It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 29, Ling Xi Taoist

"Master, what do you understand?" Su Yiwei asked.

"In this case, it is not true Lingxiao people at all!" Luo Cow said.

"What? Who is he?"

"He should be the lover of Ling Xiwai!" Said Luo Cai.

"Ling Xi Dao people's love people are also called Lingxu, Master, this is impossible!" Su Yi Ling said.

"Let me talk to you so, in fact, the real Ling Xi, the name is, and she is in order to commemorate the love of love, so she is called his appearance, and she claims that Ling Xi Dao is in the world!"

"Maybe Ling Dao people's lover, I want to be a strong inner, and it is ..." Luo smoke said.

This is just right.


A sound.

A shadow appeared in front of two women.

She is a woman, a face, and there is no God.

She stands in front of the crystal, gently touching the crystal coffin, as looking at my love.

For a long time, she stands up.

"You are very good!"

The woman looked at Luo Liu, nodded, "I am Ling Xi Dao!"

"What is you?"

Two women in Luo willus smashing, giving a deficiency, and holding a fist: "I have seen Ling Dou people!"


Ling Xi Dao people sigh, "Since you can point out my true identity, I have passed my test. This is the love of my life, two of you, good life!"

After that, Ling Xi Dao's right hand, his right hand, in hand, flying quickly, shrouded in two people.

Two women closed their eyes and began to feel.

After half a time.


The two women opened their eyes, on the face, they were high.

"Thank you for your predecessors!" Two women held boxing.

Ling Xi Dao people are slightly trembled, and the face is not believed.

"You all feel it?" Ling Xi Dao people asked.

"Yes, seniors!"

The two are owed, and they respect.

Ling Xi Tao people stand in the same place, there is no eyes, and the light is flashed.

"For, stop!"

"You talent, it is rare, since I have passed, then I tell you a big thing!"

"The evil family wants to move, and if they will soon, they will be afraid to the people!" Ling Xiwao said.

This is out.

The two female faces change.

They looked at Ling Xi Dao, holding a punch.

"Seniors, evil families, you need you to lead people, against evil people!"

"Yeah, the predecessors, the people are now a plate of sand, each for the war, please unify the family!"

When I heard these words, Ling Xiwao secretly shook his head.

"My heart is tired, I don't want to fight again!"

"If you want to accompany you, I have already fallen!"

"Everything in the future, you will rely on you!"

Speaking here, Ling Yun right hand.


A stone tower is floating in the hands of Lingxun.

"This is a stone tower I have learned from the sea of ​​Sura, even I can't see what it is!"

"Maybe there is some help you, let it go! I will close the stick, never open!"

Ling Xi Dao people have a sorrow, and the attitude is firm.

Luo Liu smashed to see these words, looked at the stone tower, his face, his face was lonely.

The top of a human family, now it is self-induced, never.

This is the difference between death, what is the difference?

Without her, who will stand out, against the evil people?

Luousi smashed eyebrows, secretly thinking.

"The son let us come here, is it just to take a stone tower?"

"The son hints, it is impossible to be so simple!"

"If Ling Xi Dao people are all!"

"Before we left,

" -, - !"

"I understand!"

"The son is let us give the rhinoceros to Ling Xi, let her lead the people and fight the evil family! It is this!"

The more excited, the more excited, she is not enough, take out the "rhinoceric map" in the space ring.

At the same time, she opened the way:

"There is no colorful phoenix double flying wings, and you have a good luck!"

This start.


A riots.

Bombing in the top of the people in Yuxi.

If she is lightning, she will stand behind the Luo cigarette in an instant.

"Love is the way, this is the truly love!"

Ling Xi Dao people looked at it, in his eyes, the essence shines.

At this moment, she enlighted.

"It turns out that this is the way!"

"Love, don't pay! But you have me, I have you!"

"Ling Fu, I understand!"

"From today, I am a little people! Instead of becoming your shadow!"

Ling Xi Dao people, no, it should be said to be a little.

In her eyes, there are two walks of tears.

At the same time, it also blooms from the essence.

Her mood is growing rapidly.

For a long time, she is in peace.

When people looked at Luo Liu, asked: "Is this?"

"Seniors, this is a high person to give me the seniors!" Luo cigarette said.


Su Yi Ling looked at this scene and blurred.

Is this not a son to send us? How did it become a predecessor?

do not understand!

What did the Master realize?

How is it so stupid?

Gongzi gives us the test, it is so hard!

Fortunately, there is a teacher, or if this test is not possible.

"Is this a high-person person?" Asked if he said.

"Not bad!"

Luo Cow nodded, "The senior person learned that the predecessors were here, they would like to send me, I would like to understand that you will see it!"


If people have pumped a cold breath.

In this life, there is still this high person.

It's too terrible.

The family has this high person to take the town, a small evil family, can't turn a wind!

"I understand, you can stand up, I will stand up, lead the people, against the evil people!"

"However, before this, I will turn off a while, I feel, I have to break through!"

"As for this painting, send two of you, take a collection!"

"After going back, I thank the senior person on behalf of me!" When I said.

"Thank you for your predecessors!"

"This stone tower, unable to income space rings!"

"You use the palm of the mountains, take it, I will send you away!" If the people said.

"Thank you for your predecessors!"

Luo Liu smashed the boxing ceremony and put the stone tower in the palm.

If the people do their right hand, the two airflows wrap the two in an instant, sending out the migrantity.


The scene change, the two came to the outside world.

"Master, I still don't understand! Is the son not let us find treasures? How to become a painting to Lingxu, no, if you are guilty?" Su Yiwei asked.

"So, the teacher is to teach you long, everything thinks!"

"You think about the three words of the soul map!" Luo Cow said.

"The rhinoceros, the rhinoceros! Oh, I understand, this is a dark point to deficiency and just!"

Su Yiwei revealed to look forward to the model.

"Not bad!"

Luo Liu smoke exposes an expression that can be taught.

"The son is calculated, knowing this Ling virtual mutual opening, and he also knows that Lingxu, oh, if you are in the inside!"

"Even, he can't get rid of the people. If you don't want to lead the people. Thus let us give this painting to the people, let her understand, right?"

The more it, the more shocking on the face of Su Yi Ling.