biting on the clothes sleeves and begins thinking.

After a while.

"Ah, don't kill me, I am afraid of pain, I am afraid of hurting!"

The Phoenix is ​​screaming at the end of the body.

"Girl! Nothing, nothing!"

Sun Hao held the phoenix, and she made her a little peace of mind.

Under Sun Hao, the Phoenix is ​​relaxed, slow closes his eyes and sleeps.

"Look, this girl suffered a certain hard!"

"Where will she kill? First, I will dissipate the whole body."

Sun Hao is dark, and it goes quickly.

Soon, I woke up the phoenix, I was fed.

The Phoenix is ​​not talking, and his eyes are grateful.

Cooperating with Sun Hao, there are more than half.

"Girl, you are too tired, first sleep!"

Sun Hao finished, stopped up.

"Don't go!"

Huangru dreams dragged Sun Hao arm, pillow after the brain, slept very well.

"Nothing, nothing, sleep!"

After a few words, the Phoenix fell asleep.

Sun Hao helidly laughed, slowly pulling back the arm, did not wake up her.

"The poison has been solved, this girl is still there, there is still a kind of breath, like me, is it mortal?"

"For a mortal, the cultivar is too embarrassed."

Sun Hao murmured, go out.

The Phoenix is ​​asleep, it is a day.

Until the next day, the afternoon, the Phoenix dream woke up.

I looked around, the Phoenix was quickly used to use the quilt, wrapped her own, hiding in the corner, and fell.


At this time, the auditory of Guqin came from outside the house.

The sound is graceful, directly hit the soul, all fear, disappear clean.

In front of the phoenix, present a warm picture.

A family, it is happy, happy to live together.

She is like a princess, being loved.

She closed their eyes and quietly felt this scene, the whole person, like a water, and not a half point.

The Phoenix is ​​slowly released, wearing shoes, go out.

When I came to the outside hospital, I saw the scene in front of my eyes, and the eyes were connected in the eyes.

I saw it, a hundred colors of Shenlian, blooming the colorful light, psychedelic, like a fairy tale world.

Two cherry blossom trees, positive vomiting.

The aroma is fragrant, let people smell, and the god is refreshed.

Under the cherry tree, a gazebo.

A man is getting piano.

He is long, and it is very handsome.

Every action, natural, and beautiful to describe.

Everyone is straight into the soul, which is very peaceful.

Huangru, I don't know, I don't know how to go to the gazebo.

A song is completed.

Sun Hao opened, "Girl, you wake up?"

The phoenix is ​​surprised, low, ten fingers intersection, it is very nervous, "I ... I ..."

"Girl, don't be afraid, take it!" Sun Hao asked.


The phoenix is ​​very small, sitting on the stool, the air is not dare.

" ..."

At this time, the stomach sounded.

Huangru dreams quickly, don't dare to see Sun Yizhen.

"The girl will live with his stomach. She looks like it, she is not a cultivator!"

"Look, she is afraid of me!"

Sun Wei stood up, "" The girl wants to be hungry, I will come, wait a moment. "


The Phoenix is ​​nodded, I dare not look at Sun Yizhi.

Take Sun Hao left, the Phoenix is ​​tried to stand up, she stared at the ancient Qun, and the face is curious.

She walked to the ancient Qin and gently touched her hand.

" ..."

A sound, scared her quickly recovered the finger.

When the vibrato disappeared, she tried to collide again.