"Annual, you are open!"

Luo Liu smashed nodded and praised.

"Master, compared with you, I am far away! The second floor of the son is the second floor, and you will be able to realize it!" Su Yiling said.

"I also think about it. Otherwise, I almost didn't finish the son test, then I am bigger! The family will be in danger!" Said Luo Cow.

Su Yi Ling nodded, Chang Shu Yiqi, "said that, the son has long, will the evil person will take the family?"

"That is also used!" Luo smoke said.


Su Yiwei is cold, in the eyes, worshiping the color, "the master strength, how strong it is?"

"I am afraid that I am just around the people!" Luo smoke said.

Speaking here, the two women pour a breath, the face is the color.

"Okay, we put this stone tower, send it to the son!"

"it is good!"

Two women are preparing to move.

At this time.

"it's here!"

A big drink.

It is followed by Changhong, flying quickly.

Between the blink, surrounded Luo Liu smoked women, group group!

"Get inheritance, want to run? How can this good thing?"

"If you don't want to die, you will have the space rings on your body!"

"Hey, what is her hands? One stone tower, this thing I want!"

These cultivar faces are full of greedy.

"Master, what should I do?" Su Yiwei asked.

"The son, can make this small person to take, even if it is dead, also guarded!"

After that, Luo Culi smoked, and the eyes swept away.

"Not afraid of death, even though!"

The sound sounds through the clouds, and it is shocked by the ear.

Many cultivar faces have a fear.

"Not good, she is the palace of Yaochi Palace - Luo Cow!"

"What? Is it her? How can she be so strong?"

"Look at her breath, at least in the hole, what do we do?"

Many cultivars exposed the color of fear, and born.

"Good tone!"

Sound like thunders, came from afar.

It is followed by a microve of middle-aged man, rapidly.

He fell in front of two women in Luo.

This person appears, immediately causing a piece of exclaimed.

"What? Is him ... He!"

"What he?"

"He is the Tian Ming, the Zong Zun, Tian Mingzong, a hundred years ago, is a big master, now I don't know what realm of reaching!"

"What? Tianchen! That is the sixth class, ranked first in the Western region!"

"This, Luo Liu smoked, she is still honest to present treasures!"

I heard these sounds, Tian Ming's old strange mouth is so powerful, arrogant.

Su Yi Ling's face changed, softly said: "Master, you escape, after my temple!"

Luo Liu smiled slightly, "There is a teacher, don't be afraid!"

Subsequently, she walked to the old man, slightly hugged, "Tian Ming predecessors, this stone tower is a high person to come to get it, please give a face!"

"High person?"

Tian Ming's old strange frowns, thoughts, "Since it is a high-person, the seat should escort you!"

"The senior people are clearer, inconvenient to disturb, Tian Ming's predecessors also please forgive, don't be difficult!"

"Otherwise, you are not easy, it is not easy to break, it is really not good!" Luo cigarette said.

This is out.

The crowd is in the same place.


Said so much, there is something wrong with it.

She is threatening the sky, I don't want to live?

"Haha ..."

The sky is laughing in the sky.

After smile, he swept away,

After finishing, the sky suddenly turned out.

If he is rushing, there is a blink of an eye.

It is a palm of your hand.


The air wave is shocking.

Luo Liu smoked body stagnant.


After stabilizing the body, spit out a blood.

Obviously, the injury is not light.

"I thought you were a master! It turned out to be a small doll of a hole!"

"I will give all the space rings on my body, as well as the stone tower, this seat spare you!"

Tian Ming strangely stood in the sky, the breath, and rolling out.


Su Yi Ling ran forward and helped Luo Liu smoke.

"I am fine!"

Luo cigarette waved his hand and stood stabilized.

In her, the breath is stunned.

"It's good to persuade, but I don't know how to retreat!"

"In this case, let's die!"

After that, Luo Cow smoked his right hand and gently put it down.

The whole action, such as drinking tea, nunes.


Heaven and earth a shock.

Countless aura, rushing.

A huge transparent palm, in the sky.

This palm, shrouded the world.

Infinite, the layer is stimulating.

Divided into the immortal, all the faces of the face change.

"This ... is this?"

The sky is expected, the scalp is blown.

He made a rapid, crazy.

"Since you have a hard thing, let's die!"

Icy sound, came from the sky.

The sky is open, and the rapid falls.

"This ... How is this possible?"

Tian Ming's strange means, several institutions, throw, block in the top.

" ..."

A burst of explosions.

The spirit is made, such as shredded paper, inch inch.

"Do not……"

Tian Ming is not a blessing.

Follow it.


Assessing to discrise.

The sky is born, and it is bursting with blood mist.


The big hand is slow to dissipate.

A cultivator, stupid standing.

Amazing model, can't be described.

After a while.


Pour the cold air sound, which is coming.

"Dead ... Dinning? Tian Ming is so dead?"

"Yao Chi Palace kills the Tian Ming, fake!"

"Dream, you must dream!"

Even soili, at this moment, it is also standing in the same place, and there is no reaction in the mouth, and there is no reaction in half a day.

When did the Master become very powerful?

Why don't you know?

Su Yi Ling went forward, "Master, what is your recruit? Where do you learn?"

"Call your hands! I taking the name!"

"This is, I know the tea, see the work of the son, realize it!" Luo cigarette said.


Su Yi Ling worshiped, "Master, you are really powerful! This kind of fairy skill can be realized!"

"Hey, the talents are limited, only the son is a point of power!" Luo cigarette said.

"The son is too strong!"

On the face of Su Yi Ling, it flicked with the stylism.

"Okay, don't be stunned, let's go to the son first!"


Two women in front of the front, a cultivator, have avoided, and the face is full of fear.


Two women fell to Changhong, rapidly.

Not long after the two disappeared.


Two transparent vanes, slowly agglomerated.

Next to a cultivator, no one can find it.

"There is still this genius, if I am swallowing her, then her repair is, isn't it me?"

"Incine, you are less, she must have strong people!"

"What is it? The immortal can't find us! Can you still afraid of her? I am going!"