It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 25 1 Extended Tea Tree

The tea garden is not large, with a dozen acres, occupying a small hill.

"If you dream, you look, this is a tea garden!"

"You look at that piece, it is a big red robe tea tree!" Sun Hao said.

This time, the Phoenix is ​​shocked.

She three steps and two steps and ran to the big robe tea tree.

Extend your hands and gently touch.

That look, just like a child.

"Wu Dao Tea Tree, all Wu Kao tea trees!"

"I ... my mother! This ... this ... at least there are thousands!"

The Phoenix is ​​as treated, and the whole person is completely stupid.

In the outside world, a proven glass tea can fight a blood river, here, Wu Kao tea tree, can see a piece!

This doesn't matter!

"Old God, you tell me, this is dreaming!"

The Phoenix is ​​gently pinched with himself, "Hey, hurt!"

"This is not a dream!"

"The son actually has so many Wu Wu tea trees!"

The phoenix is ​​murmured, I will calm down.

The entire trimming is popular: there is a proven tea, let her more cold, will take the initiative to join you as a couple!

The son, this piece of Wu Dao tea, find a few hundred doors, and there is no problem!

At this time, the Phoenix is ​​like a dream.

However, it quickly recovered.

"The son of this kind of person will be fascinated by the beauty!"

"I have been drinking tea with dozens of proven tea! It is enough to be proud of the world!"

"The son saves my life, I treats me like a relative, as long as the son does not rush me, even if you are a slave, I am willing!"

The Phoenix is ​​as murmured, and the mood has improved a lot.

"If you dream, you see this is Biluchun, there is Longjing ..."

Sun Hao took the phoenix, and he introduced it.

"Ling Tea, Best Ling Tea! This big film, at least few thousand plants!"

"What? Fairy Tea! This is a fairy tea! I am afraid that every leaf, the fairy, and the fairy, it all resists a Chinese fairyland!"

Every time I see a variety, the Phoenix is ​​a good time.

Seeing the phoenix as ambusement, Sun Yu's mouth is tall.

"Look, if you are, I am admire my plant!"

"The ubiquitous plants are not ordinary!"

Sun Hao wooeded, waiting for the phoenix to come back to God, with her to the pharmacy.

"Fairy medicine, this is a fairy medicine!"

"What is this? It's more horrible than the fairy medicine, it seems to be a dead medicine! My old day!"

"So much, there are thousands of plants!"

"Just put it in the outside world, those who are self-blocked in the source of God, I am afraid to jump out!"

"Scary, it is terrible!"

The Phoenix is ​​very shocked.

The inner impact is not stopped at all.

The more you go, the more younger is numb.

Gradually, she became more and more calm.

From the backyard, the Phoenix is ​​restored to a little consciousness.

"Dream, how, I am a treasure house!" Sun Hao said.

"of course!"

The Phoenix is ​​nodded, "the son, there is these, at all, don't eat it!"

"Of course!"

Sun Yi nodded, a face, "In a few days, I took you to my pet!"


The phoenix is ​​like a dream, "the son, why not take it around?"

Sun Hao showed a smile, "as a dream, that is because it is to raise it, and later, see it is very spiritual, and will not eat it!"

I heard this, the Phoenix nodded and exposed a face.

Time flies, turning into an eye is another day.

This day, Sun Hao and the Phoenix have finished eating breakfast.

According to the practice, it is ready to make a cup of tea.

The Phoenix is ​​like a tea bag. When you see the tea is moldy, you have to get the well.

"If you dream, where are you going?" Sun Hao asked.

"The son, the big red robe is moldy, I will wash it." Huangru dreams.

"Wife? This plum rain is really!"

Sun Hao shakes his head, "as a dream, things are broken, you have to lose!"

"Cleaning is good, there is mold in it, affecting the taste!"

Sun Hao took the tea and walked in the pond.

"Gong, this is ..."

The Phoenix is ​​a big shock.

This is a proud road tea!

The cultivator breaks the head to get something!

Don't say a mold, it's rotten, they also want to get.

The son actually said that it was lost.

After surprised, the Phoenix is ​​numb.

Together with the son, I know that I am a frog in a well.

Wu Dao tea in his eyes, is extremely precious.

In the son, it is not worth mentioning.

Although it is numb, so precious things are discarded, it is a pity.

It will be left untoned to lose it, and you will sneak it again.

So much.

The Phoenix is ​​following the Sun Yizhen, "The son, where are you ready to lose tea?"

"Nature is thrown in the pond, this thing, can't drink for us, is the lotus nurse!" Sun Hao said.


The Phoenix is ​​a dream, and suddenly realizes.

No wonder, the lotus demon is powerful, the original nutrients are all known to Wu Dao Tea.


Originally, she also wanted to secretly pick up.

Now, I don't dare to have this idea.

Strive for the demonity?

Is it impatient?

She looked up to Baise Lotus, but saw it in the wind and kept swaying, the petals collided, like a cheerful song.

" ..."

After the Wu Dao tea lost in the pond, Baise Shenlian stretched out countless roots, wrapped all the tea together, like the whale, swallowed.

The Phoenix is ​​clear to see, uu reads the book WWW. uukanshu. COM Baishu Lotus petals grow rapidly, and the lagging of the petals is different from the previous colors.

"Nine hundred colors, very fast, you have to break through a thousand!"

"I am afraid that her strength will be more stepped!"

The phoenix is ​​murmured, envy.

"If you dream, don't be stunned, come to learn the piano!"

At this time, Sun Hao voice, wakes up the phoenix.

"Yes, the son!"

Go to the pavilion, the Phoenix is ​​sitting in the border, starting playing.

She is more and more proficient, the whole person is full of people, and it is all relaxed.

Her strength, as the mood is improved, it is rapidly improved.

Soon, it reached the late period of robbery.

At this time, the transformation begins.



The big demon mountain is over.

A huge black cloud is fast.

There are tens of thousands of big demon among the black clouds.

The demon, is the Triyang Jinwu.

"Confirm that the front is a place where the thunder robbery is it?" Zhizyang Jinwu asked.

"Yes, the demon Lord! I will remember it. The three-color thunder robbery is very horrible, scared me!" A little demon said.

"Three-color thunder? It should be a strong robbery!" On Triyang Jinshu, it was cautious.

"The demon, will it be a big princess?"

"The big princess you, she just broke through the robbery, the body was seriously injured, I was afraid that it became a waste!"

"However, I didn't catch her a day, I am a day!"

"This place, you must go to see!" Triyang Jinyu said.

"Yes, the demon!"

This is just right.

At this time, the transition protrusions.