It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 22, the fairy day

"Girl, I am back!"

Sun Hao took a plate of cherries and came over.

Each cherry, foot is a baby fist, black and red, emitting seductive gloss.

Look at it, it will be coveted with three feet.

See this scene, the Phoenix is ​​like a dream.

A memory, flock to the mind.

"You are a wild species, which is eligible to eat the fruit, give me!"

"It's, a different, the spirit is not eating, give me!"

Then, the Phoenix is ​​a group of children, pressed into the ground, playing the nose and swollen, even in the hands of the fruit, and was also taken.

"No ... don't hit me."

The Phoenix is ​​holding his hands on your head, full of pain.

"Girl, sad, go with the wind!"

Sun Hao voice, wake up the Phoenix.

Huangru, hurriedly stood up from the seat, back to the side, low head, and not say a word.

"Girl, eat some cherry!"

Sun Hao finished, and sent the fruit plate to the Phoenix.

"This this……"

Huangru dreams watching Sun Hao, and looked at the fruit plate and biting his lips and did not dare to move.

After seeing Sun Hao, it is a few times.

The Phoenix did the dream to grabbed two cherries, sent into the mouth, and I was afraid that they were taken.

After swallowing, I saw Sun Hao to say more, continue to grab, and suddenly swallowed.


Endless spirit, in her body.

She is hysterested, and she has been cultivated and rushed.

She took the consciousness and started to refine.

After a while.

Huangru dreams open his eyes, and his face is shocked.

"What is the spirit of this, so strong!"

"How do I know these? Who is I?"

"The son is so good to me, what do I think?"

The Phoenix is ​​as muttered, looking at Sun Hao's eyes, full of gratitude.

"Girl, you take a break first, I will go to cook!" Sun Hao said.


The Phoenix is ​​like a mosquito.

"Girl, is there anything?" Sun Hao said.

"Public ... Bono, I ... I will help you!" Huangru dreams.


Sun Yi nod, with the phoenix, walk into the kitchen.

When I saw the Phoenix, Sun Hao was shocked.

I saw it.

Phoenix is ​​like a dream, cut vegetables, rice cooking ...


Although the kitchen is not as good as yourself, at least the master level.

"If there is such a helper, the speed of cooking, at least double!"

"See it, this little girl, not very hard!"

Sun Yu looked at the phoenix, like a dream back, muttered.

In all preparations.

The phoenix is ​​burning, Sun Hao shows the cooking.

"this is?"

The Phoenix is ​​holding a wood, the whole crowd is in the same place.

This wood is blood red, the texture is tight, and it has a faint aroma.

A road ripple, run through the entire wood.


The Phoenix is ​​out of mouth, and the whole person is stupid.

Although I don't know what this is, I told her that this root wood is never simple.

"Let's put one side!"

The phoenix has taken out other wood and starts burning.

She looked at Sun Hao's cooking, the whole person was in place.

Every action, it is beautiful, and it is not good to describe it.

Come out, crystal clear, color fragrance.

The Phoenix is ​​dark and dark, and each action is written.

Soon, the meals are done well.

Come to the dining table, the Phoenix is ​​standing next to it.

"Girl, sit down and eat."

"The girl is not disappointing,

" ... !"

In the eyes of the phoenix, tears are brewed and touched.

"Eat it! Don't be polite!"


"Girl, why do you want to hide your ears? If you can bring your hair, you will be better!"

This is out.

The phoenix is ​​like a dream.

A memory strike.

"I also say that you are not a monster, so we are so strange!"

"Just! I should cut her ear!"

Think of these, the Phoenix is ​​like a dream corner, slip down two lines of tears.

"Girl, don't cry, don't take my words, eat, don't cool." Sun Hao said.

"Public ... Mon, thank ... thank you!"

Huang is like a meal, and I will see Sun Wei from time to time.

In the eyes, I moved from time to time.

When Sun Hao is watching, she quickly lowered.

The Phoenix is ​​not talking, Sun Hao has no opening.

The two are so silently to eat, and they don't say a word.

"Gong, I will wash the dishes!"

Just put down the tableware, but I was packed in the Phoenix.

Pack the table, dishwash the dishes, clean the ground ...

Don't worry about Sun Hao at all.

Sun Hao looked at this scene, and it was very moving, and he was in his heart.

If there is such a wife, the two are simple to live in a lifetime, that is also very good.

"Gong, I ... Where is I doing?"

I feel that Sun Hao is hot, the phoenix is ​​low, like a little girl who do something wrong.

"No, you are doing very well!"

Sun Wei stood up and walked to the phoenix, "Come with me!"

The phoenix is ​​low, followed by Sun Yizhen.

Two people came to the gazebo.

Sun Hao pointed to Guqin, "Do you like it?"

"Well!" The Phoenix is ​​nodded.

"If you are willing to learn, I can teach you!" Sun Hao said.


In the eyes of the phoenix, the light is shining.

"of course!"

"Gong, you sit down, I stand together!"

"You don't sit down, how do you learn?"

"Well ... well, son!"

Next, Sun Hao began to explain the phoenix.

The Phoenix is ​​listening carefully, and it will be tested from time to time.

"When the scraping is planted, it is naturally tension ..."

"The fingers should be such a talent."

"Mon, do you see this?"


"That is no, the son, you ... can you take me?"

The phoenix is ​​getting bigger.

Beauty demand, can refuse.

Sun Hao took the phoenix, with her hands and took her play.

Huangru follows Sun Wei action, playing the listening to the melody.

I have been playing at night, and the two stopped.

"Okay, come here today, go back to rest." Sun Hao said.

"Yes, the son!" The Phoenix is ​​nodded, go to another room.

Sun Hao went back to the room and secretly nodded.

"This girl is a play genius, and the talent is weak than me!"

"I have a good time, I am afraid of the fairy day!"

"If you do this every day, this day is very comfortable!"

"It's awkward!"

After that, Sun Wei walked back to the room, changed his pajamas, poured on the bed, and quickly slept.

the other side.

Huangru went back to the room, his face, got a happy smile.

She is lying in bed and can't sleep for a long time.

Finally, she hugged another pillow in the bed in the chest, muttered muttered: "The son, you are so good to me!"



Soon, she also slept.