It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

The twenty-fourth chapter is the son, it is a demon

"This thief is old, you can't do it!"

"If you have a dream, you see, the sky is fine!"

Sun Hao pointed to the sky and smiled.

This is passed to the Phoenix, and it is paralyzed by the scalp, cold sweat.

Dare to point to the sky, I am afraid that only the son is dare?

"The son is amazing!" Huangru dreams.

"Hey, the prize!"

Sun Hao put his hand, "Some guys, it is not cleaned up! You are more weak, the more you feel, you are good!"

This is out.


Like a snoring, in the ears of the phoenix.

A card is exploding immediately on her heart.

"There is a word, such as thunder!"

"Some people do die!"

"This matter is no happiness, wait for me to learn from the son, come to you again!"

The Phoenix is ​​as murmured, secretly clenching his fist.

"The son is said to be!" Huangru dreams.

"Don't be stunned, continue to drink tea!"

"Yes, the son!"

Drink tea, play the piano, cook, eat ...

The two are like a couple, the husband sings women, and people envy.

That night.

The Phoenix is ​​on the bed and is preparing to practice.

At this time.


A figure appeared in her room.

She is a woman, still in a lotus dress, the head is a mustache, it looks like suffocating.

How did she appear here, I don't know if the Phoenix is ​​a dream.

There is no breath on her body.

If she is not willing, I am afraid that she can't find her!


Not ordinary demon!

This kind of person, even in the ancestral Mountain, it is also the existence of a party!

I can see it here.


The Phoenix is ​​rushing to get up and holds a fist in the Lotus.

"Free gift!" The lotus demon hopped, looking at the phoenix dream, like to see her through the general, "I know this seat to find you, what?"

"Please ask the seniors to enlighten!" Huangru dreams.

"I can't read it by the owner, maybe one day in the future, I have to call you a lady!"

I heard this, the Phoenix is ​​a big change, "you said ..."

"Yes, Sun Hao is the master!"

"Today, come to tell you, the son is in the mortal, and must not be broken, so as not to be damaged by the son!"

"If you let the son are impaired, even if you are a lady, this seat is also fixed, you can understand?" The Lianlian said.

The Phoenix is ​​like a look.

It turns out that!

No wonder is no spiritual fluctuation on the son.

"Seniors, you can rest assured, I will never point to the son!" Huangru dreams.

"It is very good."

After that, the lotus demon disappeared.

The Phoenix is ​​a perfect pressure and disappears.

She stands in place, sweating.

"This kind of kinder is just a mastian?"

"The son is really realized, I am afraid that I can't imagine!"

Thinking of this, the Phoenix is ​​once again pumping two cold air.


The Phoenix is ​​like a dream of the skin, it seems to think of what.

"Day, the cherry tree is thundered, there is no damage!"

"Is there a cherry tree, is also a demon?"

"It is this!"

At this time, the Phoenix is ​​a tremble.

The son is around, all the demon!

I am afraid, it is far more than this.

For a long time, the Phoenix is ​​gradually calm.

She is sitting on the bed and starts cultivation.

"Zi Zi ..."

On her body, three-color electricity,


She opened their eyes, her face was shocked.

"My Dantian, there is a three-color Thunder?"

"Is this a son to me?"

The phoenix is ​​as muttered, and a face is shocked.

This means cannot be imagined!

It is a incredible thing!

The phoenix is ​​dramatically jumped vigorously, and it took a long time.

Close your eyes and continue to practice.

The next day, the eye is coming.

Today, the Phoenix is ​​a new pink long shirt, the whole person looks, and vitality is four shots.

"Gong, good-looking?"

Huangru dreams in front of Sun Hao, turn a circle, happy as a little girl.

"good looking!"

Sun Hao looked at the Phoenix as a dream and admired.

"The son, don't be stunned, first wash!"

This time, the Phoenix is ​​a dream to pour the washed water.

Sun Yan looked at the phoenix, and his eyes were touched, "as a dream, thank you!"

"The son, you should say thank you!"

"You give me, wear it, don't drive me!"

"Dream Thank you gongzi!" Huangru dreams.


Sun Hao can't find anything to answer.

So knowing about grateful little girl, in this world, there is one.

I have to wait for her!

After washing.

The two came to the restaurant.

A bowl of porridge, a disc peanut ...

Breakfast, becomes a pattern.

After breakfast, Sun Hao came to the backyard with the Pho.

"Bonology, Is the orchard in the backyard?" Huang asked.

"Yes, let you see my treasure" today! "

Sun Hao faces, showing a look.

"Gure ..."

The backyard door opens.

A fragrant wind and blowing.

After the Phoenix, after heard, his eyes put light, "Xianqi?"

"This, there is orchard, vegetable garden, tea garden, medicine garden ..."

"Don't be stunned, come, take you to the esophagus!" Sun Hao said.


The phoenix nodded, quickly followed.

"You see, this is a cherry tree."

Sun Hao pointed to a fruit tree and said.

"This ... this is the spirit that I have eaten before yesterday!"

The Phoenix is ​​like a cherry tree, looks at the look.

I saw it, the cherry tree is flowering.

From the top, it is a flower, small fruit, a black red cherry, a red fruit, and a mature black red cherry.

At the bottom, the fruit branch taken is also a cluster.

Every cherry is seductive, as if it is tempting you, hurry to eat it.

"Bonology, this tree can spend all the year round?" Huangru met.

"Yes!" Sun Yi nodded.

"Bono, this is your planting?" Huangru dreams.

"Well." Sun Yi nodded.

"It's so powerful!" The Phoenix didfully.

"A little means, not enough to do!" Sun Hao said.

When I heard this, the Phoenix was full of horror.

Seel the spiritual fruit trees, but also let it flow at all, you can pick a fresh fruit every day, and it is just a small means.

This means, is it good to earth?

It turned out to be a small means.

Gong, you are too powerful!

The Phoenix is ​​looking at Sun Wei, and it is worship.

"Dream, go!"

Sun Hao continued to visit the esopha offending with the Pho.

A tree looks, the Phoenix is ​​in the heart, the heart is dramatic.

The more you get back, the brighter is shocking.

There are a lot of fruit trees, she can't see the order, seeing their fruit, knowing the extraordinary.

There is a kind of confirmation, that is, the son actually species fairy fruit!

Huang is dreaming of Sun Yun back, the color of worship, writing on his face.

"The son is so powerful, where do I agree on the son?"

The phoenix is ​​as muttered, and a face is embarrassed.

"If you dream, don't be stunned, the front is a tea garden, follow it!"

"Yes, the son!"

After a while.

The two came to the tea garden.

Seeing the scene, the Phoenix is ​​once again.