It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 23, Recallment, Thunder

Next day.

Sun Hao opened his eyes and saw a scene in front of him.

I saw it, a blonde woman standing in front of him.

In the blue eyes, it turns out the abnormal rays, and it is straightforward.

Hair, behind the brain, revealing two pointed ears.

She is the phoenix.

Seeing Sun Yu woke up, the Phoenix is ​​full of smiling, "the son, you wake up."

"Girl, you ..." Sun Haoyi, almost lost.

"Gong, look good?" Huang asked.

"Good look." Sun Wei nodded.

"Bonology, breakfast is already done, you will wash it alive!" Huangru dreams.


Do you have breakfast?

Do you want to be so good?

There is such a beautiful woman, it is different.

Just, she is also mortal.

If you can make a doctors with her, you! Complex couple.

This day, that is too beautiful.

Sun Hao quickly climbed up, after washing, and went to the restaurant with the Phoenix.

A bowl of millet porridge, a green onion cake, two dried fruits, a few cherries ...

A total of two copies, each person.

It looks simple, and it is true.

"Gong, if I don't do it, please don't mind!" Huangru dreams.

"how come!"

Sun Hao drank his little rice porridge, secretly praised.

Compared with yourself, it is not much.

It is exactly the master level.

In the future, exercises will practice, maybe you can catch yourself.

"Good to eat." Sun Hao said.

"Thank you gong."

The Phoenix is ​​a dream, full of happiness.

After breakfast, Huang as a dream, followed Sun Hao to learn to learn the ancient piano.

Several hours.

The Phoenix is ​​a dream that can be played independently.

Although some places are still very hard, they will be able to get ridicwate.

Maybe one day, can pop up.

In that time, she also went out.

However, I want to go beyond myself, I have to do ten times.

A song is completed.

"Okay, rest first, come to drink a cup of tea!"

Sun Hao put the big red robes that had already booked, and handed it to the phoenix.

"Thank you gong!"

The Phoenix is ​​a tea cup, a small drink.


She was shocked, and she didn't move.

A cold feeling, full of mind.

At this moment, her soul, rapid increase.

Hidden in the heart of the heart, which is also at this moment, like the water of the gate, rushing.

She closed her eyes and did not move.

For a long time, she opened their eyes.

Her face does not change anything.

Like everything, you have disappeared.

Huang is looking at Sun Wei, and his eyes are grateful.

"From today, I am a gongzun! As long as the son is not discarded, I will always follow him! Everything else is going!"

The phoenix is ​​muttered, secretly makes decisions.

Suddenly, her eyebrows were picking, and the eyes were shocked.

She looked at the tea in the cup, she was shocked to calm for a long time.

"This ... this is Wu Wu tea!"

The feeling of the soul is unforgettable.

If you can't think of it, the son is drinking, and it is actually Wu Dao Tea.

Not long ago, the ancestors of the ancestors of the demon, for the enlightenment tea, three hundred rounds with the people of the people.

That battle, blood flow into the river, countless people cultivate with demon repair.

Finally, although the demon rumor has taken the tea leaves, it is seriously injured.

Soon, I was falling in the dead.

It can be seen that this proven tea is more precious!

Can you drink Wu's tea?


Just, it seems to see that the son caught dozens of tea.

This kind of tea, he seems to have a big bag.

"God ..."

The Phoenix is ​​shocked to overturn the tea.

Such a precious understanding of the tea, don't say a cup, drop a drop, you will be distressed to you.

"Gong, who is he?"

"I am afraid, at least it is also a fairy!"

The Phoenix is ​​murmured and can't calm for a long time.

"Girl, don't be stunned, drink it!"

At this time, Sun Yanyu woke up the Phoenix.

"The son, I just recovered my memory." Huangru dreams.

"Really? What is the name of the girl?" Sun Hao asked.

"Mon, my name is Huang as a dream, if the son is not discarded, I will tell me a dream, I don't know the name of the son," Huang asked. "

"My name is Sun Hao, you call me a brother." Sun Hao said.

"How can this? That is no respect, you saved me! I still call your son!" Huangru dream.

When I heard this, Sun Hao sighed.

"If you have a girl, although you have recovered memory, your pian art, more practice!" Sun Hao said.

"Bonology, as long as you are not too annoying, I am willing to follow you, I have been learning!" Huangru dreams.

This kind of good thing?


Although I think so, Sun Yizhen is not exposed half.

"The girl is laughing, there is a beautiful man, a big joy, how can life!"

"Thank you gong!"

The Phoenix is ​​like a dream corner, slipping down two lines of tears, and is a kneeling.

"If a dream girl, don't be kneel, get up!" Sun Hao said.

"Yes, the son!"

"Drink tea!"


The Phoenix has continued to start drinking tea.

Soul power is rapidly enhanced.

Suddenly, the heavens and the earth change.

The whole world is like only one of her.

Or, at this moment, she is a heaven and earth.

She, reached the situation of people in all.

This wonderful artistic conception is unable to describe.

In the Phoenix Ruer, no matter which energy, it is rapidly increasing into her body, and is refined by her demon baby.

Her realm is also rapidly improved.


She reached the middle of the robbery.

Also at this moment.


Sky color.

The four-party dark clouds are rapid.

In the dark clouds, three-color electricity, keep gathering.

Within a hundred miles, we have been shrouded by black clouds.

"Booming ..."

Every time the three-color electricity will explode, they will break out.

The scene, like to destroy the earth, horror.

Everything in the square is 100 kilometers, all of them, Suthers tremble.

Three-color thunder!

This is the thunder robbery that the Phoenix dreams must experience.

Favorable, you can continue to cultivate.

Nothing, that is the soul.

"Booming ..."

It is a fried.

It is followed by, a straw three-color electric mood, walking together with each other, from the sky.

That direction, just the phoenix.

At this moment, Sun Hao and the Phoenix are in one orientation.

Seeing, that lightning, you have to be on both.

At this time, lightning appears to be disturbed by some kind of strength, smashed on the cherry tree.


A fried.

I almost scared Sun Hao soul.

He looked at the sky.

Angry and full face: "Damn, do you want to kill me?"

This is out.

The weighing of the next brewed, disappears quickly.

The three-color electricity is also hidden.

Finally, even the black clouds have disappeared clean.

The sun is bright, a sunny.

The Phoenix is ​​in the eyes of the eyes, and looks to Sun Yizhen, and it is extremely worshiped.

Drink and retreat!

Who can do it in this world?

Maharae? Ferocious? Flying misery?


How can thunder robbery?

Even if the immortal, it may not be possible!

Is the master strength, is more strong than the immortal?

One thought here.


The Phoenix does not help but take a breath.

Look at Sun Hao, worship, and awe.