It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

The twenty-seventh chapter of the demon is broken, the demon is tragic

"What? The big princess is electricity, it is a thunderous man? How can this possible!"

"What kind of creation has been obtained? This is horrible!"

"It's over, it's finished, we finished!"

"Great Princess, you are kind, don't kill us, we are forced!"

The old demon, worship, and don't stop.

"Great princess, I am wrong, please spare me!"

Triyang Jinwu was smoked in front of the electricity, and he took his black smoke.

He wholeheartedly squatting in the sky, and he asked for mercy.

"Ha ha……"

The Phoenix is ​​like a smile, cold and killing, writing on his face.

See this scene, the Lieyang Jinwu face change.

The big princess of good and weak, completely changed.

More than strength is strong, and the character has become tough.

What did she experience?

Why is this becoming this?

"The son is right, some things, if you have to discard it!"

"Let you feel it, feel the pain!"

After saying, the Phoenix is ​​the right hand.


Another bride is formed.

This big hand, holding a wings of the Rieyang Jinwu, gently knead.

"Hey ..."

A bone broke the sound sound.


Triyang Jinwu sent a scream.

The body is black, the roots are standing, and there is no pain.

"Forgive, spare ... life ..."

Trien Jinwu face distorted, no money.

"Trie Yang Jinwu, very fast, endured," Huangru dreams. "

When I heard this, the Trien Jinwu double eyes blistered, almost in the past.

At the beginning, he said this.

Unexpectedly, this only a few days ago, it was forwarded him.

I know so, why bother!

"Hey ..."

It is another sound.

The other wings of the Triyang Jinwu were broken.


Screaming, faintly echo.

These sounds have heard the old demon ear, creepy.

They worshiped the ground, and they trembled, and they dared to move.

"Hey ..."

It is another sound.

A paw in the Trien, turned into a powder.

"Hey ..."

Another paw, bursting a powder.


Endless pain.

Triyang Jinwu felt that there was only pain.

Several trails have been trained in the past, all were awake.

"Big ... big princess, you can't kill me!"

The Triyang Jinwu is full of efforts to squeeze this sentence.

"Ha ha!"

Huang smiled coldly, completely ignored.

"The big princess, my son can be the mount of the cactus!"

Tri Yang Jinwu is finished.

I am afraid that I have been late, I am born on the spot.

When I heard this, the Phoenix was like a dream, stopped.

The cactus, that is, there is no powerful existence.

On Ziyang Star, the immortal is also a number of flexible.

Each cactus can mobilize a road power, and strength is strong.

Unexpectedly, the son of this Trien Jinwu is actually a cactus mount, which is a bit trouble.

"Hey, you can become a cacto mount, you think I will believe it?" Huangru dreams.

"The big princess is true!"

"Before 500 years ago, I met my life in the ancestral Mountain: Moonlight, her body is a natural golden, with her, happy life, and later, I have gone my son: fierce!"

"The good scene is not long, the monthly movement family meets us, you have to dismount us, but also let me kill me!"

"The monthly movement is blocked,

"He sees the sky, and stops, saving us, then leaving the fierce."

Radiki quickly said.

The phoenix is ​​frightened, secretly thinking.

"Great Princess, you have already gone me into this, my anger, should be yet!"

"My son is strong, that is, the immortal mount, let me say that the cactors have more, the light is my son, I am afraid that I will become a cacto!"

"If he knows that you will kill me, you will be bad, don't say more!"

"You don't think about yourself, but it should be thinking about the ancestors!"

"Defense cactus, is it worth it?"

Trien Jinshu is in good lure, says the number of pros and dishes.

"threaten me?"

The Phoenix is ​​hot and cold.

"The son is right, happy, happy, not happy!"

"Do you want this afraid? I am in the phoenix, how is it?"

After saying, the Phoenix is ​​a dream.

"Do not……"

I can't shout, and I will stop.

" ..."

The Trien Jinwu body is exploding.

Strong demon, even the opportunity to struggle.

"Great princess, forgone, forgive!"

"The big princess, it is really not our business, we are innocent!"

The big demon, they worshiped in the ground, and they trembled.

Well, the Full, the face did not change anything.


Fantastic words, giving them the death penalty.

"Do not……"

Some big demon, flying, rapid running.

However, in front of two cover, they, how to escape?

" ..."

One by one, bursting with blood mist, even the opportunity to struggle.

After a while.

The Phoenix is ​​in place.

Closed eyes, quietly feel.

"Is this a happy life?"

"People don't commit me, I don't commit crimes!"

"Gong, I understand!"

"In the future, if I dare to commit me, I will cut the roots!"

I think so, the Phoenix is ​​like a faint eye.

She looked at the demon Dan, and the right hand was looked at, and the income is in the hands.

Especially the fascinating Dan, who took the blood of the blood, is very hot.

"The son treats me like a relative, these things, I don't know that the son is not like?"

So thinking, the Phoenix is ​​flashing, disappearing.

When you appear again, she has returned to the backyard.

"Dream, how can I have been so long?" Sun Hao said.

The Phoenix is ​​like a dream, "the son, just now, I am in the backyard, I found some good looking stone, so I came over."

After that, the Phoenix is ​​in front of Sun Yanyu.

Seeing these colorful demon sorrows, Sun Hao eyes put light.

"Gem? Why didn't I find it before?"

"Good look, it's really good, like a dream, thank you!"

Sun Hao took the demon Dan in his hand and did not stop.

"Gong, you like it, don't have to be with me!"

Huang is dreaming of Sun Hao, his eyes are worship.

Trien Jinwu's demon Dan flames, in the son, can't afford to react.

There is no injury.

You know, the son now seals all mana, relying on the flesh.

Gongzi flesh, which realm is achieved?

"These gems are so beautiful, but they will also glow! It is better than diamond!"

"If you use it to decorate the room, it will be very beautiful!"

Sun Hao nodded.