It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 28 enters the tomb of Yunxun

A few days later.

Lingxu's second level.

Luousi smoke and Su Yiling stand on a stone step.

The steps are not large, only dozens of square meters, the stairs are all in the abyss.

Looking at it, there is a sense of dizziness that is going to fall.

Such a step, spread to the entire space, and it does not look at it.

Every step, there are quantities of immortals, less than two people, and dozens of people.

"What is this? It can't fly!"

"Damn, I feel good, if you fall, you will die!"

"This is the case, how can I pass?"

The whole scene is bombarded.

The two people of Luo will also stand in place, frown thinking.

At this time.


A vain, slowly condensed in the top of everyone.

He looked at the bottom, his eyes did not look, it looked like a soul.

"Can enter the second level, prove you like-minded, now, it is a moment of witness your friendship!"

"On each platform, there will only happen to live, and the other half must jump into the abyss. Otherwise, people on the platform will die!"

"After a time, if the number of people left, more than half, the platform is all, all dead!"

"Now, the time begins!"

Sound machine, ice is ruthless.

Everyone stood in the same place, between the time, could not believe this is true.

On the platform, there must be half of the people, jumping into the abyss, others, can survive.

This kind of test is simply too cruel.

However, for the immortal, it is not counting.

Dead proud friends, do not die, this is the rule of Xianxian!

I saw it.


The sword is the sword, the fight is constantly.

On one platform, open two or two pairs.

It is difficult to divide the winning and negative between a moment.

I saw it, one of the platforms.

A man, pointing at the hand, "I have a few, I jump!"

These hands were shocked, and the face was frightened. Subsequently, the sword finger: "Let's die, I want to die, you are dead!"

"Let him get on, we will dash!"

"It makes sense!"

"You ... you are against, no ... don't, ah ..."

A scream, from the platform, spread the abyss, the sound gradually disappeared.

For men, all people in flat, completely ignore.


Knife, the sword, they launched the duel in the first time.

This scene is staged on each platform.

Luo Liu smashed and Su Yi Ling looked at the four squares, and his face changed.

Suddenly, Su Yi Ling moved.

I saw that she rushed in a direction, while shouting: "Master, goodbye, you must help the son get the treasure!"

Soon, she ran on the edge of the step, ready to be pulled.


She didn't succeed in jumping.

I saw that Luo Cows grabbed her arm and put her up.

"Annual, you have saved the master!"

"Master is old, this time, let Master come!"

"Through the test, get the treasure, you will rely on you! And, the Yaochi Palace will rely on you!"

After that, Luo Liu smoked, the body was soon swallowed in the abyss.

"Master you are not old! You are only 80 years old, no ... don't!"

"You will be as daughter, how can you die?"

"Don't! Yaochi Palace is not!"

Su Yi Ling only felt the sky, and the whole person did not have a half point.

"Master, the disciples are now saving you!"

No hesitation,

Terrorism is swallowed, and then the Su Yi Ling is inhaled. Next, she fainted the past.

I do not know how long it has been.

Su Yi Ling woven, blinking, just seeing Luo Liu smile, looking at her.

"Master? We are in hell?" Su Yi Ling asked.

Luo Liu smiled slightly, "Natural is not, we are still alive!"

"What? Alive?" Su Yiling is full of people can't believe it.

"Yes, we are not alive, but also take test! And, by testing, only we have two!" Luo Cow said.

"Master, this seems that you want to pass the test, everyone jumps?"

"Not bad!"

"Ling Xi Dao people are really high! This test, who can want to get, amazing!"

"Let's go, let's go for a treasure!"

"it is good!"

Now that the two are, it is a ground corridor, and I don't expect.

Along the way, there is no hindrance to the organ.

The end is a tomb of nearly three square meters.

A crystal coffin is placed in the middle of the tomb.

The coffin is lying on a man.

He seems to have no half of blood, just like dying for many years.

"What, Ling Xi Dao is dead ?!"

Two women in Luo, while exclaiming.

Ling Xi Dao people portrait, the two naturally have seen it.

That can be eight thousand years ago, the top of the family, created a legend.

During that period, no one dared to challenge Ling Xi.

It is said that he later god the universe void and did not come back.

Unexpectedly, he actually appeared here?

And, lying in the coffin, dead?

The top of the family is so dead?

It is difficult to accept between a moment.

Luo Cow kept shaking his head, unwilling to believe in front of him, "This is impossible, this is impossible!"

"Master, you see here!"

Su Yiling pointed to the tombstone.

When Luo Cow ran to the tombstone, after seeing, if he saw it.

I saw it above, and I wrote: the tomb of Fu Jun.

Falling is: love wife, just.

"Master, you see, this is the tombstone of Ling Xi Dao people to him.

"This kind of strong, how can it be so easy?"

Luousi smoked muttered, standing up.

She lows whisper and keeps walking in the tombs.

"Master, you accept the reality, Ling Xi Dao people, really dead!"

"Ansuals, Ling Xi Dao people, it is a cacto! Why is the body appear here?"

"His wife, who is all who?"

"Also, there are hundreds of prostitutes, hundreds of people, it is said that this is only a prostitute, which is before the immortal!" Said Luo Liu.

When I heard these words, Su Yi Ling stood in the same place, between it, I don't know how to answer.

"If Ling Douke people are dead? Where will he?"

"Or in the crystal, the man is not a lingering people!"

"Ling Xi Dao people have a love!"

The more I thought, the Luousi smoked face is superficial, and she seems to catch anything.

"I understand!"

Suddenly, Luo Liu smashed and shocked Su Yiwei.