It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

The thirty-first chapter of the son test is to start

The Phoenix is ​​coming to Sun Hao, which has been a whole half a month.

From the previous restoration, relax now.

From the previous shock, until now numb.

The Phoenix is ​​like a mood, just like a few roller coars, stimulating anomalies.

Fortunately, the son is a companion, and it is very good to be very good.

Now, your own pattern is completely open, inner, hard to start any waves.

"Where is the pet, where is it? I am looking for the whole backyard, I haven't found it!"

"I hope the son can take me!"

The Phoenix is ​​as muttered, the whole person is flying, and the face is revealed.

It looks like a little girl in love.

"Will the son at home?"

The Phoenix is ​​just poured into the pond, but he heard a sound outside the hospital.

"Gure ..."


Six points of view.

Three faces, each change.

Su Yi Ling looked at the phoenix as a dream, his eyes flashed, "so beautiful!"

Luo Liu smashed the whole body, the phoenix is ​​like a dream, browling micro-wrinkle, detailed thinking.

Suddenly, Luo Liu smashed a light, "Is it a big princess of the demon ancestors - Phoenix dream?"

On the foot of the Luousi, it reveals a serious color.

Huangru dreams two women, after surprised, it is slight smile, "Are you coming to find a son?"

"Not bad."

Luo Cow nodded, attitude is very respectful, "The troubles of the Phoenix gathers!"

"Do you know me?" Huangru dreams.

Luo Cow smile shook his head, "I don't know the phoenix, but the whole world, only the ancestor Mountain, the princess is the elf!"

"Thank you, my identity, please confidential, I don't want to be worried about the son!" Huangru dreams.

"That is nature!" Two women nodded.

Three people have introduced, after discussing a while, forming the same loved ones into the hospital.

"The son, Luo girl and Su girl are coming!" Huangru said.

"Please take a while, I will go!"

Sun Hao is painting, hears the phoenix, and the eyes are blooming.

He put down the brush and walked quickly.


See Sun Hao, two people respectfully.

"You don't have to be polite, please take it!" Sun Hao shouted.

"Bonus, this time, it is grateful to you!" Luo Cow said.

"Thank?" Sun Hao was confused.

"The son, if you can't see your" rhinoceros ", it is very shocking. She has brought a little gift, but also asked the son to accept it!" Luo smoke said.

When I heard this, Sun Hao nodded.

This is the case.

It is a cultivator who likes yourself.

So, send gifts.

The cultivar is really polite.

The gift of the immortal sent, is it all?

Waiting for your own blessing value, fix it.

Use a pair of paintings, change a treasure, too value!

"It's too polite!" Sun Hao said.

"The son, I see that there is a flaky place in front of the hall, I am placed there, how do you see?" Luo cigarette said.

"There is a Laugui girl!" Sun Yizhen is head.

Luousi flies.

The stone tower flew out from her hands and fell quickly to the ground.

To tower the horizon, it is proud.

Between the blink of an eye, it formed a stone tower up to several hundred meters, very spectacular.

Sun Hao stayed at this scene, in his eyes, full of shock.

This means, incredible.

The cultivator, it's amazing!

I must become a cultivator!

The franchise value must be obtained as soon as possible!

So, I have to go to the city to open a doctor.

Stub, try it, see that they are willing to protect the mortal.

"It's a good thing, thank you two girls! Waiting for me to thank the people!" Sun Hao said.

Seeing Sun Hao smile, two women secretly tone.

The son test, passed.

"Gong, you can rest assured, this must be brought!"

Luo Cows said.

"Two girls, today, must have finished eating again!"

"If you dream, please go to cook." Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!"

The phoenix is ​​finished, quickly go to the kitchen.

Two women heard this, the face changed.

Demon Mountain Great Princess cook for yourself? They dare!

"The son, the zone is doing things, the rice is not eaten, and then go to the door to visit again!" Luo smoke said.

Sun Hao frowned slightly, and his face was unpleasant.

Every time I said that I have something to do, these customs can't stay you?

"Two girls, I still have some things to ask! Let's eat dinner together!" Sun Hao said.

Listening to the Luo smoke, the body trembled.

The son test is to start!

I will be careful, remember every word of the son.

"Thank you, for this, let me help the Phoenix girl!" Said Luosi.

"I will go!" Su Yiling was attached.

"Well, go!" Sun Yi nodded.

Two women ran into the kitchen.

"The Phoenix, the son let us help you!" Su Yiling said.

"help me?"

The Phoenix is ​​a smile, "" That line, you will fire! "


The two women ran to the stove.

Pick up a piece of wood, after seeing, stay in place.

"Fairy? This wood has a fairy!"

"This ... this is a unpispentry, it has been turned into a fairy!"

"Master, don't tell me, this is used to make a firewood?"

Two women talk about it, and they didn't respond to it for a long time.

"Huang girl, this is burn?" Luo cigarette tester asked.

"Not bad!"

The phoenix is ​​smiling.

I want to have, I have to be compared with them.

Previously, I found a sandalwood and excitedly hidden.

Later, I realized that there is still a bunch of this wood.

In the son, the fairy is just a waste wood, not worth mentioning.

"This is used to refine the material that is unhappressed, is it a bit unfortunately? Also, how can you ignite it?" Luo Liu smashed.


The Phoenix is ​​a dream, a fire, and fly from her hand.

There is no big wood, instantly ignite the big fire.


Two women stayed in the original place, I have been going back to God.

This seems that there is no eligibility eligible to even the fire.

Two women are being depressed.


On the Luo Cigarette Head, a transparent vain is slowly condensed.

"Hey, there is a genius of a ferry!"

"If you think about it, you have to ferment, then, I influence her, let her ferry failure, then swallow her, and then the repair!"

"I am!"

The false shadow is floating, flying to the top of the Phoenix, hiding in the hairpin.

For these, three women do not know.

"You, don't care too much about my identity, we have more than the son, what is it?"

"The son can make me cook, I can see me, I am happy too much!" Huangru dream.

"The Phoenix, thank you!" Luo Liu smashed.

"You don't have you polite, if you can see me, our sisters commensurate, how?" Huangru dreams.

"What? Sisters commensurate?"

Luo Liu smokes to the Phoenix dream, with a slight, "I have seen a dream sister!"

"Master, you are so big, you should be sister!"

"Little girl, less than the mouth, adult speech, how can you talk!"

"I also think that it should be called Liu smoking!"

"That is!"