It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

The twenty-sixth chapter is drinking and thunder, there is no god


The dark clouds, cover the sun to the wind.

The whole sky is dark.

In the dark clouds, the six-color electricity will not stop.

"Zi ..."

Horror current sound, Ziyou, let people be shocked.

Trie Yang Jinwu saw this scene, scalp, "Not good, six color thunder!"

"Demon Lord, what should I do? We are within coverage!"

"The Lord, will it be that the strong is ferocious?"

The big demon, all the faces have changed.

"Run, run, fly into the forest to hide!" Triyang Jinwu yelled.

This start.

The monsters, they have fallen down, hiding in the jungle, the air is not dare.

Even if the Trien Jinwu, it is also hidden in the tree, and Surse shive.

This kind of thunder, there is no way to resist.



"Look at this, I have to thunder!"

Sun Yu looked at the sky and frowned slightly.

He is watching the Phoenix as a dream, but he sees her sitting on the chair, closing his eyes, and the eyebrows.

"If the dream is also afraid of thunder!"

"This damn old day is not going to with me!"

Sun Hao muttered, standing up, looking towards the sky lightning, the bottom of the heart.

He strongly and poorly pointed to the sky.

"The thief old days, you still dare to come?" Sun Hao said.

This is out.

Six-color electricity, a disappearance disappeared.

The dark clouds are also afraid, quickly dissipate.

Less than a moment, the sky is sunny, warm in the ocean.

"Lying, really disappeared?"

Sun Hao was shocked, and the eyes were four sweep.

But did not find any exceptions.

The first time I scared the black cloud, maybe it is luck, just hit it.

It is not lucky again to drink it again.

"Which high person is, when I talk, get away from the cloud?"

"Or, this dark cloud is what he made?"

"Still, a big can look at me, secretly test my courage?"

"It's hard, is my own drink retreat?"

The more I thought, Sun Hao thoughtful.

What can be available.

These days, from time to time, there are regulations to come to their own residence.

Chen Xu Ming was saved by a senior.

It is very likely that this high people secretly make it.

The high person saved them, but it is not appearing, what is the purpose?

Who on earth is it? Do you have a reason to control the weather?

Is it that you are invincible, control everything?

Still, this time is lucky, hit it?

No matter, try again next time, it is clear.

For this reason, Sun Hao nodded and looked at the Phoenix.

I saw her slowly standing up.

In the eyes, the essence is shining.

Just a six-color thunder, be refunded by the son.

Horror thunder, well-behaved is like a dog.

Moreover, before returning, in his body, six colors.

Plus the previous three colors, now, Dantian, already have nine-color Thunder, very horror.

Unexpectedly, thunder robbery for the son, send such a creation to yourself!

What is your child?

So kind, so good to me.

Dream is not reported!

The phoenix is ​​frustrated, and I look at Sun Wei.


She is moving.

Urgent, Chao Sun Hao, hugged him closely.

The two regiments are crowded in the chest, fragrant, a different feeling, full of Sun Hao.

Some places, like the dragon out of the sea, violent arrogance.

I feel that Sun Hao is the same, the Phoenix is ​​ashamed.

She lows her head,

The son has a feeling!

Bono, if you want to dream, you will do it.

I thought so, but I didn't dare to say it on my mouth.

The two are like this, they can't move.


"The Phoenix is ​​like a dream, the big demon mountain is coming, this is going to deal with it, don't let the son find the clue!"

At this time, the Phoenix is ​​like a dream.

"Yes, seniors!"

Phoenix is ​​nodded.


The Phoenix is ​​called, showing the color of the pain.

"Dream, what happened?"

"The son, I hurt, first leave!" Huangru dream.

"go quickly!"

"Yes, the son!"

The Phoenix dreams to the backyard, the body is flashed, and the moment is disappeared.

Demon mountains.

The monsters are slowly standing.

They look at the sunny sky, and they are full of doubts.

"What is going on? The six colors did not fall?"

"Is it a fake?"

Triyang Jinwu slammed up on the ground, and the body was milled.

Six-color thunder, although there is no fall, but its power is extremely horrible.

Can you resist the thunder in the future?

At this time, Trien Jinwu shook his head.

"be quiet!"

The Triyang Jinwu yelled, all the big demon is quiet.

"Collection, together with this seat, search for the big princess!" Triyang Jinyu said.

However, there is no who responds to him.

Every monster look at him, panic.

"what happened?"

Trie Yang Jin Wu frowned head, looking back, not from the pupil.

I saw it, and there was a woman on the sky.

She is dressed in white, with a pointed ear, a brain blond, behind the brain, seems to be a description.

She is the princess of the ancestors - the Phoenix is ​​a dream.

After Lie Yang Jinwu saw it, laughed.

"Strike the iron shoes, you have to come to Skill."

"Great princess, if you, you have to find a place to hide, practice, etc., etc., oh, no, you will never recover!"

"The kind of poison, the fairy is difficult to save!"

Trien Jinwu speaks instantly, a group of big demon, flying towards day.

In an instant, the Phoenix is ​​surrounded, and the water is unreasonable.

For this scene, the Phoenix is ​​invisible.

She looked calmly in the Jinyu, faint, "said, how many benefits have you received?"

Trie Yang Jin Wuyi, then, the corner of his mouth, "Great Princess, what is the benefit? I don't understand what you are talking about?"

"Do you have a harmony? Still let us do?"

Trien Jinwu is confident.

"Ha ha……"

The Phoenix is ​​a little smile, no longer without a finger.

"Zi ..."

Nine colors of electricity, entangled in her fingertips, rapidly slamming.


Heaven and earth roar.

One of the covered hands formed by the electric score, looks down from the sky, and the absorbed waves are rolling out.

Terrorism, like Taishan, pressing a monster, breathing.

See this scene.

Trien Jinwu head is fried.

"How can this ... maybe? She has recovered ?!"

The sound of the Triyang Jinwu sounds, the words are unclear.

Do not say two words, hurry to change the body.

" ..."

A bird.

A red golden jealous of a long metal, from the sky.

The terrorist flame is burned to the world, but if you encounter, the body is burned as flying ash.

"Don't, the demon, forgive!"


The Triyang Jinwu is, one big demon, is burned into ashes.

"Hey, this seat also reaches the robbery, let me come to the big princess!"

Triyang Jinwu spit people, straight to the sky and go.



A shock.

The sky is a big hand, and I will take the Trienjinjin in your hand. If you catch a chicken, let him struggle, there is no slight effect.

"Zi ..."

The nine-color Thunder, he kept moving on him, exploding the powerful current bomb.

Every time I am moving, I can electricity in Trien Jinwu feathers.

Triyang Jinwu jealousy, calling strength, attacking the sky.


Be paid, I have not caused harm to the big hand.

"This ... this power, it doesn't contain thunder robbery? This ... how possible!"

"My God! What kind of creation is encountered by the big princess?"

In the eyes of the Trummer, it is full of panic.